That’s All Folks

When I moved from Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress, one of the benefits was that WP was better at blogging than Google’s system.

Having used the “New and Improved” Blogger interface, which everyone over there was complaining about, for a few weeks now, I can say that the insanity inflicted on users by WordPress and Automatic have made it much easier – for me anyway – to create stuff over there. YMMV.

Of course the suckage of the new Block Editor isn’t the only reason that I decided to abandon WordPress, even if it was by far the lead reason. Another reason is because I was told, in several places, for different reasons over the past year, to “Shut up and do what we tell you to do.”

You can find me at my new home: 357 Magnum. You should update your links. If you are using the WP reader, see this link.

As for the suckage that is the Block Editor…

I knew things were going to be bad with the “New and Improved” WordPress editor when their Accessibility Team Lead resigned in October of 2018. That was the first indication that they were not listening to feedback from anyone pointing out issues with their new and improved block system. At the time it was styled Gutenberg, but I have been ASSURED by WP dot com support that the New Block Editor is not really Gutenberg, that after spending 3 or more years developing a block-based system for WP they dropped a completely different block-based system on WP dot com. Or something.

Oh, and when Rian Rietveld left the Accessibility team, it wasn’t because she didn’t like the default color scheme. While trying to get the WP development team to address issues of accessibility, they encountered just about every issue of development-management imaginable. Agreed upon functionality would change – regress – with little accountability. No accessibility testers were on the base team. Etc. Can you guess the results?

The results indicated so many accessibility issues that most testers refused to look at Gutenberg again.

When they were not listening to people who were (at least on paper) part of the development team, why do you think that they are ever going to listen to their users?