Black Guns Matter Has the Media Clutching Pearls

Because GUNS! Or something. Black Guns Matter Group Is Teaching Black Americans How To Use Firearms.

This story, either word for word, or with slight alterations, has been in my news feeds for about a week. Maybe less. I was studiously ignoring it, because it seems like a non-story to me. “Law-abiding citizens obey the law! More at 11” This is news? But the media has convinced me. They wouldn’t be spending this much time on it except for the cognitive dissonance they are experiencing.

[Black Guns Matter Founder, Maj] Toure said he started the Black Guns Matter in 2016 to help Black Americans navigate gun ownership laws and protect themselves.

“We saw so much ignorance going on,” Toure said. “Guys that lived in rough neighborhoods may have been missing some information in order to carry a firearm on their person. So what we in essence did was we created the space to let people know what was their process and what process it was of getting a firearm, lawfully carrying it on their person if they chose to, while being safe and responsible.”

Now who could NOT be in favor of law-abiding citizens following the law, and learning how to be safe? I think the Left, who can’t quite come out and say that they hate this, hates this. The only people who are disturbed at the thought of law-abiding African-Americans exercising their rights under the 2nd Amendment racists. And just like all the Karens who’ve been called out for the racism, the Left is being forced to look at some of their own assumptions in light of reality.

Every Bullet Comes With a Lawyer Attached

Worth emphasizing. Want to Own a Firearm to Protect Your Home? These Are the Rules.

Millions of American gun owners are incredibly responsible. Every month, I find story after story of law-abiding citizens who used their firearms in lawful defense of themselves or others.

Unfortunately, in looking through these stories, I also find far too many instances where gun owners messed up, acted irresponsibly, or didn’t appear to fully understand the limits of their right to self-defense.

Just as we highlight examples of responsible gun owners, it’s vital that we “call out our own” when gun owners make a mistake.

After the example I cited on Monday, I thought this was important.

Stop “fooling around with guns”

They are not toys. They are quite dangerous things, and you should respect them. Man arrested after he accidentally shoots, kills friend, state police say.

A Rhode Island man who state police said fatally shot his friend while fooling around with guns at a New Milford party last year was arrested on a manslaughter charge Tuesday.

Rules of safe gun-handling exist for a reason.

“We can’t allow ourselves to go on auto-pilot when innocent people’s lives are at stake.”

David Yamane always seems to have some insight. Recent events indicate that cops could use some of the insight. It’s Not About the Shoothouse, It’s About Decision-Making with a Gun/

The line that forms the title to this post is about the fact that everyone in his class shot a picture of an under-cover police officer. It brought to mind the shooting in suburban Chicago, where a cop shot an armed security guard, and the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, where cops shot an armed homeowner in his own home. (The homeowner was hard of hearing, and couldn’t hear the cops. The only thing he pointed at them was a flashlight.) There are other examples of course.

Although clearing a structure with a rifle and a partner in search of a hostage in a terrorist bomb making facility is an unlikely scenario for me, I was easily able to substitute my own more realistic (even if also unlikely) scenarios as I reflected on my runs through the shoothouse. For example, I come home from a trip and find the door of my house kicked in and my wife inside, or I am awoken in the middle of the night by a cry of distress coming from my child’s room. Do I sit outside or barricade myself in my room and wait for the police to arrive? No.

I think it’s worth a few minutes of your time.

Unintentional/Accidental Discharges of a Firearm

Kathy Jackson of The Cornered Cat, is still working on her Unintentional Discharges Project She is up to part 3, in which she answer the question, “Shouldn’t we just keep these under wraps?”

Part 2 is in someways more interesting to me. How you might violate the rules of safety and be lucky. Or why do we have rules of safety?

The gun that you expect to be empty might really be empty.

The unexpectedly-fired bullet might be stopped by a solid 2×4 stud in the wall instead of passing through sheetrock and empty space to hit the child sleeping on the other side.

The noise in the brush that the excited hunter shoots at might actually be a deer instead of another hunter.

Luck happens.

Luck happens.
But we never, ever count on luck.

Anyway, you might find it interesting, or you might have a story for her collection.

Raleigh Residents Arm Themselves to Fight Crime

Does this count as an example of the militia? Raleigh residents turning to guns to deter crime

A Memphis community is considering turning to guns in order to take back their neighborhood against crime.

The Raleigh area held a meeting last week, and one neighborhood association wants to make sure residents are knowledgeable about gun safety and carry permits.

The media of course has to include a quote from someone who thinks only cops should be armed. But otherwise it is a pretty even-handed article.