Everybody Complains About the Weather

Especially when April is still seeing a fair amount of snow. (I blame Global Warming.)

From Massachusetts In some parts of Mass., an inch of snow in mid-April

And Pennsylvania More snow? In some parts of Pa., it’s possible | PennLive.com

Chicago has had (is having) a brutal winter More spring snow in Chicago, and forecasters call April’s start among coldest in 130 years – Chicago Tribune

Cleveland Cold, snow and wind, oh my! Winter is back in Cleveland Thursday: Weather forecast | cleveland.com

Milwaukee provides some great photos of a record-breaking snow that covered the area. Photos: Snow blankets area but warm-up is on the way

Record breaking snow and the coldest start to April in 130 years.


Concealed Carry Stops Armed Robbery

This is the story the Left says never happens. Customer fatally shoots would-be robber in Gary | WGN-TV

Two men approached an employee at a used car lot in the 400 block of W. Ridge Rd in Gary. They pulled out a gun and tried to rob him this Wednesday afternoon.

But a customer at the lot pulled out his own gun and shot and killed one suspect in self defense.

The 2nd guy ran like a rabbit and police are still looking for him.

Reality Has a Funny Way of Dealing With Propaganda

Sweden in general, and the government in particular, isn’t too keen on recognizing the truth. But you can’t hide from reality. Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image – POLITICO

In a period of two weeks earlier this year, five explosions took place in the country. It’s not unusual these days — Swedes have grown accustomed to headlines of violent crime, witness intimidation and gangland executions. In a country long renowned for its safety, voters cite “law and order” as the most important issue ahead of the general election in September.

Even discussing the issues is hard because of social taboo. The police complain that the foreign press “makes it seem like crime is out of control.” This is after a hand grenade attack on a police office, and a police car destroyed by explosion. (Sounds out of control to me.)

Where violent crime was once rare, shootings are now so commonplace they no longer make top headlines.

The government isn’t just trying to spin the news, they are just flat-out lying about the situation.

In March, Labor Market Minister Ylva Johansson appeared on the BBC, where she claimed that the number of reported rapes and sexual harassment cases “is going down and going down and going down.” In fact, the opposite is true, which Johansson later admitted in an apology.

In another lie, the Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, denied the existence of No-go zones.

But the reality is different for those on the ground: The head of the paramedics’ union Ambulansförbundet, Gordon Grattidge, and his predecessor Henrik Johansson recently told me in an interview that some neighborhoods are definitely no-go for ambulance drivers — at least without police protection.

Why lie? Because cognitive dissonance is a powerful force. They KNOW Sweden is a peaceful country, so why bother with facts that attack their worldview? Plus, if they admit the truth, there will be all those questions come the next election. (Hat Tip to Moonbattery)

I Guess Illinois Doesn’t Have a “Three Strikes and You’re Out” Law

A violent felon, out on parole, is accused of acting like a violent felon. CWB Chicago: Now Charged With Robbing Boystown Resident, Lifelong Felon Is On Parole For Beating Man With A Brick

Barners is charged with one count of felony robbery and has been ordered held without bail by Judge Stephanie Miller.

On May 20, 2014, Barners was arrested and charged with aggravated battery after he beat a man in the head with a brick in the 900 block of West School Street. Barners pleaded guilty, received a six-year sentence, and was paroled in May 2017.

His history of violent crime dates back to the Reagan Administration. He has done time for multiple instances of aggravated battery, home invasion, narcotics, and other crimes. Do you think he will reform? I don’t.

When people tell me how bad the “tough on crime” laws are, and how “three strikes and you’re out” is unfair, I love to cite cases like this. What is fair to the guy who got hit in the hear with a brick? What is fair to the guy who got robbed this time around? And what will he do to his next victim, and is that fair?

In Defenseless-victim Zones, Burglars Don’t Worry About “Occupied Dwellings”

Because the residents pose no threat. CWB Chicago: Boystown: Brazen Burglars Bust Into Two Occupied Apartments On Halsted Street

And while Chicago is no longer a defenseless-victim-zone by way of the law, most residents of Wrigleyville and Boystown are disarmed because they are too liberal to believe in guns.

I Wish Reporters Knew Something About Engineering

Actually that is one of a very long list of things that I wish reporters knew about.

I would like to have some real information about what happened to the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737, aside from the 2 words, “metal fatigue” in relation to a fan blade. But most stories don’t even mention the First Officer of Flight 1380 by name – His name is Darren Ellisor. The Captain on the flight was Captain Tammie Jo Shults, but you probably already knew that.

I want to say that high-bypass turbofan blades are replaced regularly, but I’m actually not sure if that is true, or how it is handled for a CFM engine. I do know that on at least some engines the blades are replaced during an engine overhaul. (I don’t remember if the fan blades replaced or if only compressor and/or turbine blades are replaced.) Overhauls happen regularly according to FAA dictated schedules, or if problems are discovered.

Tam has an interesting take on the fact that most people are oblivious to the dangers that surround them in everyday life. Forget about the dangers involved in sealing yourself in an aluminum can, and traveling at an altitude of 30,000 feet or so, at several hundred miles per hour. I suppose that oblivion has something to do with why everyone wants to “feel safe.” (As opposed to them actually being safe.)

Here is a short video on the CFM56 engine. The engine that caused the problems on Southwest 1380 was a CFM56-7B. It isn’t great, and it leaves out some of the more interesting facts, but it is only 3 minutes long. There are some good videos out there, but they tend to be long, and the short videos tend to be ads. This is a CFM video about CFM engines, but it is remarkably free of advertising insanity. There are some interesting videos on the testing done on an engine before it is certified – bird strike tests, etc. They are easy to find.

Lexington, Massachusetts, April 19, 1775

That was when and where the British Empire tried to impose gun control on the Americans, and the Americans objected. The Battles of Lexington and Concord.

At dawn on April 19, some 700 British troops arrived in Lexington and came upon 77 militiamen gathered on the town green. A British major yelled, “Throw down your arms! Ye villains, ye rebels.” The heavily outnumbered militiamen had just been ordered by their commander to disperse when a shot rang out. To this day, no one knows which side fired first. Several British volleys were subsequently unleashed before order could be restored. When the smoke cleared, eight militiamen lay dead and nine were wounded, while only one Redcoat was injured.

A day of skirmishes followed, with the British Regulars being met by about 2000 militia at Concord, where they were sent to search for arms. Most had been relocated, and the British found very little.

They decided to burn what little they found, and the fire got slightly out of control. Hundreds of militiamen occupying the high ground outside of Concord incorrectly thought the whole town would be torched. The militiamen hustled to Concord’s North Bridge, which was being defended by a contingent of British soldiers. The British fired first but fell back when the colonists returned the volley. This was the “shot heard ‘round the world.”

About 250 British Regulars were killed or wounded that day, compared to 90 Americans. Not very decisive, but the Americans did show they could stand up to British.

It would take the better part of a year for the War of Independence to get rolling.