Cooperation With Criminals is a Strategy, Not a Guarantee

The folks who don’t like legal self-defense, usually say something like, “Just give them what the want, and you will be OK.” Of course that isn’t true. Friend testifies against teen accused of shooting, killing beloved store clerk |

Surveillance footage captures a man walking into the store with a handgun. Even after Tahir handed over $200 in cash, police say the man shot Tahir in the back.

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent just because you are singing Kumbaya. (And they never – conveniently – talk about rapists when they say things like “give them what they want.”)

There are no guarantees in the life, save for death, and next winter’s snow. But reacting to violence with meekness is not a very good idea, as far as I am concerned.

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s gonna want a glass of milk.

I Thought “Giving Them What They Want” Was the Way to Stay Safe from Criminals

This guy didn’t get that memo, because he got what he wanted. It didn’t help. Family calls for Chesterfield motel clerk killer to come forward |

Colyer was killed after a gunman entered the business, displayed a handgun, and demanded money, police said.

He got the money, but then shot Colyer even though motel manager Jay Patel said surveillance video inside the office showed Colyer never put up a fight.

Cooperating with criminals is a strategy for staying safe. I think there are better strategies, but no strategies, but no strategy is perfect. I prefer self-defense, because I believe it is a better strategy.

A gun may not have saved this man – who was working and trying to provide for his wife and child – but the Left’s party line of cooperation did not work. Violent criminals do not stop being violent because you are acting meek.

I thought cooperating with criminals was the way to stay safe

I guess this guy didn’t get that memo. Convenience store clerk shot during South Side robbery | KABB

One of the robbers stood at the door and told other customers inside the store to get out.

After getting some cash from the clerk, the second thief shot the clerk in the side.

Cooperating with criminals is not a guarantee of safety, it is a strategy for dealing with a violent confrontation. To my mind, it is not a very effective strategy. Violent criminals do not stop being violent based on any action you take or do not take. They remain violent criminals.

Better strategies are available.

Cooperating With Criminals Does NOT Guarantee Safety

“Just give them what they want.” We are told by the Left, this will keep us safe from criminals. (Never much talk about rape, when they mention this.) But it is a lie. Midwest City store clerk killed during armed robbery. Cooperation is a strategy for dealing with a violent encounter. It is not a guarantee.

[Police Chief Brandon] Clabes says a man walked into the store and made a small purchase, then waited until a customer outside finished pumping gas and left before pulling a handgun and demanding money.

Clabes says Tahir opened the cash drawer and the man took the money, then shot a video surveillance monitor, then shot Tahir before leaving the store and walking south.

Violent criminals remain violent criminals no matter what you do. A gun may not have saved this individual (there are no guarantees in this life aside from death and next winter’s snows), but cooperation came up short.

The Left Says Cooperation with Criminals Is the Way to Be Safe

These guys didn’t get that memo. Clerk shot in leg during Fayetteville gas station robbery ::

They pointed guns at the clerk and got an unspecified amount of cash. (And a sword that was near the register.) The clerk did what they asked. But that didn’t guarantee safety.

As the suspects were fleeing the store, one of the men fired a shot that grazed the clerk in the leg. The clerk was not seriously injured, police said.

We are supposed to give criminals what they want to be safe. (They are not talking about rape when they say this, are they?) But the truth is that is a strategy for dealing with crime. Not a particularly good strategy if you ask me. (If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s gonna want a glass of milk.)

The truth is no strategy is perfect, but some are certainly better than others. Cooperating with criminals just encourages criminal behavior. And violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because you are doing what they want.

I Thought Cooperating With Criminals Was the Way to Stay Safe

Gun grabbers routinely tell people, “just give the crooks what they want” and things will work out. (They don’t say that about rapists and other sex offenders, or do they?) Anyway, this guy apparently didn’t get that memo. Police seek suspects who robbed convenience store, fired shot at clerk

Police were told that one of the suspects pointed a black semi-automatic pistol at the clerk. As the suspects left with an undisclosed amount of money, one of the suspects reportedly fired a shot at the clerk.

They asked for money. They were given what they wanted. They still opened fire on the way out of the store.

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because you are singing Kumbaya. They remain violent criminals. In this case, the bad guys didn’t hit anyone, but that is only by luck.

Calling 911. Being armed for your own self-defense. Cooperating with what the bad guys want in hope of avoiding a confrontation. These are strategies. Not all strategies are equal, and no strategy will work every time. There are no guarantees in this life, except death and next winter’s snow. Some strategies are clearly better than others. Hope is a wonderful thing, but I wouldn’t call it a strategy.

Cooperate With Criminals: That is What We Are Told By the Left. (Doesn’t Always Work)

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because you are cooperative. Mayor, police pledge more officers near Busch Stadium after shooting : News

Christopher Sanna had parked at the Old Cathedral parking lot and was walking to his car. According to police, two men in a dark-colored sedan drove up to Sanna and his girlfriend. The driver got out with a gun and demanded their belongings. The woman gave the gunman her purse, and the couple turned to run away. That’s when the gunman fired several shots in their direction, hitting Sanna in the back.

It isn’t the only case of a shooting that occurred AFTER the victims gave the robbers what they wanted.

Cooperating with criminals is a strategy. The thinking goes, “If you give them what they want, they will leave you alone.” That it is wrong is proven by this tragedy. (They never bring up the subject of rape under this “cooperate” idea…)

To my way of thinking there are better ways to deal with violence.

Of course given that they were just leaving a major sporting event at huge arena, they were probably disarmed “for their own good” by the authorities. (Can’t have weapons at sporting events!) So of course, that makes the surrounding area a “Gun Free Zone” or more accurately, a defenseless-victim zone. (The bad guys were not disarmed somehow.)

A gun may not have saved this guy; there are no guarantees in this life save death and next winter’s snows. But handing over property and then running away was also not a wining strategy. (hat tip: John Lott)