Murder is Up in 20 of 25 Largest US Cities

Which might explain the previous posting. It’s Been ‘Such a Weird Year.’ That’s Also Reflected in Crime Statistics..

Overall crime is down 5.3 percent in 25 large American cities relative to the same period in 2019, with violent crime down 2 percent.

But murder in these 25 cities is up 16.1 percent in relation to last year. It’s not just a handful of cities driving this change, either. Property crime is down in 18 of the 25 sampled cities, and violent crime is down in 11 of them, but murder is up in 20 of the cities.

Chicago I’ve covered elsewhere. New York hasn’t seen this level of gun violence “nearly a quarter century.”

Aside from the statistics, the rest of that article is a lot of guesswork, even after they quote “an expert” about how you can’t draw conclusions because we have very little data relative to cause. All the guesses are about COVID-19 and domestic-abuse. No mention of the changes in bail laws/practices sweeping the country.

No One Is Responsible

That is Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s position, anyway. And Atlanta’s mayor is still calling the riots “mostly largely peaceful.” Gun violence kills 160 as holiday weekend exposes tale of ‘two Americas’.

This article doesn’t just deal with Chicago, but I will start there.

But Chicago saw the worst violence in one of the bloodiest holiday weekends in recent memory, ending with 17 people fatally shot including a seven-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy and 63 more wounded, an increase of five shootings on the high figures that had marred the holiday weekend the previous year.

Despite an effort that included an additional 1,200 officers on the streets and pleas from the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, for residents not to reverse limited progress that had been made against the epidemic of gun violence, Lightfoot lamented the children whose “hopes and dreams were ended by the barrel of a gun”.

That’s right, the fault lies in an inanimate object, not in the person who pulled the trigger, not in that person who killed 7-year-old Natalie Wallace in front of her grandmother’s house, but in an inanimate object.

The shooting death of an eight-year-old girl, Secoriea Turner, in Atlanta, prompted the mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, to call for justice while noting the shadow such street violence casts over the huge and largely peaceful Black Lives Matter protests against racism and police brutality.

Largely peaceful? She must not have been watching the same news footage I was.

There is more. Escalating carnage in New York City. More of the same in Philadelphia. And platitudes, but very little in the way of a plan.

Hat tip to The Other McCain – Black-on-Black Crime Explodes in the Wake of #BlackLivesMatter Protests, which he calls “entirely predictable.”

Democrats can’t blame white racist cops for this, so they don’t care.

Wishful Thinking in Chicago

So one of the neighborhoods in Chicago was going for a “Homicide Free” Weekend over the July 4th Holiday… Or as they put it in the Sun Times Stakeholders aim to keep Englewood ‘homicide-free’ over Fourth of July weekend. Englewood is one of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. It is one of the more dangerous parts of the city.

Anti-violence groups, security firms, business owners, faith leaders and elected officials gathered in Englewood Thursday, announcing plans to deploy hundreds of people to keep an eye on the neighborhood in an effort to tamp down shootings over the historically violent Fourth of July weekend.

That is a sentiment I can understand. I think the way that they went about it was doomed to failure. “Watching” a neighborhood means that if someone does something wrong there is a witness, and that witness can cause consequences to be visited on the evildoer. But there are no consequences in Chicago or Cook County. The DA and the judges have seen to that. No bail. No prosecutions. No consequences at all. So who cares if they are seen by all those people “keeping an eye” on things?

So how did it work out? Not too well. Again, according to the Sun Times – 79 shot, 15 fatally, over Fourth of July weekend in Chicago. But of course those weren’t all in Englewood.

Second City Cop has the numbers for the police district, which probably doesn’t match up exactly with the neighborhood… We’re going to go and label this one as a “Fail” (SCC also gets the Hat Tip on all of this.)

These are preliminary numbers and will undoubtedly change, but it’s looking like 007 racked up at least a dozen shot, seven of those being fatal.

You want law and order, you have to have penalties for bad behavior. It is not rocket science.

Fourth of July Weekend, Chicago Style

Because nothing says “Chicago Values” like murder and mayhem. HeyJackass! brings us Shitshow of the Year.

You may hear something about Natalia Wallace, the 7-year-old killed Saturday evening as she played on the sidewalk in front of a relative’s home, but I doubt you will hear much, or about the separate “multiple shootings” that took place. Because they don’t push the narrative, so they are just “local news.”

Final Stupidity Tally: 20 killed, 72 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 7 killed, 69 wounded*
2018 weekend tally: 10 killed, 42 wounded

Violence Is Engulfing the Smaller Cities

Law and order are such quaint, 20th Century concepts. And while places like Chicago and LA have had troubles for a long time, now every city has troubles. Kansas City has seen nearly 100 homicides this year, on track for deadliest year on record.

They’ve had 95 homicides through the end of June.

More people have already been killed in Kansas City this year than in all of 2014, which saw 86 homicides, according to a report by a local news outlet, The Kansas City Star.

Just halfway through the year, the city has reported more people killed this year than in 2002, 1984, 1973 and 1972.

Shootings are up. 82 people were shot in May, a 75% increase over last year.

Kansas City is the 38th largest city in the country with population just over 500,000.

Civilization was nice while it lasted.

June in Chicago – a Disaster

From HeyJackass! – June Wrap-up.

This June was a record setting, “unacceptable”, complete and total shitshow. The homicide count ties beats the mid-90s for most ever; the total shot number is 50+ more than our record peak of 498 in August 2016; 111 shot over Father’s Day weekend; tallied a 30 day homicide run rate of 110, and so on… What a disaster.

Beating the mid-90s is not good.

HeyJackass! doesn’t think that July will be better.

Crime In NYC and LA

I pick on Chicago too much, but they make it so damn easy. So let’s look farther afield.

First up, New York. Murders continue to surge in NYC with 38 killings in the last four weeks.

It isn’t just murders that are up.

Burglaries have climbed citywide by 47% for the year so far, with 6,595 incidents versus 4,480 in the same period in 2019.

Auto thefts continued a year-long trend of increases with more than 60% over the same period in 2019.

And LA. LAPD: Homicides Up 250% In First Week Of June.

A tweet from the LAPD says between May 31 and June 6, homicides were up 250% compared to the previous week. The number of victims who had been shot jumped 56% in the same week.

Maybe some of that is due to relaxing the COVID-19 lockdown. They don’t cite figures from prior years.

Hat tip to Bloviating Zeppelin and You want no cops? You just may get it.

America: you’re about to get the kind of law enforcement you deserve. And demand. You’re demanding it now.


He has details about stuff in Atlanta, Denver, and Seattle.

New York Descends Into Chaos

And no one seems to care. 11 people shot across NYC in less than 12 hours as shootings spike.

Bill de Blazio is busy signalling how much he hates Trump. But we’ll get to that.

11 shootings in 12 hours is a lot. Especially by the standards of NYC for the past decade or so.

The spree of gunfire brought the number of shootings since Monday to 59, with a total 81 people shot, including six murders.

By comparison, there were nine murders but just 26 shootings for the entire week during the same time last year, sources said.

What is de Blazio doing about it? Not much. De Blasio’s performance grows worse by the day, making NYC unlivable: Goodwin.

New York faced 9/11 and came back strong. They turned Times Square from a den of iniquity to a tourist destination for families. They kept their economy thriving, until now.

New York has had its share of corrupt and incompetent mayors, but never has it had one who is both of those and also a lazy bum.

With restaurants wanting to know the rules for reopening, de Blasio diddled until the last minute. Their survival was at stake, but he couldn’t be bothered.

What’s the plan for schools in the fall? Good question, but don’t ask the mayor. He hasn’t gotten around to that yet.

Besides, the issue only involves a million students, their families, teachers, coaches, principals and administrators. They must wait for the chief political popinjay to bestir himself.

He is painting “Black Lives Matter” on streets including in front of Trump Tower, because why not. Actually running the city isn’t fun.

Crime is soaring — murder is up 25 percent — and de Blasio responds by vowing to cut the police budget.

The aim is not to do more with less. It is to get the cops to do less. This is a death wish.

For weeks, illegal fireworks have exploded through the night, and a 3-year-old Bronx boy is among the injured innocents. Thousands of complaints pour in, to which the mayor shrugs and says cops and firefighters “have many other things” to do.

Police are quitting in droves, and nobody should blame them. Would you risk your life to enforce the law under this mayor?

And they are retiring. 272 uniformed NYPD cops file for retirement after George Floyd death. A 49 percent increase over the same period a year ago.

Sadly, the people of this city will soon experience what New York City was like in the 1980s.

History. Ignorance. Rinse. Repeat.

But there is a difference. In the 1980s, Wall Street traders were still on the street. Open Outcry Auctions were a 19th Century information processing system that mostly worked, and are mostly not needed today. Crowding into the city made some kind of sense in the 1980s. As the whole COVID-19 work-remotely effort has shown, you don’t need to crowd into Manhattan every day, and the COVID-19 rates seem to show that you don’t want to anyway. Small shops have been going out of business for sometime, because Amazon will deliver it to you later today. Or whatever. And now the restaurants are following them, because of social distancing.

I never liked NYC, but then I haven’t been there in decades. I see no reason to go now.

If you do want to live there, you can buy a 4 bedroom house in Queens for less than $900,000 but you will probably have to tear it down due to the mold. NYC house selling for $828K has the scariest listing photos ever.

First Weekend of Summer in the Windy City

Well, aside from Memorial Day, that is… HeyJackass! has the details. Father’s Day Weekend.

Despite the allure of all-you-can-eat popcorn and bottomless coffee for a $1, Father’s Day weekends tend to be a bit of a shitshow and with the current trend being anything but dear ol’ dad’s friend, expect similar results.

Final Stupidity Tally: 14 killed, 95 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 6 killed, 17 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 4 killed, 37 wounded
2017 weekend tally: 7 killed, 40 wounded

So in one weekend, while all the Woke hordes are screaming about getting rid of the police, and while “protests” are still underway, more people were shot and killed than in the same weekend than over the past 2 years combined.

When the Right Party is in Power, They Get a Pass

NYC’s mayor is a Democrat, so no one cares about the crime numbers. Murder is rising — but New York doesn’t seem to care.

This isn’t an aberration coming off a good spring. For the year, murder is up 25 percent. If these rates hold, New York would end 2020 with an increase in murders twice as high as we’ve seen since 1990.

And no, it mostly isn’t domestic violence, involving people cooped up. Over the past month, we have seen 13 classic street murders in a few blocks around Brownsville: drive-by shootings, stabbing fights. Over the weekend, 19-year-old Tyanna Johnson died in a Bronx park, likely the innocent victim of a drive-by.

So all the extra dead New Yorkers just don’t matter as much as supporting CHAZ, and applauding The Cuomo Brothers Comedy Routine. Which de Blazio does.

What Happens When You Turn Criminals Loose?

You get more crime. Shock: Here’s What’s Happened After NYC Released Hundreds of Inmates from Rikers.

I can’t even work up an, “I’m shocked – Shocked!…” response, because absolutely no one is shocked. Except perhaps Mayor de Blasio.

Hundreds of inmates were released from Riker’s Island in New York City to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the prison. Officials knew the risks. And those fears have been realized, hundreds of times. New reporting from Melissa Russo reveals that at least 250 prisoners out of the 2,500 who were released early have gone on to commit at least 450 more crimes.

But hey. New Yorkers are soooo much smarter than you. Just ask them. (Hat tip to Daley Gator.)

Reality Is Racist

You knew it was. Facts are bad. Instagram Censors FBI Crime Stats Graph As ‘Hate Speech’.

Facebook-owned Instagram is now censoring FBI crime statistic graphs as “hate speech,” according to Blaze TV’s Elijah Schaffer.

“Instagram is now removing FBI crime statistic graphs,” Schaffer said Saturday on Twitter. “Posted with the necessary citations [as] ‘hate speech.'”

“We are getting to the point where narratives are more important than truth,” Schaffer said. “And the truth when inconvenient makes you a hateful person. This is 1984.”

The graphs are from the 2013 FBI Crime Report, and the 2018 Bureau of Justice Statistics National Crime Victimization Survey. They cover the rates of interracial crime. Though I’m not sure why the 2013 FBI Crime Report is referenced.

You can find all of the FBI reports at the following site. FBI: UCR – Crime in the U.S. The 2019 preliminary report is available, but you can find the complete report for 2018 at this link. You can download the spreadsheets and make whatever graphs you care to make. The 2018 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics is also the most current data available. Criminal Victimization, 2018. Though I have not looked at that report in a number of years, the data tables are available for download, as are both the summary and full reports.

Hat tip to 90 Miles from Tyranny, who notes…

While Instagram has apparently deemed FBI crime stats off limits, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are now running them on their front pages.

I think this falls under the heading, “F*c*book wants its own facts,” because the facts the rest of us use, don’t fit their world view.

The Big City Weekend

Cities had a rough weekend. Here are some details from 3 cities I often write about.

Chicago had a particularly bad weekend. HeyJackass! has info on the Loot-N-Shoot Weekend.

Final Not-A-Protest Tally*: 26 killed, 65 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 10 killed, 45 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 4 killed, 30 wounded

Wonder how Lightfoot will spin these numbers.

Click thru for more commentary, more history, and the details from the weekend.

By comparison, Baltimore got off easy. Baltimore Sun: 14 shot and 3 killed, including 16-year-old girl, in Baltimore weekend shootings, police say

Baltimore homicides are on pace with last year’s numbers despite the coronavirus pandemic that has kept much of the city at home. As of Saturday, there had been 125 homicides in 2020, according to police data. There were 124 through the end of May 2019.

While Chicago has more shootings, Baltimore is a much smaller city, so the rate is usually higher. Though Chicago may be looking to reclaim that title, this year.

Cincinnati doesn’t track shootings the way Chicago and Baltimore do. Or they probably do, but they don’t have the kind of problem Chicago is facing. Though they did have other problems… The local Fox News affiliate – More than 300 arrested during protests over weekend in Cincinnati.

The usual system in Cincinnati broke down under the load. City buses were pressed into service to transport the folks who were arrested. Apparently the union is not happy about that.

Most of the suspects were in court Monday at the Hamilton County Justice Center, jail records show. There are so many, jail staff had to shut down all the lobbies overnight to hold them until they booked everyone.

How looting and murder and vandalism honors anyone or anything is beyond me.

Memorial Day Weekend In Chicago

Good thing Mayor Lightfoot (or Groot as Second City Cop calls her) has police breaking up parties, because otherwise they might have to deal with crime. Chicago’s deadliest Memorial Day weekend since 2015: 10 shot dead, 32 wounded. And that isn’t the full total.

The Sun Times counts the 3-day weekend from 5 PM Friday until 5 AM Tuesday. At least they recognize that the weekend starts before midnight Friday night/Saturday morning.

Despite the state’s stay-at-home order, the weekend’s death toll has already surpassed last year’s holiday weekend, when seven people were killed and 34 were injured during the period from 5 p.m. Friday through 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Hat tip to Second City Cop.

HeyJackass! counts things differently. The 3-day weekend runs from noon on Friday until 6 AM Tuesday. Memorial Day Weekend.

Final Not-A-Lockdown Tally: 10 killed, 42 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 8 killed, 35 wounded

Click thru for enlightening commentary, and more history.

The End of Spring in Chicago

HeyJackass! has the details on the last weekend before summer kicks off. Not-A-Lockdown Weekend.

This is the final weekend of Spring Training and the last chance to get a roster spot before a special “this is not a lockdown, it’s not martial law” Summer Shooting Season kicks off next Friday.

Final Not-A-Lockdown Tally: 6 killed, 35 wounded

And as Second City Cop notes

Sunday should have been considered a rainout seeing as how Chicago went sixteen hours without a single shooting during the record breaking downpours.

If this is how a miserable weekend is in the spring, it should be an interesting summer in the Windy City.

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Finnish Edition

The insanity of Europe is on full display. And I’m not talking about the Coronavirus. This has been floating around ye olde blogosphere for sometime, but Paul Joseph Watson, who hasn’t been completely silenced by Cancel Culture, has a pretty good take on it.

So Finland has a rape epidemic on their hands. How to solve it? Teach the women an anti-rape song and dance. Seriously. RAPISTS BTFO 🇫🇮

Because allowing women to defend themselves with a firearm would be uncivilized, or something.

The most recent crime stats I can find for Finland are from July of 2019. Number of sex crime reports doubled in Oulu and Espoo, show statistics

The number of sex crime reports increased particularly rapidly – from 111 to 205 – in the police area of the Oulu Police Department.

“It translates to a percentage increase of nearly 85 per cent. The change was even more pronounced in the city of Oulu, where the number of sex crimes reports rose by more than 100 per cent compared to the previous year,” reads a press release issued by the Oulu Police Department on Friday.

And then there is the very politically incorrect bit of the statistics.

The Oulu Police Department also reported that the suspect was a foreigner in 40 per cent of the sex crimes where the suspect’s identify was known, representing an increase from the 25 per cent recorded in the first half of last year.

The video released this year by the Finish “authorities” is not quite as bad as the one from 2016, where they actually did basically tell women to “Use the Force.” You can find that video at the following link. Do Finns have Jedi Powers? Finnish Police Releases Absurd Rape Defence Video.

It isn’t that I don’t Trust Paul Joseph Watson, you understand, but I like to include the links to everything. Makes it harder for people to tell me I am making it all up.

And that 2nd video reminds me, as these things always do, of the “Or else” scene from Demolition Man. It is after the break.

Continue reading

Man On Parole for Carjacking Arrested for Carjacking

How do you spell “recidivism?” Two charged with West Loop armed carjacking, including one released from prison less than a week ago (for carjacking).

Officers assigned to the city’s newly-reconstituted carjacking task force traced the victim’s stolen phone to the Austin neighborhood where cops saw two men getting into the carjacked vehicle around 11:30 p.m., according to a CPD spokesperson.

The men crashed the victim’s car and ran from the scene, but both were tracked down and arrested. A revolver was also recovered by police.

They both served “about half” of their previous sentences. One was convicted for vehicle theft, the other was in prison for carjacking. That second guy was released prison last week.

The “reconstituted carjacking task force” is in place because there were more than 600 carjackings last year (though that was a decrease from a prior 2 or 3 years) and there have been 135 carjackings so for this year.

The 2 carjacking suspects were ordered held without bail. (That is a little amazing in Cook County, IL.)

Cooking the Books on Crime

This is about Chicago, but do you think any other city is better? Oops! CPD claims violent crime is down 3% this year (it’s actually UP 13%).

The powers that be want to report that crime is down in Chicago. Even if they have to lie, to do so.

Across the country, crime statistics are organized by a system established by the FBI in 1929. Generally speaking, the bureau considers four crimes to be “violent” — murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Burglaries, thefts, and motor vehicle thefts, which CPD inexplicably lumped into its “violent crime” category for the past two months are not violent.

But hey, it’s just statistics. (Which brings up the old quote about “Lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

Hat tip to Second City Cop, with the post Hahahaha….Down? Down?? Who notes…

The media isn’t even remotely curious about why Burglaries and Robberies are classified as Property Crimes some months and Violent Crimes other months? Or maybe why Burglaries are downgraded to Thefts depending on what direction Groot needs the crime stats to read? Why Beck and Groot are making a massive deployment to CTA stations and platforms if robberies are down?

We joked years ago that future generations were going to “owe” crime to the past because with the constant 3% here and 3% there, crime would be out of existence by the time we got close to retirement. Once upon a time, the media worked in this town. But we guess that was long ago.

“Groot” is Second City Cop’s endearing nickname for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Can you guess that there is not a lot of love between Chicago PD and City Hall?

Apparently They Like the Incredible Levels of Gun Crime

Doing something about criminals wouldn’t be Social-Justice-Warrior Approved. Baltimore Democrats don’t want Larry Hogan to rein in gun violence.

2019 saw Baltimore set a local record (national record?) on gun crimes per capita. You would think people would want to do something about that.

The governor of Maryland wants to “get tough on crime” and do something about the insanity that is going on in Baltimore.

So what have the Democrats in the legislature done about it? They’re preparing to shoot it down, of course. And the interim mayor of Charm City is backing them up. (CBS Baltimore)

Of course they are. They are not distressed about gun crime. They NEED high levels of gun crime to help push their agenda – which doesn’t include “tough on crime” measures like minimum sentences. (Hat tip to View from the Beach and The Daley Gator.

Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

By not treating criminals appropriately, they get more crime. More carjackings reported as police promise crackdown: “The criminal justice system has to get serious about how they deal with some of these juveniles.”.

“The criminal justice system has to get serious about how they deal with some of these juveniles,” CPD Dep. Supt. Anthony Riccio said on Friday. “A lot of what we see are the same crews doing it over and over again. So, we’re gonna have to definitely address the problem of juveniles and the crime that they’re committing.”

Riccio made the remarks as he announced the reconstitution of a multi-agency carjacking task force. He said 117 vehicular hijackings had been reported in 2020 as of earlier this week, up from 67 during the same time in 2019.

But that quip about the Criminal Justice System is aimed at the courts, who keep releasing juveniles, because “they’re just kids” and besides keeping violent criminals in jail is unfair.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes…

If you reward bad behavior (and non punishment is a reward of sorts) you get more of it….lots more of it.

SCC has more insights into what is happening to Justice in Chicago.