Antisemitism in New York

Are we surprised that it is coming from the Mayor of NYC and the Governor of New York? Cuomo vs. Jews: ‘We Know Religious Institutions Have Been a Problem’

Over the weekend, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he would “close non-essential businesses and all schools, both public and private, in nine ZIP codes in South Brooklyn and Central Queens where coronavirus cases have surged for weeks.” All of these ZIP codes have large Orthodox Jewish communities, and the definition of “surged” seems rather arbitrary — an average of 3% positive COVID-19 test results.

And the Governor was using images of Jewish gatherings to emphasize what the problem was.

What Democrats are saying is that New York doesn’t have a COVID-19 problem, New York has a Jew problem. Why are Cuomo and de Blasio engaged in this kind of anti-Semitic scapegoating? Because it is politically convenient for them.

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