Felony Murder in Ohio

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSThe Left will be scream about how this in unfair any time now. Dayton man indicted in death of accomplice

Two guys decide to rob a guy in his car. It doens’t end well for them when it turns out he is armed as well, and defends himself.

As for the murder charge, you are responsible for the entirely foreseeable consequences of your actions.

Authorities said under Ohio law, an individual is responsible for any death that occurs during a robbery attempt, including the death of an accomplice.

The Left doesn’t generally like that kind of law, because individual responsibility for individual actions is counter to Marxist theory.

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  1. And they especially don’t like to see forcible misappropriation of other’s property dealt with in a negative matter. Being held individually responsible for the death of a co-robber hits way too close to home.

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