Failure of Law Enforcement? It’s Easier to Blame an Inanimate Object

“Nobody had to die.” But they did. Tehama gunman terrorized neighbors but eluded sheriff’s deputies | The Sacramento Bee

The November 14th school shooting in California.

In the year leading up to his deadly rampage, the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office logged 20 calls from Neal, his wife and their immediate neighbors as their dispute escalated. At least three other people living nearby called the Sheriff’s Office about gunfire in the neighborhood, although dispatch logs don’t identify the shooter. Research by The Bee also uncovered additional calls about Neal that apparently weren’t logged or recorded by dispatchers – including one from Neal’s sister, warning about her brother’s mental state.

Officers are described as spending more time driving to the neighborhood in response to these calls than they spent on scene. That is a pretty sad commentary.

Ignored calls. Ignored warnings. Excuses. Stupidity. When you add it all up, it also includes a lot of death and injury.


What Do You Do With Lying Bastards in the FBI?

What do you do when you don’t want to actually do your job? You lie to your bosses so they can sue Apple. San Bernardino Terrorist Case: The Lies of the FBI

The FBI sued Apple for a “cryptographic backdoor,” because actually breaking in is hard. They swore their was no way to break in. Except of course their was. So they lied to their bosses, and the courts.

Will the clowns in the Cryptologic and Electronic Analysis Unit who lied to both their bosses and to the courts be disciplined for that?

Don’t hold yer breath.

I used to call them The Federal Bureau of Idiots, but this isn’t just idiotic. Putting the “Criminal” in Criminal Justice system since at least the 1960s.

When Only Cops Have Guns, Only Cops Will Sell Guns on the Black Market

Hey, the Obama Administration sold guns to crooks, so it must be OK, right? Audio: SoCal cops charged with selling guns on the black market | 89.3 KPCC

Federal prosecutors announced Monday that they’ve charged two members of the Gardena Police Department with illegally purchasing guns and selling about 100 firearms on the black market.

So do you think anyone passed a background check when they bought any of those 100 guns? Me neither. (Hat tip)

This Doesn’t Look Like a Payoff In ANY Way

JusticeExcept in the way that it looks exactly like a payoff. Prosecutor took huge donation from police union just before clearing union boss in killing of unarmed pregnant teen

A bunch of cops, dressed in street clothes and carrying (the dreaded) AR-15s attack a car. No body-cams. They shot the car – even though it was driving away from them. They claimed self-defense. None of the cops were charged.

A new report from the East Bay Express calls [ Alameda County District Attorney Nancy] O’Malley’s motives by pointing out that she received a $10,000 campaign donation from the police union just before clearing the officers in the killing. The president of the police union, Sgt. Jeremy Miskella, was one of the cops who shot Mondragon. The $10,000 donation was the largest O’Malley’s received for her current race.

The DA claims she did nothing wrong, because really, what else is she going to say? She can’t admit that she took a bribe, even if that looks EXACTLY like what she did.

My prediction? The cops will never be charged. The DA won’t have any bad outcomes, unless she loses her next election. In which this incident will be an issue.

If You Think “The System” Is on Your Side, You Are Mistaken

You could file this under “Cops Behaving Badly – UK Edition.” Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED – Mirror Online. Like all bureaucracies, the Criminal Justice System in the UK – and in particular in Telford – is only interested in its own preservation.

This is a tragedy that has been going on for 40 years. The cops knew about a lot of it, but were afraid of being labeled “racist” if they investigated the “Asian” community. So they stayed out of it. And for 40 years, kids were mistreated. So they aren’t racists. They are still bastards.

Another victim claims officers discouraged her from pursuing her request for evidence after she told them she was speaking to the Mirror.

Because there is nothing more important to the system, than protecting the system. They are not interested in Justice or even in protecting kids – as you can see if you click through and read the story – they are only interested in making sure they don’t look too bad. (They sure as hell don’t look good.)

Hat tip to 90 Miles from Tyranny, where you will also find some comments.

I’m Shocked – Shocked! – To Discover Cops Are Gaming the System

OK, I’m not that shocked. And firefighters are also gaming the system. Retired LAPD officer arrested, accused of fraud in controversial city pension program

It was supposed to be a program to keep veteran officers on the job, without making them lose retirement benefits. It didn’t quite work out that way.

A Times investigation published last month found more than 1,200 public safety officers had joined DROP and then gone out with injuries — typically bad backs, sore knees and other ailments of aging bodies — turning the program into an extended leave at nearly twice the pay.

The program has paid out more than $1.6 billion in extra pension checks since its inception in 2002, The Times found.

Now I don’t follow LA’s financial situation they way I follow Chicago, and Illinois, but I’m guessing that 1.6 billion dollars could have been put to better use than double paying cops and firefighters who weren’t even on the job.

The main focus is a guy who collected about $250,000 in benefits. Another couple collected about $2 million.

The politicians are going to “review” the program. It was sold to the voters as being “revenue neutral.” Not so much.

How Dare You Criticize the Police

So a law enforcement instructor and ex-cop is upset that folks are criticizing the cop in the Florida school shooting. Don’t call cop in school shooting a coward unless you’ve done better

Let him who has never been shot at criticize those making $40,000 a year who also choose not to be shot at.

There is talk about “being outgunned.” OK, there’s an easy fix. Buy rifles for the cops, and put them in the trunks of their cars. Hell, they’re cops; buy them fully automatic M4’s if you think they can handle them. Cops being “outgunned” has been an issue since most police forces gave up revolvers because reloading a semi-automatic pistol is much easier.

So what is the job of the police? We are told that being a cop is a dangerous job, because you might have to face armed gunmen. If you meet a cop and do anything that might scare them, like pull up you drawers, they will shoot you and claim they “feared for their life.” OK. So if you don’t want to face armed gunmen, maybe you shouldn’t be a cop.