And Chicago Wonders Why It Has a Crime Problem

JusticeIf you don’t punish criminals, you are not going to stop crime. Most juveniles charged with armed carjackings let go in 24 hours, records show | Chicago Sun-Times

There were a 1000 carjackings in Chicago last year. That is up from 600 and some in 2016. It is a major problem. It isn’t limited to any part of the city but hits everyone. Including the mayor, Rahm Emmanuel.

Last week, former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, who’s considering a run for mayor, criticized Emanuel for failing to take control of the problem. McCarthy said “criminals are getting released immediately after arrest. Many times, they’re not being prosecuted. If there’s no sanction, what the hell?”

What the hell indeed.

Go take a look. Lots of good statistics about how armed felons are released and then re-arrested for another gun charge.

“Crime has to have consequences,” said Smith, a former federal prosecutor whose ward includes the Gold Coast, Old Town and Lincoln Park. “We’re not helping our community and we’re not helping our kids. We’re not even giving them a ‘time out’ for carrying a gun.”

If you make something more expensive, you will see less of it. Right now the cost of crime in Chicago is VERY low. [Hat tip to Second City Cop]

UPDATE: More on the same subject from Crime In Wrigleyville & Boystown. CWB Chicago: Guess What Happens When A City Doesn’t Treat Serious Crimes Seriously?


More Churches Wake Up to the Fact That They Exist in the Real World

In The Real World™ where bad things can and do happen, even in the middle of religious services. Comprehensive action plans can help protect churches.

Attacks on Churches are always presented like they are an aberration. But while they aren’t common, they do happen on a regular basis.

The most common venue for mass shootings are workplace environments followed by academic institutions. About 6 percent of shootings occur at places of worship. They often are chosen because there is potential for a large number of casualties.

This article is about organizations getting a plan in place. Because call 911 and wait for the cavalry to arrive is a losing proposition.

The average length of an active shooting lasts about 12½ minutes. On average, law enforcement’s response time to an active shooter is 18 minutes, according to Cuevas, which is why having a plan is so important.

Organizations should have a plan – like designated security. But everyone should know what to do in the event of an active shooter.

Although the focus is on religious organizations, some of the information applies to any similar situation, like how to react when the cops arrive. Go look at it. It isn’t that long and it includes some interesting things to think about.

“You can’t stop it from happening, but you may be able to prevent a bigger disaster,” [the organizer of the seminar] said.

Chicago Politicians Rejoice

There were “only” 41 killed in the month of January. January Wrap-up | Chicago Murder, Crime & Mayhem | HeyJackass! (I would have to double-check, but I’m pretty sure the weather was much worse this year. Nothing puts a damper on mayhem like cold and snow.)

An average January posted average numbers with average being touted as “remarkable” because last year was such a shitshow.

Fewer people than died than did in January of last year or 2016. Many more died this year than died in January 2015 or 2014.

January 2018: 41 homicides (that includes 1 shot by a CCW license holder), 36 shot and killed, 173 wounded.

See HeyJackass! for all the enlightening commentary.

5 Years of Celebrating Chicago Values

Wish them well. Happy Anniversary | Chicago Murder, Crime & Mayhem | HeyJackass!

Five years ago today we launched an idea based on the “Chicago values” we were lectured about during the violent, political-anti-Chick-fil-A chicken sammich-infused summer of 2012. Every now and then we’re reminded about these values, but since we were never told exactly what those values are, we assumed that it must be murder, crime and mayhem.

Things haven’t gotten better for Chicago over the past 5 years.

Stop in at HeyJackass! and (as they say) view all the Enlightening Commentary.

Germany, Immigrants and Crime

There goes the narrative. German study links increased crime rate to migrant arrivals.

While there is some hand-waving at the result – reporting bias, etc. – they really don’t pull too many punches.

According to the study, which was conducted by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and paid for by Germany’s Ministry of Family Affairs, police witnessed an increase of 10.4 percent in reported violent crimes in 2015 and 2016. More than 90 percent of the increase (not of total violent crimes) was said to be attributable to migrants.

They even break down the lawlessness by country of origin.

You could never get this off the ground in the US, not with the Social Justice Warriors screaming at you.

Chicago Crime Over the Past 4 years

Things are not going well in Chicago. More Trends: Second City Cop.

Everything is on the rise.

A 21% increase in robberies over four years.

A 41% increase in homicides over the same four years.

A 209% increase in car-jackings? Over four years.

Since the numbers (not including car-jacking) are down in 2017 from 2016, the politicians are celebrating. Second City Cop sees less to celebrate.

News Flash: Criminals Don’t Call 911

And the citizens don’t want to get involved. (Almost makes me homesick for Chicago.) Cincinnati shot-tracker shows most gunfire isn’t reported

Now that we have Shot-tracker, no one needs to call in gunfire. Cops will know right away. (Or else what is the technology for?) 85% of gunfire is not reported to 911.

So let’s review. Bad guys aren’t going to call the cops. The good guys are afraid of the bad guys, so they won’t either. That’s ground-breaking reporting right there. (Maybe I should create a Media Insanity category to go along with Cops Behaving Stupidly.)

Just to show the level of command of the English language… The next story at the Cincinnati Enquirer discusses how police in Dayton are trying to “coax” a subject out of a house using sirens and bullhorns. Not sure I would have gone with the verb “coax” under those circumstances. But then again I’m not a Journalism Professional™.