Cops Torture a Guy on Camera. Both Are Still Cops

One was suspended for 30 days. Not fired. Not prosecuted. Abuse of Force: Body camera video shows man tased 11 times by officers in Arizona.

The Criminal Justice System.

Wheatcroft was handcuffed lying face down on the hot asphalt on a 108-degree day. He’d already been tased 10 times, with one officer kneeling on his back as another, Officer Matt Schneider, kicked him in the groin and pulled down his athletic shorts to tase him a final time in his testicles, according to a federal lawsuit and body camera footage obtained by Scripps sister station KNXV-TV.

He was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer. Charges were dismissed after prosecutors saw the video.

The experts said it was appalling that Officer Schneider, who has won multiple awards from the police chief and has represented Glendale twice on the TV show Cops, was not terminated. They also believe Glendale should have referred the case for outside criminal investigation and prosecution.

The System looks out for its own. And the Little People are screwed. (Hat tip to Wirecutter.)


Cops Behaving Badly: Australian Edition

Because cops having the idea that they can do whatever they want is universal. And their not realizing that cameras are everywhere is apparently also universal. Horrifying moment a man is thrown to the ground and punched in the head SEVEN TIMES by officers before his finger was deliberately dislocated.

They make a big deal about the video, but I’ve seen worse. (I’ve also seen video that is clearer, but you take what you can get.)

His crime? He lit a cigarette while talking to police.

CCTV shows the man having his cigarette snatched away by an officer as he is wrestled to the ground and officers using ’empty hand’ tactics to subdue him including at least seven strikes to the head while Mr Wells was on his back.

Mr Wells suffered several broken ribs during the altercation, along with a dislocated finer when it was deliberately bent back by an officer, the CCC report states.

“Empty hand” is either Karate or Taekwondo; I forget which.

One cop has resigned. One is charged. All are apparently oblivious to the fact that security cameras are everywhere. Is there any place in America – or Australia – that isn’t on security camera? (I’m thinking of installing them around my property!)

He was charged with several things. The charges were dropped before they went to court.

Don’t disrespect their authority. They will F— you up.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ 4th Amendment

Chicago police are either ignoring the law, or just too incompetent to follow the law. COPA investigating raid on woman’s home during child’s birthday party.

The cops thought there was a child in danger, so that means they can do whatever the F they want, apparently. COPA is the Civilian Office of Police Accountability in Chicago.

She was not told why the police were not there in the first place, and later on shown a warrant and it appears the warrant does not have her address on it. Potentially that’s why her rights may have been violated.”

Because the law is SO inconvenient, and the 4th Amendment was getting in the way of The War On (Some) Drugs™ anyway.

Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. Back in the News

But then you knew they weren’t the best run department in the country. ‘Quit F**king With Me, Boy’: Florida Deputy Under Investigation After Grabbing Black Dad’s Neck in Video.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office announced the internal investigation into Deputy James Cady, who reportedly has a history of making false arrests, after a complaint was filed by the Broward Public Defender’s Office when the body-cam video emerged last month. The complaint was first reported by the Miami Herald.

He has a history, but THIS time, the “internal investigation” will do things right, and get to the Truth (capital “T”) and serve Justice. Or something. Yeah, I believe that.

A Florida deputy is at the center of an internal affairs investigation after 2017 body-camera footage showed him calling a black father “boy” and grabbing him by the neck during an expletive-filled encounter.

So they will be all big and tough when confronting a man who isn’t doing anything wrong, and has an infant in his arms, but call them to the scene of an active shooter and they will freeze up and do absolutely nothing of consequence. And the Left thinks I should be completely dependent on these guys for my safety.

Sounds Like Theft or Extortion

So a cop makes a “mistake” and it costs you 1100 bucks? No, that doesn’t sound like a problem. Woman says CPD towed her car by mistake and now she must pay to get it back.

Cop types in the wrong plate number, so of course it doesn’t come back matching the vehicle. And cops NEVER make mistakes so he sees no reason to double check. He just has the vehicle towed.

Cambray said she was told she has to pay $1,170 to get her car back.

Cambray is a single mom with three kids and doesn’t have the money.

“I want my car back,” she said. “This is my only way of getting to work, getting my kids to school. I need my vehicle.”

She was told “pay up, and file a claim.” Bets on whether the vehicle was damaged when it was towed?

How do you say “racket” with a Chicago accent?

NYPD Doesn’t Like the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press

But then they probably don’t like your First Amendment right to video them as they go about their day, either. NYPD demands Google stop revealing checkpoints on Waze.

The department fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Google over the weekend, demanding it “immediately remove this function from the Waze application,” and change all of its apps, including Google Maps, to prevent users from posting similar data.

Now what’s a Freedom-hating multinational corporation to do? Fight them on the Right to Publish news, or contribute to the furtherance of the Police State?

Fired and Arrested – 2 Things That Don’t Usually Happen to a Cop

JusticeJustice in Chattanooga, TN. City Officer Facing Kidnapping And Sexual Battery Charges Is Terminated By CPD.

The Chattanooga Police Department has terminated an officer who was arrested by the Sheriff’s Office last November on charges of sexual battery and kidnapping.

After the complaint, the investigation was turned over to the county sheriff’s department. (OK, it was at the insistence of the DA, but still…)

Sustained allegations against Dessalines were insubordination, cooperation during an internal investigation, untruthfulness, improper procedure and criminal offenses.

He has been fired, and the city PD is working to get him “decertified” as a police officer. A hearing on his criminal charges is scheduled.

If cops want to have the trust that they had in the past, then they need to get rid of the bad actors.