So Much for the Needs of the User

Please Stand ByThe new and improved editor in WordPress is anything but. Well it is new, but it is also awful.

I’m not sure I can keep this up.

What used to be a pleasant process, and importantly a very short process, for creating a blog post has been turned into a nightmare.

The interface went from being clean and functional to being insane. Functionality was moved beneath layers of menus, and in some cases just removed.

They’re helping really they are.

Any move will come with lots of warning. But a move is probably in the near future. I’m looking into a new blog on Blogger, and looking for other choices as well. Some of the paid services for WP also look promising, at least as long as the “Classic Editor” plugin is supported, which WP is only committing to 2 years (I think).

Suggestions? Please leave them in the comments.

12 thoughts on “So Much for the Needs of the User

  1. Blogger also messed up their editor user interface recently, but not as badly, because they basically kept the functionality intact and didn’t bury anything too deeply in the menus.

    The most annoying change that I’ve noticed with Blogger is that it tries to be subtly and opaquely helpful while I’m attaching labels to a post, instead of just letting me SEE and CHOOSE them.

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  2. FWIW, Miguel at Gun Free Zone recently migrated and is now is much happier being hosted by Troglodyte Services, LLC. I have no skin in the game and it may not answer your needs, but check it out. Best of luck, I’d hate for you to fall off the edge of the world.

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    • One of the best (FREE) features of WP is that THEY are responsible for online security, attacks and that kind of behind the scene activity.


      • And there are quite a few attacks against WP. It has been so popular (until the Block Editor came along). Couldn’t really be any other way, given how much of the internet is based on WP.


  3. Have been looking at the site, and the reviews of the Classic Editor plugin are 5 out of 5 stars, and the Gutenberg plugin (which is still listed separately) is 2 of 5 stars.


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