Why Do We Refuse to Learn the Lessons of School Shooters?

It is unpleasant to contemplate. Welcome to The Real World™.How LE and school administrators can train together for active shooter response.

Nobody has been killed in a school fire in the last 50 years, yet we continue to practice fire drills in schools across our nation. It is long overdue that we apply the same preventative measures to a threat that has proven to be more prevalent in recent years. In reality, the greatest lethalness of an active shooter incident ends as soon as, or shortly after, the sound of sirens. So why aren’t we as a society focusing more on efficient training for those who would be involved in the incident prior to the arrival of responders? We absolutely should be.

School fires were once a problem. Hence the drills. And better construction. And sprinklers. And we stopped having kids die in school fires. School fires are an unpleasant topic. But we didn’t say “Wait for the Fire Department, they’re the professionals after all.” Teachers were there. There was a need to take immediate action. And so that duty fell on teachers.

And so we have substitute teachers who don’t know how to lock the doors to their class rooms (Sandy Hook), because that will never happen to us. (Bad things only happen to “other kinds of people” in “other kinds of places.”) And people who think dialogue is the answer, several people have died trying that approach.


Kitty Genovese Was Not Available for Comment

New Yorkers – still not interested in getting involved. Man Brutally Attacked on Facebook Live As Onlookers Reportedly Do Nothing, Suspect Arrested.

A 62-year-old man was attacked by a 31-year-old man. No one called 911, though someone did stream it to F*c*book Live.

The Friday attack was streamed on Facebook Live as people can be heard laughing in the background. One of at least three witnesses to the attack on Arce reportedly made a “half-hearted” attempt to intervene but the victim was still brutally punched and stomped on.

And the “good people” of New York City love to look down on those of us who live in “fly-over country.”

You Say That Like It’s a Bad Thing

But then WaPo hates the idea of armed peasants. Amid a spike in slayings, Brazil’s president loosens restrictions on gun ownership.

Brazil tired the Leftist dream of disarming the populace. It became the most dangerous – in terms of murders committed – country in the world. Now they will try something else.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree Tuesday loosening restrictions on gun ownership, a move that appeased his base but which critics say will worsen a crime wave that has already claimed thousands of lives.

Who are these critics? The same people who encouraged the disarming in the first place? Why should we listen to these critics (or the WaPo)?

Sun Sentinel Lays Into the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (and others)

They don’t pull too many punches. UNPREPARED AND OVERWHELMED.

Two decades after Columbine and five years after Sandy Hook, educators and police still weren’t ready for Parkland.

Here are a few of the things in this report.

  • Three school employees fail to call a Code Red and lock down the school. (One of them hides in a closet. He has a radio – no lock down.)
  • Broward County’s insane 911 system slows things down.
  • The (celebrated) Sheriff’s Deputy who didn’t enter the building with the shooter.
  • A responding Deputy stops 1000 feet from the school to block traffic.

There is more. It is a tragic-comedy of errors. Lack of procedure. Lack of training. Lack of communication. Lack of courage. Lack of thinking.

Expecting “The System” To Protect You Is a Losing Proposition

You have to protect yourself. College track star warned police about her ex-boyfriend 6 times in the 10 days before he killed her.

Women who are in abusive relationships, or relationships they fear will become abusive, are often told to reach out for help to prevent things from progressing further. Lauren McCluskey, a track athlete at the University of Utah who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on October 22, 2018, did just that.

She alerted the campus police. She showed them threatening text messages from her ex, told them about his criminal record, which she found out about a month into their relationship.

“College students don’t need to protect themselves.” – The Left.

A gun may not have protected this woman. “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.” But expecting the police, or “The System” to protect you has been shown over and over to be a false hope. Cops have no duty to protect you. Even if you get a court order of protection, the cops still have no duty to protect you. You have to protect yourself. Of course on a college campus, this woman was disarmed – ironically, the Left did that for her own protection. (Maybe the University of Utah should put up bigger signs saying “No Crime Allowed on Campus.” Or something.)

Schools Covering Up Severe Crime So You Can “Feel Safe”

Personally I would rather actually BE safe, than just feel safe. Florida schools cover up crimes: Rapes, guns and more.

From rapes to arsons to guns, Florida’s school districts are hiding countless crimes that take place on campus, defying state laws and leaving parents with the false impression that children are safer than they are.

They don’t give a reason aside from that statement. Parents can “feel” their children are safe. Schools are supposed to report incidents to the State. There are no penalties for lying, so the lying bastards lie.

Everything is ignored from attempted kidnapping to rape. And beyond.

Even murder has been ignored. A student at Coral Gables Senior High got a 40-year prison sentence for a fatal stabbing in 2009, a case that attracted national attention, but the Miami-Dade County school district never reported it to the state.

And if you aren’t dealing with issues, they are likely going to get worse. (You think by ignoring the issues, they will get better?)

Some members of a commission investigating the Parkland shooting believe failure to report crime is one reason why Stoneman Douglas was unprepared for the attack in February. Fudging crime reports could open the door to another tragedy if problems go ignored, they say.

(Hat tip to Irons in the Fire.)

Cops Have No Duty to Protect You

You can’t sue them if (when) they fail to do so. Cops and schools had no duty to shield students in Parkland shooting, says judge who tossed lawsuit.

A federal judge says Broward schools and the Sheriff’s Office had no legal duty to protect students during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


Bloom ruled that the two agencies had no constitutional duty to protect students who were not in custody.

This has been ruled by many courts including SCOTUS in many cases. The cops have no duty to protect you. That is why you must have the ability to protect yourself. Not that I see us granting that to high-school students. Not that they want it. They have bought the line that “all violence is bad,” but some judiciously placed violence on the day of the shooting could have changed the outcome, at least a little. (Hat tip This Ain’t Hell…)