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Facepalm X 2A slightly reduced set of Friday Links courtesy of the changes WordPress has made to the post-creation interface. Have I mentioned that I hate it? I do. And while there was a backdoor into the old editor, that is gone, and we stuck with the “new and improved” experience. Which sucks.

I am currently looking into alternatives, including going back to Blogger/Blogspot. It isn’t perfect, but then it is better than the current incarnation of WordPress.

Victory Girls – Cuomo Brothers Spread COVID Chaos

Stately McDaniel Manor – California: People’s Republic? On the effort to allow California to discriminate based on race. Yes, California wants to discriminate.

A Geek With Guns – Fleeing Facebook

If you are at risk of losing your Facebook account (and if you hold political views even slightly right of Karl Marx, you are), you need to start establishing your contacts on other services now.

Krebs on Security – Ransomware Victims That Pay Up Could Incur Steep Fines from Uncle Sam

Claire Wolfe at Living Freedom – In lieu of an actual blog post …

Mike Rowe – This is not a Commercial

Fuzzy Curmudgeon – My modest proposal for presidential elections

Bacon Time!!!! – Big Fun With An Elephant Gun

SiGraybeard – On California Banning Gasoline or Diesel Cars by 2035

90 Miles from Tyranny – 4 Questions James Comey Actually Answered in Senate Hearing

A View from the Beach – Biden Refuses to Be Tested for Ear Piece

Again from SiGraybeard – Two Cents on the Debate

People are betting who replaces Joe when he obviously can’t do the job. Kamala? Mooch Obama? Don’t overlook Dr. Jill re-enacting how Woodrow Wilson’s wife Edith took over the country.

Flopping Aces – FBI whistleblower – Mueller and Weissman were out to “get Trump”

The Other McCain – Ilhan Omar Implicated in Election Fraud

Doug Ross – BOOM: NYT Admits Trump Actually Paid Nearly $6 Million in Taxes in 2016 and 2017

Ace of Spades HQ – WokeFL Week Three Ratings Down 11% from 2019. Update: Thursday Night Football Ratings Fall to 4 Year Low, Nearly Losing to… Celebrity Family Feud

Again from Flopping Aces – Joe Biden: “I was born a poor black child”  And you thought “180 years” in the Senate was a mistake.

Old AF Sarge at Chant du Départ – Administrative Down Day  Among other things we learn that Blogger is following WordPress’s lead and screwing up the blogging interface. Developers never change. Or learn.

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