Cops and EMS Workers Behaving Badly

Because people who are handcuffed and/or strapped to a gurney need to be sedated. Or something. At urging of Minneapolis police, Hennepin EMS workers subdued dozens with a powerful sedative. Welcome to the police state, where the cops can have you drugged for no reason.

This is only one incident in which the use of a sedative is very questionable. Where the result was that the person drugged stopped breathing.

In a separate case detailed in the report, police sprayed an intoxicated woman in downtown Minneapolis with mace, and she appeared to have an asthma attack. The woman, who was not actively resisting police, asked for an asthma pump. Instead they handcuffed her to a stretcher and gave her ketamine, the report said.

Shortly before the body camera video cut out, an EMS worker asked, “What does ketamine do to asthmatics?”

In this case, it stopped the woman’s breathing, according to the report. She was resuscitated later at the hospital.

Because apparently asking for medical assistance – in the form of an asthma inhaler – is being disrespectful of their authority. (Hat tip A Geek with Guns.)


“years and years of systematic corruption”

JusticeChicago PD. Never ceases to amaze. New wrongful-conviction suits could cost Chicago as it tries to move past era of police coercion

Chicago has paid out more than $670 million in police misconduct suits in the past 15 years. But the shenanigans of (former) Sgt. Ronald Watts and Det. Reynaldo Guevara could see that increase. And people wonder why Chicago is bankrupt.

“We’ve had all kinds of police corruption, we’ve had police torture cases, but we’ve never had so many cases where there is clear evidence that police actually set people up for crimes they didn’t commit,” said Marshall Hatch, a prominent minister and activist on the city’s west side.

Guevara has continually plead the 5th – to not incriminate himself – and claiming he “doesn’t remember” details, causing retrials to be thrown out.

Watts made 500 arrests before he stole money from an undercover FBI agent and was arrested.

Attorneys predict — and city officials fear — that Chicago’s tab for police misconduct is about to climb just as the city seemed close to closing the books on cases tied to Burge and his so-called Midnight Crew.

Payouts around Jon Burge and the Midnight Crew topped more than 115 million dollars. (Though they may stretch back farther than those 15 years – I’m not sure.) They are worried that the payouts due to these 2 former officers could exceed that.

If your not familiar with Jon Burge, and the Midnight Crew from Area 2, you can find a look at 1 case, that was not so unusual, at this Sun Times Story. That one case resulted in a 9 million dollar payout.

Why are these payouts so large? Because what Watts and Guevara did, was truly awful.

Jose Maysonet spent nearly 27 years in prison for a double murder in a Guevara case before prosecutors dropped the charges against him.

And of course the knowledge that these cops lied to put people in jail makes it easier to prove the next case. A pattern of behavior.

The Arrest of NBA Player Sterling Brown Over a Parking Violation

A freaking Parking Violation? Milwaukee’s finest in action. Sterling Brown Arrest Fallout: 3 Officers Are Suspended – The New York Times

Faced with video evidence, the Milwaukee Police Department couldn’t do anything but admit that officers “acted inappropriately.” If that’s what you call it.

So a bunch of cops jump on him, and have him on the ground, and they decide at that point (what is the definition of “subdued?”) to use a Taser on him. Over the fact that he was illegally parked, and should have been given a parking ticket. (No interaction required for a parking ticket.)

The WORST punishment is that 1 guy will get 2 weeks without pay (excuse me, 15 days). A couple will get paid vacation suspension. Yeah, that’ll teach ’em!

The lawsuit will end up costing the City of Milwaukee – read that as the taxpayers of Milwaukee – at least a few hundred thousand. That’s only my guess.

Good job guys. Way to serve and protect, or whatever they say in Milwaukee.

Cops Raid the Wrong House – International Edition

The Keystone Cops can also be found in South Africa. Pretoria man killed as police raid the wrong house

They killed the homeowner, critically injured a family member, and shot 2 joggers who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It’s f***ed up. The suspects who were in their cars were seen in the street. When they saw the cops they fled in their vehicles.

“Police stormed the house they thought was the safehouse‚ but its apparently the wrong house. For some reason one of the cops opened fire and then the others did. It’s a total mess‚” said a police source.

They did arrest 2 people. My guess is that they had to have something positive to spin – even if they were 2 bystanders.

It is apparently TOO MUCH to ask of police that before they break down a door and open fire in someone’s home that they be DAMN sure they are in the right place.

And they opened fire “for some reason.” Because they have dreams of being Rambo, either that or they are scared of shadows and shoot first.

All of the “Professionals” Involved Should be Fired and Lose their Pensions.

Whether or not they should also be horse-whipped in the middle of the town square, or tarred and feathered I leave to your judgement. Baby born in jail: Woman said jailers thought she was faking labor

The baby was born premature. So of course that NEVER happens, she must be faking, screaming all night long. And faking the water breaking, I guess.

As she stood there holding the baby, she said one of the jail staff asked her whether she reached inside of herself and pulled the baby out.

She and the baby were taken to the hospital.

If the child has medical problems because he and his mother were denied medical care, then they should all have whatever retirement income they do have garnished. Instead the taxpayers in that locale will be on the hook because some guards were too selfish to look in on a woman giving birth. (They KNEW what was going on. And they are NEVER wrong. How dare you question their authority?!) Hat tip to Claire Wolfe.

SWAT Team Raids the Wrong House

Idiots with badges. And guns and flash-bang grenades. Exactly how hard is it – as part of a SWAT planning session – to make sure you have the right damn house? Bradley Co. family says SWAT team raided wrong house: theirs | WTVC

According to a release from police in Johnson City, Tennessee, the Bradley County SWAT team was one house off. The Rencks live at 4040 Lyncress Drive.

“Missed it by that much” – Maxwell Smart, in just about every episode of Get Smart. (I can’t imagine what brought that to mind.)

No one got shot, but there was a lot of damage to the house. And young kids were “freaked out” when they were attacked with flash bangs and gas.

Authorities have not yet released a statement on the incident at the Renck family’s home Tuesday.

Going to be hard to admit that they were a bunch of freakin idiots with badges, guns, and flash-bang grenades.

Another Bunch of Cops, Another Fake 911 Call

At least no one got shot. When IRS scam didn’t trick Arlington family, hoax caller got cops to descend on their home.

They did exactly what they were trained to do. No thinking required.

When are cops going to wake up to the fact that they are being punked? When a 100 more people die from officers who were “scared” because of a fake 911 call? 1000? Ever? I vote for never, because cops.

Maybe you should notice that the 911 call originated from a masked number before you went in loaded for bear.