Chicago Can Burn, But the Mayor Is Safe

More info from Second City Cop: More Short Districts.

He has details on how officers from various districts are being pulled to guard the (formerly) Magnificent Mile. And then there’s this.

And an entire Tact team….a light tact team judging by the number of officers….is at Groot’s house.

This is criminal, a safety hazard and a rip-off for taxpayers who are suffering burglaries, thefts and other property damage at record setting levels.

Ever since protesters had the unmitigated gall to show up in front of Mayor Lori “Groot” Lightfoot’s house, she has insisted that her block have “increased police presence.” The rest of the city be damned.

For the earlier post on this subject see this link, in which SCC explains how this violates the Consent Decree between the Chicago PD and Dept. of Justice. Rules? They don’t apply when a Democrat wants something!

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