My Apocalypse

Angela Gossow wasn’t the first woman in Heavy Metal, but she may have been the first woman to sing the Death Metal, Death Growl. She is the first I ever knew of anyway. For years she was the lead singer for Arch Enemy. Then she stepped down to be the manager of that group (and a couple of others).

This is “My Apocalypse” by Arch Enemy from the 2005 album Doomsday Machine. Angela Gossow was still lead singer at the time, doing her signature Death Growl. Here’s a link to the lyrics, because Death Growl.

2 thoughts on “My Apocalypse

    • Most people won’t even give the Death Growl a chance, let alone Death Metal (And Arch Enemy is more along the line so Melodeath or Melodic Death Metal.)

      Memento mori. Remember, You must die. It was a common topic of contemplation in the Middle Ages. Knowledge of mortality was supposed to encourage you to lead a good life, so to receive the rewards of the hereafter.

      Modern Americans don’t like to think about death, or even the meaning of life, which probably goes a long way toward explaining the mess we are in.


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