He Cooperated With Them. They Killed Him Anyway.

And what the hell is a “.22-caliber assault pistol?” One arrested, another at large in ‘cowardly’ killing at convenience store

“Some people put way too low of a value on the lives both of the victims and the families that they disrupt by doing things like this,” [Madera County Sheriff Jay] Varney said. “I think this was a pretty cowardly act for this person to do that on the way out the door after the clerk had done everything to comply with their needs to take someone else’s property.”

He got the first part exactly right. Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you do, or do not do. They don’t suddenly develop a sense of the value of human life, because you are cooperating.

Most corporations like to ignore this fact and pretend that if you cooperate, you will be safe. That is a strategy, not a guarantee. But the corporations will keep you disarmed – for your own safety of course – while you are at work.

While this may have been a workable strategy 30 years ago, it is less of one today. Being armed for self-defense is another strategy. It is also not a guarantee. “There are on guarantees in this life save death and next winter’s snow.” But I think that relying on cooperation, as if it were a guarantee, is misguided.

Cops have arrested one guy, and are looking for a second suspect.


“Just give them what they want” is not a guarantee

It’s a refrain we often hear from the folks opposed to self-defense. Just give the bad guys what they want and they will leave you alone. This guy apparently didn’t get that memo. Mother of 6 Fatally Shot While Working at Dollar General

So he comes into the Dollar General store. Video shows he points a gun at the clerk, demanding money.

The clerk handed the money to the man. He then shot her in the chest before leaving the store and running down a side street.

She gave him what he wanted, but he shot her anyway. Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals based on anything you do or don’t do.

A gun probably wasn’t available to this woman because she was at work, and employers don’t want you be armed at work. It is for you own protection. So how’d that work out?

But I honestly don’t what could have saved this woman aside from having her own weapon, and shooting this miscreant before he shot her.

Cooperating with criminals is a strategy. I don’t think it is a very good strategy. Of course having a weapon is also not a guarantee. “There are no guarantees in this life, save for death and next winter’s snow.

Clerk Killed Despite His Cooperation

“Just give them what they want” is a refrain of people who hate self-defense. (They never much talk about rapists or pedophiles when they say that.) Robber killed longtime clerk for pack of cigarettes | PennLive.com

He asked for a pack of cigarettes, then instead of paying, fired a warning shot and told the clerk to open the register. Then, despite the clerk opening the register, he shot the clerk in the chest and arm.

He was declared dead at a local hospital.

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent because of anything you do. Cooperation is a strategy, not a guarantee. (There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.) I don’t think it is a particularly good strategy.a

Being armed and prepared for self-defense is also a strategy. It too, is not a guarantee. But as strategies go, I think it is preferable to capitulation.

Circle K Doesn’t Want Employees to Defend Themselves – Suspends Them If They Do

I know which convenience store chain I won’t be visiting in the near future. Circle K suspends clerk after she shoots robber | Albuquerque Journal

I guess they would prefer that their employees are shot rather than defend themselves.

Circle K clerk Jennifer Wertz who shot an armed robber Monday afternoon told KOAT-TV that management has suspended her for two weeks following the incident.

She said robberies happen all the time and yet workers are told they can’t defend themselves.

I suppose they would rather rely on cooperation with criminals to keep people safe. Not that it works all that well.

The story from Monday can be found at this link.

Cooperation Does Not Guarantee Safety

A guy working a job is killed by two miscreants even after he handed over the cash. Person Of Interest In Custody After The Kill | WBAL Radio 1090 AM

[54-year-old Deric Ford, Sr.] complied with the robbers’ demands, giving the men all the money from the cash register, but they shot him in the head before leaving the store, detectives said.

“Just give them what they want” is a strategy promoted by the Left. It is not a guarantee. As you can probably guess, I don’t think it is a particularly good strategy.

Cooperation with criminals supposes that violent criminals will stop being violent criminals because of something are doing or not doing. That isn’t how it works. You can’t stop them from being violent, anti-social persons. You don’t have that kind of control.

A gun may not have saved this man. There are no guarantees in this life except death and next winter’s snow. But just doing whatever they asked didn’t make him safe either. Unfortunately most people – even if they are inclined to defend themselves – are disarmed by corporate policy while at work. (I don’t know it that was the case here or not.)

I Thought That Cooperation Was the Key to Safety

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because you are cowering in fear. Police: Store clerk shot after giving cash to robber in NE Houston | abc13.com

The suspect demanded money, and when he was given the cash, he opened fire on the clerk.

Giving bad guys “what they want” is not a guarantee of safety; it is a strategy for dealing with violent criminals. A strategy that sadly has a lot of flaws.

A gun in the hands of this clerk or in the hands of one of the customers in the store may not have changed the outcome. There are no guarantees in this life.

Cooperating with Criminals is a Strategy, Not a Guarantee

The gun-fearing crowd would have you believe that if you “just give them what they want” you will be safe. Gas station clerk shot after giving money to robber – TheIndyChannel.com Indianapolis, IN

They never seem to want to talk about rape in the context of “just give them what they want,” but that is a discussion for another time.

A spokesperson with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said a man entered the gas station and demanded money. The clerk gave the suspect money when asked, but the suspect still shot him.

“Unexpectedly” a violent criminal remained a violent criminal despite the actions of his victim.

Cooperating with Criminals is a strategy. One I find has numerous flaws, as shown by this example and others. Self-defense in the face of violence is also a strategy and not a guarantee. (“There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.”) It is up to you decide what you can and will do in general, and in any particular instance.