Unintentional/Accidental Discharges of a Firearm

Kathy Jackson of The Cornered Cat, is still working on her Unintentional Discharges Project She is up to part 3, in which she answer the question, “Shouldn’t we just keep these under wraps?”

Part 2 is in someways more interesting to me. How you might violate the rules of safety and be lucky. Or why do we have rules of safety?

The gun that you expect to be empty might really be empty.

The unexpectedly-fired bullet might be stopped by a solid 2×4 stud in the wall instead of passing through sheetrock and empty space to hit the child sleeping on the other side.

The noise in the brush that the excited hunter shoots at might actually be a deer instead of another hunter.

Luck happens.

Luck happens.
But we never, ever count on luck.

Anyway, you might find it interesting, or you might have a story for her collection.


Raleigh Residents Arm Themselves to Fight Crime

Does this count as an example of the militia? Raleigh residents turning to guns to deter crime

A Memphis community is considering turning to guns in order to take back their neighborhood against crime.

The Raleigh area held a meeting last week, and one neighborhood association wants to make sure residents are knowledgeable about gun safety and carry permits.

The media of course has to include a quote from someone who thinks only cops should be armed. But otherwise it is a pretty even-handed article.