Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSHe thought robbery was a good career choice. Suspected robber fatally shot at Wash Pointe Car Wash in Roseville.

Police say a 30-year-old man was at the car wash and was approached by two male suspects who revealed a handgun and attempted to rob the car wash patron.

The car wash patron was armed and police said he “exchanged gunfire with one of the alleged robbers.” During the shooting, one of the robbers — now identified as a 16-year-old boy from Detroit — was shot and later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Cops arrested the victim of the robbery, but later released him. Everything will be reviewed by the DA.

Self-defense is a human-right.


Bad Guy With a Gun Stopped By Good Guy With a Gun

That thing the Left says never happens… Legally armed driver shoots, kills gunman to stop fatal shooting spree in Indiana.

The would-be bad guy attacked 2 cemetery workers, and chased one into an intersection, shooting him. A bullet entered the vehicle of what the cops are calling a Good Samaritan.

That man stepped out of the car, returned fire with a legal weapon and fatally struck Hayes.

“This tragic event could have been much more disastrous,” Brownsburg Police Capt. Jennifer Barrett told WISH. “Victim three not only saved victim two’s life, but he saved potentially the lives of many others. Victim three did exactly what anybody would have wanted him to do at that scene that day.”

I suppose the position of the Left is that he should have called 911, been disarmed, and perhaps shot and killed, and the 2nd worker, who survived should also have been killed waiting for cops to arrive.

Self-defense is a human-right. (Hat tip to MaddMedic.)

Concealed Carry in The Windy City

It seems to be catching on. Chicago shooting: Gunman critically wounded after shootout with concealed-carry holder in Little Village.

I noticed the stats over at HeyJackass! include instances of self-defense shootings in every month this year, so I decided I should dig into it a bit….

A 24-year-old man was in a yard in the 2400-block of South Kedvale Avenue at about 9:17 p.m. when police said a 23-year-old man approached from the sidewalk and began firing shots.

The 24-year-old man, who is a licensed concealed-carry holder, fired shots In return, hitting the other man several times.

The would-be bad-guy fled, but then was taken to a local hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right, and it just might be catching on in The People’s Republic of Illinois. Here’s a link to HeyJackass! and self-defense stats.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

And the reporters still have trouble sorting the victims from the criminals. Police: Robbery suspect shot, killed by intended victim.

Reporters insist on calling the dead-guy a “victim,” despite the fact that cops say he was shot in justifiable self-defense.

Investigators said the intended robbery victim shot Cobb in an act of self-defense.

Police said the other suspects are being questioned by police and are facing possible charges.

They are not saying how many “others” are being questioned.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Good Guy With a Gun, Stops Bad Guy With a Gun

The Left will blame the inanimate object, the crazy guy doing the shooting. Heroic security guard shot saving family from gunman at NY transport hub.

Jahtheel Selmon, 29, had just started his early Sunday morning security shift at the William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center in Syracuse, New York, when 31-year-old Andrew Booker started acting irritated after mechanical issues on a bus halted his trip.

Yeah, that make sense. Not.

Mr. Selmon was shot twice, but was still able to stop the guy with his concealed carry weapon.

Police showed up and took the guy into custody.

Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitpatrick called Selmon a “legitimate hero.”

He is recovering from his injuries in a local hospital.

Concealed Carry on the Rise

Reporter gets his knickers in a twist. Concealed weapons permits flourish in PBC suburbs.

Still if you can get past the tone, there are some good stats. For Florida anyway.

One out of every 11 adults in Palm Beach County has a license to carry a concealed weapon, state data shows. The average permit-holder is an older white man living in a neighborhood outside the county’s urban core that knows little violent crime.

And of course, being a good Leftist, he has to make it all about race. I don’t know what the demographics of Palm Beech County are, and he doesn’t see fit to include that information.

After grudgingly noting that Concealed Carry is surging nationwide, there are some stats.

The state reached a landmark of sorts in May 2019 when it issued license No. 2 million, according to a state Department of Agriculture spokesman.

The number increases by more than 17,000 every month statewide, state figures show.

So if guns make everyone less safe, is Florida less safe than it was in the late 1980s when they had restrictive concealed carry laws? I think if you look at those statistics you will find that the late 1980s and early 1990s was the most dangerous time in Florida. Not that a reporter is going to look at THOSE statistics.

Concealed Carry Stops Shooting Rampage

crime scene tapeThat thing the Left says never happens, just happened. Concealed carry permit holder fatally shoots armed woman outside north Tulsa shopping center.

A would-be bad-guy with a gun, stopped by a good-guy with a gun.

Video reportedly showed the woman was involved in an earlier altercation in the parking lot. The woman left the shopping center and returned about three minutes later, when she pulled a gun and opened fire, according to the news release.

The concealed carry permit holder reportedly returned fire.

Don’t expect this shooting to be all over the news, because the narrative hasn’t been served.

Hat tip to Bearing Arms and The Daley Gator, who notes…

The Cult of Gun Control will be heart broken, their poor, poor false narrative.

Concealed Carry Stops Ambush

crime scene tapeThis incident happened a few days back, but there were almost no details provided. ‘It was instinct’; Homeowners speak following double fatal shooting in Greene County.

A couple coming home from grocery shopping stop at the street/gate to get an Amazon package and the US mail. They are ambushed by the ex-wife, and the ex-wife’s new husband. (Not in that order.) Two gunfights – in sequence break out.

“All of a sudden, hell began,” he said. “All I really remember was a 6’4”-6’5” man that was probably 230 pounds with a full camo mask and hoodie ran to my wife’s driver’s side with a gun and held it about ten inches from her head.”

He drew his legally-carried weapon and they traded gunfire. Then the ex-wife drives up and gets in on the action.

Around the same time, Lindsey’s ex-wife, 59-year-old Cheryl Sanders, pulled up to the scene and started toward Molly, threatening to kill her. More gunfire ensued, and Cheryl was killed.

There was a history of animosity. Several attempts at blackmail, and 5 years ago the husband, Lindsey Duncan, reached out to police saying he had reason to believe that his ex-wife had tried to hire a hit-man.

The investigation is ongoing, but it is going to be hard for a prosecutor to say that he did something wrong.

Self-defense is a Human Right. Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0.

Kimberly Corban – Survivor

Kimberly Corban wants people to know that you can transform yourself from a victim to a survivor, because she did it. She also wants people to stop appropriating her story for fundraising.

Under a cover of darkness, he stalked and broke in to his college victim’s apartment in the early morning hours of May 12th, 2006. When he came upon the 20-year-old woman asleep in her bed, he covered her face and attacked.

But he never imagined he had just awakened a survivor…

Threatening the perpetual-victim state celebrated by the Left, has not made Ms. Corban popular with the Left. (See the link at the bottom.) But then her refusing to march in lockstep with the Right has has a similar effect on people over there, and she’s had problems with them as well.

This is Kimberly Corban’s TEDx Talk. TEDxMileHigh Reset, which as near as I can figure was in December of 2018. (There was also one in 2019, but this video predates that conference.) It is interesting because the audience has no reaction to some of the stuff she is saying. But then she’s an NRA advocate, (or she was) and TED tends to trend to the Left. (Understatement? Perhaps a bit.) But she does manage to get them to see some middle ground.

The best quote: “I’m fiscally conservative, and socially awkward.”

I don’t know if YouTube will complain about privacy with this video the way they go on with music videos, but the link is provided above just in case.

Hat tip to an old post from The Organic Prepper: the Left’s displeasure with Ms. Corban is courtesy of Chris Cuomo. This has been floating around in my drafts folder for quite some time.

Concealed Carry Stops Robbery

And color me skeptical, that a 22-year-old is a homeowner. Police: Homeowner shoots armed robber in Warren.

A 22-year-old resident was returning home from a concert when he was approached by another man armed with a handgun. Police say the suspect announced a holdup.

The resident, a CPL holder, pulled out his own pistol and shot the would-be bandit twice

But I suppose it’s better to say homeowner than general armed citizen out for a stroll to the people who hate guns.

Even in the People’s Republic of Chicago

crime scene tapeSelf-defense works. 2 dead, 2 wounded in shootout in the East Side neighborhood.

“East Side” is a recognized neighborhood in Chicago. (One of 77 neighborhoods.) It is 13 miles south of the Loop, and borders Indiana.

3 guys were standing on the street when a car pulls up and 2 gunmen jump out and open fire.

The 27-year-old man, who is a valid concealed carry license holder, pulled out his own weapon and returned fire, fatally striking one of the shooters, 17-year-old Michael E. Portis, police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office said. Portis, who lived in South Shore, was dead at the scene.

One of the 3 was also killed. The other 2 were taken to a local hospital, and are expected to be OK. The investigation continues.

Hat tip to Second City Cop – Everyone getting in on the action it seems.

The Left Really Hates Self-defense

They hate self-defense in general, and Stand Your Ground in particular. Deadly shooting of armed robber at gas station brings attention to NC Stand Your Ground law.

NBC Charlotte has learned both teenagers were arrested on the same day and the same charge last month. On Friday afternoon, Harris was scheduled to be back in court on charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon, attempted robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery and the other is dead.

The Left and the media (but I repeat myself) is bent out of shape because a concealed carry license holder intervened when these two would-be miscreants tried armed-robbery against a store clerk.

“The patron perceived an imminent deadly threat,” said CMPD Sergeant Brian Scharf, adding, “everyone has to make their own decision whether their life is in danger or not.”

Self-defense is a human-right.

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

And people say Concealed Carry can’t possibly work. ‘Hero’ customer, a licensed gun owner, shoots 2 robbery suspects at 7-Eleven: reports.

A customer at a 7-Eleven store in Virginia shot two suspects who were allegedly trying to rob the business early Thursday morning, police said, according to reports.

Other customers in the store called him a hero.

Police believe the same suspects may be linked to three other 7-Eleven robberies that occurred overnight, WTKR reported.

So legal concealed carry put a stop to a crime spree.

A third person, outside of the store, was arrested in connection with the crime.

Liberal Democrat From Chicago Encouraging Concealed Carry

Surely it is a sign of End Times. Or maybe not. Chicago Lawmaker Encouraging Concealed Carry.

Bullets from one of the many weekend shootings in the city were lodged in State Rep. La Shawn Ford’s (D-Chicago) car.

“I think about it all the time,” Ford said of the shootings that plague his community. “That’s why I’m working with a concealed carry instructor and we’re going to go through the neighborhood and we’re going to encourage people to get their concealed carry license because it makes no sense for people not to have the protections that they need.”

Hat tip to Dean at Gun Watch, who notes.

Illinois was dragged into recognizing the right to arms by federal courts. It was Otis McDonald, a Chicago resident, in the seminal McDonald v. City of Chicago, that incorporated the Second Amendment as applying against state and local governments, as well as the federal government. Otis McDonald was an black resident of Chicago.

When the law controlling Concealed Carry was passed in Illinois, after McDonald v. City of Chicago, State Rep Ford voted “Present.” So people can change their minds.

A Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Concealed carry is legal in Ohio. The bad guys apparently haven’t gotten that memo. Teen was shot by the victim he was robbing. Now his partner has been charged with murder.

Around 5 a.m. Saturday, investigators say two 15-year-old boys tried to rob an unidentified victim in the 3600 block of Reading Road.

The victim fired at the teens, striking 15-year-old Jordan Lara. He was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

The actual shooter, the victim of the robbery, is not facing any charges. However, the surviving teen is.

The lawyers call it all kinds of things, but those of us who aren’t lawyers usually call it Felony Murder. (Whatever you call it, the Left HATES it.) If you are committing a crime, you are responsible for all of the bad things that can result from that crime. And trying to rob someone can result in a self-defense shooting. Holding people responsible for the foreseeable outcomes of their actions? I know, it is such a 20th Century concept.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Self-defense in The People’s Republic of Chicago

I know this is late. I probably need to update my news feeds. Concealed carry holder kills man with gun.

A concealed-carry holder shot and killed someone who approached him with a gun May 27 in Little Village on the Southwest Side.

He shot the guy in the head, and it took him 3 days to die.

Self-defense is a human-right, and even in Chicago, it might be your legal right. (Though when this article was published, the investigation was still underway.)

Even in The People’s Republic of Chicago, Self-defense Works

Don’t expect the Gun-hating Left to admit that. Concealed carry holder shoots back, wounds 2 gunmen in Chicago.

Two guys walk up to a car and start shooting. They hit an innocent bystander first.

The license holder was seated in a vehicle about 2:15 p.m. when at least two men came up and started shooting, Chicago police said.

The gunfire hit a 22-year-old man standing outside the man’s car in the 6200 block of South Justine, police said. The concealed carry holder stepped out of the vehicle, took out his own weapon and shot two men.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who says…

these CCL people ought to be getting Special Junior Police Badges and a coupon for ammo and range hours:

A Victory for Gun Owners in the PA Supreme Court

JusticePeople are calling this “major,” but however you slice it, it is a win. MONUMENTAL Decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding whether the Open or Conceal Carrying of a Firearm is Reasonable Suspicion of a Crime.

Cops can no longer stop someone just because they are open carrying or concealing a weapon. Both activities are legal, and absent some other specific reason to believe a law is being broken, they can’t harass people.

The Court then went on to agree with the primary argument that I made in the Amicus Brief that just as the police cannot stop an individual who is driving to see if he/she is licensed, police cannot stop an individual with a firearm (without more) to see if he/she is licensed to carry.

That’s my favorite bit of the argument, because it is the most common-sense.

So, one step forward in Pennsylvania. Hat tip to PA Gun Blog, and From the Barrel of a Gun.

Self-defense Is Legal in Ohio

JusticeAnd concealed carry works. Gunman cleared in fatal Canton gas station shooting.

Attorney Jeff Jakmides said his client acted in self-defense when he was attacked and punched by a man in the BP parking lot on Tuscarawas Street W near the Interstate 77 exit ramp. The man killed also wielded a knife that was later found at the scene by police, Jakmides said.

“He was in lawful possession of his sidearm,” Jakmides said of his client. “He has a concealed carry permit.”

Jay H. Schweitzer, 31, of Canton, died following the shooting on Oct. 6.

There were recently changes in Ohio law to dial back the often over-zealous prosecutors – who hate self-defense.

Texas Passes Carry Bill In the Event of a Disaster

The Left is not pleased. Texas Passes Bill to Let People Open Carry Firearms in the Wake of Natural Disasters.

hen society’s infrastructure has broken down, there’s nothing like a firearm to make sure people stay in line. An armed society is a polite society and all that good stuff.

The Left (and the Progressive Right) are not happy of course.