What’s the Opposite of Diversity?

University. Georgia Tech coughs up $50k to settle free speech lawsuit involving MLK’s niece.

So a student group, Students for Life, at Georgia Tech, which is a PUBLIC university, applied for $2350 to host Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. They were turned down.

However, Georgia Tech’s student government asked Students for Life to “guarantee” that King would not discuss “religion, abortion, or LGBT issues.”

Can’t have non-approved ideas running around a University campus. People might begin to think for themselves.

So the student group sued, and won, and not just attorneys’ fees and damages.

Students for Life agreed to settle with Georgia Tech after the school revised its policies so that student groups would receive funding through a “viewpoint-neutral decision-making criteria.”

We haven’t quite lost the fight yet for freedom of expression.

3 thoughts on “What’s the Opposite of Diversity?

  1. If we hadn’t lost the fight we wouldn’t need to be trying to regain lost rights. Its time to go on the offensive and rid campuses of these Marxists.


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