A great video intro to Dissenter. When people don’t want you to comment, or don’t want your comments, you can comment anyway. “The unrestricted comment section of the internet.”

I tripped over Dissenter during the whole Rotten-Tomatoes/Captain-Marvel kerfuffle, in which people claim Rotten Tomatoes was deleting negative comments about the movie because it wasn’t what your corporate masters wanted you to hear. And YouTube was also screwing around with its algorithm to hide videos that were not “official.” Or something. Anyway, it looks interesting, like a throwback to days-of-yore when comments (or bulletin boards, if you go back far enough) could be the place for some lively debates. And the occasional flame-war.


Anti-Trump-supporter Hate Crime?

Don’t expect the mainstream press to cover this. Man accused of pulling gun on victim wearing MAGA hat.

According to the alleged victim Terry Pierce, a man pulled a gun on him because he was wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

Witnesses and security cameras back up this story. The guy with the Trump-derangement syndrome is in custody, charged with “wanton endangerment first degree.” That doesn’t seem right to me. I’m no lawyer, but that seems more like assault, though I suppose the DA is free to change that in the future. There is much more at the link above.

Finally a Way to Get Around Banks and Their Anti-gun Bias

I was wondering when something like this would show up. FREEDOM TO PROCESS.

2nd Amendment Processing is designed specifically to help gun dealers and gun businesses, however we are here to help any business who has trouble processing due to being a high risk business. Our purpose is to help American businesses that believe in the love of liberty and freedom. As a Veteran owned company, we will not lay down to anyone or any organization trying to suppress or take our rights. At 2nd Amendment Processing we give 30% of fee profit to the organizations that help protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

Hat tip to Gab, which has been booted off of many platforms for the crime of respecting Freedom of Speech.

“[We] have these values of free speech. And it’s not free speech in the abstract. The purpose of that kind of free speech is to make sure that we are forced to use argument and reason and words in making our democracy work. And, you know, you don’t have to be fearful of somebody spouting bad ideas. Just out-argue them. Beat ’em. Make the case as to why they’re wrong. Win over adherents. That’s how things work in a democracy.” Former President Obama. [Reference this link]

Thought Crimes in the Place Where Great Britain Used To Be

More like Airstrip One from Nineteen Eighty-Four every year. “We Need to Check Your Thinking”: UK Police Go After Thought Criminals.

A 53-year-old married father of four in England was interrogated by an officer from the Humberside Police Department for more than 30 minutes because he “liked” Twitter posts including a limerick, that was critical of transgender persons. The officer made it clear that police had tracked the man, Harry Miller, to his place of work after reviewing his personal Twitter account and would report him to his employer if the company had transgender employees on staff. The given reason was that Miller’s behavior had made the company an unsafe workplace for the transgendered. The real reason, of course, was to let Miller know in no uncertain terms that his livelihood was being threatened.

The cops admit there was “no crime,” but say there is a victim. So explain that.

From there, things got “sinister,” as Miller put it. “The cop told me that he needed to speak with me because, even though I’d committed no crime whatsoever, he needed (and I quote) ‘to check my THINKING!’ Seriously. Honestly,” Miller wrote. The officer then went on to lecture Miller about transgenderism before closing with a warning that, “I needed to watch my words more carefully or I was as risk of being sacked by the company for hate speech.”

As they say, go read the whole thing.

“When you’re so scared of a Conservative speaker that you threaten a student organization?”

Are there any parts of the Constitution or Bill of Rights that the Left is in favor of? Threat Made Against YAF For Sponsoring Shapiro’s GWU Speech Tonight. (On the 17th, actually.)

They definitely don’t like the 2nd Amendment. They don’t like religion or free speech. They looked the other way why the Right – and the War on (Some) Drugs ™ – decimated the 4th Amendment. (That doesn’t even touch the stupidity of F*c*book, Google, et al.) Maybe the 3rd Amendment is safe. (Since I doubt anyone in college today knows what the 3rd Amendment says without looking it up on Google.)

Anyway, posters were up around campus warning Young American’s Foundation (YAF) to get security. The campus authorities decided to ignore the threats.

Campus authorities are dismissive of this threat against YAF, reportedly saying it’s ‘most likely not a threat according to DC code.’ Looks like @GWtweets is another school that treats microaggressions as dire but refuses to take seriously threats against conservatives.

The poor dears on George Washington University are so triggered by the thought of other people listening to a speech that they disagree with, that they are moved to threats of violence. You would think they were being forced to listen to Ben, but they aren’t. Their attitude is, “You will not think thoughts that we do not approve of!”

In Defense of Free Speech

Free speech isn’t very popular among the Tech folks in Silicon Valley. They think they have the right to tell us what we can and cannot hear, or read. The domain Gab.com has landed at Epik.

To the casual observer, the case of Gab.com seems like it is something new. It is not. It is history repeating itself. While there are consequences to actions, there is also the proverbial risk of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. My hope, for all of our sakes, is that Gab.com treads wisely, using its liberty for the betterment of most, and the enlightenment of all.

gab Is Back On the Air

It took about a week, but Gab is back.

A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.

And yes, some of the people are stupid, some people are extreme. Don’t listen to them (There is this little known feature where you can “unfollow” people on social media, if they piss you off.)