News Flash: Chicago Cops Can Be Out of Control. (So says the DOJ)

JusticeFrom Jon Burge, to the Special Operations Section, the Chicago PD has had its share of problems. To treat it like it is breaking news, is laughable. US Department of Justice report says CPD engages in pattern of using excessive force |

The investigation portrayed a police force corroded by the use of unreasonable force – many times prompted by a factor of racism – and protected by a code of silence. The deadly force and racism issue went uncontrolled because of a lack of training, according to the DOJ report.

The article lists an abbreviated time-line of some of the issues that came to light in the past. It isn’t comprehensive.

I have a somewhat regular feature on this blog of “Cops Behaving Badly.” Here and in the archives, this designation is heavily concentrated on Chicago – because it was and is so easy. 10s of millions of dollars of settlements paid, the occasional gaffe by the Chicago’s finest, and the incidents caught on video.

Cops Behaving Badly: Norwegian Edition

This guy is supposed to be enforcing the law, not forcing himself on women. Norwegian policeman accused of using his position for sex – The Local

A policeman in Western Norway may lose his job over allegations that he used his role as an officer of the law to get sex from a number of women.

The guy “may” lose his job? Why not “Will” lose his job?

Georgia police officer gets life in prison for killing a handcuffed man with Taser

He was handcuffed. He was sitting down. The used the Taser 14 times in 30 minutes. He died. Georgia police officer gets life in prison in taser death

The 24-year-old ran when police arrived but less than a mile away the officers came up on Towns sitting down to catch his breath, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported. Towns begged them 10 times to let him rest before taking him to jail.

According to Photography is Not a Crime, Towns had a heart condition, which the police tried to use as mitigation. They also claimed police have the right to use a Taser on someone who is not complying with orders.

The defense attorneys also argued that police have the right to taser people when they are not complying, but the jury did not buy that excuse either, which is surprising considering how often juries succumb to the Blue Privilege theory.

The other cop, who was not convicted of murder, got 18 months of prison, 3 and a half years of probation, which angered the family of Towns. Hard not to see their point. He was guilty of manslaughter, reckless conduct and violating an oath of office.

Charlotte Police Chief Should Be Fired for Being an Idiot

Maybe no good can come from releasing the video, but certainly no good can come from standing in the middle of what looks like a cover-up. Charlotte shooting protests: Video of killing won’t be made public, chief says –

The city’s police chief [Chief Kerr Putney] told reporters Thursday he has no intention of releasing dashcam video of Keith Lamont Scott’s shooting “to the masses.”

The longer he holds the position, the worse things will be in the end. He “may” show the video to family, but I doubt that is going to solve anything.

When Cops Break Into Wrong House: One year anniversary

You may remember… Cops broke into the wrong house (in response to a 911 call) opened fire without warning, shot the family dog, the husband, and shot one of their fellow officers. Next came the cover-up. Couple plans to sue county, officers one year after wrong house shooting

So what is a group of fine, upstanding officers to do when they screw the pooch? Lie, lie and lie.

The report also lists the wrong address of the house, describes Yanna as a pit bull, [the dog was a boxer] and says Chris ‘burst out of a closed door’, which he says he hadn’t even finished opening when the officers opened fire.

“They were trying to spin a story that would protect them, that would cover what they did,” said the couple’s attorney, Mark Bullman.

Leah says DeKalb investigators kept trying to suggest Chris had a gun, which he didn’t.

The Keystone Cops couldn’t have done a finer job of screwing up by the numbers. And then the cops close ranks and try to say it was all justified. That story of theirs fell apart.

The local cops “investigated” but have not released their findings. The Georgia cops (in the form of The Georgia Bureau of Investigation) finished an investigation in September, but refuse to release it. So much for the freedom of information.

This should really be filed under “Cops Behaving Stupidly,” but I haven’t created that folder.)

Cops Respond to Wrong House, Shoot First and Never Identify Themselves

The cops say they identified themselves. But the guy they shot and his wife say not so much. N.J. State troopers shoot man, 76, after 911 call mix-up |

When will cops stop responding to a 911 call by going to the WRONG house?

When will they decide that a man in his own home has the right to be armed? (Even in NJ, you can jump through the hoops.)

Don’t expect the media to flock to this story because the guy who got shot is white. (Media bias? Not here. Nothing to see. Move along.)

If I took Something That Didn’t Belong to Me (without permission) It Would Be Theft

And I could be arrested for it. Apparently the cops think that they can do what they want without needing a warrant. Or permission. Baton Rouge shooting footage showing Alton Sterling’s death seized by LA police officers

That should be illegally seized.

[The hard drive containing the video] was taken from his shop by police around 7.30am on Tuesday morning. He had spoken to police for three hours as a witness and given a lengthy statement.

But he told Daily Mail Online that although officers said they had a warrant to take anything relevant to their investigation, they did not show him it – and have not produced one since.

Warrants are public records. If one existed, they could produce it. They can’t produce one because they don’t need to bother with the 4th amendment. And you are disrespecting their Authority for suggesting that the Constitution might be a check on their powers.

Joel Porter, the store keeper’s attorney said: ‘This was an illegal confiscation. The police had no warrant.

‘If there was a warrant issued to enter my client’s premises and take the video, it would have been a matter of record.

‘I have been in touch with the clerk of the court at Baton Rouge and there is no record of the warrant being issued.

‘My client was held in a police car for around three hours and that was illegal too. He was not a suspect.’

Whatever they do now, whatever that video does or does not show, the police in Baton Rouge will forever look like they were trying to cover up a bad shooting. I’m not saying it was, I am saying they are acting like they think it might be.