Anti-vaccine Family Gets to Spend Vacation in Quarantine

And (maybe) they will be credited with starting an epidemic. French boy suspected of reintroducing measles to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica had been measles-free for 5 years.

An unvaccinated French child who went on holiday with his parents to Costa Rica is suspected of reintroducing measles to the Central American country.

The 5-year-old boy and his parents entered the country on February 18, Costa Rica’s Health Ministry said.

Authorities have quarantined the boy in a hospital and are searching for people he may have come into contact with since his arrival.

I’m sure they are happy they bought into the “vaccines are scary” narrative.

Measles vaccine prevented an estimated 21.1 million deaths worldwide from 2000 to 2017, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

It isn’t just France of course, all of Europe has seen a huge increase in the number of measles cases in 2018.


The WaPo: “It’s Global Warming!”

I almost didn’t link to them, because they get enough clicks based on this insanity. Pacific Gas and Electric is a company that was just bankrupted by climate change. It won’t be the last..

The fires are totally the cause of Global Warming. PG&E deferring maintenance on the transmission lines, not doing brush clearing around the lines, and environmentalists fighting EVERY attempt at forest management to try and remove at least SOME of the dead trees, had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fires.

The Sacramento Bee, on the other hand, manages to tell the truth about the situation, even while trying not to. ‘A statewide problem.’ How PG&E’s bankruptcy could soil California’s green-energy movement.

A year later, Williams is out, PG&E is bankrupt – and the utility is making noise about backing out of some of its commitments to use renewable energy. In a court filing Tuesday, PG&E told the bankruptcy judge it wants the authority to cancel some of its renewable-energy contracts – many of which force PG&E to buy power at above-market rates.

Since “deregulation” – right before the Enron disaster – to today, California energy markets have been micromanaged by the State. (Because legislators are SO competent to be in the power-engineering game.) And no, it wasn’t real deregulation, the state controlled what kinds of contracts the utility could sign. Which was only short-term contracts before Enron which left them open to price manipulation in a big way, and only long term contracts after Enron, which locked them into unusually high energy costs for several years. Today it is “green energy.” Because there is nothing the Socialists in California hate more than a free market, where individuals are free to do what they feel is best.

Now, however, the company has more contracts in place, as the California Legislature has dramatically ramped up the requirements on utilities to make use of renewable energy.

The state’s first “renewable portfolio standard” was signed into law by then-Gov. Gray Davis in 2002. The law required utilities to become 20 percent renewable by 2017.

A 2011 law established a 33 percent green-energy minimum by 2020 – the threshold that PG&E boasted about meeting three years early. And last September, former Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 100, requiring utilities to be 50 percent green by 2026, 60 percent by 2030 and 100 percent by 2045.

Yeah, that sounds TOTALLY like a deregulated energy market. Or maybe not. Any bets on how stable the California power grid will be in 2045? (Hint: Take a look at Australia.) For a review of California’s Camp Fire, see this link.

$140 Per Day Electricity Cost in Australia

Because renewables. Nearly a billion dollars for electricity for just one day — $500 per family. That $140 (Aus) is per capita, so if you live by yourself, you might pay more. And 1 Australian dollar is 72 cents US, at the current exchange rate.

For South Australians, Thursday’s electricity bill was $140 per person. (So each household of four just effectively lost $565.) In both these states those charges will presumably be paid in future price rises, shared unevenly between subsidized solar users and suffering non-solar hostages. The costs will be buried such that duped householders will not be aware of what happened. Coles and Woolworths will have to add a few cents to everything to cover their bills, and the government will have to cut services or increase taxes. No one will know how many jobs are not offered or opportunities lost. This is the road to Venezuela. [My emphasis, Z-Deb]

Which seems to be the road that all the Left wants to be on.

How did Australia (Victoria in particular) end up here? Well, let’s look at an article from Victoria’s Herald Sun: VICTORIANS SWEAT THROUGH A GREAT GREEN HOAX. The story starts out with reiterating the usual Green mantra:

Lily D’Ambrosio, Victoria’s warmist Minister for Energy, in 2017 claimed Labor was helping to “deliver affordable, sustainable and renewable energy”.

Turns out, it is none of those things.

Affordable? Victoria actually had wholesale power prices hit $14,500 per megawatt hour – when prices used to average less than $40.

Sustainable? Wind power generators on Thursday delivered a feeble 3.8 per cent of the state’s power, thanks to fickle winds. They could not deliver when needed most.

Reliable? Victoria – which helped drive the giant Hazelwood coal-fired generator out of business – ran short of electricity in the heat wave, and suffered blackouts that hit 200,000 homes and premises, even after it ordered big power users like the Portland smelter to shut down.

And just for perspective, consider that people with health problems can be really impacted by blackouts. Oxygen concentrators stop working, and people have to switch to backup tanks. Which means a caregiver had better be present, and someone needs to be managing the backup supply – if blackouts are frequent occurrence. Even a lack of air-conditioning can be hard on the infirm. Insulin has been made shelf-stable, so the loss of refrigeration doesn’t impact diabetics the way it used to, but there are probably some medicines that need to be temperature controlled. (Should we talk about the use of diesel generators?)

The green contingent often downplay the economic realities, but a 36,000 percent increase in the wholesale cost of power, means you have just destroyed your economy. No one voted for that. Could you afford a $3000/month electric bill? Evey month? Most people can’t. Those who can, probably have to means to move elsewhere.

Why does Victoria, sitting on hundreds of years of supply of coal and big gas reserves, have an electricity system that can no longer deliver enough electricity?

In a word, Renewables. (Hat tip to Ice Age Now, and Pirate’s Cove.)

Forensic “Science”

JusticeIt is often more like forensic “old wives tales.” ‘I’ll always have a scarlet letter’: Mom cleared after being wrongly convicted of stabbing her son, 10, to death due to bad science says she is still shunned and feels ‘separated from society’ 20 years on.

This “science” is known as “bloodstain-analysis.”

In 2002 she was convicted of first-degree murder, largely based on the testimony of two bloodstain-pattern analysts.

However, she was exonerated in 2006 and acquitted at a retrial thanks to the work of a legal team from the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law in Chicago.

This was after a serial-killer confessed to the crime, and described it in terms that she had always used.

She can’t get a job, because her conviction still shows up in searches.

There were people convicted – and probably still in prison – base on “fire science” that was not in the least bit scientific. At least one was put to death. Because The Criminal Justice System, is often criminal, is not the least interested in Justice, and above all is a system, that rewards it players based on a win/lose percentage, that has nothing whatsoever to do with Justice.

“Folks at NASA need to get out more”

This reminds me of a quote from the movie Species, but there are enough movie references at this link: NASA wants an all female crew to Mars to prevent sex happening during the trip?.

What makes NASA think an all female space crew might not end up being a mini version of the LPGA, women’s softball, or women’s soccer? Will NASA screen against that (how do you think that will fly with certain SJWs)?

NASA lost most people’s imagination when they concentrated on the Space Truck Shuttle.

Click thru for various stuff along the lines of Lesbian Vampires from Outer Space, Lesbians in Space and other bits of classic cinema.

“Mad Science” means never stopping to ask “what’s the worst thing that could happen?” ‡

Yeah, this won’t end badly. Japan set to allow gene editing in human embryos.

But if adopted, the guidelines would restrict the manipulation of human embryos for reproduction, although this would not be legally binding.

Bharaputra Labs comes to mind right away. It also brings up a host of other SciFi books and movies.

‡ The title of this post comes from The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries, from Schlock Mercenary. (It was originally “The Seven Rules…” but it turns out the people at Franklin/Covey have no sense of humor.)

So Who Wins in the Battle Between a White Liberal and a Native American Tribe?

My guess: the media is going to back the white liberal to the hilt. But I think the public won’t be fooled. ‘Inappropriate and wrong’: Cherokee Nation official throws cold water on Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test of Native American heritage.

Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. called the test cited by Warren’s report “useless” in determining tribal citizenship and alleged she was “undermining tribal interests” with her “continued claims of tribal heritage.”

“A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person’s ancestors were indigenous to North or South America,” Hoskin said in a statement.

A quick survey of Bing News (11:45 PM on the 15th) shows that while a local ABC affiliate in Arizona picked up the tribal statement, the big media outlets are still trumpeting her “DNA test” results. Will check again in the AM at some point.

Just like the media is vilifying Kanye West, just like they attacked Dr Rice, when she became Secretary of State, under GW Bush, they will treat any minority with disdain, if that minority dares to question the Democratic position on anything. And the current position is that Elizabeth Warren has a Native American Heritage – regardless of the the DNA or the Native Americans say.