5 Years or Life? In the UK It’s Hard to Tell the Difference

JusticeSo what happens to a person in the UK found guilty of a heinous attack and attempted murder, and then sentenced to life in prison? ‘Our justice system’s a joke’ – Fury as Richard Austin could be free in five years after stabbing ex-wife.

Because the UK is too “civilized” to actually send people to jail for a long time.

He repeatedly stabbed his ex-wife, then called the cops and waited for them.

Austin was ordered to serve a minimum of just five years at Birmingham Crown Court for what police branded a ‘dangerous and callous attack’, but he could be released after that period.

So he’ll be free in 5 years. She’ll still be dealing with the results of the “life changing” attack, and won’t be able to defend herself from him. Allow the serfs of the UK government to defend themselves? Don’t be ridiculous. You must depend on the state for everything, even those things it cannot supply.


The “How Dare You Live Without Me Attitude” Never Turns Out Well

Some people can accept that, “It’s over,” and get on with their lives. You should plan accordingly. Police: Shooting Suspect Found Dead.

So the ex-boyfriend goes to the home where the girlfriend and the new boyfriend are. They call police times, but he doesn’t have the stomach to deal with cops, so he runs.

The man said that when the ex-boyfriend came to the house a second time, he said something to the effect of ‘They were all going to die.’ The man said that he then heard gunfire from outside the home but no one was injured.

A neighbor reported 4 gunshots.

Police were looking for the suspect’s white Chevy and told Newswatch 16 they made contact with the suspect in the hours after he allegedly shot at the Oak Street home. He told police, “I’m not going to jail for this.”

They haven’t said it is a self-inflicted wound, but that’s my assumption.

So the relationship was over. Go try to down your sorrows, or maybe teach them to swim. Whatever. No one has to lose their life over it.

Texans Are Still Armed…

Bad guys are still getting shot. Fisher County Sheriff: Stalker shot, killed by victim’s son.

He was “involved” with the homeowner a long time ago, but like so many, he was caught up in the “How dare you live without me!” mentality, and had a history of stalking and threats. Threats to kill both his ex and her son.

They called cops on him, but he disappeared. But he came back and confronted the 22-year-old son. Things didn’t work out the way he anticipated.

Clark said Castillo confronted the victim’s 22-year-old son who was outside smoking.

The victim’s son shot Castillo in the upper torso.

Castillo was flown to University Medical Center in Lubbock where he died

Self-defense is a human-right.

Floridians Are Almost As Heavily Armed As Texans

But it seems that bad-guys haven’t gotten that memo. Homeowner shoots, kills man breaking into his Hillsborough County home.

There was a family history of domestic violence between the guy who got shot, and people who live at the place he was breaking into.

Deputies responded and found an adult man dead in the home.

The homeowner told deputies he confronted and shot the suspect who had broken a glass window in the rear of the home to gain entry.

No one has been arrested, and the cops don’t make decisions about charges.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Florida, it is mostly your legal-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Defend Yourself?

Because the Left wants to limit kids’ access to the tools of self-defense. 15-year-old shot dad in self-defense in Cass County, police say.

The juvenile, who police did not identify, shot his father, James Hodges Jr. 37, in defense of himself and another person, Cass County Sheriff’s Department said in an updated press release on the incident.

The case is still under investigation, but cops have no plans to arrest the kid.

UPDATE: As I noted in the comments, this is a “domestic situation.”

The “How Dare You Live Without Me” Attitude Strikes Again

It didn’t work out well for him. PD: Woman shoots ex-boyfriend trying to break into her East Price Hill home.

Don’t expect the national media to be trumpeting this, because they don’t like it when domestic-violence is handled by the intended victim.

The man broke into the woman’s home through a front window, and she shot him in the abdomen, Sgt. Andrew Fusselman said.

So what does the Gun-hating Left think should happen? She should be reduced to fighting him hand-to-hand?

The guy who didn’t understand the “ex” part of ex-boyfriend was taken to a local hospital and is expected to be OK.

The investigation is continuing. Self-defense is a human-right.

More on the incident. Police: Mother of 5 with license to carry shoots ex-boyfriend as he breaks into her house.

I’m beginning to have some real respect for Joe Deters, the Prosecuting Attorney for Hamilton County (where Cincinnati is located).

“Thank goodness she had a Concealed Carry Permit and was able to defend herself and her five children,” said Prosecutor Joe Deters in a news release. “It is hard to imagine what might have happened to her or her children if she had not been able to protect herself and her family.”

She also had an order of protection out against the guy she shot. (A piece of paper issued by the courts is still a piece of paper.)

Did He Think He Was In New Jersey?

This is Texas. Officials identify intruder shot after argument with girlfriend, breaking into home.

He had an argument with his girlfriend. He went to a home and fought with some residents. He left, and then went back to fight some more.

The intruder returned to the residence a second time and was shot when he tried to fight residents again, police said.

Cops found him a short time later, took him to a local hospital, and then took him to the county jail.

The residents of the home where he was looking for a fight won’t face charges, because self-defense is your legal right in Texas. And it is a human-right.