Murder is Up in 20 of 25 Largest US Cities

Which might explain the previous posting. It’s Been ‘Such a Weird Year.’ That’s Also Reflected in Crime Statistics..

Overall crime is down 5.3 percent in 25 large American cities relative to the same period in 2019, with violent crime down 2 percent.

But murder in these 25 cities is up 16.1 percent in relation to last year. It’s not just a handful of cities driving this change, either. Property crime is down in 18 of the 25 sampled cities, and violent crime is down in 11 of them, but murder is up in 20 of the cities.

Chicago I’ve covered elsewhere. New York hasn’t seen this level of gun violence “nearly a quarter century.”

Aside from the statistics, the rest of that article is a lot of guesswork, even after they quote “an expert” about how you can’t draw conclusions because we have very little data relative to cause. All the guesses are about COVID-19 and domestic-abuse. No mention of the changes in bail laws/practices sweeping the country.

Almost 4 Million Background Checks in June

Witnessing the complete lack of police protection for people and businesses in the face of rioting, has evoked a completely understandable reaction in the population of the law-abiding. June sets new record for gun background checks.

June set a new record for the number of NICS firearm background checks conducted around the country with almost four million.

What do you expect people to do? Plan their funerals?

[William Hayes is the chief instructor at ATP Gun Shop and Range in Summerville] says there is a wide spectrum of people looking to buy firearms.

He says a lot of people, black and white, are looking for protection from what he refers to as the radical ends of the left and right. He also says business owners are concerned after watching the riots in downtown Charleston back in May and the alleged lack of intervention from police to stop vandalism.

People are also taking classes, which is a good thing. You need to learn about safety. Hayes says his class schedule is booked until the fall.

30 Years of the Movie Ghost

A lot of strange things come thru my news feeds, but then I’m interested in a wide variety of things. It is both hard to believe that this movie, Ghost, is 30 years old, and at the same time, not so hard. It seems like it came out in a different era. It was released on Friday the 13th in July, 1990. I’m jumping the gun since this seems more like a weekend kind of thing. Maybe someone needs a suggestion for movie night.

It has been more than 10 years since Patrick Swayze passed away, at the age of 57. I always remember him as being young, but then none of us are as young as we used to be. Rick Aviles, who played the killer, died at the age of 42 in 1995.

I’m guessing that most people, except for the children, have seen this movie. While I haven’t seen it in while, it has held up. I can recommend it.

You can find the trailer easy enough. Here is a bit of the Subway Ghost scene, featuring Vincent Schiavelli. It has been 15 years since he passed away, also at the age of 57.

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A Restraining Order Is Just a Piece of Paper

It may be an important piece of paper, but it is not a guarantee of safety. Alabama detective killed by ex-boyfriend who violated protective order, authorities say.

A female detective in Alabama died early Monday morning in what authorities are saying was a domestic disturbance involving her ex-boyfriend, from whom she had previously sought protection.

So if a court order of protection fails to protect a cop, why do you think it will save you?

Now they are important because having the legal system on your side can do some good, but if you need a restraining order, you also need a plan for your personal safety. The cops will not be your bodyguards. While the cops might arrest the subject of the restraining order, they might not, and the courts may not hold him for any length of time anyway.

Having a plan is, of course, no guarantee. “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.” Still, having a plan will tip the odds a bit in your favor.

No One Is Responsible

That is Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s position, anyway. And Atlanta’s mayor is still calling the riots “mostly largely peaceful.” Gun violence kills 160 as holiday weekend exposes tale of ‘two Americas’.

This article doesn’t just deal with Chicago, but I will start there.

But Chicago saw the worst violence in one of the bloodiest holiday weekends in recent memory, ending with 17 people fatally shot including a seven-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy and 63 more wounded, an increase of five shootings on the high figures that had marred the holiday weekend the previous year.

Despite an effort that included an additional 1,200 officers on the streets and pleas from the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, for residents not to reverse limited progress that had been made against the epidemic of gun violence, Lightfoot lamented the children whose “hopes and dreams were ended by the barrel of a gun”.

That’s right, the fault lies in an inanimate object, not in the person who pulled the trigger, not in that person who killed 7-year-old Natalie Wallace in front of her grandmother’s house, but in an inanimate object.

The shooting death of an eight-year-old girl, Secoriea Turner, in Atlanta, prompted the mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, to call for justice while noting the shadow such street violence casts over the huge and largely peaceful Black Lives Matter protests against racism and police brutality.

Largely peaceful? She must not have been watching the same news footage I was.

There is more. Escalating carnage in New York City. More of the same in Philadelphia. And platitudes, but very little in the way of a plan.

Hat tip to The Other McCain – Black-on-Black Crime Explodes in the Wake of #BlackLivesMatter Protests, which he calls “entirely predictable.”

Democrats can’t blame white racist cops for this, so they don’t care.

Something About You

Most of the jazz I listen to is either guitar, like Craig Chacquico, or saxophone, like Stan Getz. So here is something different, a pianist. I think it was all those years of piano lessons that mostly make me skip piano, though I never had a teacher who could teach jazz.

This is “Something About You” by Brian Simpson from his 2018 album Something About You.

Wishful Thinking in Chicago

So one of the neighborhoods in Chicago was going for a “Homicide Free” Weekend over the July 4th Holiday… Or as they put it in the Sun Times Stakeholders aim to keep Englewood ‘homicide-free’ over Fourth of July weekend. Englewood is one of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. It is one of the more dangerous parts of the city.

Anti-violence groups, security firms, business owners, faith leaders and elected officials gathered in Englewood Thursday, announcing plans to deploy hundreds of people to keep an eye on the neighborhood in an effort to tamp down shootings over the historically violent Fourth of July weekend.

That is a sentiment I can understand. I think the way that they went about it was doomed to failure. “Watching” a neighborhood means that if someone does something wrong there is a witness, and that witness can cause consequences to be visited on the evildoer. But there are no consequences in Chicago or Cook County. The DA and the judges have seen to that. No bail. No prosecutions. No consequences at all. So who cares if they are seen by all those people “keeping an eye” on things?

So how did it work out? Not too well. Again, according to the Sun Times – 79 shot, 15 fatally, over Fourth of July weekend in Chicago. But of course those weren’t all in Englewood.

Second City Cop has the numbers for the police district, which probably doesn’t match up exactly with the neighborhood… We’re going to go and label this one as a “Fail” (SCC also gets the Hat Tip on all of this.)

These are preliminary numbers and will undoubtedly change, but it’s looking like 007 racked up at least a dozen shot, seven of those being fatal.

You want law and order, you have to have penalties for bad behavior. It is not rocket science.

Turns Out Electric Car Batteries Aren’t Made From Unicorn Farts

Can it be that current battery technology is hard on the environment? UN highlights urgent need to tackle impact of likely electric car battery production boom.

I’m not sure why the article is accompanied by a photo of a stripping-shovel in a Brazilian coal mine; I guess it is supposed to represent ecological devastation.

So it turns out that the materials needed for your electric car’s battery have some problems.

For example, two-thirds of all cobalt production happens in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). According the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), about 20 per cent of cobalt supplied from the DRC comes from artisanal mines, where human rights abuses have been reported, and up to 40,000 children work in extremely dangerous conditions in the mines for meagre income.

And in Chile, lithium mining uses nearly 65% of the water in the country’s Salar de Atamaca region, one of the driest desert areas in the world, to pump out brines from drilled wells. This has forced local quinoa farmers and llama herders to migrate and abandon ancestral settlements. It has also contributed to environment degradation, landscape damage and soil contamination, groundwater depletion and pollution.

But the good folks driving electric cars can feel secure in knowing that when they drive their vehicle, they foisted all those problems on people far away; people that they don’t need to worry about. Or something. (Hat tip to Not a Lot of People Know That.)

Residents of Chicago Want to Be Safe

Chicago is not safe, and it’s getting worse. 2 kids slain among 79 shot in July 4th weekend gun violence; 3rd weekend straight of children dying.

Chicago is in the grip of a wave of violence the likes of which hasn’t been seen for decades.

On Saturday night, 7-year-old Natalia Wallace died after being shot while visiting her grandmother at a party in Austin. [That’s a neighborhood in Chicago on the far west side of the city.]

In each of the past 3 weekends, at least one child has been murdered.

And the national narrative isn’t really playing all that well in the city.

“Defunding police is the stupidest thing to say,” [activist Jacqueline] Baez said. “We need police. We need to feel safe in our communities … I don’t feel safe letting my kids play outside.”

And people are putting the blame where it belongs.

In a news conference in Little Village, Raul Montes Jr. called the weekend gun violence a “carbon copy” of the last few weeks and blamed [Mayor] Lightfoot for allowing protests to devolve into looting while “giving a nod to Antifa,” a far-left anti-fascist group. [Actually, they may claim to be anti-fascist, but they remind me a lot of Blackshirts in Italy]

The criminals have been told there will be no consequences. No bail. No prosecution in some cases. Charges reduced via plea, and now the powers-that-be seemed shocked that crime is skyrocketing.

I don’t expect the name Natalia Wallace to become known nationally, because it doesn’t forward the agenda of anyone on the Left or in the media. (But I repeat myself.) Just like I don’t expect Secoriea Turner to become nationally known.

Those Civilized British

JusticeWhere rape is almost never prosecuted because it was her fault, or she asked for it or something like that. ‘The police said it wasn’t rape it was rough sex’

I can’t even stand to read this, but here are the statistics, buried at the bottom of the article.

In England and Wales, only 1.7% of reported rapes are prosecuted, according to Home Office statistics. Charities warn that the official number of sexual assault reports is only a fraction of the real problem, arguing that rape is still severely under-reported.

And self-defense, not just firearms, is outlawed. You are supposed to depend on the police for protection! Some plan.

Charlie Daniels has passed away…

Charlie Daniels: October 28, 1936 – July 06, 2020

Country and Western was never my thing, but the guitar work done in the Charlie Daniel’s Band always verged on Rock & Roll. Plus he had a great sense of humor, at least in his music. If you only listen to one song, listen to “Still in Saigon,” the 3rd video. It has some great guitar playing.

First the cliche.

Then the comedy. This song always brings a smile to my face, and I’m not even sure I like it.

Now the guitar work.

Irony and Karma

Irony as comedy may be illegal, but reality didn’t get that memo. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

Summer Taylor, a 24-year-old, died after she was hit by a car on I-5 in Seattle. She was part of a “protest” blocking the highway. Diaz Love, 32 was also struck and has serious injuries.

So . . . white women blocking a freeway to protest on behalf of #BlackLivesMatter were hit by a black man driving a white Jaguar.

Karma is not only a bitch, she also has a well-developed sense of irony.

The Rules

Another band I found via the generated playlists from either Spotify or Pandora… The band is Elysion, which is listed in a couple of places as Gothic Metal, but this song is neither dark, and while the lyrics are a little brooding, not enough for me to call them Goth.

Their F*c*book page lists them as Alternative Metal. Something in the music sounds like good old-fashion Rock and Roll to me. Anyway, as I write this, I have not listened to a lot of their music, but there are a number of songs I do like. Lyrics can be found at this link

This is “The Rules” by Elysion, from their 2009 album Silent Scr3am. (And no, that is no a typo. It is leet, sort of.)

They’re a Greek Band, with a name not quite stolen from Greek Mythology; it is just an unusual spelling in English. But don’t worry, they sing in English, because they know how much you hate foreign languages. The band consists of Christianna – Vocals, Johnny Zero – Guitars, FxF – Bass, Laitsman – Drums, Nid – Guitars. And no, I have no clue about the names…

Fourth of July Weekend, Chicago Style

Because nothing says “Chicago Values” like murder and mayhem. HeyJackass! brings us Shitshow of the Year.

You may hear something about Natalia Wallace, the 7-year-old killed Saturday evening as she played on the sidewalk in front of a relative’s home, but I doubt you will hear much, or about the separate “multiple shootings” that took place. Because they don’t push the narrative, so they are just “local news.”

Final Stupidity Tally: 20 killed, 72 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 7 killed, 69 wounded*
2018 weekend tally: 10 killed, 42 wounded

Officer Anthony Dia

End of Watch. Officer shot and killed, suspect found dead in Ohio.

An officer who was responding to a call in a store parking lot was shot and killed early Saturday morning by an intoxicated man holding a beer, police said.

Toledo Officer Anthony Dia was shot in the chest just after midnight in the parking lot of a Home Depot [SNIP]

Dia, 26, leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old child, the chief said.

Did Secoriea Turner Matter?

This is what happens when you let the Rule of Law breakdown. Police identify 8-year-old girl killed after shots fired into car near burned Wendy’s.

The person driving the car had tried to turn into a parking lot that the protestors rioters had blocked off. That was an UNFORGIVABLE sin, and worthy of a death-penalty (you disrespected their authority! What does that sound like?) and they opened fire into the car.

The location of the shooting was in a parking lot across the street from the now burned-out Wendy’s, which has been occupied by demonstrators since Brooks’ death at the hands of an Atlanta police officer.

She will be just be another statistic, because there is no way to blame her death on anyone but the 2 people reported to have opened fire on the car. No one will have seen anything. No one will name names. No one will testify. There will be no national protest. Because there isn’t a way to advance anyone’s agenda.

Violence Is Engulfing the Smaller Cities

Law and order are such quaint, 20th Century concepts. And while places like Chicago and LA have had troubles for a long time, now every city has troubles. Kansas City has seen nearly 100 homicides this year, on track for deadliest year on record.

They’ve had 95 homicides through the end of June.

More people have already been killed in Kansas City this year than in all of 2014, which saw 86 homicides, according to a report by a local news outlet, The Kansas City Star.

Just halfway through the year, the city has reported more people killed this year than in 2002, 1984, 1973 and 1972.

Shootings are up. 82 people were shot in May, a 75% increase over last year.

Kansas City is the 38th largest city in the country with population just over 500,000.

Civilization was nice while it lasted.

Malahide Viaduct Collapse

The Malahide Viaduct, also known as the Broadmeadow Viaduct for the estuary in Ireland that it crosses, is owned by Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail). How do organizations forget stuff that they knew for 150 years? It seems to happen more than it should. Malahide Viaduct (2009)

On August 21st of 2009 as an Iarnród Éireann passenger/commuter train passed over the Malahide Viaduct, the train’s engineer witnessed a section of the bridge collapse. He was able to have the dispatch center stop all traffic across the bridge, so that there were no injuries. Pier 4 was washed away, and 2 sections of the bridge collapsed.

First some history.

An 11 span timber viaduct was first built here in 1843, for the Dublin and Drogheda Railway and a problem with settlement, noticed soon after construction, was solved by depositing huge quantities of stone around the timber support piers, thereby creating a type of weir. Erosion remained a problem, despite continuous efforts to combat it and in 1860 a new bridge opened with masonry piers supporting wrought iron spans. By 1968, 12 spans of prestressed concrete had replaced the much deteriorated, Victorian iron across the 176 metres of the viaduct. The stone weir remained vital to the stability of the overall structure.

While the stone weir remained vital to the structure, that knowledge was lost, because we don’t need to manage infrastructure, the bridge is obviously fine, or so everyone thought right up until it collapsed.

Ongoing maintenance of the weir had been a thing until 1996. The Malahide Viaduct Collapse. (There is a great image of the viaduct post-collapse at the top of that article. Click thru.)

In 1846, two years after construction, a stone weir – which can be thought of as an underwater wall – was built. This weir did two things: it reduced the volume of water flowing in and out of the estuary; and it directly protected the sediment at the base of the piles – the scour forces would first need to dig away this rock protection before they could begin to compromise the structure. But this wasn’t enough – the rock protection was eroding. So to keep this rock wall in place, stones had to be continually discharged along the weir to replace those that were lost.

Then in 1860 the timber piles were replaced with masonry piers supported directly on top of the stone weir, and the remainder of the timber structure was replaced with wrought iron beams, which decades later were replaced with the post-tensioned concrete beams that were in place at the time of the failure.

And throughout all this work, management of the scour risk continued. For example, in 1922, a total of 5,200 tonne of stone was discharged along the viaduct, and in 1967-68 grout was injected into the stone weir to help hold it together. Then further stone discharges occurred in 1976 and 1996.

As that article notes, there was 150 years of knowledge of the impact of erosion. How do you lose track of that? Because after 1996 there was no maintenance of weir, despite the fact that a 1997 report called out scouring at the base of pier 4. The report by the Railway Accident Investigation Unit of the European Union is quite long, and I haven’t read all of it. It does address the loss of that knowledge. August 2010 Malahide Viaduct Collapse on the Dublin to Belfast Line, on the 21st August 2009.

There was a loss of corporate memory when former Iarnród Éireann staff left the Division, which resulted in valuable information in the relation to the historic scouring and maintenance not being available to the staff in place at the time of the accident.

And there was no system in place for capturing – even with pen and paper – the issues relating to infrastructure. Which precipitated…

The historic maintenance regime for the discharge of stones along the Malahide Viaduct appears to have ceased in 1996, resulting in the deterioration of the weir which was protecting the structure against scouring.

The next item of note is that the Malahide Viaduct was inspected 3 days before it collapsed. It was in “fair” shape according to the report.

An inspection carried out on the Malahide Viaduct three days before the accident did not identify the scouring defects visible at the time;

How could this be? The people doing the inspections had really no way to detect scour, and they were not trained to do so anyway.

There are other issues. A derelict barge was left stranded on the side of the viaduct for a VERY long time, and probably contributed to erosion. Because maintenance is not important.

The company confirmed the viaduct was inspected twice last week, and that it stood over those inspections. A full bridge inspection was also carried out in October 2007, with the next scheduled inspection for October.

Several people called about erosion. The bridge was “inspected” and deemed safe. We’ve seen that again and again in failing infrastructure, a “good” rating on an inspection right before failure.

The missing pier was replaced, the rest were reinforced, the track repaired and trains started traveling across the viaduct about 3 months after the collapse.

After this viaduct collapsed, Iarnród Éireann ran around and inspected 100s of other viaducts.

Here’s a video that covers various hydraulic effects due to stuff we build in the water. I have it cued up to a section on bridge piers and scouring. The relevant bit is about 1 minute long.

Self-defense Is Legal in Ohio

Even if “The System” doesn’t seem happy about that. No indictment for man accused in Middletown shooting death.

Since the no bill came from a Grand Jury, no one is saying anything.

There was a theft involved.

According to detectives, Halcomb admitted to shooting Riley. Prosecutors said evidence in the investigation included elements pointing to self-defense.

A Butler County Grand Jury did not return an indictment.