Winnipeg Free Press And The Unending Winter

They are even more upset than I am, and apparently with good cause. “Grounds for Violence (with apologies to Simon & Garfunkel)”

I’m sure it is all the fault of global warming or climate change or something.


When Even HuffPo Recognizes That You Are a Climate Hypocrite…

It is fair to say you are doing something wrong. The Climate Change Hypocrisy Of Jet-Setting Academics | HuffPost

First the statistics.

What is the carbon footprint of flying? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. One round trip flight from Washington, D.C., to Beijing generates 4.3 metric tons of CO2 per passenger seated in economy class, almost equivalent to the annual footprint of an average car. If you fly business class, multiply this by a factor of three.

They go on about how the academics don’t want to give up jet-setting, and their “excuses.” They don’t want to consider anything like teleconferencing, since it is so much more fun to actually go to Paris, than it is to sit in your office and just talk to people in Paris.

[University of Washington’s] analysis of travel reimbursement data suggested that its professional travel that year amounted to 136 million miles and created 23,811 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Hat tip to Eric Worrall of Watts Up With That?, who notes:

Why should any of us take academic warnings about anthropogenic CO2 seriously, when behind closed doors those same academics demonstrate their true level of concern by competing with each other to create the largest possible professional carbon footprint?

Springtime in the United Kingdom

Spring is almost here, and its arrival is greeted with a mini-blizzard in the UK. Snow hits Britain: Flights cancelled as ‘mini Beast from the East’ sweeps in. I blame global warming. (Or is it climate change?)

I know I shouldn’t laugh at other people’s misery, this isn’t a real snow storm. (I grew up in Chicagoland – greater Chicago for those of you not from Illinois. Things didn’t stop or even slow down much unless there was close to a foot of snow.) Britain is woefully unequipped to handle snow. If you click through, the image they show indicates about one half inch. And it appears the temperature is high enough to let the snow melt off the roads. (Since I don’t think they are using salt or brine, that puts the temperature at about 28 degrees Fahrenheit or better.)

“Bitterly cold is the best way to describe it – temperatures on the face of it probably just around freezing, but with wind it’s going to feel well below freezing.”

And here I always thought the British were supposed to be tough.

It isn’t really cold enough in the UK to go ice skating, unless you count indoor rinks. “Bitterly cold” by Chicago standards would be minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, or about -28 degrees C.

“It’s Jurassic Park just a two-hour drive east of downtown Los Angeles”

If you visit The Sand to Snow National Monument (designated in 2016) you should keep a few of the hazards in mind. Feral cattle terrorize hikers and devour native plants in a California national monument

On a ridgeline near a popular stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail, five feral bulls, each the size of a small car, were snorting, stomping and pawing the ground — postures indicating they were ready to charge.

Aside from the bulls (the herd seems to be predominately bulls) there is also a pack of wild dogs roaming the place.

A pack of pit bulls has been killing and eating wild cattle in this nature sanctuary

The bulls are a problem due to their passing diseases to the local big-horn sheep, and generally tearing the place up.

So what is the average, disarmed Californian to do? A 19th Century Henry Repeating Rifle would make short work of the bulls – in a suitably large caliber, but even that if verboten in the People’s Republic of California in a park. (It’s for the children!) Might also discourage the dogs if you hit a couple of them. (Hat tip to EBL)

“And the Oscar for Lowest Quality of Life Goes to California”

I left California in the 1980s because it was crowded, expensive and insufferably arrogant. I doubt things got better since then. California has worst ‘quality of life’ in US, study says

California ranks dead last among U.S. states in quality of life, according to a study by U.S. News, ranking behind New Jersey (49th) and Indiana (48th).

The ignominious honor reflects California’s low marks in the sub-categories of environmental quality and social engagement. The latter category measures voting participation and community bonds.

The “social engagement” is the one that makes me laugh. The Left (and the Left in CA) loves to think they are so much in favor of social justice, but they don’t help their fellow man, and they have instituted a collection of laws which mean a sizeable portion of the WORKING population can’t afford a place to live. Even engineers are getting priced out of the market. The rental market.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles County has increased 67%, according to Zillow’s Rent Index, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Homelessness has surged a stunning 75 percent in the last six years, the Los Angeles Times reports, and there are now at least 55,000 homeless people in the county.

The irony is delicious.

As for their current state of fiscal joy (post-bankruptcy).

About half of the state’s revenue comes from the wealthiest 1% in California.

And in other news, that 1% may be leaving. Some can, and some can’t. “Tax the rich, feed the poor, til there are no rich no more.” Not sure that was supposed to be an instruction for how to run a government.

The title for this post shamelessly stolen from Claire Wolfe.

UPDATE: More on the out-migration. This article specifically focuses on the San Francisco Bay Area.

Twenty Inches of Snow Has the UK at a Standstill

They’re claiming 20 inches (or 50 cm), but I don’t see it in the video. Beast from the East meets Storm Emma, causing UK’s worst weather in years | UK news | The Guardian. I blame global warming. Or is it climate change?

On Thursday night, thousands of drivers, who ignored warnings not to go out, or had no option but to brave the snow and ice, were left stranded on roads across the UK in freezing temperatures.

People were stranded for about 10 hours.

20 inches of snow would be a lot for someplace like Chicago to handle in a short period, and I don’t think that the UK generally has much equipment for snow removal. They didn’t even turn off the fountains in public squares – so they froze. That implies they don’t really have a clue what to do with real winter.

The Media Can’t Handle the Cold in South Korea

It’s been about -10 degrees Fahrenheit at the Winter Olympics, and the media is freaking out. For the Winter Olympics, it should be cold. But THIS cold? | Fox News

The competition is taking place in Pyeongchang, in South Korea, where temperatures have plummeted to -23 degrees Celsius over the last week. The U.K.-based Sun said the intense cold has caused BBC electronic equipment to fail.

Electronic equipment shouldn’t fail at minus 10 degrees. Though you might have trouble with diesel generators.

The strangest thing is the makeup. They are shocked to discover that water-based anything will freeze in temperatures that low. Next time around they should contract with news outlets from Chicago, Minneapolis, Green Bay and other places that are used to those conditions.

In South Korea, host of the games that started this week, it’s been so chilling, in fact, that according to some reports, TV presenters are struggling to talk after their water-based TV makeup froze to their faces,. According to The Sun, the weather at the games is said to be the coldest in more than 20 years.

I blame global warming.

But seriously, shouldn’t SOMEBODY have looked into the conditions that would prevail, and then consider will all of our normal stuff work in that environment? Apparently nobody did.