A Live Action Cowboy Bebop Could Be Good

Anime can be interesting, but often isn’t. Cowboy Bebop was one of the better efforts. Cowboy Bebop: John Cho to Lead Netflix’s Live-Action Adaptation. Netflix has done well with the other live-action stuff they’ve tackled, so there is hope this will be good.

TechCruch – who got the name Spiegel wrong – is going on and on about whitewashing Asian characters, and how this casting is an improvement. Though I never got the idea that Spiegel was an Asian name. Who knew?

While the movie wasn’t great, this scene is a pretty good intro to 2 of the main characters, Spike Spiegel and Jet Black. Though it can be hard to see, the firearm Spike is using is an Israeli Military Industries Jericho 941. (Imported to the USA by Magnum Research as the Baby Eagle.) 941 because it originally came with everything for both 9mm and .41 Action Express.

In some ways, the intro song to the movie – which has absolutely nothing to do with the story – is the best part of the movie.


Guns in Ghost in the Shell

7 Things you didn’t know about the anime movie, Ghost in the Shell.

OK, I am one of the 15 people world wide who actually liked the Scarlett Johansson live action version, but the anime movie is still the best. And part of the reason is the attention to detail, when it comes to firearms. (Quite a feat for a production done in Japan, where private firearms are illegal.)

The video below is queued up to the portion that talks about shooting. (But feel free to watch the whole thing.) And it is followed by a bit on the original Matrix that is almost an exact reenactment of the scene from GitS. You probably don’t care about the other 5 things.

If you haven’t seen the live action version, you might be interested in the opening jump scene. It is a riff off the original anime jump scene and the Geisha cafe scene from the 1st episode of the TV show (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, which was produced after the movie, but was sort of a prequel.) It’s a kick-ass action scene, and I love it.

An Overwatch Movie?

Can’t be worse than some of the other drek coming out of Hollywood. They have been talking about an Overwatch film for a while. And one of the Overwatch characters showed up in the latest trailer for Ready Player One. Though the record of good films being made out of games is pretty poor, especially when Hollywood (and suits who never played a game) are involved.

They say it’s an idea based on the success of the animated short films. Like I said, better than a lot of the stuff coming out of Hollywood.

As for the one movie I actually own that is based on a game, it wasn’t produced in America. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. And most Americans don’t get it, since it is a Japanese story told by Japanese artists.

(OK, so it isn’t exactly Anime. I don’t have a category for computer games being made into films.)

Gord Downie: 6 February 1964 – 17 October 2017

The Tragically Hip was known as “Canada’s Band.” The Tragically Hip by the Numbers: Remembering Frontman Gord Downie | Billboard

You can read the article for the particulars. Let’s listen to some music. “Fiddler’s Green” and after the break, the song that started it all, “New Orleans is sinking.”

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A Live-action Fullmetal Alchemist? Could be OK

Fullmetal Alchemist has been around for a long time. A Manga (Japanese comic book for those of you who don’t know) from 2001 to 2010. Two anime series, and 2 feature-length anime movies. So now we are getting a live-action version from Warner Bros. Japan. Not until December.

If you aren’t familiar with this story, well, all I can say is web-searching is your friend, I won’t try an summarize it here.

Principle filming was apparently complete last year, but special effects work continues. Of two minds on this one. The production quality looks to be very high, and there is definitely no white-washing (the big complaint with this year’s Ghost in the Shell) but I never liked Fullmetal Alchemist especially, though I never read the manga. Will have to see how it looks as we get closer to release.

Ghost in the Shell – 2017 edition

So I finally so the New Ghost in the Shell movie. I liked it. (My thoughts on it after the trailer.)

Critics panned it, though I have a hard time believing that many of them saw and liked the original as much as they are saying. In 1995 Anime was not a subject taken seriously by the critics or by Hollywood. The new movie has gotten a generally positive review from the folks who’ve seen it. (At least as reflected in places like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.)

It managed to pull some of the best bits from the original movie, and some of the cool parts of the animated series, Stand Alone Complex, without being slavishly tied to either.

I wish there was more time devoted to some of the secondary characters, but by US standards of today, it is a relatively short movie. It runs 107 minutes, a bit more than an hour and a half. Superman Returns – from several years ago (chosen not quite at random) ran 154 minutes. An extra 47 minutes is not insubstantial, though I thought Superman Returns was way too long.)

They did show Togusa with his Mateba Model 6 Unica autorevolver. (Click the image to enlarge) It is an interesting weapon. And though you only see it in one scene, it is there if you know to look. As is Saito with his cyber-enhanced sniper’s eye. Batou is there in form including the eyes. And Arimaki comes across as someone not to mess with. (I imagine a lot of the critics were bothered by the fact that Arimaki only spoke in Japanese. Suitable subtitles provided. But Americans hate foreign languages.)

There were some interesting bits. I won’t give any spoilers, but from the trailer you can see that the world they inhabit looks more like that conjured up for Blade Runner by Ridley Scott than what was in the original anime. Though there are some bits lifted straight from the original, including they use the original theme song at the closing credits, which was a nice salute to what Mamoru Oshii did with the original manga by Masamune Shirow.

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Ghost in the Shell

Live action Ghost in the Shell is coming out in 2017. I can’t decide if this looks good or not. I’ll probably see it anyway, as I love GitS.

It is staring Scarlett Johansson, mostly because Disney won’t green light a Black Widow movie. (Because Disney sucks on the topic of female superheroes.)

The 1995 anime was ground-breaking, in a lot of ways, not the least of which was the play it got in the US.

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