Moving Back to Blogspot

Yes I know it is Google, but at this point anything is preferable to WordPress.

The New home is 357 Magnum. Find me there. Blogger has removed some customization features, but retained some ability to change the CSS. Some by editing parameters (like font color). They have also added some ability to cumstomize by appending CSS extensions to the end of whatever theme you select. I am still fiddling with it a bit, but it is mostly OK.

Though I’ve come close to completely change the color scheme a couple of times, so it may change again.

A few things will be posted in both places for a short time, but I am out of here. At least my workflow over there makes sense.

9 thoughts on “Moving Back to Blogspot

  1. Did you look at Typepad or Moveable Type?

    What annoys me about tech companies is their attitude that they know what you want more than you do. WordPress started as a blogging platform, but has evolved into a CMS where blogging is an afterthought. Bloggers clearly aren’t their target audience anymore. Even on, a blogging site.

    I don’t even know if it would be possible to fork it and strip out all the annoying crap. Or fork an earlier version. That could lead to plugin incompatibilities I suppose.

    Did you look at any desktop apps?


    • I looked at a couple of hosted options like Ghost and Joomla. They are just as freaking annoying as WP, and most of them only have the “free for 60 days” option. Some are “2 week free trial.”

      Typepad is not accepting new users, but is referring people to a WP hosting site, Bluehost. Which still leaves me with the WP support. Which has been an issue for more than a year (both on WP dot com and WP dot org). Moving this blog eliminates WP dot com.

      And as bad as the “terms” are at WordPress and Automatic, some of the other sites look like they’re trying to be a F*c*book understudy with “all your data are mine” conditions.

      Then you can twist some other applications into being a blog. One security researcher is using a bit forum software. He has configured it so that he can add topics and others can add comments. But then he’s running a site that has that forum software on it anyway.

      I know I could pay for hosting, but then I would feel the need to do ads, and I hate ads. I have all my browsers configured so that I never – or rarely – see an ad. If I hit a site and the say “No ads = no access” I just pick the next item returned by my search.


      • I realize I will have to eventually pay for hosting but this is supposed to be a hobby/sideline even if it turns out I have been spending WAY too much time on this and Twitter and on all the other ways to drive yourself crazy over politics in 2020.


  2. Is this about the block editor? Is there a way to switch it back to the classic editor? I thought I read that there was a way to switch it.


    • You can use there “Classic Block” which is the “Block Editor Lite.” You can access the real classic editor, but the workflow inflicted on me in order to jump thru all the hoops is painful, and even though in the end I was using an editing system that I liked – and enough people around the world liked for it to capture 35% of the internet – it took a lot longer to get posts ready.

      But the real problem is on support, both here and on I was told, oh so politely, to “Shut up and do what we tell you.”

      Way back in the dark ages of the 1980s and 1990s when I was working in Info Tech, that was really good way to get me to dig my heels in. Or start a job search. It’s “witch” with a capital “B”


  3. Before I go change the link in my blog list, be careful about the Blogspot editor, too. They just did a major refresh to that, which has made it really tough to edit your post.

    As Steve said above, they really believe they know what you want more than you do. I find I switch back and forth between regular view and raw HTML about 20 or 30 times for an easy post, and sometimes quite a bit more. I almost compose the whole post in HTML mode.

    In the list of modes, Do Not stay in paragraph mode, shift to Normal. Importing videos to play inline is now a multi-step, painful process. It used to be much easier.


    • The only thing I don’t like about the HTML editor over there is that I have to duck into the “Visual Mode” for Firefox to do a spell check, instead of being active in the Spellcheck as You go mode I have active everywhere.

      One on my main beefs with WP is the way they edit my HTML if I ever pull up a post in visual mode.

      They delete every blank line, strip out a bunch of code that they believe to be redundant. I mean you are NEVER going to want to use that base HTML on ANY OTHER system. Why would you want to leave WP?


      • The only other downfall is that they don’t seem to provide a way for me to bulk-load my blogroll. Which isn’t really a problem, just a pain if I want to use their “Link List” sidebar gadget. That would be nice, it is not a requirement, since I just created a list in HTML


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