A Machete Crime in London Every 90 Minutes

More dispatches from the place where Great Britain used to be. One machete attack happens every 90 minutes on UK streets | Daily Mail Online

One machete crime every 90 minutes on Britain’s streets as police try to deal with thugs carrying out murders, rapes and burglaries

Curiously, machetes are not on the list of banned weapons, which includes everything from ninja stars to telescoping batons.

The article contains a list of some of the crimes. Everything from people hacked to death, to one guy who had his hand cut off.

Figures uncovered using freedom of information requests show that in the last two months of 2017 police dealt with 928 crimes involving machetes. This is an average of 15 a day – or one every 90 minutes.

Statistics for 2017 show a 21 percent increase in crimes where a “knife or sharp object” were used. The authorities promise even more knife control. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is one definition of insanity. (Hat tip to Milo)


About That Surge in Knife-crime Happening in London

London’s crime problem has been much in the news this year. It is almost as if there has been a major change in the population in the past few years. London surgeon treating children in uniform for gun and knife wounds | Daily Mail Online

Martin Griffiths, a lead surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust, said children as young as 13 years old being are being admitted for life-threatening wounds daily.

Griffiths said colleagues who served in the military likened their work at the London hospital to being back at Camp Bastion, the British Forces base in war-torn Afghanistan.

While stab wounds are in the lead, gunshot wounds are also a problem.

The best statistics on UK Crime are from October last year – they don’t report on a calendar-year basis, so the updated report is at least 6 months away. The graphs at that link tell an interesting story of increasing gun and knife crime. And remember, the UK has pretty much outlawed all handguns, and instituted draconian knife-control. I suppose they are shocked to learn that criminals don’t obey the law.

In February, London’s murder rates beat out New York City’s for the first time ever.

Drive-by shootings. Gang violence. (I generally like the coverage of the London Telegraph better, but this story is behind a pesky paywall.)

Gun Control and Knife Control. Maybe They Should Focus on Criminal Control

Still, New York and London can’t hold a candle to Chicago or Baltimore. London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge | Fox News

The Sunday Times reported 15 people were murdered in London, against 14 in New York. Both cities are very diverse with large populations: London has over 8.7 million residents to New York’s 8.5 million.

Murders in London are up 38 percent since 2014. And that trend isn’t reversing.

Deadly stabbings in England and Wales are now at their highest levels since 2011, rising by 12 percent in the year ending December 2017.

The people who hate guns won’t count those murders because stabbings don’t count when you hate guns.

Canada Needs to Embrace Self-defense

What would you do when a response to an urgent 911 call is 20 minutes or an hour? Corbella: Crime epidemic leaves rural families frightened at home | The Province

So you’re home, and you are alerted to thieves. Do you let them drive away with your farm equipment, your tools, the stuff you need to make a living?

According to statistics compiled by the UCP, in Red Deer County’s Sylvan Lake detachment, property crime offences are up 425 per cent from 2012 to 2015. Criminal Code offences are up 259 per cent in the same detachment.

But Canada is “too civilized” to let individuals defend themselves or their homes. Fire a warning shot and you will be tossed in prison. While the guy trying to steal your stuff might be charged with trespassing. Even if you are attacked, self-defense is an iffy proposition. You are supposed to rely on the state. Even if you can’t rely on the state.

Chicago Has Discovered That Crime Doesn’t Just Happen in “Other Kinds of Places”

It wasn’t that long ago, you could start a comment storm by noting that the murder rate in Chicago was on the rise. People would fall all over themselves to EMPHASIZE that crime was not an issue in THEIR neighborhoods, but only in those other “bad” areas. CWB Chicago: “Unthinkable”: Loop Violent Crime Up 97%, But Rahm Has CUT The Number Of Cops There

But that wasn’t likely to last.

A CWBChicago analysis of crime in the Loop found a disturbing five-year trend of increasing crime. Particularly concerning is an irrefutable 97% surge of violent crime in the downtown neighborhood that includes Chicago jewels like the central business district, theater district, and Millenium Park.

And it isn’t just (or even mostly) that there are fewer police in the Loop, though that would seem to be contributing to the problem. The root cause of the issue is that there are no consequences. People are arrested and released – even on gun crimes. You could add a million police. Under those conditions, they would all be fighting a losing battle.