How Much Does the Left HATE Self-defense?

JusticeEven though everything – including profanity and threats – is on security video, they hate it. Is it legal to shoot an intruder? Here are the laws in Maryland, Virginia and DC.

The self-defense laws for Maryland, Virginia and D.C. vary, but each jurisdiction has some type of law in place that addresses when it’s deemed legally justified to use a firearm in self-defense.

Both Maryland and Virginia follow what’s called a castle doctrine, which allows homeowners to use deadly force to protect themselves, their home and their family. However, the use of deadly force must be considered reasonable.

So if someone is threatening you, on video, are you reasonably able to construe that they mean you harm? In Maryland the answer is apparently, “Yes.” The Left hates that. You are supposed to rely on the State for everything, even those things they can demonstrably not supply, like your personal safety in the face of an attack. The linked article isn’t the only story on this topic. Because The Left. Hates. Self-defense. (There are better articles on this than the one I linked, but the one article I really like has a video I cannot shut down. And I won’t inflict that hell on you.)

For my take on the original incident see the post at this link.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Iowa Gets “Stand Your Ground” and More

More 2nd Amendment rights are recognized in Iowa. Branstad hails Iowa’s new ‘significant…pro-Second Amendment’ law (AUDIO)

The new law’s “stand your ground” provisions will shield Iowans from lawsuits or criminal charges if they shoot to defend life or property, not just in their own homes, but anywhere they are legally permitted to be. That part of the bill takes effect July 1.

People from any state with a permit to carry a concealed weapon will be able to take it into the state capitol after July 1st, too.

There are more provisions.

Congratulations to the folks in Iowa and the legislature who worked to make these changes.

So What Would You Do If Your Home Was Invaded?

He woke up hearing his 14 year old son screaming. Grabbed a gun, and went to confront the two miscreants who had invaded his home. Father of 2 Shoots, Kills Home Intruder | NBC 10 Philadelphia.

When police arrived, they found one of the men on the back roof dead. The other intruder got away and was spotted on surveillance video fleeing on foot towards 5th Street.

The victim runs a jewelry store on the first floor, and lives above it. He will not be charged thanks to Pennsylvania’s version of the Castle Doctrine.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Break Into Homes, and You Will Eventually Find an Armed Homeowner

Even if the home appears to be vacant. DEADLY SHOOTING: POLICE: ‘Homeowner stood his ground’ – Local News.

The unidentified homeowner and another man were in the home Tuesday night checking the property when a third man allegedly broke into the home.

The homeowner shot the intruder once in the abdominal area. The man was later pronounced dead at the scene when medics arrived on scene.

No charges are likely, as Alabama does have the strong version of the Castle Doctrine.

Alabama does have a “Castle Law” that allows homeowners to protect their property in certain instances. Former Gov. Bob Riley signed the law in 2006 giving citizens the choice to defend themselves and their families in the face of attack without the fear of criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

Why We Need the Castle Doctrine

Because people do get taken to court for defending themselves. Burglar sues Calif. homeowner, 90, who returned fire – Crimesider – CBS News.

(CBS) GREENBRAE, Calif. – A Northern California homeowner who police say survived being shot in the jaw during a burglary is now getting a “punch in the gut”: The burglary suspect is suing him for returning fire.

The Marin Independent Journal reported the suspect alleges that Jay Leone, who is 90-years-old, negligently shot the intruder.

Stupid Criminals

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Apparently he broke into the home on Thursday. He unlocked a window, convinced no one would notice. He was wrong. Elyria: Home invader shot, killed by homeowner |

Linda Dillon told police their family’s home had been broken into on Thursday and that a TV was stolen. “We knew he was coming back because he unlocked my window and we noticed it was unlocked,” she said on the 911 call

When he broke in this time, he lunged at the homeowner, Jack Dillon, and Dillon shot him. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

If you break into homes, you will eventually run into an armed homeowner. The results should surprise no one.

Ohio law gives a homeowner the right to defend his life and property when someone has broken into his home.