The UK Needs Common Sense Knife Control! Oh, they have it already?

London knife crime is on the rise. London hunts for ways to stop deadly youth stabbings

They are putting metal detectors in schools, and banning more stuff in more places. What they aren’t doing is hiring more cops, or putting more people in jail.

But at the same time, the crackdown is facing an uphill struggle with knife attacks increasing by 24 percent last year.

Since 2010 the number of police officers in the British capital has been cut by 14 percent.

The UK doesn’t do its crime reporting on a calendar year basis, which seems confusing to some people.

Police registered more than 12,100 knife attacks which left 4,400 people injured between April last year and March, the highest figure in five years.

The story goes back and forth between reporting on Britain (no longer Great, apparently) and London. So while it isn’t clear what that statistic covers I would hazard a guess of the UK.)

Taking Public Transportation is Like Inviting 20 Hitchhikers Into Your Car

So is the fact that they aren’t connected a good thing? BART Police Chief Says Rapes Have Increased, But May Not Be Connected | NBC Bay Area

New numbers from BART indicate that there has recently been a 41 percent increase in violent crimes this year. The troubling trend was highlighted by an April mob attack during which dozens of youth stormed a train at Oakland’s Coliseum Station to rob passengers.

It’s a good thing no one in California carries concealed. Can you imagine what would happen if a bunch of law-abiding-citizens were actually able to defend themselves?

As for the rape statistics…

Rojas said FBI statistics show that there were seven rapes reported on BART property from January through the end of June, compared to four in 2016, three in 2015 and two in 2014.

The title of this post is stolen from an on-going series of posts at Small Dead Animals.

Chicago’s Weekend in Review

Hey Jackass 30 Day Trend

Chicago’s 30 Day Stupidity Trend

I don’t always agree with everything on Second City Cop, but for reviewing the mess that is Chicago, it is hard to get a better perspective. Second City Cop: Theory Fails VERY Badly

Chicago had a VERY bad Fourth of July. They tried to “work smarter” or something, but the brain trust in charge either doesn’t have a clue, OR things would have been astronomically bad without the changes. I leave to to you to figure out what the truth might be.

One hundred three people shot, fifteen of those assuming room temperature at the morgue. Looks like Riccio’s people arrested the wrong 58 people to say the least.

All that overtime, canceled days off, redeployments, missions, crystal ball gazing, shot spotting, etc. All of that for a 66% increase in bodies with holes in ’em. Take a bow Special Ed. You, too, Rahm. And Kevin, can’t forget Kevin. Anthony, step up. These are the fucking brains behind this monumental failure. Congratulations all around.

Chicago is on track to have a year like they haven’t seen in decades in terms of people shot and killed. The Graphic at the top is from Click the image for a larger view.

Calling 911 failed. Survivor teaches that you must defend yourself.

Bre LasleyWhen you aren’t expecting something bad to happen, your first thought is that it can’t be happening. And if you’ve never considered fighting back, well if you plan nothing, then you will execute your plan. Attempted murder survivor tells women to fight back – The Daily Universe

First let’s deal with the failures of 911. Several people called 911 – including the two sisters whose home was invaded. (One of whom would be stabbed before the night was over.) The result was not as advertised.

Although both women and several neighbors called 911 during that time, none of the calls was dispatched.

Say it again. The result of calling 911 to report a home-invasion attack in progress resulted in NO cops being sent. An off-duty cop who chanced to hear the call for help, stopped and he killed the attacker.

So today, Bre Lasley teaches that women need to defend themselves.

After speaking to people in the police department following the attack, Lasley learned only 20 percent of women fight back against their attackers, leaving 80 percent of women to be raped, murdered or both.

Lasley said she fell into the 80 percent category in the beginning. She felt completely frozen while her attacker was beating her. It wasn’t until her sister came upstairs, screaming and swinging punches, that Lasley said she got the motivation to start fighting for her life.

So self-defense is mostly about attitude. “There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men” Heinlein wrote that in the 1950s (as part of Starship Troopers), so I guess we will forgive him for his leaving out half the population. I would include women in that.

But self-defense in the absence of the tools of self-defense, is a problem. (See the rest of this blog for my true feelings on the subject.) Still attitude does come first.

This statistic [the 80/20 split listed above] became the foundation of Fight Like Girls, a self-defense program Lasley started with sexual assault survivor Elizabeth Smart to help women everywhere fight their physical, mental and emotional battles.

Violent and sexual crimes rose in Germany in 2016

German Crime Stats: I wonder if they are as cooked as the British stats used to be. Violent and sexual crimes rose, break-ins fell in 2016: media reports – The Local

Of the violent offences recorded, cases of murder, homicide and voluntary euthanasia rose by 14.3 percent, reaching 2,400 cases, according to Bild. Rape and sexual assault increased by 12.8 percent to more than 7,900 cases. Hundreds of women reported sexual attacks on New Year’s Eve 2015-16 in cities like Cologne, mainly by groups of North African men.

Crime is Up and Arrests Down in LA Since 2013, and the LA Times Doesn’t Know Why

It couldn’t be that there is a witch hunt against cops, now could it? Police arrests are plummeting across California, fueling alarm and questions – LA Times

Police officers began making fewer arrests. The following year, the Los Angeles Police Department’s arrest numbers dipped even lower and continued to fall, dropping by 25% from 2013 to 2015.

You have dig pretty deep into the article before the mention Michael Brown and Ferguson, Mo. That was in 2014, though it looks like the decline started before that.

Some in the city counsel are amazed that arrests are going down while crime is not. But really, what do you expect cops to do?

In a nationwide survey conducted in 2016 by the Pew Research Center, 72% of the law enforcement officers questioned said their colleagues were less likely to stop and question suspicious people.

So there’s that.

Chicago: 3 Killed, 13 Wounded Just on Tuesday

Chicago’s year is getting off to a tough start. 3 Killed, 13 Wounded In Tuesday Shootings Across Chicago « CBS Chicago

Seven of the victims came under fire in three separate attacks along a four-block stretch of the Gresham neighborhood.

There also 9 shootings on Monday, of which 2 were fatal.

Hey Jackass lists the year-to-date totals (as of very early Wednesday morning) as 104 shot and killed, 474 shot and wounded and total of 111 murders – the other 7 not being firearm-related.