“How Dare You Live Without Me” is a not a way to live your life

He apparently couldn’t accept the fact that he was the EX-boyfriend. 29-year-old ex-boyfriend was killed in self-defense, Athens police say | AL.com

He shows up and shoots his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend.

[Chief Floyd] Johnson said Carter shot his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend — hitting the woman’s leg and the man’s arm. Then, the boyfriend went into the house, grabbed a pistol and shot Carter, Johnson said. Carter died in the street.

The couple were treated and released from a local hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right.


“How Dare You Live Without Me” Attack and Self-defense

Things did not go as she planned. Three armed Cleveland home invasion suspects shot during shootout in home, police say | cleveland.com

So the ex-girlfriend gets together with 2 of her relatives, and they invade the home of the ex-boyfriend, where he is home with his new girlfriend. The three are armed with assorted weapons.

The three women, all relatives, broke into the home and fired shots at the couple inside. At least one of the two residents fired back, police said. Investigators are still trying to determine exactly who fired shots during the shootout.

The ex-girlfriend was shot in the stomach. The other 2 home-invaders are in custody.

Self-defense is a human-right.

The Reality of Domestic Orders of Protection

The reality is simple: A court order is just a piece of paper. Domestic abuse victims express frustration with protection order process

The order has to be served before it is active. They expire and the extensions need to be served before they are in effect. If the cops/whoever can’t serve the order, you are on your own. Of course even if there is an order in place, it is still just a piece of paper.

“I’ve had tons of people tell me that, you know, the only thing that’s gonna protect your kids and you, is you. That paper isn’t gonna do anything,” said [a woman struggling with an abusive ex].

If you need an order of protection, then you need a plan for your personal safety. (In this case the woman is also worried about her kids.) Even if there is an order of protection, the cops don’t have a duty to protect you. They are helpful after the fact, but the fact of abuse can be pretty awful.

Self Defense in Chicago?

Who knew such thing was possible. Self Defense, Again | Chicago Murder, Crime & Mayhem | HeyJackass!

“At 5:18 a.m., a 30-year-old woman was being battered by Damien Hernandez in the 6900 block of West 65th Street, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The woman pulled out a gun and shot him three times [HJ – head, chest & junk], police said.

They arrested her, because guns, but they let her go after they reluctantly came to the conclusion that self-defense is legal. Even in Chicago.

For all the info on that shooting gallery that exists where once stood the great City of Chicago, you should see HeyJackass!

In other Chicago news, 3 were killed and 5 more were wounded in the war zone. (How else to describe it?)

He Ignored the Order of Protection

An order of protection (or restraining order in the common parlance) is just a piece of paper. It won’t protect you from someone determined to do violence. Ex-boyfriend shot after violating order of protection, attacking man, deputies say

So there was a restraining order in place. He was supposed to stay away from his ex-girlfriend. But he went to her home with gasoline and a baseball bat.

Deputies said a man who was at the home came outside after dogs started barking, and he then smelled a strong odor of gasoline near his vehicle.

The man said he found Cuthbertson hiding behind his vehicle and Cuthbertson attacked him with a baseball bat, hitting him in the head multiple times, deputies said.

The man shot Cuthbertson and then helped care for him until EMS arrived, according to deputies.

Caring for the guy that just hit you in the head with a baseball bat is above and beyond the call of duty as far as I am concerned.

If you need a restraining order, then you also need a plan for your protection and the protection of those around you, because not everyone will respect that piece of paper. And the cops are not going to be on hand when you need them. They will show up after the fact and conduct an investigation.

As for the guy who got shot, he is apparently not smart enough to understand the phrase, “It’s over!” Maybe he will get it now, but I doubt it.

He Beat Her So Bad, She Was in the Hospital, But He Wasn’t Arrested: He Killed 2 Kids.

So much for women’s rights in Germany. German authorities left violent man alone with kids; he killed 2 | Fox News

Authorities in Germany say they saw no reason to take a woman’s three children into care after her husband beat her so badly she needed hospital treatment.

Two days later the woman came home to find he had stabbed their young sons, killing two and seriously injuring the third.

So the real question is, “Why wasn’t this asshole in jail?” Oh, because the Europeans are so much more civilized than us, they don’t throw as many people in jail as we do. Look how that turned out.

Prosecutor Anette Schmitt-ter Hell said police called to deal with the domestic violence incident Tuesday in the small town of Altenfeld decided not to remove the children, aged 1 to 4, “because the violence was only directed at the mother.”

Well, that’s OK then.

Warnings From the Authorities Didn’t Do a Damn Thing

They warned him not to contact her again. That didn’t work out so well. Domestic-related shooting leaves 2 injured, 3 dead in Utah

[Just] three days prior to the shooting, the victim, identified as Memorez Rackley, contacted the police to report harassment from the suspect, 32-year-old Jeremy Patterson, who was told by authorities not to contact Rackley again.

They can’t wrap their tiny minds around the inescapable fact that violence is not stopped by the fear of their authority. (Legends in their own minds.) Be that a verbal warning from a cop, or written order from a judge, violent people continue to be violent.

I read all too many stories like this, in part because people have faith in the powers-that-be, misguided though it is. A gun may not have saved this woman, (“there are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snows”) but it is the only thing that might have. Fear of the authorities didn’t stop this guy. And do you think if he couldn’t get a gun, he would not have used a knife? He was caught up in “How dare you live without me!” No reasoning with that.

If you need a restraining order you also need a plan for your personal safety, because relying on the .gov for your protection rarely works out.