How Medical “Science” Killed Thousands of Women

People using science to justify their political positions, forget that scientists are people, with goals, ambitions, etc. They do make honest mistakes, but they also do some stuff that is dishonest.

This is a long thread at Twitter, on a somewhat disturbing subject. Falsifying medical research for you own career advancement.

From farther down in the thread…

Warning: the following is really, really nasty.

The studies were barely studies. No ethical approval, no notes, no eligibility results, no followup, no proper care. Most records didn’t exist, and those that did were horrifying. This was the Tuskagee moment in oncology.

But while he was flying high, Dr. Werner Bezwoda was hero, to the medical profession.

Epstein and The Private Funding of Research

And Epstein still didn’t kill himself. This article is from the upcoming, September 2020, edition of Scientific American. Jeffrey Epstein’s Harvard Connections Show How Money Can Distort Research: Letting the rich pay for science that interests them is a bad idea—even if they aren’t convicted sex offenders.

So before he didn’t kill himself, but after he was a convicted sex-offender, Harvard took a lot of money from him, gave him a position, and let him influence research.

What made it even worse was that Epstein was a latter-day eugenicist whose interests were tied to a delusional notion of seeding the human race with his own DNA. Given this stance, it is particularly disturbing that he focused his largesse on research on the genetic basis of human behavior. Human genetics is an ethically sensitive and intellectually contested domain where it behooves us to ensure that the highest standards of scientific rigor are in place and that nongenetic explanations for behavior are given a fair chance to compete.

Scientists might claim that Epstein’s money in no way caused them to lower their standards, but we have broad evidence that the interests of funders often influence the work done. The New York Times concluded that in this case it led researchers “to give credence to some of Mr. Epstein’s half-baked scientific musings.”

For a Scientific American article, this one is not too long, but worth your time.

Lies, Damn Lies, and COVID-19 Statistics

The case of the disappearing antigens… A tale of two tests: Vermont town left puzzled by positive, then negative, COVID-19 results. Or – the only place I could actually view the article… The Wayback Machine’s copy.

So a small community in Vermont had 65 people test positive via the “new and improved” antigen test. But in Vermont that isn’t enough…

But in Vermont, positive antigen tests — a relatively new way of detecting an active COVID infection — require confirmation by another test: a polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, test, the gold-standard used by the government, hospitals, and professional sports teams. Of the 65 people who’d received those positive antigen tests, 48 would ultimately test negative via PCR. Liebig was one of them.
A community on edge was now a community confused.

Say that again. Out 65 people who tested positive with the antigen test, 48 tested negative with the better test. That is a 73.8 percent false positive rate. Only 26.2 percent of the people the first test said had the disease, actually seem to have had the disease.

If you read the fine print, the antigen test is still experimental, approved by the FDA under “emergency” measures for the pandemic

And not all states are as fastidious as Vermont. Rhode Island and Massachusetts accept the antigen test and publish the results.

No one is saying that people are lying, though the manufacturer of the test and equipment is in ass-covering mode. And I’m left with the feeling that people just want the data to be as “bad” as possible.

Quote of the Day

And a story of Mad Science. View From The Porch: Put that back where you found it. Right now..

So some scientists are examining ancient plague DNA… What could go wrong? (If someone says, “Hold my beer,” they should be shot immediately and repeatedly.) Anyway, on to Tam’s quote.

Jesus wept, is never having seen a single horror movie a prerequisite for this job?

Also… From “The 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries” we get…

14. “Mad Science” means never stopping to ask “what’s the worst thing that could happen?”

News Flash: Money Can’t Buy Happiness

I’m shocked to learn this. Actually, I’m only shocked at how insane the WaPo has become. For black men, higher education and incomes don’t lower risks of depression, researchers say. And where would we be without “studies?”

Some headlines are so stupid, you have to click on them, even if they do take you to the Washington Post.

I haven’t looked at the underlying studies, because I usually start screaming about something they’ve done with statistics, or an assumption they’ve made, and I don’t need the aggravation. But there are a couple of statements that require mockery.

“According to our studies, regardless of their economic success and personal ambitions, black males are still perceived as more threatening and dangerous than their female counterparts,” Assari and Curry write.

I would posit that it is true regardless of race. Men are more of a threat than women. The average man is larger and has more muscle-mass than the average woman. Averages don’t say anything about individuals, but we are talking about averages.

But then we get to one of the assumptions that the authors based this whole thing on. Or it could be a straw-man they wanted to light on fire…

Successful black men are not the only ones at risk, they said. But they challenge views that mere attainment can improve mental health outcomes for black men.

Who has that view? Godless Leftists? Community Organizers? Have they never heard that “Money can’t buy happiness?”

I actually think this is a problem with the entire culture. People are chasing ever more material wealth and don’t understand why they aren’t happy. There is an old book, that I read in my youth, Your Money or Your Life. And it covered what got us tied up in the rat race at an early age. You got your first apartment and moved out of your parents’ house. Life was good. You got a better sofa, a new TV and life was a little better than when you had the old sofa and TV from your parents’ house. And so you learned that more stuff made you happy, or at least a little happier. Fast forward 20 years and you are convinced that the kitchen will make you happy if the countertops are made from Italian granite. Not that you do much cooking, and not that you can really afford a $50,000 kitchen remodel, but the people on HGTV always look so happy when the work is done. Or something.

I don’t think this will be fixed for a couple of generations. The Left has mostly destroyed anyone’s ability to look beyond the material for meaning in life.

The Liberal State of California – Experimenting on Teenagers

I can’t say I am too shocked by this. Don’t progressives think the State should have the power to do anything? Boy, 16, was given estrogen for behavioral disorder while in L.A. juvenile hall, suit alleges. ODD or Oppositional defiant disorder is what they were “treating” him for.

So a teenager in Juvenile detention was prescribed estrogen by a doctor, and in accordance with basic physiology, he starts to grow breasts. A 16-year-old can’t give informed consent. No one talked to the parents because The State Knows Best. The State is All Powerful. The STATE of California, is insane.

“Estrogen is not a treatment for ODD. I can’t be more emphatic about that,” [James McGough, a professor of clinical psychiatry at UCLA] said. “You won’t find a reference anywhere that supports the use of estrogen for ODD.”

The lawsuit described the treatment as “experimental.” The doctor who prescribed the estrogen, Danny Wang, could not be reached for comment.

But hey. They are enlightened, and progressive in California. And the Bureaucrats are currently in the “cover their ass” mode. There is litigation, so we can’t talk about anything. Personnel matters are confidential. And more boilerplate in that direction.

Lies, Damn Lies, and COVID-19 Testing Statistics

Oops. Florida’s recent record day for COVID-19 might not have been quite that high.

Seems one or more of the labs used were returning 100% of test results as positive. Or nearly 100%.

Orlando Health, for example, reported 512 positive cases and just 10 negatives giving the appearance of a 98 percent positive test rate.

On Tuesday, they sent 10 Tampa Bay a chart showing there are several more test locations in the same healthcare group with varying positivity rates.

“We’re looking into this,“ they said in an emailed statement, “But that 98 percent positivity rate is incorrect. Our positivity rate is 9.4 percent as of July 12.”

9.4 percent of 512 would mean approximately 48 cases of COVID-19. Not 502 positive test results.

There’s no politics in medicine, is there? Surely no company would LIE. Would they? So. Are they liars, or incompetent fools who should never do another COVID-19 test?

How Did They Rank This List?

Because it seems some rankings are off to me. Texas doctors rank activities posing greatest risks for contracting coronavirus.

The Texas Medical Association ranked 37 activities on a scale of 1-10

“Walking in a busy downtown” is given a low-to-moderate risk score of 4. Really??! Given the way COVID-19 tore thru New York City, I would say that walking thru that “busy downtown” was something far north of 4. But hey, I’m not a Democrat.

And of course on of the High Risk activities, is “attending a religious service” while “flying by airplane – in a tightly enclosed space with recirculated air is only a moderately high risk activity. Now which are Democrats almost guaranteed not to do?

And I know there are various kinds of camping, but how does being out in the wilderness have any score above 0?

But these are doctors! There’s no politics in medicine! Or something.

Trust the Science, Except When It Isn’t Trustworthy

Facepalm X 2Because this looks more like the smear job than a serious science paper. A mysterious company’s coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling. The suspect company is known as Surgisphere.

So there was a paper published in The Lancet, that caused the halt of a bunch of of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 studies. Now that paper seems to be falling apart.

Today, The Lancet issued an Expression of Concern (EOC) saying “important scientific questions have been raised about data” in the paper and noting that “an independent audit of the provenance and validity of the data has been commissioned by the authors not affiliated with Surgisphere and is ongoing, with results expected very shortly.”

The New England Journal of Medicine had problems with other data from Sugisphere, and issued a similar EOC.

While the Science Magazine article deals with the science, The Guardian took a look at the company behind the data. That is an interesting read. Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company.

A search of publicly available material suggests several of Surgisphere’s employees have little or no data or scientific background. An employee listed as a science editor appears to be a science fiction author and fantasy artist whose professional profile suggests writing is her fulltime job. Another employee listed as a marketing executive is an adult model and events hostess, who also acts in videos for organisations.

This is the organization responsible for halting numerous random trials of hydroxychloroquine.

Media Bias? Anti-Trump Bias? General insanity? Why would you say that?

Hat tip to Clayton Cramer.

Better Living Through Chemistry

Trust the science? Only if it is trustworthy. Canadian study finds that enzymes in cannabis could treat COVID-19.

It is actually a fairly thin conclusion, but I love the fact that it has been screamed from the rooftops by the likes of Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the BBC.

It is funded by a company that is in the Cannabis industry. It’s like a study on smoking funded by a tobacco giant.

The researchers in Alberta, Canada, conducted a study using artificial 3D models of oral, airway and intestinal tissues coupled with a limited sample of high CBD Cannabis sativa extracts modulate ACE2 gene expression and ACE2 protein levels.

The study hasn’t been peer-reviewed, though that may be coming, it won’t be here any time soon.

I am so very tempted to include a video here. Either “She Blinded Me With Science” or “Weird Science.” I’ll let you decide.

Where Is This Crisis You Speak Of?

Because nothing says “we’re overworked,” like hospital employees with time to do stupid TikTok Videos. Locomotive Breath brings us Morning Coffee – ‘Virus war’: dance routines, empty beds and layoffs.

Yeah, NYC has been slammed. And nursing homes are fighting a valiant fight, but it sure looks like a lot of folks have time on their hands.

Courtesy of Locomotive Breath, a collection of some images, videos, and links to the insanity, as well as some actual news on the situation.

Early April: Washington State Returns Unused Army Hospital As COVID-19 Curve Flattens

“One problem was the plan for the Army hospital to take only patients without COVID-19, which was supposed to free up beds in civilian hospitals for those who did have the disease. But civilian hospitals in the Seattle area have canceled so many elective procedures that bed space is no longer an urgent problem.

It all needs to be reevaluated.

UN Warns of Disaster… in 2000, due to Global Warming

The article is from June of 1989. U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked. This was before Global Warming morphed into Climate Change.

A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

Coastal flooding and crop failures would create an exodus of ″eco- refugees,′ ′ threatening political chaos, said Noel Brown, director of the New York office of the U.N. Environment Program, or UNEP.

He said governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control.

So either, it is beyond our control, and we should just start the party while we wait, or the geniuses that run the Global Warming Climate Change scam should admit that they are not able to predict the future. (Hat tip to Intellectual Froglegs.)

Instant Karma

Maybe he shouldn’t pretend to speak for God. Islamic Scholar Says Coronavirus Is ‘Allah’s Punishment’, Ends Up Testing Positive For COVID-19.

They say, ‘What goes around, comes around’ and for this Islamic scholar things came back full circle in the most deadly ways possible.

Shia scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi made a ridiculous claim that the Coronavirus outbreak in nothing but ‘Allah’s punishment against China’.

Which no doubt explains why Iran has such an epidemic going on right now.

Anyway, the self-proclaimed spokesman for God has come down with COVID-19.

And be clear, I don’t think the old man should die; I just think he should STFU.

The Next Thing Socialists Will Want to Control – Who You Marry

Because marrying someone that you have something in common with is causing problems for the dream of everyone being exactly the same. High-income people in the US keep marrying each other, and it’s exacerbating inequality.

I would like to say that this is the most ridiculous thing I have read all year, but I’m not sure that’s true.

One characteristic that has become increasingly important to both men and women is level of education. A 2014 study on assortative matching published by the National Bureau of Economics Research (pdf) found that, in the 2000s, a man or woman who graduated from college was much more likely to be married to a person who also graduated from college than they were in the 1960s, even accounting for the country’s rising college attendance rates overall.

But the truly insane bit is this.

If high-income women married low-income men, the rise of two-income households wouldn’t have had much of an effect on inequality.

Like that was ever going to happen. And the only way it will really happen in a big way, is if the folks who want to control every aspect of your life, decide that this is another aspect you can’t be trusted with.

Richard Reeves and Joanna Venator of the Brookings Institution point out this may perpetuate inequality across generations. Children of parents with the highest incomes are much more likely to go on to make lots of money.

And that’s a bad thing, so they will find a way to stop it.

Doomsayers Running Out of Headspace

Because where would we be without SCIENCE? Sultan Knish: Fake Atomic Scientists Warn Not Believing the Media Will Destroy the World.

Every year, Rachel Bronson, President and CEO of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, who has a degree in political science from Columbia, gets up in front of a fake clock to announce that the world is doomed.

During the Cold War, The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists had some purpose. Maybe. Certainly in the early days it did. As time went by, it became more political and less sane.

This year, the Doomsday Clock had its hands set forward to 100 seconds to midnight. After setting the clock at 2 minutes to midnight in honor of President Trump two years ago, it’s all out of minutes.

Now it’s down to seconds. At this rate the fake clock will soon be down to negative numbers.

So aside from the fact that Donald Trump is still in office, how exactly is the world closer to doomsday than it was 2 years ago? Are we fighting more wars than under Obama? Are we blockading Cuba to keep Russian missiles at bay? Well, granted, the Russians did research and deploy some new missiles, but that isn’t new news, since they (probably) violated at least one treaty to start the research while Obama was in office. So why the urgency now? Could it be they sense the impending failure of impeachment? Who knows.

Oh, and this quote made me laugh out loud!

If you don’t believe Rachel, maybe you’ll listen to Jerry Brown, former California governor and executive chair of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Jerry is not an atomic scientist, but he did nuke California.

Don’t Clutter the Issue With Facts!

Because they are believing something. The Cult of Climate ‘Science’.

Glacier National Part put up signs about 10 years ago, that basically said the glaciers would be gone by 2020. Those signs are being changed.

Notice the slight hedge — “computer models indicate” — in the wording of the now-replaced sign.

Obfuscation? I’m sure they don’t know what that is.

These “models” must be objective, because machines can’t be biased, right? And yet these models were actually developed by human beings like Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann, who has made a habit of suing his critics in an effort to silence them.

“Computer models indicate” is one of those phrases like “according to scientists” which can be made to function as a form of argument from authority (argumentum ab auctoritate), a fallacy that anyone who has taken an introductory course in logic should recognize.

But no one on the Left will notice.

Vegan Parenting Kills

The insanity on the Left kills children. Florida vegan couple charged with murder after 18-month-old son dies of malnutrition: cops.

A Florida couple who told police they fed their children a vegan diet of only raw fruit and vegetables was charged with murder Wednesday months after their 18-month old son allegedly starved to death in their home.

He was 18 months old when he died, but he weighed as much as an average 7 month old. So that tells me that they also didn’t go to a doctor. Any bets on whether or not the kids were vaccinated?

Disgusting. (Hat tip to Political Hat.)

“A very steamy dog pile of science”

When people start to go on about “settled science” you should hang onto your wallet. When 98.9 Percent of Nutrition Scientist Got it Wrong.

Scientists are political creatures, just like the rest of humanity. Some of them have books to sell, others are trying to get grant approval. Shading the truth? Cherry picking of data? Color me shocked.

In 1953, Dr. Ancel Keys published the Seven Countries Studies. He collated data from seven countries whose population was known for their high consumption of dietary fats and a high incidence of heart disease and connected the two. Why he didn’t include data from all 22 countries in which data was collected is still not known. Some have speculated that it did not support his hypothesis. He had a book to sell. Only later, when data from all 22 countries were eventually tallied, little to no correlation was found between the consumption of dietary fat and coronary heart disease when a variety of other factors were considered.

Various other studies had similar twists in the data.

A Science Experiment Released on the Environment Has Issues

It turns out scientists aren’t as smart as they think they are. Mosquito Experiment Has a Surprise Outcome.

Things in the real-world are more complicated than the scientists dreamed. And bothering about “what all could go wrong” isn’t necessary, when you are convinced that you know everything about a situation. This is how you get the zombie apocalypse.

14. “Mad Science” means never stopping to ask “what’s the worst thing that could happen?”

That’s is from The 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries. I think it applies.

Instead of wiping [the mosquitoes] out, genetic engineering may have made them more ‘robust’

OK, can we put a moratorium on experiments that have a real potential to make everyone’s life worse?

The idea made sense on paper: Introduce male mosquitoes genetically engineered to be sterile into the bug population and watch the insect numbers drop. As New Atlas reports, that’s generally what happened in a Brazil experiment—but only for about 18 months. At that point, the numbers rebounded, say Yale researchers in a new study at Scientific Reports. But perhaps more troubling is this: Scientists say the modified genes are now showing up in the mosquito population, which was not supposed to happen. This is “very likely resulting in a more robust population than the pre-release population due to hybrid vigor.”

Super-mosquitoes. Great.

And when scientists tell you that they know exactly how things are going to work out in the real world, based only on their computations on paper, bring up the subject of Castle Bravo.

The explosive power of the Castle Bravo shot was 250 percent ABOVE expectations. In other words, instead of the 6 megaton explosion they expected, they got 15 megatons. The base – built to conduct nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands – was destroyed. The shot crew were trapped in their bunker by high radiation. Several islands – where no one was even supposed to know what was going on – had to be evacuated.

People died, and people got sick due to Castle Bravo. Because the world was not as neat and orderly as the mathematics implied it would be. Still up in the air as to what the long-term affects of the super-mosquitoes will be.

Original report from Yale on the mosquito disaster is at this link. Hat tip to Small Dead Animals.