Planting Drugs on People Not a Violation of NYPD Rules

JusticeBut then why did you expect it to be? NYPD cops caught on video planting drugs again.

Twice they were recorded by body camera planting evidence.

Erickson and Pastran repeatedly searched the vehicle and Serrano’s jacket for several minutes but were unable to find anything illicit. Caught on his own body cam video, Erickson clearly planted a nugget of marijuana on the cup holder before claiming to “find” it.

According to Pastran’s body camera, Erickson appeared to plant pot flakes inside one of pockets of Serrano’s jacket before giving his partner a fist bump. Serrano spent the next five days handcuffed to a hospital bed while recovering from his abdominal wound. Unaware of the existence of the body cam videos, Serrano later pleaded guilty to avoid jail time.

Both remain on patrol. Hey, they are making arrests. The arrests are bogus, but they don’t care and their bosses don’t care.

An internal investigation determined that Erickson and Pastran had committed no police misconduct during Kuyateh’s arrest. The newly released footage of Serrano’s arrest clearly depicts the same officers planting drugs while sharing nearly the exact same dialogue between each other.

Justice? What’s that?

Do You Think The Law Applies to Cops?

These two clearly don’t think so. Police: Cincinnati police captain drove while intoxicated, swayed through sobriety test.

Rules are for the Little People, NOT Cops!

The wife was driving, she was a cop. She failed a field sobriety test, and refused a breathalyzer test. So she was charged accordingly.

The husband, also a cop, was upset (and became belligerent) because showing a police ID wasn’t enough to get out of a DWI.

The report continues to explain that, after the arresting officer secured Amanda’s gun in the trunk of her car, Patrick flashed his Cincinnati Police badge, prompting the Loveland officer to call for assistance in the traffic stop. The report states the Loveland officer asked Patrick about his firearm and whether he had it on him; Patrick responded that he did.

“I asked where it was and was told that it was located on his right hip,” the report states. “Mr. Caton was already getting upset with me for not letting them go.”

He was angry. “We are cops, and you should ignore the fact that we are breaking the law, because we are cops.” Held to a higher standard? Don’t make me laugh. He thinks there should be no standard for cops.

This is close to home. I used to live in Loveland, have friends who live there. I meet people for lunch, dinner, coffee etc. Though for a small town it has way too much traffic in the summer. (Due to the Scenic Little Miami Bike Trail, and the canoe livery.) But there are a couple of nice restaurants, one place that is really nice, a couple of bars, coffee shops, etc. (Hat tip to Earth-bound Misfit.)

Asking Inmates About Gangs Would Be Profiling

Instead they just assign them to cells randomly. OK, not randomly, exactly. “Unexpectedly,” there was a murder. Inmate beaten to death with soap-filled sock half hour after he was put in cell with rival gang member: prosecutors.

An inmate beaten to death last weekend at Cook County Jail suffered injuries so severe, they were similar to those of a person who had been involved in a car crash, Cook County prosecutors said in court Thursday.

AS for info on gangs…

Asked if inmates are still asked about gang ties when they enter the jail, a sheriff’s spokesman said, “we do have a gang intelligence unit in the jail and we monitor gang activity and affiliations.”

So that would be, “No.” I’m guessing that this “gang activity” wasn’t monitored as closely as it should have been.

So do we expect people on the Left to start clamoring for Sock and Soap control? (Hat tip to Second City Cop.)

The Violence Against Women Ignored By the Left

Out on bond, committing rapes. Violence Against Women Update.

Out on bond facing a charge of rape, when he commits a rape. (Allegedly?) There is DNA evidence in at least one case, so what is the hold up? Speedy trial and all that? Are we going to wait until he kills someone, before we get around to incarcerating him? And then there is the case of the ex-girlfriend, who drowned. How hard do you think cops chased that one?

Two women raped, and the suspect’s ex-girlfriend “accidentally” drowned last year. But feminists don’t care, for some reason . . .

So how is that bail reform working out?

When Only Cops Have Guns…

Only cops will have negligent discharges into their neighbor’s apartment. Holly Hill officer’s accident sent bullet into neighbor’s apartment, police say.

“This morning one of our officers had an accidental discharge of a personally owned firearm. The firearm was an old bolt action rifle,” Aldrich said. “The errant round entered an adjacent apartment, but no injuries were reported.”

The cops are “investigating” (I have no idea what is left to look for) to see if there was a “policy violation.” What, firing a gun in city limits isn’t a crime? But we can’t charge cops with a crime…

Look, I don’t think you can expect people to be perfect. People make mistakes. But do you really think, that if he wasn’t a cop, they would be looking into policy violations and not criminal charges?

Political Correctness Let Evil Run

Because stopping it would have let you be called a RACIST. Or something. Sultan Knish: A Tale of Two Englands.

Call it a tale of two girls. And a tale of two Englands.

One is an actress who grew up to marry a prince, lavished with luxuries, amassing a fortune, before her tantrums and antics drove her to depart her newfound royal family for a Canadian billionaire’s manor.

The other was put into foster care when she was only 8, by the age of 13 she was being raped by a Muslim sex grooming gang, and by 15, Victoria Agoglia was already dead of a heroin overdose.

What’s this? Rape gangs in South Manchester? Surly the authorities – we are supposed to depend on the state for EVERYTHING, even our safety – wouldn’t let something like that go on, would they?

Some in the GMP didn’t see the point to stopping the rape of young girls because of cultural differences.

“There was an educational issue. Asian males didn’t understand that it was wrong, and the girls were not quite there. They were difficult groups to deal with. We can’t enforce our way out of the problem,” Constable B said.

And so they didn’t.

And unspeakable horrors were ACCEPTED because to stop them would have been to violate the strictures of Political Correctness. It was about education, not crime. It was about cultural differences, not rape.

Again, by Asian, they mean Indian, Afghan and Pakistani cuisine, kabobs and curry, not Egg Foo Yung and General Tso’s Chicken. These traditionally Muslim businesses served as coordinating networks for the rape and abuse of children.

And while this story doesn’t say so, others have mentioned that this horror has been going on for DECADES. But to say anything, to do anything is to open yourself to cries a RACIST. A fate worse than letting young girls get raped. Or something.

Hat tip to The Daley Gator, who notes that Leftism is evil, period.

Political Correctness vs Protecting Child Abuse Survivors

In that place where Great Britain used to be… Rotherham sex abuse: Failure to identify police officer questioned by MP.

It said police failed to protect the complainant, exposing her to abuse.

It also found an officer – whose identity is a mystery – said “racial tensions” meant nothing could be done.

Because if you do anything, like enforce the law, or protect young victims of abuse, you could be labeled a racist, and that would be a fate worse than death.

Oh, and while they have records of the victim talking to police, somehow those records don’t include which police officer took statements.

And those racial tensions didn’t exist for a day or a week or a month or even a year.

The IOPC also upheld a complaint that the victim’s father was told by a senior – but unidentifiable – officer that the force was aware abuse “had been going on 30 years and the police could do nothing because of racial tensions”.

How many police officers were on the Yorkshire PD in 30 years? How many just didn’t care about what was going on? How many UK governments were doing things like outlawing fox hunting because that was cruel and ignoring this? And no one will be held accountable. There’s a report, and a victim may receive some money. But no cop will lose his job, or his pension, or even have trouble sleeping at night because of this. After all, they could do nothing. (Hat tip to Blazing Cat Fur)

Crime-fighting: UK Style

This is so sad, it is funny. Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Eating Your Daily Gruel In London Might Just Get You a Trip to the Dungeon.

So the cops in a UK town have taken some “dangerous weapons” off the street. (Click thru for the photo of those weapons.) There is most of a set of steak knives, a couple of what appear to be either Wüsthof, or J.A. HENCKELS chef’s knives, or some imitations, a couple of sharpening steels (hey, they have pointy ends. sort of) …

It’s also hard to miss the 3 pot roast forks as well as a rusty spoon. Wait. A rusty spoon?
In the annals of crime fighting, bragging about taking a rusty spoon off the streets qualifies as the most pathetic law enforcement action ever. British thugs started using knives to victimize people. The natural reaction was to ban knives because without knives assholes have no way of hurting other people. Criminals found and exploited a loophole and apparently started using hammers and so UK police asked citizens to report anyone buying tools in a hardware store. I’m not even kidding about this.

Steel pipe and rocks will be outlawed next. In that place where Great Britain used to be.

“How come they didn’t show a search warrant?”

Good thing we live in a free country; I would hate to live in a police state. Niland family outraged after Marshals invade their home; held at gunpoint.

In a police state cops can show up, without a search warrant, invade your house, damage your property…

A family who’s lived at their home in Niland for 11-years feels unsafe and violated after they say the U.S. Marshals intruded on their home without any decency or respect for their rights.

The US Marshals were “looking for someone.” Of course they are always looking for someone, it is what they do. But they really got things wrong this time.

So they found someone who was, maybe, the right age, but the wrong person. They didn’t seem interested in his ID, or in providing any of their own identification.

“I had to ask four times before I even got anything. They didn’t want to give me anything, I feel like they gave me a fake name, fake badge number, and [officers] just ended up leaving,” Jonathon said.

And then there is the property damage, because cops can’t search anything without breaking shit gratuitously. Hey, it’s fun to break shit, especially if you know you won’t have to pay any damages.

Definitely a Case of Cops Behaving Stupidly

They were searching for a guy who had been arrested 12 hours earlier. Authorities shot a woman during a botched raid at her home. The real suspect was already in jail.

I’d say that they need some new procedures.

Speaking with local media, Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran acknowledged that Rylee was never a suspect and blamed authorities’ errors on a “miscommunication.” Officers were searching for 41-year-old Nicholas McLeod, who, according to jail records, had been booked more than 12 hours earlier on drug charges. Cochran said police would not have gone to the house had they known he was already in custody.

So there will be no one held accountable. As per usual. Cops can show up at your door at any time of day or night, and when they surprise you awake, they can shoot you because you respond to surprise. Good thing we live in a free country, I would hate to live in a police state.

The Deep State Will Destroy This Country

American Greatness writes about The FBI’s Darkest Hour.

Our Constitution won’t protect us unless our own cops with guns respect it. After 2016, one wonders whether the FBI looks upon the most famous alumnus of its Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, with fear—or envy.

But then elected officials don’t respect their oaths to “defend the Constitution” so why should their lackeys?

It’s the greatest scandal in U.S. legal history. Most chilling of all is that the current FBI chief, Christopher Wray, recently shrugged-off FBI agents lying to the FISA court. He said of the damning Horowitz report that, in his mind, what was “important that the inspector general found that, in this particular instance, the investigation was opened with appropriate predication and authorization.”

If that’s what he believes and thinks is important, then the FBI is truly constitutionally bankrupt.

The article includes footnotes to the Inspector General’s report. (Hat tip to Small Dead Animals: When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal.)

Justice? What’s that?

Prosecutors want to “win.” They don’t care about Justice. ‘Innocent Man’ inmate to walk free, but for how long?.

U.S. District Judge James Payne in August ordered Karl Fontenot, 55, to be released by Thursday, writing in his nearly 200-page decision that newly discovered evidence provides “solid proof of Mr. Fontenot’s probable innocence.” The judge cited numerous problems with his conviction including: new evidence establishing an alibi and other suspects; sloppy police work; bungled crime scenes; and the prosecutor’s withholding of evidence and knowing use of false testimony, among other things.

“This pattern and practice resulted in a systemic due process violation of Mr. Fontenot’s constitutional rights,” the judge wrote of the case that John Grisham featured in a bestselling book and Netflix documentary.

Nevertheless, Oklahoma’s attorney general is appealing the decision, and local prosecutors are mulling whether to retry Fontenot.

Cops were “desperate” to close a high-profile case, even if that meant sending an innocent man to prison for 35 years. What do they care?

More Proof British Cops Don’t Care About Rape

It is barely a crime in the UK. If you gauge by how often it is prosecuted. Britain’s most dangerous rapist Joseph McCann who went on a sickening cocaine-fuelled rampage after being wrongly released from jail TWICE and was found by police in a tree is guilty of sex attacks on 11 victims including boy, 11, and woman, 71.

In this case, the bit of proof that British cops don’t give a damn about rape:

He’d been twice released from jail, the second time without parole board hearing

The Mail is “charitable,” and says that the cops were not evil, just stupid. They can be both.

When the cops initiated the high speed chase, they had interrupted his attack on two 14-year-olds.

He will probably face a “life sentence.” But in the United Kingdom, “Life” is not life. Not usually. So while the judge can decide he will die in prison, that doesn’t usually happen, and he will likely be eligible for parole eventually. (Keeping dangerous criminals off the street is “uncivilized,” or something.)

Accountability in the Chicago PD?

Who’d a thunk it? Chicago police commander who had underlings babysit son is demoted by interim Superintendent Charlie Beck.

Superintendent Eddie “Special Ed” Johnson was fired for lying to Da Mayor (and the people) about an incident where he passed out behind the wheel of his SUV. And just like that, the dominoes start to fall.

Grand Central District Cmdr. Anthony Escamilla, whom the city’s inspector general accused of misleading investigators about directing on-duty officers under him to babysit his son with special needs, was stripped of his position.

And with that “incentive” About 20 Top-Ranking CPD Officers Plan To Retire In Wake Of Former Supt. Eddie Johnson’s Firing.

According to Second City Cop (who gets the Hat tip on that 2nd link) there is more to come.

  • There was ZERO reason to go from six Deputy Chiefs to eighteen
  • There is no need to have commanders in charge of units of less than two-hundred-fifty officers
  • Homan Square needs to be subjected to an efficiency review and about five-hundred bodies reassigned to District patrol

The Chicago PD has its problems. But like most organizations problems start with management. And certainly there are bad cops. I’ve documented any number of them both here and at the archives. But Chicago needs the police to solve crime, get criminals off the street and hopefully restore some semblance of civilization. And that wasn’t happening under Special Ed.

Cops NEVER Use Drop Guns to Justify a Shooting

No that would never happen, especially in a place like Chicago, where the cops have Never crossed any lines. Never ever. </sarcasm> Gun from Chicago buy-back program found near dead gang member in police shooting.

According to an AGG report, William Stewart Boyd traded his father’s old .38 caliber Smith & Wesson snub nose for less than $100 in a gun buyback in 2004. It was supposed to be destroyed, but somehow the same handgun with serial number J515268 was found next to a dead body involved in a police shooting eight years later.

William Stewart Boyd isn’t just an average man-off-the-street. He’s a judge in Cook County. In his quote he seems genuinely shocked to discover that Chicago PD appears to be up to No Good. Maybe he hasn’t been in Cook County very long. (Or he might have heard of Jon Burge and his midnight crew, the Special Operations Section of Chicago PD, the shaking-down of tow-truck-drivers, etc.) Hat tip to Bacon Time, who says This May Be The Worst Gun Story Of The Decade.

Hialeah Cop Gets Pass on Sexual Battery

JusticeCops and prosecutors protecting their own. (Justice? What’s that?) Women and girls said a Hialeah cop sexually assaulted them. The chief gave him a raise.. (For those of you who are challenged by the subject of Florida geography, Hialeah is a suburb of Miami.)

Starting in 2015, internal affairs investigators gathered evidence that Menocal had committed “unlawful sexual activity” with minors, a second-degree felony, and had broken more than 20 departmental rules and policies. The evidence was handed to Velázquez and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office — but neither the police chief nor prosecutors acted to punish him.

Far from disciplining Menocal, whose well-connected family has held high-ranking positions in South Florida law enforcement, Velázquez gave him a raise — and moved him back onto the SWAT team as a coordinator.

Rules apply to the little people, not the cops. And especially not if his family is “well-connected.” (Hat tip to Wirecutter.)

“Some animals are more equal than others.”

A sure sign that you live in a police state is the existence of two sets of rules: one for the cops, and one for the little people. Police Officers Accused of Domestic Violence Can Plead Down Charges — and Keep Their Guns.

A VOSD review of domestic violence-related cases involving police officers in San Diego County over the last decade found that prosecutors often find themselves on the opposing end of orders allowing cops to go back to work with their guns. Sometimes, though, prosecutors put up no fight at all.

Justice? Serve and Protect? They have to protect their own, before the rest of us come into consideration.

A one time occurrence? Look at the story of Drew Peterson, a cop in suburban Chicago, who was convicted of murdering one of his wives, only after his last wife went missing. Lots of calls to 911 resulted in not a single police report. Gee, I wonder why.

And since I doubt people read Animal Farm anymore, here is some info on where that title comes from.

Cops and Their Shoot-first Policy

Over nothing, or an open door, people are getting killed. ‘Egregious’: Medical alerts, tripped alarms and open doors have all gotten people killed by police at their homes.

You shouldn’t be killed because you left your front door open on a warm evening. But that’s exactly what happened to Atatiana Jefferson.

Dick Tench was shot because the Medical Alert on his mother-in-law’s cellphone went off, by accident, around midnight. When a flashlight was shown in through the window, he assumed someone was up to no-good, and armed himself. He was shot shortly after that. Because of a fucking medical alert.

Tench says the deputy who shot him never announced himself as law enforcement before he opened fire. In Jefferson’s case, the officer failed to identify himself as police and shot her less than a second after screaming, “Put your hands up. Show me your hands,” according to police officials.

More than one cop on the scene? They will be shouting conflicting orders at you. Because training doesn’t include “only one set of instructions.” Training doesn’t include much, it seems.

They “feared for their lives.” Because they never thought being a cop should be dangerous. Or something. And yes, I get it. Cops have a dangerous job. More truck-drivers die on the job every year. And the fact that cops have a dangerous job doesn’t mean they get to shoot at everyone in America who is exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Fort Worth to Review Police Procedures in Wake of Atatiana Jefferson Shooting

Good. Someone needs to stop cops from killing people for the crime of owning guns. Fort Worth City Manager Appoints Outside Panel to Review Police Department.

Mayor Betsy Price called for the review after an officer shot and killed Atatiana Jefferson in her home last month.

I’m sure the cops will be suitably outraged when they are told to not shoot first and ask questions later. Or something.

NYPD Cop Steals Cash from Undercover Officer

Putting the Criminal in “Criminal Justice System.” NYPD officer suspected of stealing from suspects caught taking cash from undercover cop in sting operation, sources say.

Do you think the rules apply to cops? Because he clearly didn’t think so.

A Manhattan cop under investigation for allegedly stealing money from people he’s arrested wound up taking cash from the wrong suspect — an undercover officer posing as a drunken driver, police sources said.

Joseph Stokes, who’s assigned to the 7th Precinct on the Lower East Side, was busted Tuesday after the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau set up a sting, sources said.

That’s Grand Larceny. Not that justice has been served yet, but I don’t think there is 100 percent chance that he won’t get away with a slap on the wrist. Because while internal affairs may have arrested him, I’m fairly certain that a lot of cops don’t think they should have.