So The New WordPress Interface Is Here

And it sucks like a Hoover.

If anyone has a better free alternative, please list it in the comments.

I was on Blogger/Blogspot before, and don’t want to go back, but then I understand that they have “updated” their interface as well.

9 thoughts on “So The New WordPress Interface Is Here

  1. There is a way to get the old method back. I have it. I’ll need to find the post I did about it..


    • Yes. It sucks. It is “close” to the old editor. But you don’t have the same control over inline images. So you have to add the image, go to “edit code” (because you can’t link in images in code editor) add a CSS style tag for float,and borders, etc. and then go back the WYSIWYG editor. Which I hate, you can’t get anything done in the “new and improved version” of the HTML editor.

      I can type. Damn near as fast as I can talk. And I have been using markup languages since before general markup language was twisted to become Hypertext Markup Language. For most things I can get an awful lot done – ordered lists, unordered lists, etc – by just typing. Tables I don’t use often enough, but a few controls for adding images and auto-generated links are what make building posts easy. Or it did, until the “new and improved” version rolled around.

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  2. I an even considering paying for hosting, but most paid solutions involve WP which adds some flexibility and a lot of cost.


  3. I discovered they’d forced that abortion on me this morning. I’m not going to fight my way through that for what used to basically be entertainment. I’ve stopped blogging. I’m leaving the blog up for a few days to give folks a last chance to download my free books or the Remedial Practical Civics series, then I’m deleting it.

    If, like me, you’re being hosted on the free WordPress platform, you’re screwed. But if you have WordPress installed on your own host, you have two options:

    1. I saved a copy of WP 4.9.8, which has the old, good editor. Search that out. Or…

    2. Get the “Classic Editor” plugin, which has been tested to v5.5.1:

    I installed and tested the plugin on three WP-based sites where I’m admin. It worked.


    • Well there are 2 things

      1 – is I’m using the free version of WP, so to install plugins I would need to pay for hosting. I’m not sure this is worth it to me

      2 – WP is a notorious target for hackers. I haven’t followed that as closely as someone in your position must, but even so I am always seeing things about attacks on various versions of WP. Though it is often the plugins that are attacked.


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