This Guy Will Never Bother His Ex-Girlfriend Again

She left him. He was upset and went to threaten her (because he “loved her?). Woman apparently acted in self-defense in fatal shooting

She left him and went to stay with a friend. That friend was armed.

Sheriff Robert Jackson told The Denver Post the homeowner was housing a former girlfriend of 53-year-old Tony Alonzo Ferrara, who was barred from the area by a restraining order.

Ferrara, wielding a realistic-looking BB gun, was shot by the homeowner as he threatened her while trying to contact his ex-girlfriend Oct. 3. He died at the scene.

He thought he could intimidate a couple of women. He thought wrong.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. Self-defense is a human-right.

He Was Released from Jail for Violating a Protection Order, So of Course…

He went back and violated the same protection order, and committed assault, and may have shot out a glass door. $90,000 cash bond set for man shot by Oxford homeowner after alleged assault

The sheriff’s office said Kahler entered the residence without permission to do so, went into the basement and confronted the protected party. Authorities said Kahler then began breaking things and screaming for his belongings.

The protected party went upstairs to show Kahler where his possessions were and he hit the woman across the face, police said. Another woman in the residence attempted to intervene and Kahler pushed her against a dishwasher and kicked the woman while she was on the ground, the complaints state.

After this fine-upstanding example of manhood beat up 2 women, he was ejected from the residence by the homeowner. At that point the glass door shattered. Since the homeowner thought he heard a gunshot, he grabbed his shotgun.

The homeowner then grabbed a shotgun and confronted Kahler, the sheriff’s office said. When Kahler allegedly made an “aggressive move” toward the homeowner, the homeowner shot the man in the leg with bird shot, authorities said.

Some of this is still under investigation, but after he got out of the hospital, he was hauled back to jail. If convicted of everything he is charged with, be may be in that jail for 20 years.

“How Dare You Live Without Me!” – UK Edition

Father shoots and kills estranged wife and daughter, then himself. All in *gun free* England. Builder shoots wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself in Spalding 

So does 3 dead count as a “mass shooting?”

He couldn’t take it that his marriage was over. So he became a murdering bastard. (Makes me wonder why the marriage fell apart.)

Predictably, neighbors were shocked. No one described him as quiet, but one neighbor did say he was “nice.”

Another neighbour said: “They were a lovely family I’m honestly shocked.”

No word on what firearm was used, which would be interesting given that handguns are illegal in the UK.

Woman Shoots Ex-boyfriend Hiding Under a Bed 

He must have been the worst at hide-and-go-seek ever. Tennessee woman shoots ex-boyfriend after he’s found hiding under bed |

She had a restraining order, which he violated multiple times. So she stopped counting on a piece of paper. She was having a security system installed when he sneaked into her home. But she also wasn’t relying only on an alarm system. She had a firearm.

Police say a woman shot her ex-boyfriend after he was allegedly found hiding under a bed at her home Tuesday afternoon.

He is in the hospital and will be charged with several things when he gets out.

If you need an order of protection, you also need a plan for you personal safety. A restraining order is only a piece of paper, and this incident marked the 4th time that this miscreant violated one.

A gun is not a guarantee. There are no guarantees in this life except for death and next winter’s snow. But relying on “the system” had let this woman down multiple times. As it is, there is a happy ending.

No charges are planned against the woman/homeowner because self-defense is a human-right.

A Domestic Violence Story that (for a change) Ends with the Abuser Dead

I read too many domestic violence stories in the media. With depressing regularity, women are killed by men who claim to love them. This one has a better – though not happy – ending. ON THE RECORD: Belding woman acted in self-defense in fatal shooting

He had assaulted her on at least one other occasion. At least once, she had to go the hospital. He had a restraining order taken out by an ex-girlfriend. This time, she was afraid he was going to kill her.

Vincent went into the bathroom to get some of her things. Harrington then grabbed her and started hitting her and hitting her head against the wall, leaving a dent in the drywall.

Vincent told police she believed Harrington was going to kill her. She got away from Harrington, went into the bedroom and grabbed a handgun that was hanging on the wall.

She tried to lock herself in the bathroom, but that didn’t work out. She was in fear for her life so she shot the SOB. Until the gun was empty.

The prosecutor says “self-defense.” And a good thing too.

Self-defense is a human-right. Even when you know the person attacking you, it is still self-defense.

Domestic Abuse in the UK – Not Much Justice

So it is OK in Scotland to beat up any wheelchair-bound person, or just your significant other, or just women? Paralysed wheelchair-bound woman battered by fiance in ‘sickening’ attack is outraged after violent brute avoids jail

He is supposed to be in love with her. But after an evening at the pub, he beats her and dumps her out of her chair. He got a warning.

Sheriff Mhairi McTaggart told him: “By a small margin, I am not sending you to prison.”

But last night, Michelle, 34, said: “How can there be any ‘small margin’ about it? A man beats up a woman in a wheelchair and doesn’t go to jail? Where’s the margin in that?

“Domestic abuse, there’s no excuse — except at Ayr Sheriff Court, apparently.”

A restraining order by any other name, is just as useless

The difference between getting a restraining order in this country or a “non-molestation order” in the UK, is that in America, you usually have the option of arming yourself in your own defense. In the UK you disarmed (for your own good). Woman murdered by husband called police about him nine times before her death, report finds 

She called the cops 9 times about this bastard. She called police the morning she was killed. That day the call was taken by a trainee and not logged correctly.

In all, the review says that there were 12 things the Kent police did wrong. An apology has been issued. Not sure to whom, as the person most needing the apology is dead.

The cops don’t know what to do about restraining orders in the UK, so nothing was done. She paid the ultimate price.

Her estranged husband will be sentenced to life. In the UK that is rarely more than 15 years behind bars.

Calling 911 is a fine thing. (In the UK – dial 999) It can send police and medical assistance. But if you are betting your life on “the system” being able to save you, you are in trouble. In the UK you can’t even protect yourself, because that kind of thing is best left to the authorities. Too bad they don’t know what they are doing.

And no matter what the ruling class in the UK thinks, self-defense is a human-right.