If You Break Into Homes, You Will Eventually Find an Armed Homeowner

If it weren’t for bad luck, these guys would have none at all. Police: Home invasion robbery suspect shot in Bridgeport

Police say two suspects entered a home at 903 Kossuth St. around 5 p.m. with the intention of robbing someone.

The homeowner shot one of the suspects, who was wearing a mask, according to authorities. They say the two suspects then fled in a pickup truck that police pulled over at Barnum and Central avenues.

A “tactical narcotics team” was in the area and was able to arrest these 2. Well, one was arrested, and the other sent to a local hospital.


One Gunshot to the Head is Enough

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. 18-year-old in critical condition after being shot by Arkansas homeowner, police say

Pine Bluff police officers were called to a home in the 1500 block of West 29th Street around 5:15 a.m., spokesman Lt. David De Foor said. They found an 18-year-old man shot once in the head, he said.

Initial findings indicate that the homeowner shot someone trying to gain entry into his home. The investigation continues, though the homeowner was not arrested.

The guy who got shot was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Circle K Doesn’t Want Employees to Defend Themselves – Suspends Them If They Do

I know which convenience store chain I won’t be visiting in the near future. Circle K suspends clerk after she shoots robber | Albuquerque Journal

I guess they would prefer that their employees are shot rather than defend themselves.

Circle K clerk Jennifer Wertz who shot an armed robber Monday afternoon told KOAT-TV that management has suspended her for two weeks following the incident.

She said robberies happen all the time and yet workers are told they can’t defend themselves.

I suppose they would rather rely on cooperation with criminals to keep people safe. Not that it works all that well.

The story from Monday can be found at this link.

Deaths in College Football in 2017

Robert Grays and Clayton Geib both died as a result (apparently) of games played this past Saturday. Tyler Heintz died in June due to heat stroke. Saturday was one of the deadliest for college football in decades – CBSSports.com

Robert Grays died Tuesday after suffering a neck injury in Saturday’s game between Midwestern State (Grays’ team) and Texas A&M-Kingsville.

Clayton Geib died on Monday after suffering cramping and hyperventilating after Saturday’s game between College of Wooster (Geib’s team) and Ohio Wesleyan. I don’t believe a cause of death has been announced.

Tyler Heintz of Kent State died on June 13, after the second day of conditioning drills in summer practice. The coroner ruled death as a result of extertional heat stroke.

Two more off-season deaths are mentioned, but I can’t find any detail on them right now (and I don’t have the time to search… If anyone knows please post in the comments.)

An Old Case Goes to Court, and Highlights that Cameras Are Everywhere

So this is from a year ago, but the response of NYPD at the time is timeless. Ex-Tennis Star James Blake Testifies Against NYPD Police Officer in Mistaken Arrest – NBC New York

So a cop mistakes a tennis pro, James Blake (now ex-pro) for a suspect. Without identifying himself, throws Blake to the ground and handcuffs him. Do I need to mention that he is black?

Other cops show up and ignore Blake’s protests. Finally a superior shows up, realizes the mistake and lets him go. (Up to this point they are acting like a bunch of idiots, but haven’t crossed over to acting like hoodlums.)

After the story circulates, THEN the cops begin acting like hoodlums – and lying about the encounter to protect (they think) their asses.

Responding to reports of the encounter, the NYPD initially added insult to injury by claiming Blake had only been detained for a couple minutes and was never manhandled or handcuffed, he says. He decided to seek out hotel security, which showed him the video proving he was slammed down and kept cuffed at least 10 minutes.

You would think that this far into the new century that cops – especially in a big city – would KNOW that they are probably on camera. But that didn’t stop the knee-jerk reaction of deny, deny, deny. Of course when the video came to light, instead of looking like idiots, they start to look like a criminal conspiracy.

They could have short-circuited 85% of this mess if A) someone had checked the guy’s identity, and B) they had apologized for their mistake. Instead, they doubled down on being idiots by refusing to apologize, and then proceeded to lie about what actually did occur, which is idiotic, but goes enough beyond just plain stupid.

A Monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov

Mikhail KalashnikovHe certainly had an impact on the entire world. Russia Unveils Monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, Designer of Iconic AK-47 Rifle – NBC News

The Автомат Калашникова (Avtomat Kalashnikova) or Automatic Kalashnikov was designed for a 1946 competition, and was first produced in 1947, hence AK-47.

Every fifth firearm in the world is a Kalashnikov and more than 70 million of the assault rifles have been produced over the past 60 years, the Kalashnikov concern said on its website. Kalashnikovs are in service in 50 foreign armies, it said.

Military experts say the AK-47 has killed more people than all other types of modern weapons taken together.

Kalashnikov, who died aged 94, had repeatedly said that pride in his invention was mixed with the pain of seeing it used by criminals and child soldiers.

So is there a memorial to John Moses Browning?

The Gate – Astonishing, Even For Björk

Björk’s new album, Utopia, should be released in November. Björk’s “The Gate” Video Is Actually Astonishing, Even For Björk – Noisey

You know when you’ve been out all night, and you’re really fucked, and you finally decide you should try and sleep, so you curl up in bed, dry mouthed, and close your eyes for a second? And then suddenly all this weird shit starts spinning around your brain? Like geometric shapes and faces you don’t recognise and other, intangible stuff you couldn’t even explain to someone with words? Well, Björk’s new video for “The Gate” is kind of like that, but better, because it stars Björk

Björk is wearing a Gucci dress designed especially for the video, so all of this was released as part of London Fashion Week.