Concealed Carry Stops Armed Robbery

This is the story the Left says never happens. Customer fatally shoots would-be robber in Gary | WGN-TV

Two men approached an employee at a used car lot in the 400 block of W. Ridge Rd in Gary. They pulled out a gun and tried to rob him this Wednesday afternoon.

But a customer at the lot pulled out his own gun and shot and killed one suspect in self defense.

The 2nd guy ran like a rabbit and police are still looking for him.


CNN Says Women Can’t Carry Concealed

CNN analyst claims women can’t carry concealed because of wardrobe. CNN ‘Analyst’ Says Women Can’t Carry Guns Because of Their Wardrobe Choices

On Saturday, CNN’s Senior Law Enforcement Analyst (because they obviously know so much about women’s fashion and concealed carry options) Tom Fuentes made a bold statement, declaring female teachers and faculty can’t possibly carry concealed in schools due to their fashion choices…

Anyway, Jenn Jacques has the original story and her very apt demolition of his position. Just go read it.

UPDATE: Kathy Jackson of the Cornered Cat weighs in on the topic.

Another Update: A Girl and a Gun shooting league also have a few choice words on the subject.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Concealed Carry puts a stop to an attempted carjacking. Carjacker shot, killed by concealed carry holder in Milwaukee.

An armed 21-year-old tries to carjack a 24-year-old heading to work Monday morning.

The 24-year-old had a valid concealed carry license and fatally shot the man, said Ald. Cavalier Johnson, who called a news conference late Monday about the shooting.

Cops are looking for a separate vehicle that might have been involved.

The city of Milwaukee doesn’t like concealed carry and is trying to restrict it on several fronts, because resisting a violent criminal is bad. Or something. That is probably one of the reasons that an alderman is giving an interview about an on-going police investigation. Part of what he wants to do is convince violent criminals to not be violent criminals. I think self-defense does a better job of that.

Self-defense is a human-right.

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He thought he would take a shot at a guy. It isn’t clear why. Concealed handgun owner killed man in self-defense, Austin police say |

Austin Police Department homicide investigators say it appears a verbal altercation that turned into a shootout began when a man pulled into the Arbors of Austin Apartments parking lot. Jimenez and some other men were allegedly sitting inside a car and began yelling at the driver, who ignored them as he pulled into a parking space. Jimenez and the others drove up as the man got out of his car, and Jimenez and someone else got out.

Jimenez got out of the car and opened fire. But the guy he was shooting at had a weapon of his own – legally carried. (This is Texas, after all.)

The Travis County Medical Examiner says Jimenez’ cause of death is a gunshot wound. The Travis County District Attorney is reviewing the case, but so far it appears to be self-defense.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. Self-defense is a human-right.

Liberal Gets Mugged (Literally). Becomes Conservative

At least on the subject of guns, that is. DC political comedian robbed at gunpoint changes stance on guns |

This is a fairly typical story. Tim Young was walking in Washington DC. He was relieved of his valuables by two miscreants, at least one of whom had a weapon, which he pointed at our one-time-liberal’s head.

Young was shocked when a group of people nearby (probably also unarmed, like our earnest former-liberal) refused to confront two armed criminals. What exactly would they be in a position to do, aside from act as targets in a shooting gallery? (Singing Kumbaya probably wasn’t going to have the desired effect.)

So know, after a clue-bat to the side of the head, he has changed his opinion about guns.

Young, who grew up in Southwest Baltimore, said he’s been in some bad places in his life and nothing happened to him then. He assumed things would continue to go that way.

He thought he didn’t live in The Real World™ because he had never come face-to-face with the violence, and just assumed it would always be that way. No longer.

“When you’re in an instance where there’s a gun is pointed at you and your life is being threatened for your property and no one’s going to help—and now I know that no one’s going to help—I want to feel more secure. I want to feel safe, and I have something to defend myself with,” he said.

As for the argument that as long as you give the bad-guys what they want, you will be safe, that can easily be demolished by example. Just see my post-category of Cooperate with Criminals for a listing of times that didn’t work out so well. Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing. Cooperating is a strategy. Being armed for your self-defense is a strategy. Neither are guarantees. (“There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.”)

Self-defense Is Legal in Oregon

JusticeBut then I thought it was. U-Haul employee justified in shooting would-be robber, grand jury determines |

Detectives learned Porter went into the business and demanded money while wielding a handgun, Portland police said in a news release. Pfau shot him multiple times during the incident, police said, and another employee called 911

The Grand Jury was considering a shooting that took place on January 3rd of this year, when they decided not indict Tyson B. Pfau. Mr. Pfau is a Concealed Carry Licensee, but I’m 100% sure that is germane to this shooting. But it is one more point in his favor.

Self-defense is a human-right. And in Oregon it is your legal right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Concealed Carry Convinces a Criminal to Leave

Chicago Loop McDonald’s had a bit of excitement. One in custody after shot fired at Loop McDonald’s – Chicago Tribune

So a guy was asked to leave a Loop McDonald’s. He didn’t want to.

The two got into a struggle, during which the 35-year-old dropped a canister of pepper spray and the other man picked it up, police said. The concealed carry holder fired one shot at the other man, but no one was hit, according to police.

Cops caught up with the guy a bit later and arrested him. Charges are pending, but they don’t say for what.

No one got shot. (Though not for trying – there are no public ranges in Chicago so traveling to the burbs is required.) But the bad guy stopped being a problem and was arrested for being a problem. I count that as Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.