Failures of the Criminal Justice System – International Edition

JusticeAnd you thought the Criminal Justice System in the USA was screwed up. Violent burglar dressed up as garda during raid on family.

It seems things aren’t much different in Ireland.

He has 130 previous convictions for burglary, theft, road traffic offences, criminal damage, possession of drugs, taking vehicles and public order matters.

If he was sentenced to 6-months for each of those 130 offenses, he wouldn’t be out causing more mayhem. But the Irish, like their European neighbors, are too civilized to actually put people in prison.


The Politically-motivated War Against Police

If you read this blog, you know that I am not a mindless supporter of the cops. But the war on policing in places like Baltimore and Chicago (and others) isn’t right. And it is political. Lawsuit: IPRA investigator told to lie to make police shooting look unjustified.

A former longtime police misconduct investigator claims in a new lawsuit he lost his job last year after he refused to give false testimony to make a shooting by an officer seem like it was not justified.

Because politically the Left has to continue to demonize all cops, and all police shootings MUST be unjustified because the political is more important than the truth. And it is political.

Also mentioned throughout the lawsuit, but not named as a defendant, is Lori Lightfoot, the former Police Board president now challenging Mayor Rahm Emanuel for his job. The complaint alleges that Lightfoot, in December 2015, told then-IPRA head Scott Ando she “wanted to fire that motherf—er Lett.”

Cops who break the law should be punished. But cops who do not break the law, should not be railroaded to further the political career of a politician.

Why Hasn’t This Guy Been Arrested?

Throwing liquid is assault, even if you do no harm. Even if you miss, and he didn’t miss. UPDATE: VIOLENT LEFTIST Who Abused Texas Teen in #MAGA Hat Identified AND FIRED BY EMPLOYER! (VIDEO). And then there is theft.

The tolerance of the Left.

A violent liberal abused a young boy at a Whataburger restaurant in Texas on the 4th of July.

His “crime” was wearing a Make-America-Great-Again hat. For which a grown man felt compelled to assault a teenager.

He was identified from a cellphone video and fired from his job. So why hasn’t he been arrested and charged?

The Left Will Blame the Gun, Not the Person Responsible

And they will not blame the people who made this all possible, by ignoring and enabling a bad cop. Troubled officer shot and killed estranged wife, boyfriend

The DA who punted the Grand Jury presentation all those years ago. The brass who didn’t get rid of him, despite his questionable actions.

“The Glynn County Police Department has been protecting Cory Sasser for 20 years. They’ve protected him at every turn. And it sure seems like they did it again here,” said Bill Atkins, an Atlanta attorney who represented Small’s family in a wrongful death suit. The courts ruled Small’s constitutional rights weren’t violated

But that was years ago.

Sasser’s latest trouble started in May, when he tried to force his way into estranged wife’s home and threatened her. He was charged with domestic violence against Katie Kettles Sasser. A few days later, he drove his car into the woods and was in an hours-long standoff with police. They heard a gunshot and thought Sasser had killed himself. He hadn’t. But having a gun was a violation of his bond from the domestic violence case.

Still, he remained free on bond.

So after years of not wanting the rules to apply to him (and by extension other cops), we get this. He shot his estranged wife and her new boyfriend. Then after a brief pursuit by cops, he killed himself.

The Left will blame the gun, as if it had a mind of its own.

I blame the idiot who thought the attitude of “How dare you live without me!” made sense.

But I also blame the system that protected him for so long. 3 people are dead, (maybe more if you count his prior shootings – deemed justifed) where one person should be in jail.

How Not to Deter Crime

The Cook County Criminal Justice System (at times more criminal than concerned with Justice) can’t figure out why crime is so high in the city. Recognizance Bond For North Avenue Beach Bicycle Thief (It’s His Third Theft Arrest Since May 15th).

An Uptown man charged with stealing a bike at North Avenue Beach on Saturday—and then trying to sell it to passers-by—now has three theft cases pending against him, according to court records.

Despite police noting in Saturday’s arrest report that the alleged bike theft was “a clear violation of bail bond conditions,” Judge Michael Clancy released 41-year-old Miguel Yanez on a recognizance bond. It’s Yanez’s third recognizance bond for theft since May 15th.

So he keeps stealing and he keeps getting a pass. What lesson does that teach? Do you think he might graduate from stealing bicycles to stealing cars? Or robbery? Or carjacking? Who can say, except it is clear that the lesson is, “there is no downside” to crime in Chicago.

Since May 15th he has stolen a power-washer, a $1200 octopus sculpture, a wallet and a bicycle. Allegedly?

Longer Sentences Under Get-tough Gun Law? Not in Chicago!

JusticeIf you make something less-expensive, you will see more of it. Number of longer sentences in Cook County under new get-tough gun law? Zero | Chicago Sun-Times

The aim of the law was simple: Repeat gun offenders in Illinois would face tougher sentences.

But a Chicago Sun-Times review of sentences in Cook County since that new law took effect in January has found that no one is actually being hit with those stiffer sentences.

The so-called Criminal Justice System in Cook County/Chicago is not interested in stopping gun crime. (Well, the cops are interested, but they have been abandoned by just about everyone else in City/County government.) Hat tip to Second City Cop.

5 to 15 Years for Killing a 12-year-old

JusticeNo trial. Just a plea bargain. So is this justice? Gang member gets 5-15 years in Hempstead girl’s death

He stole her whole life. He devastated her family. And he could spend less time in prison than some people spend in college.

The girl’s mother “has no hate.” But one of the things prison is supposed to do is convince other people to obey the law. As in punishment should be a deterrent. This doesn’t seem to meet that out either.

According to Newsday, police said Keller and Dejah’s older brother belong to different factions of the Bloods gang, and that Keller shot into Dejah’s house from a vehicle because he believed her older brother had stolen a Hoverboard from his younger brother.

So does any of this ensure that the next time someone “thinks someone stole something” they will think twice before unleashing a drive-by shooting? Is this how people solve problems in the 21st Century?

“I’m genuinely sorry. I never meant to intentionally hurt any of your family. If I could take it back, I would,” said Keller.

WTF? What did he think was going to happen if he opened fire on an occupied dwelling? Either this guy is a bold-faced liar, or he is just plain stupid.

The Left will of course blame the gun, society, bad schools,… anyone and anything but the man who pulled the trigger. And while I blame him, I also blame the courts for not sending a stronger message that we will punish this kind of violence. If you make something less expensive, you can expect to see more of it.