The First Step To Ending Democratic Rule in America

The deep state and the Dems didn’t like the outcome of an election, so they decided to try and overthrow it. One Step Closer to Despotism?

By institutionalizing Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump operation, the former president and CIA director chose to undermine the peaceful transfer of authority and legitimize an attempted coup.

I could excerpt some passages, though I’m not sure which part needs highlighting. Just click thru and read all of it.

Hat tip to Wombat-socho at the Other McCain, who is still getting settled into his new digs. And celebrating a birthday.

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  1. Indications are the anti-Constitutionalist corruption is both very wide and very deep within the United States federal government; were itt to be completely rooted out it would have to resemble a fairly massive purge, which is sure to incur the ire and wrath of the anti-Constitutionalists.

    Yesterday Trump was on Limbaugh’s show for 2 hours, during which he stated – quite clearly – that he was very disappointed in both Durham and Barr, and that Republicans lack the drive to advance their policies that the Democrats demonstrate daily. That he strongly condemned the Attorney General was stunning, and I suspect an indication that should his re-election bid be successful there will be a housecleaning.

    However November 3 goes, there will be Civil War: If Trump wins, and especially if Republicans recapture the House and gain seats in the Senate, it will occur immediately as the Left tries one last – and violent – desperate gasp to gain control; if Biden wins, it will almosty certainly mean prolonged Democrat control of the House and a possible shift in control of the Senate, which will produce civil war in 1-3 years as Americans rebel under the socialism that Democrats will seek to impose.

    America is at a junction: Constitutionality (even reduced constitutionality as we’ve been increasingly subjected to over the last couple decades) or unbridled huge government socialism adminstered by incompetent agents embedded within the Democrat party.

    I’d very much prefer we decide with ballots rather than bullets, but the Left will have it no other way; it’s time to settle it once and for all. Welcome to street combat.

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