Brazil Moving Toward More Armed Citizens

First Bolsonaro gives the climate conference the heave-ho, and threatens to withdraw from the Paris Accord, now this. The New York Times is NOT happy. Brazil’s New Leader Wants to Ease Gun Laws. Supporters Are Ready, and Training.

For a population angered by the last few years of political and economic turmoil and worried by escalating violence, Mr. Bolsonaro’s vow to break with Brazil’s restrictive attitude toward weapons and make it easier for “good guys” to own guns was particularly resonant.

It’s almost like he isn’t a Leftist. (He’s not, and the NY Times is SO confused.)

Mr. Bolsonaro’s tough-on-crime stance helped catapult him to the head of a splintered race in a country reeling from a record-level epidemic of violence. Last year there were roughly 175 homicides per day in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Forum on Public Safety. Often simulating gunfire with his fingers at campaign rallies, Mr. Bolsonaro said he would combat the homicide epidemic by easing firearm laws and giving the police more freedom to shoot suspects.

“We have to stop this politically correct thing, saying that disarming everyone will make Brazil a better place — it won’t,” Mr. Bolsonaro said.

And for all of that, the NY Times HAS to call him “far right.” Funny how no one is ever “far Left” in the world view of NYT.


What Happens When the Good Guys Don’t Have the Ability to Defend Themselves?

They are at the mercy of people who don’t follow the law. This is Canada, where self-defense is pretty much illegal. (From the comments on a different post – link at bottom of this post). Nanaimo seniors share harrowing story of home invasion.

A couple in their 70s was home minding their own business when they were the victim of a home invasion.

“I ran at him,” he said. “We got into a tussle and then he hit me on the head with some kind of a club.”

Bleeding from a gash on his head, Donald says the same man then tied him up and forced him to lie face down on the floor.

“He handcuffed and put my hands together with rope or belts, my own belts,” he said.

One of the miscreants had a firearm, but it is clear they didn’t need it. Clubs. Hockey sticks. Baseball bats. All would have been enough to overpower this elderly couple. And so they lost heirloom jewelry, and their car. They got the car back.

The seniors, who have been married for more than 50 years, say they are traumatized by the ordeal and want the suspects to be caught.

Compare and Contrast with the original post about a home invasion in this country. (UNO HU, who left a comment on that post, gets the hat tip.) Or actually, you can look at pretty much any post in the Self-defense category. Which is why it’s there.

Run, Hide, Die – Northwestern University Active-shooter Training Fail

Because they’ve been told their whole lives that any violence is bad, college students have no idea what to do in a violent situation. Chuck Holton: Northwestern University Teaches Students To Fight Shooters With Hole Punchers.

WordPress is too civilized to understand how to embed videos from – or they just don’t permit it – so here’s a link to the video. It’s about 10 or 11 minutes of video.

“Throw papers at the shooter, to confuse them.” Has to be one of the most incredibly insane ideas.

Why are they jumping through these intellectual hoops? Because the alternative would be to admit that concealed carry on a college campus might actually stop the carnage of an active shooter.

Instead they will maintain their defenseless victim zone – in the misguided notion that guns cause people to behave in certain ways – and consign anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in an active-shooter situation to face a firearm, while armed only with a stapler or a water bottle.

He Violated the Order of Protection 22 Times

So exactly what did the “protective orders” do. Police arrest suspect in Kalihi for 22 restraining order violations.

She got the restraining order in March. It is good for one year. Exactly what it is good for eludes me.

Police said the man threatened his former domestic partner, a 24-year-old woman, in violation of a restraining order. The alleged offenses occurred between 8:30 p.m. Saturday and 1:30 a.m. today.

This is Hawaii, where it is all but impossible to defend yourself. (Firearms are bad. Or something.)

Still, the did arrest him, and no one died. Which is better than most of the stories of this type that I read.

Some More Info on Thousand Oaks

Considering the MSM, this isn’t a terribly anti-gun article. At the only gun shop in Thousand Oaks, fearful residents decide it’s time to buy a gun.

I stopped writing about mass shootings, because immediately after an event it is all speculation. Well, that and the Democrats doing the Gun-control Dance. But this article had some information that I find interesting.

Overall this is an interview with a gun-store owner and some of his customers on a given day. With a few quotes from a guy who runs training at a nearby range.

As new customers cycled through the store, the constant chatter—besides general expressions of hatred for the shooter—was about the six unarmed, off-duty law enforcement officers who were reportedly at the bar during the shooting. Their lack of weapons was a presumed consequence of a California law barring firearms in bars.

Six members of law-enforcement disarmed for everyone’s protection by the Democratic legislature/governor of California. How’s that working out for you?

The other piece of info that is completely expected – the neighbors are shocked to discover that they do live in the Real World™ where crime can, and sometimes does, happen.

Residents have long regarded this city as a serene little community forty miles away from the crime and blight of Los Angeles. But the shooting this week drove home a creeping feeling that the outside world is encroaching on Thousand Oaks.

The guy from the training center had a few words about the “closeted, gun-owning liberals” who would NEVER admit to being an evil gun-owner to their liberal friends. Because gun-owners are evil in the eyes of the liberals.

The reporter ends with a quote from a 12-year-old (who wasn’t in the store, but was skating around the parking lot).

He chimed in with his opinion on gun control. “No matter how hard they make it to get a gun, they’re going to get one,” Ethan said. “I’m a kid and I don’t know anything but I know that.”

“I pay as much attention to these brainless liberals as I do to a fly buzzing around a room.”

The is an interview with Yonatan Stern, Director of Cherev Gidon Tactical Training Academy in Pennsylvania. The difference between this and the few “sound bites” that other news organizations have carried is that this a complete interview. After Pittsburgh–Teaching Jews to Shoot Guns Gains Traction at Pennsylvania Tactical Training Academy.

I like what he has to say on the subject of self-defense.

A bit of background, he is training members of the Jewish community to defend their schools and temples from attack. In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh attack, he has been inundated with requests for training.

JV: Are you receiving any pushback from gun control activists, card carrying pacifists and other political operatives who oppose what you are doing?

YS: Liberals are always going to whine when people like us take effective initiatives to actually make positive changes within our society. They whined when trump got elected, they whined when Trump blocked Islamic terrorists from entering our nation, they whined when the embassy was moved to Jerusalem, they whined when Justice Kavanaugh was appointed, they whined that the President is sending troops to protect our border, and now they are of course whining that we are getting American Jewish civilians armed and trained in our synagogues.

I pay as much attention to these brainless liberals as I do to a fly buzzing around a room. Anyone who advocates for Jews to be disarmed while we are under violent attack by antisemites is either intentionally trying to get Jews killed, or is an ignorant fool who is probably suffering from mental illness.

I enjoyed it. You might as well.

Residents Were Shocked

Reality is true, even when you don’t want it to be. Union Temple Beefs Up Security After Vandalism.

So the antisemitic graffiti and arson attacks on various synagogues in New York City have pushed (some) people out of their delusions. And they aren’t happy.

“Of course I know anti-Semitism is real, but I guess that in the back of my mind I was telling myself ‘but not here,’” [One member of the temple] said. “Now that it’s in Brooklyn, in my own super-progressive neighborhood, inside my baby’s preschool, I have to come to terms with it on a whole different level.”

Crime – even hate crime – isn’t something that only happens in “other kinds of places,” to “other kinds of people.” It is strange to me to think that the Jewish community in New York – even if only the extremely liberal portion of it – could really believe that somehow their zip-code would protect them.

If you can read this, you are not a resident of some fantasy locale where crime never happens. You live in the Real World™ where crime – even hate crime – can and sometime does happen. You should plan accordingly.

So as a show of force, there will be some private security, and – at least for a short time – some NYPD cops at this school. But in the long run what are these people going to do?

[That same mother] had recently volunteered to canvass her neighborhood ahead of the midterm elections, a decision that she said she’s now feeling conflicted about, “because of how much this incident makes me want to go out and buy a gun.”

What’s that old saying? “A Conservative is a Liberal Who’s been mugged.”

I’m sure she will get over the desire to exert individual action. Because she’s in her “own super-progressive neighborhood.”

A side note: The articles I’ve read seem to be doing everything they can to avoid mentioning that the person who has been arrested in relation to several attacks (James Polite) was Democratic intern, because narrative, I assume. (That’s another “uncomfortable reality.”)