I’m Shocked – Shocked – to Discover Chicago Cops Extorting Citizens.

JusticeOK, I’m not that shocked. 15 Men Cleared in First-Ever Mass Exoneration in Cook County.

Not just 1 bad apple. An entire “tactical team” was responsible for this.

They would extort residents of a housing project. Pay up or go to jail.

The police misconduct was spearheaded by [Chicago Police Department Sgt. Ronald] Watts, CPD Officer Kallatt Mohammed and other officers on their tactical team, who would routinely extort residents at the housing project. If they didn’t pay up, the cops would then allegedly plant felony-level drug amounts on them and lie about it under oath.

Watts was arrested by federal agents when he went after an undercover fed. He was sentenced to 22 months. Considering some of these guys spent years in prison, that doesn’t seem like justice.

26 people have had convictions voided, and more are being investigated.

Chicago PD – Still putting the “criminal” in “Criminal Justice System.” (Does the name Jon Burge ring a bell?)


Another Case of Cops Protecting One of Their Own?

One bad apple enabled by a department determined to look the other way? That’s what the lawsuit will decide. Lawsuit: Silver City hired violent cop who later killed ex

He had a history of violence. He threatened his girlfriend – later his ex-girlfriend – on numerous occasions. He eve tried to bait his boss into a gunfight.

“On multiple occasions, Contreras threatened to kill Nikki if she ever took their daughter, A.C., away from him, if she ever got a restraining order, or if she ever caused him to lose his job,” the lawsuit said.

After each episode, Bascom contacted Silver City police, but Contreras remained on the job.

On the day of Bascom’s death, Contreras, in uniform and armed with his gun, drove his police vehicle to her home and blocked her from leaving her driveway, the lawsuit said. He then “reached into her car and ‘ripped’ her cell phone from her hand,” court documents said.

He killed her, and then himself. I guess the question is did the department know enough that they could have stopped this or changed the outcome. Did they just look the other way because he was one of their own?

Cops Still Haven’t Figured Out That They’re ALWAYS on Camera

In this case it seems to be the cops’ own cameras that tripped them up. LAPD Cop Accused Of Planting Drugs In Man’s Wallet With Body Camera Rolling.

Officer Samuel Lee is shown searching Shields and then another officer, identified only as Gaxiola, picks up a wallet off the ground. Seconds later, Gaxiola picks up a green baggie near the curb, which has cocaine inside, and appears to put it in Shields’s wallet.

The video in question is body-cam footage from one of the officers.

When the video was played in court, Officer Lee left without making a comment.

So if they really planted evidence in this case, have they done it in other cases, where there is no video?

More Prosecutorial Misbehavior

Fraud. Acting in bad faith. Generally being really mean to poor people. Why Are Prosecutors Putting Innocent Witnesses in Jail? | The New Yorker

Why? Because they can. Because they care more about winning than about justice.

Throwing victims in jail to coerce their testimony. Why not? A rape survivor breaks down on the stand, testifying against her attacker, and what does the state do? Throw her in jail for a month.

Here is one example. (Fraud and abuse out of New Orleans? Color me shocked.) It isn’t even the worst example.

This past April, the Lens, a New Orleans news site, reported that the district attorney’s office had been issuing fraudulent subpoenas to “order” attendance at private meetings with prosecutors, alongside a warning: “A FINE AND IMPRISONMENT MAY BE IMPOSED FOR FAILURE TO OBEY THIS NOTICE.” The “subpoenas” were, in fact, improvised documents created by the D.A.’s office; they lacked full legal authority. The D.A.’s office told the press that they would stop using the fraudulent subpoenas, which they call D.A. “notices.” Bowman repeated this claim to me, adding that the use of such documents stretched back decades, across many jurisdictions. “This was not limited to Orleans Parish,”

The long term result is folks not calling the cops. You want to be jailed for being a victim of a crime? That is backwards, even by the standards of 21st Century America. Not that District Attorneys seem to be able to take the long view. That doesn’t help them get promoted.

And besides, why not lie and intimidate the public if you can. Public servants? They’re LAWYERS!

Domestic Violence Case Highlights Cops Giving One of Their Own Special Treatment

JusticeHe was a cop, or an ex-cop, so of course the rules didn’t apply to him. Ex-Hercules cop gets prison for attacking wife – Story | KTVU

Stalking. Planting tracking devices on her car. Generally being an idiot, who didn’t understand the phrase, “It’s over!”

He finally executed a drive-by shooting (she was unharmed) to get the cops to do something.

Cindy told 2 Investigates that when she called Antioch police, officers would give him special treatment, by driving him home or telling him to “cut it out.” Antioch police have not responded to repeated requests for comment on this case.

It isn’t the first time a cop has been given a pass by his brothers in blue.

An Old Case Goes to Court, and Highlights that Cameras Are Everywhere

So this is from a year ago, but the response of NYPD at the time is timeless. Ex-Tennis Star James Blake Testifies Against NYPD Police Officer in Mistaken Arrest – NBC New York

So a cop mistakes a tennis pro, James Blake (now ex-pro) for a suspect. Without identifying himself, throws Blake to the ground and handcuffs him. Do I need to mention that he is black?

Other cops show up and ignore Blake’s protests. Finally a superior shows up, realizes the mistake and lets him go. (Up to this point they are acting like a bunch of idiots, but haven’t crossed over to acting like hoodlums.)

After the story circulates, THEN the cops begin acting like hoodlums – and lying about the encounter to protect (they think) their asses.

Responding to reports of the encounter, the NYPD initially added insult to injury by claiming Blake had only been detained for a couple minutes and was never manhandled or handcuffed, he says. He decided to seek out hotel security, which showed him the video proving he was slammed down and kept cuffed at least 10 minutes.

You would think that this far into the new century that cops – especially in a big city – would KNOW that they are probably on camera. But that didn’t stop the knee-jerk reaction of deny, deny, deny. Of course when the video came to light, instead of looking like idiots, they start to look like a criminal conspiracy.

They could have short-circuited 85% of this mess if A) someone had checked the guy’s identity, and B) they had apologized for their mistake. Instead, they doubled down on being idiots by refusing to apologize, and then proceeded to lie about what actually did occur, which is idiotic, but goes enough beyond just plain stupid.

Cops Admit to Bad Behavior on Camera

This isn’t 1 guy having a bad day. This is a group of cops joking about violating the law. Trenton cops brag about brutality on body cam

The video includes things like advice in detailing how to beat subjects into submission with flashlights.

Community activists, police accountability experts and lawyers were shocked by the casualness of the officers admitting how they potentially committed criminal assault on the job. Taken together with racist quips made by the police director, they said, it shows how Trenton officers view residents as “subhuman trash” and “property.”

“That’s the way police officers talk,” said Philip Stinson, a criminology professor at Bowling Green State University. “It pulls back the curtain on the police subculture. It’s raw, ugly, violent.”

Cops like to be professional, (or at least paint themselves as professionals) and probably some departments are, or are at least trying to be. But not all are, not by a long shot.