Cooperation With Violent Criminals Doesn’t Guarantee Safety

The gun-hating-Left is always going on about how if you just cooperate, the bad guys will leave you alone. (They never, ever want to talk about rape when that subject comes up.) Do you recognize the robber who pistol-whipped and shot a Midland-area clerk?.

Held at gunpoint, the clerk opened the cash register and the robber took fistfuls of cash.

He then shot the clerk, grabbed more money and ran.

He cooperated and he got shot anyway.

Now maybe there was nothing he could have done. Being armed in your own self-defense is also not a guarantee. “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.” But meekly cooperating didn’t do much.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing.


He Was Shot While Handing Over the Money

We are constantly told by the gun-hating-Left that if we just “give them what they want” we will be safe. I guess these guys didn’t get that memo. Milwaukee store clerk shot during armed robbery.

Clerk was shot in the legs while handing money to the gunman

They shot him once before they said anything. Then as he was cooperating with them, they shot him again.

Cooperation in the face of a violent encounter is a strategy, not the guarantee that the Left loves to say it is. Now in this case, a gun for self-defense may not have saved this guy, who is recuperating from his injuries. Being armed in your own defense is also a strategy for dealing with a violent encounter. But they are strategies, not guarantees. There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.

She Gave Them What They Wanted, Then They Shot Her

We are constantly told, “Just give them what they want, and they will leave you alone.” Too bad it isn’t true. Lewisville store clerk killed during robbery.

The store’s manager said two men in blue hoodies came into the store and demanded money. The clerk, 51-year-old Ashraf Lakhani, gave them cash from the register, but they still shot her.

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals based on anything you are doing or not doing. Cooperation is a strategy. As this case so tragically highlights, it isn’t a particularly good strategy. Being armed for your own defense is also a strategy, but I think it is a better one.

Because Actually Getting a Job Is Out of the Question

The linked article could start discussions on so many things. Recidivism being the obvious choice. Robbery suspect is convicted murderer. But a quote late in the story makes me want to scream.

“I don’t want to hurt you but I have to make a living,” one of the robbers told the clerk Monday.

The 2 got about 100 dollars in cash.

The murder – in 1990 – was also the result of a robbery, which also netted about 100 bucks. But in 1990, he couldn’t leave a living witness, even though she was nice.

“They simply could not leave a witness alive,” a Metro detective was quoted in 1990 by The Tennessean. Coleman told Metro detectives how “nice” the 1990 victim was, who had given the men free sandwiches before they shot her to death, hid her body in the store and left in her car with less than $100 in cash, a similar amount to that taken Monday in Shelbyville.

He could have made more money if he got a job in the store and applied himself.

Cooperation Is Held Up As the Key to Safety

“Just give them what they want, and they will leave you alone.” That is the mantra of all who hate self-defense. Too bad these 2 didn’t get that memo. 2 South Carolina residents charged with killing gas station clerk during robbery.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are, or are not, doing.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey said Wright, after getting the cash from the register, shot and killed Bertram.

The only thing I don’t understand is why the getaway driver is not charged with murder. (The guy who pulled the trigger is.) But maybe New Jersey thinks that Felony Murder is unfair.

More on the Violence of Violent Criminals

Offering to help the bad guy got the clerk shot. Tell me again about this “Just give them what they want” strategy. Paroled robber charged in shooting of Oakland store clerk, fleeing with cash register.

A guy is robbing a store, but he is unable to open the register. So the clerk offers to open it for him – offers to “give him what he wants.” How did that work out?

When the clerk offered to help him open the drawer, Page shot him and then ran out of the store with the register, the documents say. The clerk survived the shooting.

He was on parole when he committed this crime, so they were able to identify him via fingerprints. He’s been arrested. Again.

See also the previous posting, which is on the same subject.

Even Cops Are Confused About Criminals

Violent Criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing. Cops in Maryland are unclear on this concept. Frederick community rallies for clerk shot during Exxon robbery.

Police say one of them drew a gun and fired it at the young woman before running away from the scene.

“It’s concerning because there was no reason to shoot her. She wasn’t resisting, she wasn’t being aggressive, she was listening to what their demands were. For us it’s very troubling,” said Frederick City Police officer Michele Bowman.

Cooperation is held out to be this guarantee. “Just give them what they want” is a strategy. As this incident demonstrates, not a particularly good strategy. Of course being armed for you own protection is also a strategy. (There are not guarantees in this life.)

The woman who got shot is expected to survive.

As for why violent criminals are violent criminals… It’s in their nature.