Self-defense is Legal in Georgia

As I always suspected that it was. DeKalb homeowner won’t face charges after fatally shooting intruder

“The homeowner gave him a warning,” [DeKalb police Lt. Lonzy] Robertson told the news station. “The suspect continued to approach, at which time the homeowner fired one shot.”

The neighbor they interviewed (no doubt hoping for the “shocked” response) said he thought the homeowner did the right thing, and talked about protecting yourself and your family.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Black Women and Armed Self-Defense

US News wakes up to the fact that people in danger of becoming victims of crime might not want to become victims of crime. Black Women Picking up Firearms for Self-Defense | Political News | US News

It is a well-written article on an important topic. Well worth a minute of 3 of your time.

Marchelle Tigner is on a mission: to train at least 1 million women how to shoot a firearm. She had spent no time around guns before joining the National Guard. Now, as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, she wants to give other women of color the training she hadn’t had.

“It’s important, especially for black women, to learn how to shoot,” Tigner said, noting that black women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence. “We need to learn how to defend ourselves.”

The US News is disturbed that “It’s hard to find definitive statistics on gun ownership,” but it is a lesson long in the learning. If someone taking a survey asks you if you own a gun, you say, “No.” Also applies to anyone in the medical profession, or any other busybody not in law enforcement.

Could Self-Driving Cars Become Weapons?

Car makers rush to put self-driving cars on the road. Bets on how much attention is being paid to security? Stopping Self-Driving Cars From Becoming Cybersecurity Weapons

This isn’t a new issue really. I think it was Black Hat 2015 that had a talk about remotely hacking a Jeep driving down the highway.

And Def Con 25 is joining in the fun this year with the Car Hacking Village. No. It won’t amount to anything, I’m sure. Because the car companies are all over this, right?

Yuval Diskin, former head of Israel’s internal security service (Shin Bet) and Chairman of CyMotive Technologies, has a somewhat different view.

The car industry is run by engineers. Up until a few years ago, they thought of information technology (i.e., computers) as some kind of basic support infrastructure, like water and electricity. It’s been a challenge for the industry to better integrate its core competency—electrical engineering—with IT or computer engineering. But they now understand that IT is at the core of their business.

I doubt they really understand it. I believe they know they need to pay it lip service, and I believe they know they need to devote some level of resources to the issue, but I doubt they are setting up bug bounties, or ensuring that firmware and software updates are secure or that a user can always override what the vehicle is trying to do. In short I doubt they really understand what the issues are. Will they miss a ship-date to ensure that the software is secure?

I actually started a similar post on this subject last week, but couldn’t make it come together. Yuval Diskin came up with the phrase that puts it all in perspective.

Serious attacks can and will happen at the fleet level where you can impact many cars—“imagine stopping thousands of Toyota cars on the highways of Europe,” says Diskin.

Could thousands a of cars be hacked at the same time? You really have to ask? How many PCs were infected by WannaCry? By GoldenEye? And that was just in the past couple of months against an attack that we knew how to stop. (Upgrade your software/hardware!).

I Thought That Cooperation Was the Key to Safety

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because you are cowering in fear. Police: Store clerk shot after giving cash to robber in NE Houston |

The suspect demanded money, and when he was given the cash, he opened fire on the clerk.

Giving bad guys “what they want” is not a guarantee of safety; it is a strategy for dealing with violent criminals. A strategy that sadly has a lot of flaws.

A gun in the hands of this clerk or in the hands of one of the customers in the store may not have changed the outcome. There are no guarantees in this life.

You’re Doing it Wrong

Get the gun FIRST. Better yet, have it on you. (Ohio allows concealed carry these days, with proper licensing.) ‘I was shooting in the streets yelling, ‘call the police’ ‘

Gary Gross, and his family were startled by the intruders who entered their Kenoak Lane home at around 3:15 a.m.

He said his wife and 14-month-old baby were in a back room.

Gross grabbed a hammer and confronted both men, according to a news release. A struggle ensued, and the homeowner retrieved a gun and shot both men.

Still, it worked out. Police found both miscreants and both are in hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

The UK Needs Common Sense Knife Control! Oh, they have it already?

London knife crime is on the rise. London hunts for ways to stop deadly youth stabbings

They are putting metal detectors in schools, and banning more stuff in more places. What they aren’t doing is hiring more cops, or putting more people in jail.

But at the same time, the crackdown is facing an uphill struggle with knife attacks increasing by 24 percent last year.

Since 2010 the number of police officers in the British capital has been cut by 14 percent.

The UK doesn’t do its crime reporting on a calendar year basis, which seems confusing to some people.

Police registered more than 12,100 knife attacks which left 4,400 people injured between April last year and March, the highest figure in five years.

The story goes back and forth between reporting on Britain (no longer Great, apparently) and London. So while it isn’t clear what that statistic covers I would hazard a guess of the UK.)

Parov Stelar

Parov Stelar (not his real name) is an Austrian musician/DJ who produces a type of music known as electro-swing, which is sort-of a blending of house, electronica, and jazz. I first ran across his song “Between the Machine” as it was used in an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles a number of years ago.

This is “The Speed Demon.” (Give it a 30 seconds or so, then it works into the jazz.) I’m told the 2nd song is more accessible.

This is “All Night,” a single released in 2014. It did fairly well on the charts in Europe.

I don’t care for a lot of the stuff he does, but some of it is fascinating. For those who are interested in the details, his given name is Marcus Füreder, and he produces music under a number of stage names.