Self-defense Is Legal in South Carolina

JusticeHe apparently thought was a good idea to rob a guy. He was wrong. No charges in deadly QT shooting in Spartanburg Co., ruled justified

He was trying to buy a money order, but having trouble. So he went next door to use an ATM for cash. Apparently the soon-to-be-dead-guy overheard his plans.

Once the man exited the [QuikTrip] around 10 minutes later, Berry left his car and approached the man “in a hurried manner,” investigators said.

According to the sheriff’s office, Berry took a swing at the man but missed as he was running away. Investigators said the man, fearing for his life due to Berry continuing to come towards him, pulled out his concealed weapon and fired one time.

He thought it would be a good idea to rob a guy who had just gone to the ATM. He was wrong. He got shot, and died during surgery.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in South Carolina it might be your legal right as well.

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