How Environmentalists Killed Forest Management

And pretty well killed California’s Forests. It didn’t have to be this way. How environmentalists destroyed California’s forests

100 years of bad forest management was turned up to 11 in the past 30 years or so.

About 10 years ago, we started hitting a critical point. Forests that once had less than a hundred healthy trees per acre suddenly had over a thousand. Manzanita, dry grass, and other plants began to cover the forest floor so densely you couldn’t walk through it without cutting a trail. All of this vegetation is fighting over a water table that is stressed on an average year, let alone a drought year, and not a lot of the trees are healthy enough to be resilient. Bark beetles and other pests came in, and you began to see entire mountainsides covered in dead and dying trees. We couldn’t have created better conditions for devastating fires if we’d tried.

Go read the whole thing, and weep for what the environmentalists have done in the name of saving the environment. (Hat tip to Wirecutter.)

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