Since They Can’t Blame the Cops…

The Left will blame the gun in 3, 2, … Family says fight over a girl led to shooting that killed 23-year-old

Investigators believe an ongoing dispute between two groups of teenagers and young adults led to the gunfire. Arrest warrants state the shooting was gang-related, though the Blake family says the brothers and their cousin were not gang members.

Of course not. Those cops are just lying.

Georgia has a version of Felony Murder, so there are 14 people charged in the death, including one-of the dead-guy’s brothers, and one of his cousins.

They can’t blame the cops because there were no cops around when the shooting took place.

They won’t blame themselves, even though it looks like a brother and a cousin are involved in/responsible for this guy’s death. (A family that kills together…)

So they will blame the gun. Let’s them off the hook, and it is part of the Left’s narrative today.

And the media is happy to just report their feelings, and ignore any inconvenient facts. (The linked article is all about grief, and pretty light on substance.)

What is that saying about the 12 step programs? Something like, “You can’t fix a problem if you don’t admit you have a problem.”

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