Armed Homeowner Captures Fugitive

I love it when the bad guys end up in jail. Search for Ortonville shooting suspect ends after homeowner finds him hiding in SUV

He shot his estranged wife and her friend and went on the run. Police found his gun during the chase, but they weren’t sure if he was armed with another weapon.

A homeowner, letting his dogs out, noticed a problem in his backyard.

[The homeowner] recognized something wasn’t right with his SUV out back, especially the windows.

“They were all foggy,” he said. “Completely foggy. I couldn’t see in the front window. The shades were drawn in the back.”

So he armed himself and went to investigate. He found the suspect under a blanket.

The SWAT team came out of the woods behind the house and took the guy into custody. The two people he shot are in the hospital.

This isn’t exactly a story of self-defense, but it wouldn’t be possible the homeowner couldn’t defend himself.


If You Need an Order of Protection, You Need a Plan for Your Personal Safety

“How dare you live without me!” It never ends well. Lacombe woman shot dead by ex-boyfriend in murder-suicide: sheriff

So apparently he couldn’t accept the “ex” part of the “ex-boyfriend” label. She knew he was trouble and she had a restraining order. It didn’t help.

Family members said Landor was in a car with her brother and his wife, about to go to a store, when Malveaux got out of the truck and approached. He then fired into the side of the car, striking Landor several times, they said.

“He stalked her down until he killed her – like a dog,” Landor’s aunt, Coradena Batiste, said. “The law just failed us,” she said, referring to the protective order.

It should be noted, that since there was an order of protection, in a case of domestic violence in place, he was a prohibited person, and should not have had any firearms.

A gun may not have saved this woman*, but relying only on the system, on the courts and the police to keep you safe, has been shown time and again to be a losing strategy.

* “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.” (Marion Zimmer-Bradley – somewhere in the Darkover series.)

I Wish More Women Were Prepared to Defend Themselves

I read too many stories about domestic violence that end badly. This isn’t a happy ending, but at least the intended victim (she is not a victim) is OK. Police: Man shot, killed in self-defense in North Las Vegas – Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

A 31-year-old man slain outside a North Las Vegas house Friday was shot in self-defense by his domestic partner whom he’d been in a physical struggle with, city police said today.

Actually I don’t see why people are violent towards those they claim to love. I also don’t understand the whole “How dare you live without me,” position that too many stalkers seem to take.

In any event, this is the best ending I think you can hope for, in a situation that could have ended so much worse. Self-defense is a human-right.

How Can a Story on Domestic Violence from Florida Ignore Self-defense and Concealed Carry?

While Florida wasn’t the first state to have “Shall Issue” concealed carry, they became the poster-child for self-defense when they changed the law in the late 1980s. Domestic violence affects 1 in 3 women; here’s how to get help

First they do one thing right in this story. They admit that a court order is just a piece of paper.

Obtaining a restraining order is often not enough, [Harbor House, Orange Couny’s only state-cetified domesic violence organization CEO Michelle] Sperzel said.

“An injunction is still just a piece of paper; it allows them to start the legal process to hold someone accountable,” Sperzel said.

If you need a restraining order, then you need a plan for your personal safety. (And this article covers some of that.) But that should include at least a discussion of self-defense.

Carrying a gun is not for everyone. But there is pepper spray, and like it or not, you should take a self-defense class, something like IMPACT or Refuse to be a Victim. If you need a restraining order, then you need to know what you are going to do, if that order fails to restrain someone.

Cops cannot protect you. And numerous legal rulings hold that it is not their job to protect you, even if you have a restraining order. Further, even assuming you can call 911 after you realize you are in trouble, but before bad things happen, the police are minutes away. Sometimes many minutes away. If that is your ONLY strategy, you may need to rethink things a bit.

At least they are admitting that the restraining order itself, isn’t a magical protection. Progress of a sort.

Domestic Violence Case Highlights Cops Giving One of Their Own Special Treatment

JusticeHe was a cop, or an ex-cop, so of course the rules didn’t apply to him. Ex-Hercules cop gets prison for attacking wife – Story | KTVU

Stalking. Planting tracking devices on her car. Generally being an idiot, who didn’t understand the phrase, “It’s over!”

He finally executed a drive-by shooting (she was unharmed) to get the cops to do something.

Cindy told 2 Investigates that when she called Antioch police, officers would give him special treatment, by driving him home or telling him to “cut it out.” Antioch police have not responded to repeated requests for comment on this case.

It isn’t the first time a cop has been given a pass by his brothers in blue.

“How Dare You Live Without Me!” – Didn’t go as he planned

He flew all that way just to get arrested. English man arrested in Fresno airport for death threats | The Modesto Bee

Domestic violence stories don’t often end well. This one does, with the would-be bad guy in jail.

Fresno County sheriff’s deputies arrested a 20-year-old man from England at Fresno Yosemite International Airport after he threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend who intended to marry another man, the sheriff’s office said.

There was restraining order granted, but because he lived in England, it had never been served.

Deputies responded to the airport Thursday evening to personally serve the restraining order and arrest him.

He is charged with making criminal threats.

I’m Just Not Sure Why It Took 3 Months to Decide That Self-defense Is Legal in Florida

JusticeIt couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that a few of the women involved were lesbians, could it? No, anti-gay bigotry would never be a factor in Florida. </sarcasm> State won’t file charges in Fairfield Drive ‘stand your ground’ shooting death

Amy Plunkett and Deanna Stevison had previously been in a relationship for 6 years. It apparently didn’t work out, and Stevison apparently opted for the, “How dare you live without me,” position. It didn’t work out. Amy Plunkett, her mother Ollie Plunkett and Amy’s new girlfriend, Meghan Wojdyla, were in the apartment when Deanna Stevison decided to intrude.

Ollie Plunkett told investigators she had been asleep on the couch in the living room and was awoken to banging on the door just after 5 a.m. She said she went to wake up her daughter to see if she was expecting company. When Amy Plunkett opened the door, Stevison forced her way inside, according to the report.

Amy Plunkett stated that she was losing consciousness when her mother fired the shots. Stevison had her down with her hands around Plunkett’s throat. Stevison had kept her mother from calling 911 by seizing her phone and throwing it away. What exactly was the mother supposed to do, watch her daughter be strangled?

Still they did come to the conclusion that the shooting was justified. Have to wonder how mad that made the folks who make those calls.

UPDATE: Here’s a similar story where it took less than a month to determine self-defense. Fatal shooting of Greenville man was in self-defense, Sheriff’s Office says. This one is from South Carolina.