Do You Still Think the System Will Protect You?

It seems to be doing a particularly bad job in this case. How double killer who shot his grandparents and set their home on fire was released unsupervised from mental health ward before embarking on a new drug-fuelled crime spree.

He killed his grandparents and set their house on fire. He was not guilty due to mental illness, and he was supposed to be in a hospital. But just like keeping felons in prison is unfair, keeping crazy people separated from society is also unfair. Or something.

Konidaris pleaded not guilty to the murders of his grandparents on mental health grounds and was ordered to be supervised for 25 years at a psychiatric facility in 2014.

He was granted permission to leave the mental facility on escorted outings in 2016, and was eventually allowed to roam the streets unsupervised in 2019.

So 25 years turned into 5 years.

During his crime spree in September 2019, Konidaris told staff he was going to see his parents and about be back by 9pm, 9 News reported.

Instead, he went to a home in Cairnlea, in Melbourne’s north-west, where he threatened innocent homeowners with knives and demanded their car keys.

Oh, and he was high on cocaine while this was going on.

So how did “The System” let this happen?

Judge Frank Gucciardo asked why hospital staff didn’t know he had relapsed.

‘He doesn’t tell them. They don’t screen him. There’s no system in place that allows for some control. It’s a bit disturbing,’ he said.

Because the honor system for paranoid schizophrenics seems like the perfect solution for keeping everyone safe. Or maybe not.