Cop Stays Outside While Kids Die Inside

Kids were inside being heroes. Other kids were dying. ‘It’s devastating’: Cop stayed outside during Florida massacre while students died

An armed school deputy rushed to the Florida high school building where terrified students ran from a killer with an assault rifle, but then sat outside for about four minutes and never went inside.

He was under investigation for this, but he elected to resign from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.


Chicago PD – Sanitizing Personnel Records for Lawsuits

I can’t use the quote from Casablanca twice in 2 posts. But it does apply. Lawyers insist city ‘play by the rules’ as evidence again surfaces before trial | Chicago Sun-Times

So lawyers who are suing the Chicago PD requested and were given personnel files in 2016. But just last week they were given the “unit files.”

Then on Friday, they say the city coughed up what it referred to as “unit files” for those officers. They said the so-called “unit files” wound up being filled with the kind of information one would expect to see in a personnel file. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly ordered the officers’ personnel files turned over in January 2016, and the city now allegedly “concedes that it should have produced these files.

The city (and the PD) have been perpetrating a sham on lawyers and courts. Why? Because they thought they could get away with it.

The new documents allegedly show that two officers named in the Simmons lawsuit — John O’Keefe and John Wrigley — were stripped of their police powers in April 2016 after being caught justifying an arrest with false claims that are similar to claims made in the Simmons case. The Bureau of Internal Affairs allegedly sought the officers’ firings after determining they lied under oath at a criminal trial.

Meanwhile, during their depositions, the officers allegedly lied about their discipline history and concealed the fact that they had been stripped of their police powers.

So. Not turning records over in accordance with court order. That is the department, not 2 guys having a bad day. Lying under oath. (Maybe.) Why? Because they thought they could get away with it. (Maybe they have in the past.)

And if IA wants you fired, and you’re not fired, exactly what is IA’s purpose? And who wants lying cops on the job? (At a guess, the union.) Chicago. Criminal. Justice System.

Cops Running a Protection Racket in Chicago? Say It Ain’t So

JusticeI’m shocked – shocked! – to discover corruption in the ranks of Chicago PD. Cook County prosecutors toss more convictions tainted by corrupt ex-Chicago police Sgt. Ronald Watts – Chicago Tribune

OK, I’m not that shocked. Chicago – still putting the “Criminal” in the Criminal Justice System.

So Sgt. Watts would charge folks a “protection tax.” Fail to pay, and you ended up in jail on a drug charge.

Watts, who was convicted on federal charges, has repeatedly been accused of forcing residents and drug dealers alike to pay a “protection” tax and putting bogus cases on those who refused to do so.

15 people have had their convictions set aside (on one day). A total of 22 convictions have been overturned. Attorneys are calling for 500 cases to be examined.

In case after case, when Watts’ targets complained of his corruption, judges, prosecutors and internal affairs investigators all believed the testimony of Watts and other officers over their accusers, records show.

So cops, lawyers and judges gave the benefit of the doubt to the cop. In Chicago, home of Jon Burge and the Midnight Crew (tortured suspects for confession), The Special Operations Section (Extortion, kidnapping, and maybe murder-for-hire) and others.

Seven other cops – part of Watts’ unit – have been relieved of street duties pending an investigation. (Because the IA investigations were so good in the past. Not.)

Why did all this happen? Because the Criminal Justice System is not interested in Justice. It is interested in perpetuating itself. It does that by winning cases, even if they are bogus. Cops and prosecutors are not judged on Justice, but on arrests and convictions. Justice be damned.

Why Would Cops Need to Be “Pressed” to Look at Surveillance Video?

JusticeCouldn’t be because of racial prejudice could it? Two brothers are vindicated after they were falsely accused and arrested for robbing a white man – theGrio

White guy tries to rob 2 black guys. They resist. The cops don’t quite see it that way.

Two St. Louis brothers credit their mother for pressing police to look at surveillance video that proved their innocence and kept them out of jail.

Christopher and Jerry Tate believe that if their mother hadn’t insisted that the police look at the surveillance video, they would be in jail for an attempted robbery they didn’t commit.

Because looking at video, when your prejudices are enough to send 2 guys to jail is a waste of time. Or something.

The white guy who did the robbing, had no trouble lying to cops about what happened, and the cops believed him.

“I believe they listened to him because he was white,” Christopher said.

NYPD Detective Lies and Tries to Get Person Arrested on Drug Charge

Lucky for the guy the detective tried to frame, there are a lot of surveillance cameras in New York. NYPD detective faces seven years for fake drug bust: DA • TimesLedger

So he arrests a guy on a drug charge, claims to have seen him selling cocaine.

But additional evidence was stacked against Desmorneau as surveillance footage was uncovered showing the victim playing pool inside a restaurant during the time the arrest was said to have taken place between 6:40 p.m. and 7 p.m. Aug. 28, 2014, the DA said.

The guy spent time at Rikers Island. Then eventually made bail, and got a lawyer, who was able to locate the security video.

Those drug charges were dropped, and charges brought against Desmorneau.

A Queens Supreme Court judge has found an NYPD detective guilty of making a fake drug arrest involving two counts of perjury, two counts of official misconduct and one count of a written false statement in a criminal complaint.

Seven years in prison should be long enough to discourage this in other cops, but probably won’t. So do you think this is the first time he fabricated a case?

Detective Does Nothing; Bosses Don’t Do Anything Either

This is almost unbelievable. Almost. Victims of crimes handled by NYPD detective ‘Do-little’ speak out – NY Daily News

Two Queens crime victims whose cases were handled by an NYPD detective who made up fake witness names and addresses to close 22 investigations told the Daily News they were stunned by the revelations.

On paper he did a lot of work, interviewed a lot of people. In reality he did nothing. When the bosses found out, not much happened.

Rice got to keep his job and his detective rank. As a slap on the wrist, he got a transfer to the 67th Precinct in Brooklyn and the loss of 20 vacation days. Now a 19-year veteran, he remains with the NYPD.

The investigations were supposed to be reopened, but they never were. The case was apparently never referred to Internal Affairs. There are no procedures or safeguards in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again. (In fact the Queens DA is trying to figure out if it did happen again.)

Not one guy having a bad day. Not even one guy having a bad couple of years. A whole bunch of cops who apparently don’t care if crime is solved or not.

When departments tout their greatly improved case closure rates and other crime statistics, remember that there are three kinds of lies. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

Cops Behaving Badly – Baltimore Edition

Apparently not 1 guy having a bad day. But a bunch of cops fighting the War on Drugs. Notable testimony from the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force corruption trial, updated with Day 6 – Baltimore Sun

Cops are supposed to fight crime, not partake.

So how widespread was the problem, and how many officers knew what was going on and looked the other way? Here’s a sample.

[Detective Maurice] Ward [,one of the Gun Trace Task Force officers who has pleaded guilty to his role in a racketeering conspiracy] said the unit’s supervisor, Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, instructed the officers to carry replica guns to plant if they found themselves in a jam. Police recovered a replica gun from the glove box of Taylor’s vehicle after he was arrested last year. The gun, shown to jurors, is nearly indistinguishable from Taylor’s service pistol.

It doesn’t say if they ever actually did plant such a gun on anyone.

Robbing of drug dealers is still robbing.

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