Just Another Month in the Windy City? Not Quite

Two stories on the disaster that is Chicago, and 2020 crime Statistics.

Generations worth of improvement gone in a couple of years. September murder tally to be highest in a generation — so city sends more cops to Mag Mile

No one is talking about it — at least not yet — but this month will be the worst September for murder in Chicago since the early 1990s. That sad fact follows closely behind July, one of the single worst months for homicides in the city since modern recordkeeping began during the 1950s. [SNIP]

That number is close to the number of slayings the city saw during the height of the early 1990’s gang wars: 83 murders in September 1990 and September 1993; 85 slain in September 1991; and 109 killed in September 1992, according to CPD records secured by CWBChicago.

At the other extreme, September 2010 had just 30 killings.

There is more on the latest set of boneheaded orders coming from the top brass (and city hall).

People like to blame the Mayor, and certainly Lori “Groot” Lightfoot bears a lot of the blame, but Cook County State’s Attorney Kim “Crimesha” Foxx, and the various judges who keep releasing violent criminals are also to blame.

HeyJackass! brings us a detailed look at the numbers with September Wrap-up.

While May, June & July ended up being “unacceptable”, record breaking months and August provided an ever so slight respite, September pulls a “hold my beer” and puts up totals rivaling the early 90s.

September 2020: 83 killed, 324 wounded
September 2019: 54 killed, 212 wounded

Click thru for a complete breakdown of things like race/gender of victim, how many were shot by police, and more. You will also find the end-of-the-year predictions.

Crime in the big cities was down. Substantially down in Chicago, and in New York City. But then all the “get tough on crime” measures from the late 1980s and early 1990s were deemed to be “unfair.” Witness the result. Now I’m no apologist for cops, but you need to preserve law and order.

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