That Should Do “Wonders” for 911 Response Time

Seattle PD is losing people in a big way, but then I’m surprised that there is any cop on the job in major cities right now. Rantz: At least 118 Seattle police officers left department in mass exodus.

At least 118 Seattle police officers separated from the department, the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH has confirmed. In September alone, 39 officers left the force when the typical number for that month is between 5 and 7. Even new recruits are leaving.

If they can get any retirement, taking it. If they aren’t invested enough to matter, they are leaving. Is anyone surprised?

Currently, due to low staff, the median priority 1 response times — that is, dangerous, in-progress crimes that demand immediate response — was an astounding nine minutes in the North Precinct from July through September, according to city documents.

If I was writing a post strictly about 911 response times, I would add a line about how a lot of really bad things can happen in 9 minutes, and since that is an average that means that some people are waiting longer. And so it might be prudent to have a plan aside from “Call 911.”

It is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. In Seattle. In Portland. In Chicago. In any of the Democratic-Party-controlled cities.