45 Minute Wait After 911 Call

The reality of living in a rural area is that you are on your own. Assault raises concern about police response time

A kid got beat up. His mother called 911. The Paramedics get there and take the kid to a local hospital. She is stuck waiting for cops. 45 minutes she waits.

But she says a sheriff’s deputy didn’t show up until about 45 minutes later. She was told Atwood Police were not on duty on the weekend, so other sheriff agencies are dispatched to respond. Eveland says, “Their excuse is that there are only a few officers on duty so they have to wait until one becomes available for them to send somebody else out. We’re in a small town so on weekends we either have to depend on them sending someone from Douglas County or Piatt County in Monticello. I understand it takes a little time to get here, but not that long.”

At that point, it certainly seemed like no one was in danger. Even under those conditions, this still seems like a very long time.

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, but help will not arrive immediately, and in some places you might wait a very long time. You should maybe consider what you are going to do while you wait.

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