Sheriff Grady Judd on Gun Control

Sheriff Grady Judd is eminently quotable. And he is right, more often than not. Florida Sheriff Wants to Let Teachers Have Guns on School Grounds

Schools in Florida (in most places) are defenseless victim zones. NO ONE is allowed to have a weapon, so the only people who do, are the bad actors.

Judd told Fox News that gun control on every campus in Florida dictates that no one can bring a gun onto campus. He added that the only person who violates this rule is the “crazed person — the active shooter.”

Sheriff Grady thinks that should change. He thinks some teachers (or other staff) should be armed.

And he admits (what everyone knows, but cops are usually afraid to admit) that when seconds count, police are minutes away.

He explained the average shooting only lasts two to five minutes and that the average police response time is five minutes. So by the time 911 is called, it’s “too late.”

Polk County Florida – home to Sheriff Grady Judd – is about half-way between Orlando and Tampa. It isn’t exactly rural and it definitely isn’t a big city.


Funded But Incompetent

Or maybe the Federal Bureau of Idiots. The FBI Admits They Screwed Up on Nikolas Cruz. But They’re So Sorry. [VIDEO] – Victory Girls Blog

Just click through. I have not a lot to add.

Call for help on a worthy research project

There is at least one academic who is not anti-gun. SEEKING HELP on Protecting Houses of Worship | Gun Culture 2.0

For a possible research project on church/congregational security, I am hoping to tap into the collective wisdom of the World Wide Web. PLEASE HELP (see request below)!

It is a bit open-ended, but I’m assuming (I know) that he is looking for lessons-learned, strategies, etc. Maybe even anecdotes that haven’t made it into the press. (They really only care if someone got shot, which isn’t how a lot of self-defense stories end.)

More Churches Wake Up to the Fact That They Exist in the Real World

In The Real World™ where bad things can and do happen, even in the middle of religious services. Comprehensive action plans can help protect churches.

Attacks on Churches are always presented like they are an aberration. But while they aren’t common, they do happen on a regular basis.

The most common venue for mass shootings are workplace environments followed by academic institutions. About 6 percent of shootings occur at places of worship. They often are chosen because there is potential for a large number of casualties.

This article is about organizations getting a plan in place. Because call 911 and wait for the cavalry to arrive is a losing proposition.

The average length of an active shooting lasts about 12½ minutes. On average, law enforcement’s response time to an active shooter is 18 minutes, according to Cuevas, which is why having a plan is so important.

Organizations should have a plan – like designated security. But everyone should know what to do in the event of an active shooter.

Although the focus is on religious organizations, some of the information applies to any similar situation, like how to react when the cops arrive. Go look at it. It isn’t that long and it includes some interesting things to think about.

“You can’t stop it from happening, but you may be able to prevent a bigger disaster,” [the organizer of the seminar] said.

Justice System Epic Fail

JusticeI usually characterize the Justice System as just another .gov bureaucracy. But if you got this kind of performance from the DMV, you would be rightfully pissed off. Report: Suspect in woman’s murder was arrested, released twice for assaulting her – CBS News

He assaulted her in October. He was released because a judge denied that he be held pending trial. She obtained a restraining order. On December 4th he assaulted her again (in violation of said restraining order) and kidnapped their 4-year-old son. A judge again denied holding him, even though that incident included a weapons charge.

On Tuesday, he killed her.

Newark police on Tuesday found 28-year-old Tiffany Wilson shot and she was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Officers pursued 31-year-old Kareem Dawson of Irvington to Summit, where the chase ended when Dawson shot himself. He’s being treated at a hospital and is facing charges.

My guess is that this time, he will be held in jail pending his court date. But a world of hurt could have been avoided if the Justice System (so called) had done a more credible job.

In a statement to the press on Tuesday, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka blamed the murder on New Jersey’s controversial new bail reform laws, which mandate the use of algorithm-based risk-assessment tools. The new data-driven system is intended to eliminate bias from decisions about pre-trial release.

So a man, who has proven himself to be a threat to his children’s mother, is allowed out on bail because to incarcerate him would be biased? I would say it looks more like the system didn’t give a damn about her life.

And of course this being New Jersey, they make it impossible for the victimized to defend themselves. So the only people with the guns are the bad actors.

Relying on the system to offer protection is a fools hope in the best of circumstances. This is not the best of circumstances. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this guy was a threat to this woman. That he wasn’t going to abide by the restraining order. Anyone and everyone related to this case (including the geniuses that came with the algorithmic approach to justice) should be fired. And then they should be reminded of her death, and what they did to contribute to it every day for the rest of their lives.

More About Those Chicago Values

The crime wave keeps on giving in Chicago. DePaul, Chicago police issue alerts after 6 students mugged within minutes – Chicago Tribune

DePaul University and Chicago police sent out safety alerts after six students were mugged within minutes early Thursday on or near the North Side campus and another victim was robbed on the Near West Side, apparently by the same robbers.

I’m not sure exactly what they expect the students at DePaul – or anywhere else in the city – to do. Arming them is all but impossible in the people’s republic of Chicago. So, they should just cooperate more?

I went to college in the City of Chicago, though not at DePaul. It was however a very long time ago. I don’t know if crime was worse or not back then, but I’m pretty sure my parents would have encouraged me to go elsewhere if I was a student today.

Hat tip to Second City Cop

Crime in the UK – 2017

Spin aside, the graphs tell a convincing picture. Wait… GUN CRIME has seen a marked increase in the Gun Free UK? “Inconceivable!” Statistical bulletin: Crime in England and Wales: year ending June 2017

The spin is, “reported crime isn’t all crime” and “the cops are better at getting crimes into their data.” The statisticians have a different take.

“Today’s figures suggest that the police are dealing with a growing volume of crime. While improvements made by police forces in recording crime are still a factor in the increase, we judge that there have been genuine increases in crime – particularly in some of the low incidence but more harmful categories.” [My emphasis, Z-Deb]

That statement is credited to John Flatley, Crime Statistics and Analysis, Office for National Statistics.

Those areas showing a sharp increase in the past 2 or 3 years? Gun crime. Knife crime. Sex crime. Violent crime in general. It is almost as though there has been a significant change in the population in the past few years. (The UK recently changed the dates on when stats are collected/published. Hence the gap)