The Continuing Decline of Health Care in the UK

Foreign doctors are revealed to be behind 60% of all sex assaults on patients – but NHS wants fewer of them taken to disciplinary hearings.

because if you don’t apportion hearings by racial quotas, you are being unfair. Or something.

But there is concern that setting arbitrary targets could let medics who pose a real threat to patients escape investigation. J. Meirion Thomas, a retired consultant surgeon who worked in the NHS for 30 years, said: ‘Complaints of sexual misconduct, and other matters against doctors, should be assessed irrespective of ethnicity. Applying any other criteria risks that some complaints may not be properly investigated.’

At least someone still has his British head screwed on straight. No surprise that he’s retired. (Hat tip to Ninety Miles from Tyranny.)


What Happens When You Disarm a Population, and Then Cut Police Support?

You get lawlessness and the breakdown of order. And no, this isn’t about California. Winnipegger turns to confrontation as police response times grow for property crimes.

About a Canadian who found a man in his backyard. The intruder produced a knife and lunged. In Texas, or Florida, or a dozen other states, that guy would be dead. But Canada is to “civilized” (read that as “domesticated”) to allow its citizens (subjects?) to be armed in their own defense.

The reason that the guy was tired of waiting on police?

Winnipeg police have commented numerous times over the past several months that their resources are being stretched thin.

They are dealing with “The increasing number of bizarre and dangerous incidents due to people believed high on meth.” 911 response time to a property crime is now measured in days. Which means, of course, that property crime is also on the rise.

Now Winnipeg has long way to go before it becomes Baltimore, New Orleans or Chicago, but the trends are clearly going in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile in the People’s Republic of California…

Law and order have disappeared. First the story: Homeless ex-con ambushes ‘random’ 63-year-old woman with bottle, California cops say.

“He jumped out and kind of like punched her in the head, and that kind of took her down,” said witness Henry Kwan, KCBS reported. “Then he started punching her in the head and kicking her multiple times — maybe 10 to 20 times — and she was screaming for help.”

Eventually he started using a broken bottle as a weapon.

Next up, we examine the reaction of the good people of California. Did anyone race to her defense? Was anyone armed? Of course not! You are supposed to rely on The State for everything.

People working at nearby businesses heard the woman screaming for help and saw Ulloa kicking her in the head in an alley, the L.A. Daily News reported. They also called 911.

The woman who was attacked is in intensive care. The cops did arrest the guy, who has a criminal history and was on parole at the time of the attack.

Finally the commentary, from Daniel Greenfield (at Frontpage Mag). LA Homeless Crisis Escalates to Attempted Murder w/Broken Bottle.

California Democrats have been freeing convicts, failing to prosecute offenders and enabling the worst homeless mess in the country.

All of those came together in Burbank for this violent attack.

The attacker had 6 prior convictions. (Three strikes laws? Those are inhumane!) And then there is the increase in crime in LA. Los Angeles Doubled its Homeless Budget, Doubled Homeless Crime

LAPD statistics showed that while the homeless were suspects in 4.3% of all crime in Los Angeles, they were the suspects in 12.6% of aggravated assaults. The footprint of homeless crime was three times as high when it came to aggravated assaults compared to the whole general geography of crime.

How Not to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Fun was not had by all. 14 trampled, 3 stabbed in post-fireworks mayhem at Navy Pier, police say.

First up, idiots of the 2nd order.

Fourteen people were injured as a large group of attendees began running from the pier when someone threw firecrackers, sparking rumors of an active shooter after the annual pyrotechnic display at 600 East Grand. Witnesses reported seeing people trampled by a panicked crowd that was running to get out of the area shortly after 10 p.m.

Then there are the gangs.

Two teenagers were stabbed in a fight that began after gang signs were exchanged between men outside the pier around the same time, police said. A 15-year-old stabbed in the armpit and a 14-year-old stabbed in the arm and rib were transported to Lurie’s Children’s Hospital where their conditions stabilized, police said. Neither teen was being cooperative with police.

At least one other person was stabbed, but he maintains he didn’t see who it was that stabbed him.

And then there were the general injuries that occur when you pack a bunch of people into the Navy Pier area.

As of 9:00PM Friday, weekend is really rolling… Shitshow of the Year. (4th of July weekend is usually one of the most deadly weekends in Chicago.)

9:00p Stupidity Tally: 6 killed, 36 wounded

Those numbers will change. And those numbers don’t include stabbings, unless someone dies.

NYPD: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

They look good, if you only use their stats. Newsy Finds NYPD Undercounting Rape By 38% Compared To FBI Statistics.

It’s a bit of an overstatement, they just aren’t using the (new) nationally approved definition of Rape. They’re using the old definition.

The nation’s largest police agency does not count forced oral or anal sex as “rape” in reports on its website.

Now they are reporting to the state and feds correctly (as according to the definition that the feds use), but they didn’t bother to change their internal reporting to reflect the 21st Century.

This is mostly a PR problem, but it is probably going to become a major PR problem until the get with the modern program.

An Article Extolling the Virtues of the 2nd Amendment?

No surprise it isn’t in the mainstream media. Why are Indian American convenience store workers easy targets? Is not owning guns a factor?.

Working in convenience stores is a dangerous thing. Late-night hours. Cash. Few employees and few customers.

Then there is the lack of firearms.

He said that another reason maybe because most Indian Americans don’t keep guns. “Even though I haven’t studied the statistics for that could be that most robbers know that often Indians do not keep guns with them,” Patel said. “Among white or Chinese store owners, it is more likely that you would find them with a gun in their business. Robbers may take advantage of this fact, too.”

That’s not the only reason, of course and the article covers a lot of those other factors. But treating the lack of firearms and training as an issue is something you would never seen in the mainstream press.