How Old Do You Have To Be To Defend Yourself?

Because the Left wants to limit kids’ access to the tools of self-defense. 15-year-old shot dad in self-defense in Cass County, police say.

The juvenile, who police did not identify, shot his father, James Hodges Jr. 37, in defense of himself and another person, Cass County Sheriff’s Department said in an updated press release on the incident.

The case is still under investigation, but cops have no plans to arrest the kid.

UPDATE: As I noted in the comments, this is a “domestic situation.”

The “How Dare You Live Without Me” Attitude Strikes Again

It didn’t work out well for him. PD: Woman shoots ex-boyfriend trying to break into her East Price Hill home.

Don’t expect the national media to be trumpeting this, because they don’t like it when domestic-violence is handled by the intended victim.

The man broke into the woman’s home through a front window, and she shot him in the abdomen, Sgt. Andrew Fusselman said.

So what does the Gun-hating Left think should happen? She should be reduced to fighting him hand-to-hand?

The guy who didn’t understand the “ex” part of ex-boyfriend was taken to a local hospital and is expected to be OK.

The investigation is continuing. Self-defense is a human-right.

More on the incident. Police: Mother of 5 with license to carry shoots ex-boyfriend as he breaks into her house.

I’m beginning to have some real respect for Joe Deters, the Prosecuting Attorney for Hamilton County (where Cincinnati is located).

“Thank goodness she had a Concealed Carry Permit and was able to defend herself and her five children,” said Prosecutor Joe Deters in a news release. “It is hard to imagine what might have happened to her or her children if she had not been able to protect herself and her family.”

She also had an order of protection out against the guy she shot. (A piece of paper issued by the courts is still a piece of paper.)

Did He Think He Was In New Jersey?

This is Texas. Officials identify intruder shot after argument with girlfriend, breaking into home.

He had an argument with his girlfriend. He went to a home and fought with some residents. He left, and then went back to fight some more.

The intruder returned to the residence a second time and was shot when he tried to fight residents again, police said.

Cops found him a short time later, took him to a local hospital, and then took him to the county jail.

The residents of the home where he was looking for a fight won’t face charges, because self-defense is your legal right in Texas. And it is a human-right.

Crazy Ex’s Come In All Flavors

Current biases – on the part of everyone from feminists to media – hold that men are the only crazy ex’s. But it is really more complicated than that. Utah woman upset over breakup breaks into ex’s house, stabs him, charges say.

The man told police that about 3 a.m., Zhang entered his house “and woke him up, confronting him about a new female friend he had. They began to talk and then she pulled out a kitchen knife and stated she wanted to die with him. She touched the knife to his chest and then stabbed him, creating a small puncture wound,” the charges state.

After the knife, she pulled out a gun, and a shot was fired (into the floor).

What’s that old saying about, “Hell hath no fury?” The truth is that crazy people are dangerous, and they come in all sizes and shapes.

He Apparently Doesn’t Understand The “Ex” Part of Ex-boyfriend

It nearly cost him a lot. Lexington homeowner shoots at suspect.

The ex-boyfriend shows up at the home of the current boyfriend at 4:30 in the morning and starts banging on the door. Things go downhill for him from there.

The homeowner came out and started arguing with the suspect.

That’s when police say the homeowner fired several shots at the man in self-defense.

It isn’t clear if he was hit by any bullets or not.

He could have been wounded. He could have been killed. All because of the “How dare you live without me” attitude that all too many people, both men and women, seem to embrace.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Even in The People’s Republic of California…

Self-defense works. Deputies: Man Shoots Other Man In Self-Defense After Confrontation At Sutter County Motel.

A guy was choking his girlfriend at a hotel and in general being a complete idiot. A guy staying at the hotel, went to his room and retrieved a firearm before confronting the idiot.

The man told Gonzales he needed to stop because there were children in the area. However, this confrontation led to Gonzales pulling out his own weapon and opening fire. The other man shot back, hitting Gonzales in the leg.

He was taken to a local hospital and then to county lockup, where he was booked on several charges including being a felon in possession of a firearm.

The girlfriend took off when cops arrived leaving her five kids (mother of the year material? NOT!) for an “extended period.” She was arrested on several charges including child endangerment.

Think “The System” Will Protect You? Not in Cook County

Not anywhere, really, but Cook County seems to be doubling down on the “We won’t protect victims of domestic violence” stance. Domestic violence victims face risk of being attacked again following Cook County reforms, a Tribune investigation found. Not that the system did such a wonderful job before the “reform.”

So bail reform. It isn’t fair to keep people in jail before their trial. (Innocent until proved guilty.) Even if they are a known threat to someone.

One guy set his girlfriend’s garage on fire with a Molotov cocktail. The 2nd beat up his wife when a judge reduced his bond.

A third woman was attacked by her ex-boyfriend at least five times in 18 months, but he never spent more than 17 days at a time in jail until prosecutors finally charged him with a felony after he racked up five cases and probation violations.

Those are just three anecdotes. The numbers are a lot higher than that.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx (or as Second City Cop calls her, Crimeshea), says the Tribune should have used her department’s web site/information portal, even though it doesn’t allow for the level of reporting done in this story, and only considers felonies to begin with.

More info on that 3rd case:

Brandon Miles was arrested five times in 18 months on charges he stalked and beat his ex-girlfriend Tasha Blanchard. But prosecutors didn’t charge Miles with a felony until December

He plead to misdemeanors, and time served, so the attorneys could just make the case go away. If he had managed to kill that woman, they would have been at least partly to blame. (At least in my eyes, but probably not before the law.)

If you are expecting “The System” to protect you, wake up. If you need an order of protection, then you need a plan for your personal safety because the courts and the lawyers are not going to do much, and the cops are never going to get to you to prevent bad things from happening. That just isn’t how the world works. (Usually the victim, or someone else, calls 911 after the attack has begun. Or maybe after it has ended.)

Domestic Violence Ignored By the Justice System in the UK

JusticeYou make something cheaper, and you will see more of it. Anger as man who abused girlfriend is spared prison by judge who told him there are ‘lots more fish in the sea’.

A man who has been convicted of coercive control has been spared prison after a judge told him to leave his ex-girlfriend alone because there are “lots more fish in the sea”.

Alexander Heavens, 24, subjected Stacey Booth, also 24, to a campaign of physical and emotional abuse during their relationship.

No jail time. No punishment. No justice.

[The abused girlfriend] said: “The fact he’s been given a second chance is like they’ve let him get away with it. They’ve not made an example of him.

If you don’t punish crimes, then they must not be serious.

A Domestic-violence Death All The Usual Suspects Will Ignore

Because while they don’t like domestic violence, they hate and despise self-defense. Woman Claims Self Defense In Shooting Death Of Dustin Abel.

Ex-husband acting in typical stalker-fashion was around in the morning. She called police in the morning, saying that she was afraid of him, but there was nothing the police could do. Then he returned later in the morning.

Police say Abel died from a single gunshot wound to the head as he rushed through the door of the home just before 10:30 a.m.

No charges have been filed, but the case is still being investigated.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Indiana, it is also your legal right.

Social Justice Fail

JusticeThey didn’t think bail was fair, so they paid to get him freed. Nonprofit Pays Bail For Man Who Attacked His Wife, Hours Later He Murders Her. The dead woman didn’t get much justice, social or any other kind.

First, what happened.

St. Louis, MO – Just hours after a nonprofit group posted bail for a man accused of assaulting his wife, the suspect went to the woman’s home and brutally murdered her, according to prosecutors.

Samuel Lee Scott, 54, was arrested for domestic abuse on April 5, after he allegedly beat 54-year-old Marcia Johnson, injuring her cheekbone and ear, the Associated Press reported.

He was bailed out of jail by a Social Justice Organization, the Bail Project. (Soon to be renamed as the Fail Project?)

“The Bail Project is an unprecedented effort to combat mass incarceration at the front end of the system,” according to the group’s website. “We pay bail for people in need, reuniting families and restoring the presumption of innocence.”

Hours. Not days. Not weeks. Hours after they bailed him out, the woman he had previously attacked was dead.

There was a court order of protection. Cops arrested him. Though why bail was granted is beyond me. (Don’t you think he presented a clear threat to the public, or at least to one member thereof?)

The Fail Project leaders are “saddened” but claim they are not to blame. And no one could have predicted that a violent husband would continue to be violent.

“No one could have predicted this tragedy,” [Bail Project Executive Director Robin] Steinberg claimed, according to the Associated Press.

The hat tip goes to The Other McCain who notes, ‘No One Could Have Predicted This Tragedy’ (But It Was Predictable). If you read as much about Domestic Violence as I do, you know that it is hardly ever a one-time occurrence, and it tends to escalate.

The System (with the aid of The Bail Project) failed to protect this woman. But then it fails to protect most people with violent stalkers. If you have a need for a restraining order, then you have a need for a personal protection plan, because you never know when a group of well-meaning dunderheads (e.g. The Bail Project) will enable that violent stalker to attack you. That plan should include something aside from “Calling 911.” Road to Hell. Good Intentions.