An Old Case Goes to Court, and Highlights that Cameras Are Everywhere

So this is from a year ago, but the response of NYPD at the time is timeless. Ex-Tennis Star James Blake Testifies Against NYPD Police Officer in Mistaken Arrest – NBC New York

So a cop mistakes a tennis pro, James Blake (now ex-pro) for a suspect. Without identifying himself, throws Blake to the ground and handcuffs him. Do I need to mention that he is black?

Other cops show up and ignore Blake’s protests. Finally a superior shows up, realizes the mistake and lets him go. (Up to this point they are acting like a bunch of idiots, but haven’t crossed over to acting like hoodlums.)

After the story circulates, THEN the cops begin acting like hoodlums – and lying about the encounter to protect (they think) their asses.

Responding to reports of the encounter, the NYPD initially added insult to injury by claiming Blake had only been detained for a couple minutes and was never manhandled or handcuffed, he says. He decided to seek out hotel security, which showed him the video proving he was slammed down and kept cuffed at least 10 minutes.

You would think that this far into the new century that cops – especially in a big city – would KNOW that they are probably on camera. But that didn’t stop the knee-jerk reaction of deny, deny, deny. Of course when the video came to light, instead of looking like idiots, they start to look like a criminal conspiracy.

They could have short-circuited 85% of this mess if A) someone had checked the guy’s identity, and B) they had apologized for their mistake. Instead, they doubled down on being idiots by refusing to apologize, and then proceeded to lie about what actually did occur, which is idiotic, but goes enough beyond just plain stupid.


Cops Admit to Bad Behavior on Camera

This isn’t 1 guy having a bad day. This is a group of cops joking about violating the law. Trenton cops brag about brutality on body cam

The video includes things like advice in detailing how to beat subjects into submission with flashlights.

Community activists, police accountability experts and lawyers were shocked by the casualness of the officers admitting how they potentially committed criminal assault on the job. Taken together with racist quips made by the police director, they said, it shows how Trenton officers view residents as “subhuman trash” and “property.”

“That’s the way police officers talk,” said Philip Stinson, a criminology professor at Bowling Green State University. “It pulls back the curtain on the police subculture. It’s raw, ugly, violent.”

Cops like to be professional, (or at least paint themselves as professionals) and probably some departments are, or are at least trying to be. But not all are, not by a long shot.

Because She Disrespected His Authority

4th Amendment? We don’t need no stinking 4th Amendment. At least that seem to the position of the 2 cops involved. Utah officer put on leave after handcuffing screaming nurse | Boston Herald

They didn’t have consent, because the guy was unconscious after a traffic accident. They didn’t have a warrant. They didn’t think they needed one. Hospital protocols said differently. Because she dared to disagree with them, they arrested her and put her in a hot patrol car for 20 minutes.

A 2016 U.S. Supreme Court ruling said a blood sample cannot be taken without patient consent or a warrant.

But these are cops. And only if you are a cop, is ignorance of the law an excuse. Besides cops can’t stand around and let people not obey. What kind of a police state do you think this is? You think you have rights?

The dispute ended with Payne saying, “We’re done, you’re under arrest” and pulling her outside while she screamed and said, “I’ve done nothing wrong!”

And it isn’t just one cop being an idiot.

Payne wrote in a police report that he grabbed Wubbels and took her outside to avoid causing a “scene” in the emergency room. He said his boss, a lieutenant whose actions also were being reviewed, told him to arrest Wubbels if she kept interfering.

Interfering? With protecting someone’s 4th Amendment rights? Interfering with upholding the Constitution. Both these cops should be fired for failing to uphold the law. But they won’t get more than paid time off.

Now that there are lawyers involved, they put the one cop on paid leave (excuse me, suspended him) and everyone is apologizing. Or is that ass-covering?

LAPD Officer accused of sex with 15-yr-old now charged with weapons crimes

Uphold the law. Break the law. Whatever. LAPD officer accused of having sex with teen cadet is charged with weapons crimes – LA Times

Investigators seized more than 100 firearms, including assault rifles and inert grenades, sources with knowledge of the investigation have said. Sources said many of the weapons had been illegally modified and are not legal to own under California law.

The original arrest was part of an investigation into “teen cadets” that apparently stole police cars, radios, tasers and other such things. (I wonder what the stated goals are of that program for teens – probably not achieving those goals.)

A search of the house turned up the weapons. And while I’m sure that the California laws are crazy, the police are supposed to uphold the law, not consider themselves above the law.

Convict Someone – even if it isn’t the right person

22 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Thanks to police who didn’t care about the truth. Lawsuit: Police Used Coercion and Hid Evidence to Wrongfully Convict Seven of Murder

This story from Tulsa, Oklahoma is worthy of shenanigans in Chicago.

[Detective Mike] Huff visited the actual killer, Michael Lee Wilson, one day after the Summers shooting. The cop found Wilson with the murder weapon and getaway vehicle used to kill Summers—yet Huff did not consider Wilson a main suspect.

Actually I don’t know how to interpret this. A homicide detective finds a guy with the murder weapon and the getaway vehicle and he isn’t tagged as a prime suspect. My initial guess is that he is just too lazy to change his theory based on the evidence – or too in love with his theory – to change it.

The Criminal Justice System, whatever else it is, is a system that is concerned about winning and losing and other percentages. It is less interested in justice. (Cops and lawyers don’t have their reviews based on the amount of Justice they’ve been a part of.)

At a 2016 evidentiary hearing, Price was asked whether he ever saw anyone in the vehicle during the drive-by.

“No, I didn’t, which is what I was trying to tell the police all along, you know, and they pretty much coerced us into saying [Scott and Carpenter were in the vehicle]… tell us to say we seen it even if we didn’t see it,” Price testified.

“Heavily prompting” a witness to tell the story you want doesn’t seem like good police work.

The article goes on to detail several cases where evidence was misplaced, witnesses who disagree with the primary theory of a case were ignored (why clutter the issue with facts?) and other examples of a sort of Truth-be-damned approach to getting convictions. Pressure was high to get convictions. (Gotta make the people FEEL safe. Whether or not they actually are is irrelevant.)

“The Federal Bureau of Incompetence.”

So an FBI agent (unnamed) left his vehicle running while he pumped gas. What could go wrong? Second City Cop: Four More Guns on West Side

About 12:10 a.m., a 32-year-old man left his vehicle “momentarily unattended with the engine running” in the 300 block of South Morgan, according to Chicago Police

Seriously? I have to guess he was a suburbanite who had never been in the big city. Any big city. (I guess he thought he was in Mayberry, or perhaps he thought the FBI aura prevented crimes.)

thanks to a dumb-ass FBI agent, the offender now has a Chevy Equinox, a M4, a Glock 17, a Glock 22, a Glock 27, 2 vests, full tank of gas…

That last is from 2nd City Cop. He knows more about the FBI than I do, and the papers aren’t mentioning the guns. Wouldn’t want to scare the citizens, or make it a question when they call for more gun control. (The title of the post is borrowed from one of the comments.)

(Update: They have recovered the vehicle and some of the equipment, but still no mention of the guns. Second City Cop: No Word on the Guns)

Oakland Cop  Was ‘Like a Pimp’

Only 1 trial. One cop committed suicide. 11 were “disciplined” and 4 were fired. Judge Orders Oakland Cop to Trial; Says He Was ‘Like a Pimp’ to Exploited Teen – Hit & Run :

On the “Cops Behaving Badly” scale, this one is pretty bad. (The entire litany of who did what is after the break.)

Known as Celeste Guap in initial media reports, the girl was just 17 years old when Oakland cops started passing her between them—a few paying customers, most extorting sex in exchange for helping her avoid arrest—according to her testimony and a good deal of corroborating evidence

These cops in Greater Oakland, California figured that the law didn’t apply to them. A couple plead to misdemeanors and one guy killed himself after all this came to light. So if a dozen or so cops were involved with this one girl, exactly how often does stuff like this happen?

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