Affordable Bail Works as Long as You Ignore the Data

JusticeA politician wouldn’t LIE, would they? More murder cases raise questions about officials’ bond court success stories

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, known as Crimesha to Second City Cop (link in the sidebar), loves bail reform.

As we reported Tuesday, Foxx is driving the re-offend statistic down by creating a tight window of opportunity for someone to get caught with another gun.

So the program looks like it’s working, as long as you exclude the data that shows it isn’t.

A gun crime, namely felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, resulted in the first guy having to pay 200 bucks to get out of jail. He was eventually given a curfew, not that that mattered to anyone, least of all the bad-guy.

Stidhum violated his curfew again the very next night and 16 more times during the month of June alone, according to court records. But officials didn’t do anything about it.

On July 16, Stidhum shot and killed 23-year-old Tavion Edwards as the man rode his motorcycle in Lawndale, prosecutors say. Patrol officers heard the gunfire and arrested Stidhum as he ran down a nearby alley. Cops said they found a gun in Stidhum’s pants.

Even though he was out on bail, and had violated the terms of his release a bunch of times, the murder he committed, allegedly, doesn’t count on Crimesha’s stats because it didn’t happen right away. Yeah, that makes sense.

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So yeah, you can prove just about anything you want to prove if you ignore the data that doesn’t help your cause.

In case you’ve been living under a rock this summer, Chicago has a crime problem. Murders and shootings have been through the roof, and the looting isn’t helping things. And while it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, carjacking is surging in a big way this year.

The Summer Shooting Season in Chicago

To no one’s surprise, it was awful. HeyJackass! has the details. 2020 Summer Shooting Season

HeyJackass! counts the summer season from noon, and the Friday before Memorial Day, to 6 AM on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

This year’s Summer Shooting Season not only nailed bucket number six to win a brand new Schwinn bicycle and new, crisp 100 dollar bill, it also managed to take home some high end goods courtesy of Michigan Ave retailers and took numerous field trips to the morgue.

Summer 2020*: 343 killed, 1,606 wounded
Summer 2019: 172 killed, 890 wounded

The first part of that quote references Bozo’s Circus, a TV show from very long time ago.

HeyJackass! has all the stats: Shot in the ass. Selfies. Youngest and oldest victims. Etc.

Tell Me Again Why de Blasio Thinks Cops Have Time to Enforce Dining Restrictions

So why would you want to live in NYC if this could happen? Man sitting in car shot in head as bullets fly in NYC on Labor Day weekend

Five people were shot in the Big Apple on Sunday — including a man killed while sitting next to his wife in a car in Queens — as gun violence continued to plague the city, police said.

Of course de Blasio wants cops to enforce COVID-19 dining restrictions. Because crime is all under control. Or maybe not.

The Labor Day weekend violence continued the summer spike in shootings. There were 242 shootings recorded in August, up from 91 last year, police figures show.

So a 166 percent increase in shootings, but de Blasio apparently doesn’t think that is where cops should be focusing their attention.

To paraphrase Ronald Weasley, from Harry Potter, he needs to sort out his priorities.

Only an “Average” Labor Day Weekend in Chicago

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSBy any other measure it would be a sh*tshow of the highest order. Slain 8-year-old girl among more than 50 shot in Chicago over Labor Day weekend.

Police said the victims’ vehicle was stopped at a red light and the suspects’ vehicle was directly behind it. When the light turned green, shots were fired into the victims’ vehicle, which eventually crashed into a tree.

As for the totals, HeyJackass! lists the final tally as follows:

Final Stupidity Tally: 11 killed, 48 wounded
2019 Labor Day weekend: 11 killed, 38 wounded
2018 Labor Day weekend: 11 killed, 21 wounded
2017 Labor Day weekend: 7 killed, 40 wounded

OK, so the weekend was slightly worse than average. That is a marked improvement over weekends from earlier in the summer.

The End of Summer in Chicago

HeyJackass! brings us Chicago’s Summer’s Finale

Labor Day weekend means it’s time to draw the curtain on another mostly peaceful Summer Shooting Season. Since opening day on Friday, May 22nd, we’ve tallied 336 homicides plus nearly 1600 shot & wounded. Last year’s Summer Shooting Season wrapped up with 172 homicides and 890 shot & wounded.

Click thru for the totals. The totals will be finalized sometime Tuesday Morning.

Shootings Up in NYC

crime scene tapeSomehow I am sure de Blasio will try to blame this on Trump. NYC Crime Surge Continues: Shootings Up 166% in August Compared to 2019

For the month of August 2020, there was 242 shooting incidents across the city compared to the same time period last year when the city saw 91 shooting incidents, according to data

Hey, if you don’t want police protection, then you won’t get police protection.

No mention of the fact that NYC forced NYPD to eliminate the plain-clothed divisions that apparently did more to reduce crime than de Blasio and his hangers-on realized.

Chief of Department Terence Monahan, the highest ranking uniformed officer, disputes the slowdown accusations. Instead, he attributes the rise in violence to other factors such as 2,000 fewer officers patrolling the streets every week

Literally thousands of officers have retired from NYPD in 2020.

August in Chicago

The statistics coming out of Chicago continue to be disturbing. August Wrap-up

August 2020: 66 killed, 430 wounded

That is a fairly disturbing total. It isn’t double what the city has seen in the past few years, but it is a significantly higher total. Like 68% higher, or so, depending on the year.

A breakdown of the month’s idiocy shows:

  • 63 shot & killed
  • 3 killed via other means
  • 3 shot by CPD, 1 fatally
  • 3 CPD officers shot, 0 fatally
  • 1 shot by CCW, nonfatal

There is oh so much more, including reflections on the summer and predictions for September. Click thru.

Weekend in the City

The City of Chicago, that it. HeyJackass! is anticipating a Mostly Peaceful Weekend.

Jersey Barriers and decorative flower pots on Michigan Ave, plywood forests sprouting again downtown, 12-hour shifts and officer safety alerts issued, plus all the usual nonsense has all the ingredients for a mostly peaceful weekend.

Click thru for the totals. At 4:00 PM Central, Sunday the numbers were 10 killed and 37 wounded. Year-to-date, Chicago has had more than 2750 people shot, and more than 500 murders. It’s like they turned the clock back to 1990, in terms of crime.

Violence Driving People Out of Chicago

And out of the swanky neighborhoods. ‘I’ve never had to think about my own safety in this way before’: Shaken by summer looting in affluent neighborhoods, some Chicagoans are moving away.

But they don’t want to wait it out here in the city, fearful of stepping outside at night and hoping for things to maybe get better.

They want out.

“Not to make it all about us; the whole world is suffering,” said Amber, a 30-year-old nurse who lives in River North. “This is a minute factor in all of that, and we totally realize that. We are very lucky to have what we do have.

“But I do think that I’ve never had to think about my own safety in this way before.”

Security is high up on the list of things people want, even if they don’t recognize that until it is gone. And it is gone in Chicago. You can’t buy security in Chicago. The most expensive neighborhoods are being looted, are the site of carjacking and, robbery, assault and rape. At some point, like now, people will say “enough.”

Chicago has been Neil Spun’s home for more than half his life, but recently, the 60-year-old state worker has been conflicted about staying in his Edgewater apartment due to the rioting and looting that started in late May following the death of George Floyd. [SNIP]

“There have been riots before, and looting,” Spun said. “It just seems to me now that the city isn’t doing anything about it. I don’t see this getting any better, and so I’d like to leave.”

Life in Chicago, and in other cities, is taking on the characteristics of the state Hobbes described as a State of War.

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Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

If you make something cheaper, you will see more of it. As murders soar in Chicago, judges are freeing more violent-crime suspects on electronic monitoring

The number of criminal defendants freed on bail and ordered to wear electronic-monitoring bracelets has soared this year in Cook County, including more than 1,000 people charged with murder, robbery or illegal possession of guns, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis has found.

Police Supt. David Brown says many of those being set free on electronic monitoring are responsible for the steep rise in killings this year in Chicago.

As I write this Chicago has had a total of 491 homicides for the year, with a total number of people shot standing at more than 2600. In fact the numbers are higher than for the entire year of 2014. And we aren’t even done with August.

But I don’t expect anything to change for sometime. The State’s Attorney and the Judges in Cook County are determined to see social justice done, even if people have to die to make their point.

Chicago’s Continuing Slide Into Chaos

HeyJackass! brings us the details with The Weekend’s Stupidity.

It seems that Mayor Lightfoot’s efforts to secure her neighborhood paid off, just not for the city as a whole.

Final Stupidity Tally: 5 killed, 67 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 8 killed, 28 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 4 killed, 29 wounded

So hows that war on Law and Order working out?

Philadelphia Following in Chicago’s Footsteps

Violence it on the rise in Philadelphia. I wonder if they will eliminate police to combat non-police violence. Another Violent Night In Philadelphia Leaving Behind ‘Tsunami Of Pain,’ Turning Neighborhoods ‘Into Cemeteries’.

After a night of rampant shootings in the city, leaving a teenager dead, neighbors came out Saturday in an effort to take back their streets.

Community stakeholders knocked on doors and offered support after a 28-year-old man was shot in the stomach while on the front porch.

That’s what they need! A few more choruses of “Kumbaya” will certainly stop the violence! Or maybe not.

And of course they have to blame the inanimate object. It couldn’t possibly be the fault of the gangs, or the people in Philadephia.Another Violent Weekend Continues To Shine Light On Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Crisis. And it really is NOT the fault of the Democratic politicians and their failed policies. It couldn’t be that. At least that is how the media sees it…

Since midnight Saturday, at least 12 people have been shot, two of them killed. All told this weekend, at least 29 people have been shot. Police say five of those who were gunned down were attending a block party in North Philly.

And the “block party” demonstrates the restraint police are showing.

Police responded to what they called a block party going on with as many as 200 people when several men started firing at police. No officers were injured or discharged their weapons.

But even though no police shot, though they were being shot at, all the violence is their fault. Or something.

Crime Statistics

Second City Cop has More Math. It will only hurt for a minute.

New York City and Los Angeles compared to Chicago. The numbers are a little staggering.

Which means you are 6X more likely to be shot in Chicago than in LA or 11X more likely to be shot in Chicago than in NYC.

Those are when you compare the numbers per 100,000 of population. Which is the only way to compare two cities like New York and Chicago.

July in Chicago

I was hoping that proprietor of HeyJackass! was going to do a summary of the month post, under Enlightening Commentary, and we have that at last. July Wrap-up

A breakdown of the month’s idiocy shows:

  • 96 shot & killed
  • 6 fatally stabbed
  • 5 killed via other means
  • 1 shot by CPD, 0 fatally
  • 3 CPD officers shot, 0 fatally
  • 2 shot by CCW, 0 fatally

There are more stats… Click thru.

The numbers really do tell most of the story.

Well, the good folks of Chicago elected politicians who did not value law and order in Mayor Groot and State’s Attorney Crimesha. So now what they have is a distinct lack of law and order.

New York City Crime: More Shootings Than in All of 2019

Because we don’t need law and order. NYC has had more shootings so far this year than in all of 2019.

A 24-year-old man who walked bleeding into Lincoln Hospital in The Bronx on Saturday night has pushed the city’s total number of shootings this year to 777 — topping the 776 recorded in all of last year, NYPD data compiled by The Post reveals.

NYPD is not able or willing to do anything in a lot of cases. With 5 months left in the year things are going to be bad in the Big Apple.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes…

That means that every single time there is a shooting in New York City, it’s an increase over last year.

No Crime Reduction awards…

Minneapolis Continues to Slide into Chaos

Because that is lawlessness brought on by the Left. Meltdown: Minneapolis violence nearing annual records — in July.

What happens when civic leaders stand by while mobs burn down police buildings, and a city council proposes to eliminate law enforcement to appease them? Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

The image is from the Star Tribune: Minneapolis continues to contend with unprecedented gun violence amid policing debate. Click the image for a larger view.

The toll is taking a disproportionate toll on African-Americans because of where the violence is taking place. “Victims were mostly concentrated in the Fourth and Third precincts,” the Strib’s Libor Jany reports. The Third Precinct’s police station got burned to the ground, readers may recall.

So do they want more police, or fewer cops on the street? Or how exactly are they going to get the violence under control without police. I don’t think singing Kumbaya is going to get it done.

Hat tip Second City Cop, who notes…

Not surprising as Minneapolis was Ground Zero for the false narrative unrest.

Can’t Challenge the Narrative

Because Big Tech wants you to believe what you are told to believe. YouTube Throws In the Towel.

Reasoned and fact-based discussions? We can’t have that! The 21st Century is ALL about Feelings.

YouTube deleted a video that dared to challenge some things said by the Left. Eventually the relented, but did put it behind a “prove your age” barrier.

What remains unexplained, of course, is why our video was banned in the first place. YouTube told us the American Experiment/Mac Donald video was “flagged for review.” As I noted here, “flagged” is a weasel word. Was Heather’s presentation “flagged” by a computer algorithm? If so, based on what? Was it “flagged” by a YouTube employee? If so, why, and based on what internal YouTube guidelines? Was it “flagged” by a goofball leftist? If so, on what basis, and why did YouTube immediately respond to such “flagging” by deleting the video?

Click thru for the video. It is 40 minutes, and it talks about crime statistics, so not exactly exciting, but it contradicts the Left, and it is still on YouTube. Something of a victory.

Big City Violence

Does anyone have a plan?

First let’s look at New York. Man shot dead outside his Queens apartment, capping a night of bloodshed across the city.

4 murders in 12 hours… that rate beats Chicago’s average…

As of July 26, cops have seen a 29% jump in homicides across the five boroughs, from 176 this time last year to 227, officials said.

The NYPD has also seen a 73% jump in shootings, from 431 to 745, officials said.

Speaking of Chicago… Shootapalooza Weekend.

While the festival may have been cancelled much to the chagrin of suburban 20-somethings looking to get shitfaced and partake in an expensive ambulance ride to Northwestern, Shootapalooza is a go and always puts in a solid audition for the headliner weekend of the year.

Click thru for the totals…

And while not in the same league as Chicago… July’s gun violence worries Columbus police. That would be Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus has had 75 homicides so far in 2020, with more than 41% of those occurring in June and July.

“Things have literally just exploded,” said Deputy Chief Tim Becker.

July was the second straight month in 2020 with higher than normal homicide rates. Fourteen homicides happened in June, two of which involved juvenile victims. That month saw a 40% increase from June 2019 and a 133% increase over the six homicides that occurred in June 2018.

And not so large cities. Cleveland, Ohio. 11 people shot in Cleveland over 11-hour period, including pregnant woman & 15-year-old boy.

That story says no one died, but other articles say that the unborn child did not survive.

Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis police renew call for help from public as homicides accumulate in 2020.

As of Friday, 160 people have been killed in Memphis this year.

That compares to 2018, the last year for which complete data is available from the FBI, in which there were 186 murders for the entire year.

I’ve written before that I don’t have a plan. We know that Broken Windows can reduce crime rates, but it was handled so ineptly and with such disregard for civil liberties in New York City, that it is just not an option today. But then I don’t know what is. We’ve seen that reductions in police presence leads to an increase in lawlessness. No one should be surprised at that outcome, BTW. Hobbes published a book that dealt with exactly that topic in 1651. And from the insane things being said by the Mayor of Chicago, I’m pretty sure the mayors don’t have a plan either.

More Kids Shot in Chicago

From Thursday, on the South Side of Chicago. Chicago shooting: 2 injured, including child, in Riverdale.

An 8-year-old boy was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital in good condition with a gunshot wound to the back and a graze wound to his right arm.

And then Friday from the Near North Side. Cabrini Green shooting: Boy, 9, killed in Near North Side, Chicago police say.

Police said at around 6 p.m. in the 900-block of North Cambridge Avenue around, a shooter approached the victim and several other people outside and opened fire in their direction. Police said the boy was playing in a parking lot at the time.

The boy was struck multiple times and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Mayor Lori “Groot” Lightfoot and State’s Attorney Kimm “Crimesha” Foxx will blame everyone and everything from the guns to the cops to Trump, but what they will not do is look at their own policies, which have left violent offenders on the street with no repercussions, and seen a staggering increase in murder.

But hey, defunding the police, turning violent criminals loose, emptying jails it s Social-Justice-Warrior thing to do. Too bad there isn’t any real Justice.