Self-defense Is Legal in Texas

JusticeAnd Texans are still armed. This kid didn’t get that memo. Inverness-born teenager Ben Mackie shot dead in Texas after trying to rob a man at gunpoint, Grand Jury rules

“It was the ruling of the Brazoria County Grand Jury that the identified 25-year-old male who fatally shot the victim, Ben Mackie, did so out of self-defense and no charges were pursued.”

Lake Jackson police sergeant Roy Welch added: “The investigation showed that the victim, Ben Mackie and his reported girlfriend, Victoria Mendoza, conspired to orchestrate an aggravated robbery of the 25-year-old male that fatally shot Ben Mackie.

The dead-guy was out of jail, on bail, for drugs and weapons charges. The dead-guy’s girlfriend was arrested and charged with “first degree felony aggravated robbery and third degree felony tampering with evidence.”

It is sad that this law-abiding 25-year-old was put in a position where he had to defend himself with lethal force. It could have been avoided if the dead-guy was held in jail on those original charges. But keeping criminals in jail is unfair. Or something.