Democrats: Exporting the Homeless Crisis of LA to the Rest of the USA is a Fine Idea

Those on the Left seem to think that would be a good idea to export the “housing policies” of LA to the rest of the country. Not everyone feels that those policies were a success. L.A.’s Failed Homeless Policies Turned My Home Into a Prison.

The completely insane policies of the Democrats are coming home to roost in the “posh” sections of LA. Homeless people living in front of homes in Venice, and terrorizing the neighbors because Mayor Garcetti has decided to eliminate the cops’ ability to do anything.

So a woman dealing with a violent felon, “camper,” living in front of her home, calls 911 because her property is being vandalized. This was after weeks of being intimidated, and being really scared.

This is where I mention that reality is true, even if the Democrats don’t want to believe it, and that the Progressives still have not rescinded the law of Unintended Consequences.

An hour and a half after I’d called 911, officers arrived. And it was then—noon, on Thursday, August 20th that I had an upsetting revelation: We citizens can no longer rely on the police to show up. And then the thought hit me: I need to get a gun.

You’ve got to love the irony. It’s the Democrats who push for gun control, yet it’s the Democrats in power in my city who are leaving me with no choice but to arm myself.

Ultimately she didn’t arm herself, at least as of the writing of this article, because her immediate problem was “fixed,” and because she doesn’t trust herself.

There is much to recommend in the article. Stuff about how the Progressive Left’s current favorite policy, “Housing First,” fails to actually accomplish anything. An in-depth look at what worked under Bill Bratton, and why the Left hated to see improvements in Skid Row.

But perhaps the most important thing to note, is how Democrats want to screw up your neighborhood. Not happy with turning Los Angeles into a third-world shithole, the Democratic Party now wants to export those policies to the entire country.

In fact, even as I write this, Politico is reporting that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is considering L.A. Mayor Garcetti for Housing Secretary. Yes, America’s municipal honcho of homelessness could be rewarded for his massive policy failures by being put in charge of housing policy for the nation: Skid Row, writ large. Like that camper outside my house, the thought fills me with dread.

Hat tip to View From The Porch: Wherein the road to Damascus runs through Venice, CA…

What happens when the urban outdoorsman encamped in front of your house is a violent felon and the cops can’t do anything about him because the city fathers won’t let him?

And because I know that very few people will get any reference that isn’t to pop-culture. What happened on the road to Damascus?

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