Cooperation Didn’t Stop This Guy From Trying to Shoot Clerk

The clerk was doing what he was asked to do, but the bad guy tried to shoot him anyway. Trigger sticks during armed robbery of Royal Farms.

As the suspect ordered the five patrons down on the floor, police said he struck one of them in the head with the handgun. He then pointed the gun directly at the clerk and demanded money from the store’s register.

DSP indicated that, while the employee was gathering the money, the suspect became agitated and pulled the handgun’s trigger. The weapon did not fire and, after eventually receiving an undisclosed amount of cash from the clerk, fled from the same set of doors in which he entered the store.

So this clerk wasn’t saved by cooperation; he was saved because of poor maintenance, or bad ammo, or blind luck. But not because he was doing what he was asked to do.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of any action on your part. You can cooperate. That’s a strategy. I think this incident indicates that it isn’t a very good strategy, but it may be your only option. Still, given that stuff like this happens on a regular basis – and often without the “luck” of a malfunctioning firearm in the mix – you might want to consider what other options you have.


We Are Always Told To Cooperate to Ensure Our Safety

The gun-hating Left is always going on about “If you give the bad guy what he wants, he will leave you alone”. I guess this guy didn’t get that memo. Clerk shot during Arlington gas station armed robbery.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says the suspect walked in to the store off Arlington Road and the Arlington Expressway a little after 10:30AM. He allegedly demanded money from the employee, and even though police say the victim complied, the suspect shot the clerk in the torso and then fled.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because you are cooperating. They remain violent criminals independent of your actions.

Cooperation is a strategy. There are other strategies – like being armed in your own defense. I believe that some strategies are better than others.

Oh, and in 2018, we should have better quality security video. Just sayin’.

‡ regarding the crime of rape: Leftists never want to discuss rape when they bring up that “cooperate” strategy. Did I say never? I meant mostly, because some WILL advise cooperation with a rapist, which isn’t so much as stupid, as purely evil advice.

I Thought The Left Says Cooperation Is the Way to Go

Just comply with the bad guys and they will leave you alone. I guess these guys didn’t get that memo. Clerk Shot, Killed At Mid-City Gas Station

Police say the man complied with the suspects’ demands but was shot anyway. The two suspects were described as men in their 20s. They were seen fleeing in a white four-door Chevrolet Malibu.

And great reporting CBS. Men in their 20s. Is that all the description you have? Height. Weight. Hair color. Anything?

Cooperation with violent criminals is a strategy for getting out of a bad situation in one piece. I happen to think it is not a very good strategy.

Of course being armed to defend yourself is also only a strategy, not a defense. There are no guarantees in this life…

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing.

We Are Always Told Cooperation Will Ensure Safety

Just give the robber what he wants and you will be OK. I guess this guy didn’t get that memo. Police identify clerk shot during convenience store robbery

Investigators say the robber walked in demanding money. He took cash and some items from the store. Police say as he was leaving he fired one round that injured Foster in the arm.

So he had the money (ostensibly what he came for), but as he was leaving the store, he shot the clerk anyway.

Why? Because violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing. (And that whole cooperation thing. The people who go on about that rarely want to talk about rape, but some will even maintain that attitude if the conversation veers toward rape.)

Cooperation is a strategy for dealing with a violent criminal. It is not a guarantee. Being armed in your own self-defense is also a strategy; one that I believe is better. (You can always cooperate right up until the time you defend yourself.)

Resistance is Never Futile

“But what if…” hypothetical objections are demolished. Resistance is Never Futile by Mark Hatmaker

The “but what if…” is usually followed by any number of justifications or pie-in-the-sky hopeful mitigations. These “but what if…” objections are based on unfounded trust and an incorrect grasp of probability. The first objection, unfounded trust, is usually based on the following scenario.

Predator: Do what I say and I won’t hurt you.

Or, some other such promise to the victim.

Hat tip to Active Response Training and their Weekend Knowledge Dump. And also

He Had What He Wanted, But He Still Shot the Clerk

We are told, “Just give robbers what they want, and you will be OK.” (The gun-hating Left never wants to talk about rapists in that light.) But this guy didn’t get that memo. Man seriously injured in south Charlotte convenience store shooting – Story | WJZY

According to police, the employee was locking up the business when the suspect forced him back inside at gunpoint. The suspect took property from the store and shot at the clerk as he left.

He also shot at a random vehicle that was passing by.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing. So cooperating with them is no guarantee of anything.

Of course being armed in your own self-defense is also a strategy. “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.” But I for one believe that being armed is probably a better strategy overall than acting like a doormat, especially if there is no backup plan for if cooperation fails.

They Can’t Understand Why He Shot the Clerk AFTER He Had the Money

Because violent criminals do not stop being violent just because you are cooperating with them. Search On For Suspect After Store Employee Shot In Brooklyn Robbery « CBS New York

“‘Give me the money, give me the money,’” the store’s owner, Mohammed Suleiman, said. “When the employee handed him the money, he takes the money and then shot him.”

“Just give them what they want.” That is what we are told by the Left. If you give criminals what they want, you won’t be hurt. (They never want to discuss rape in the context of that advice.)

Neighboring stores are “on high alert.” Not sure what they are going to do given that I’m sure 90 percent of them are disarmed by New York State. (For their own protection, and besides, just give them what they want…)