The State of the Pandemic

The Other McCain has a COVID-19 Update The latest surge is here. “Just in time for the home stretch of the presidential election campaign.”

At this point the media induced panic is more newsworthy than the pandemic. Which is why it isn’t reported on.

The number of COVID-19 deaths reported daily in the U.S. peaked six months ago, on April 21, at 2,742 daily. There was a belated summer uptick, which peaked at 1,851 deaths on July 30, and since then the toll has gradually but steadily declined. During the week of Sept. 14-20, the average daily death total was 782; during the most recent week, Oct. 12-18, the average was 725 deaths daily, a 7.3% decline in about a month, and about 30% lower than in the first week of August

Of course that news isn’t politically useful to the Left and their lackeys in the media, so it isn’t reported. Only “new cases” are reported.

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