Longer Sentences Under Get-tough Gun Law? Not in Chicago!

JusticeIf you make something less-expensive, you will see more of it. Number of longer sentences in Cook County under new get-tough gun law? Zero | Chicago Sun-Times

The aim of the law was simple: Repeat gun offenders in Illinois would face tougher sentences.

But a Chicago Sun-Times review of sentences in Cook County since that new law took effect in January has found that no one is actually being hit with those stiffer sentences.

The so-called Criminal Justice System in Cook County/Chicago is not interested in stopping gun crime. (Well, the cops are interested, but they have been abandoned by just about everyone else in City/County government.) Hat tip to Second City Cop.


5 to 15 Years for Killing a 12-year-old

JusticeNo trial. Just a plea bargain. So is this justice? Gang member gets 5-15 years in Hempstead girl’s death

He stole her whole life. He devastated her family. And he could spend less time in prison than some people spend in college.

The girl’s mother “has no hate.” But one of the things prison is supposed to do is convince other people to obey the law. As in punishment should be a deterrent. This doesn’t seem to meet that out either.

According to Newsday, police said Keller and Dejah’s older brother belong to different factions of the Bloods gang, and that Keller shot into Dejah’s house from a vehicle because he believed her older brother had stolen a Hoverboard from his younger brother.

So does any of this ensure that the next time someone “thinks someone stole something” they will think twice before unleashing a drive-by shooting? Is this how people solve problems in the 21st Century?

“I’m genuinely sorry. I never meant to intentionally hurt any of your family. If I could take it back, I would,” said Keller.

WTF? What did he think was going to happen if he opened fire on an occupied dwelling? Either this guy is a bold-faced liar, or he is just plain stupid.

The Left will of course blame the gun, society, bad schools,… anyone and anything but the man who pulled the trigger. And while I blame him, I also blame the courts for not sending a stronger message that we will punish this kind of violence. If you make something less expensive, you can expect to see more of it.

It Seems Rape is Barely a Crime in The Netherlands

JusticeEveryone is upset that he appears to be making death threats (from Somalia), but I’m just as upset that he was only sentenced to 18 months for rape. (Less than 18 months) Uitgezette Somaliër bedreigt Sylvia met de dood – OR – Deported Somalian threatens Sylvia with death. (Yes, it is in Dutch, but Google Translate does a fair job.)

He received eighteen months in June 2017, six of which were conditional.

And if my calendar is correct, it isn’t quite 12 months since June of 2017. So it would seem more than the 6 months are conditional.

Yeah, that’s a deterrent.

He was also banned from the EU for 10 years. I agree with his victim: “That should be lifelong.”

So when you hear people talk about the civilized Europeans, think about that.

What Happens When You Make Something Less Expensive? – Criminal Justice Edition

JusticeWhat happens? You get more of it. CWB Chicago: Prosecutors: Gun Offender Was Free On Recognizance Bond When He Got Another Gun And Killed A Man

The Left hates everything that came out of the late 1980’s Get Tough on Crime initiatives. But violent crime peaked in this country around 1991 or so, and even with the increase we’ve seen in the past 3 years or so it is still near historic lows, at least in most of the country. (Chicago, Baltimore and a few other places are notable exceptions to that statement.)

In an effort to turn back some of that tough on crime stuff, Cook County (home to Chicago) is trying to go easy on defendants who might have a hard time affording bail. In some case releasing criminals on their own recognizance. Which brings us to the case in point.

A guy bought an illegal gun, that was originally stolen from Spokane. He fired a couple of shots to “be sure it worked.” He got busted for illegal possession of a firearm. Released – no bond, no electronic monitoring. He was just left to walk out the door. He skipped his hearing. (Color me shocked!) While out awaiting that hearing, he bought another gun. He used that gun to shoot a man in the back of the head.

So while I firmly believe that the guy is responsible for his own actions, I also think the judge (Judge Stephanie Miller) should be called to account. Chicago is in the grip of a crime epidemic. (Go to HeyJackass! for the details.) If you are not going to hold people in jail for gun crimes, what are you going to hold them for?

We get an answer to that question in this case, because the bad-guy in question was brought before the SAME judge, this time on the murder charge. (The universe, it seems, has sense of irony.) Judge Miller ordered him held without bond this time.

A final note: The Sun-Times had a reporter in court for Williams’ appearance on Wednesday. For some reason, the paper’s story makes no mention of the fact that Williams was free on a recognizance bond for a handgun violation when he allegedly committed the murder.

Media Bias? What Media Bias? Nothing to see here! Move along. (Hat tip to Second City Cop).

Civilized Spain – Where It Is Next to Impossible to Prove Rape

Remember that when the Left says what a great place all of Europe is. Thousands protest for third day in Pamplona over ‘wolf pack’ gang rape case

The men, aged 27 to 29, had been accused of raping the woman at the entrance to an apartment building in Pamplona on July 7, 2016, at the start of the week-long San Fermin festival, which draws tens of thousands of visitors.

The five, all from the southern city of Seville, filmed the incident with their smartphones and then bragged about it on a WhatsApp messaging group where they referred to themselves as “La Manada”, or “The Pack” in English.

All 5 were acquitted of rape, but sentenced to 9 years on other charges. This all has to do with an insane twist in Spanish law.

Go read the whole depressing thing. And self-defense? They are civilized Spaniards!

Don’t Question Her Authority!

She offered you water, not medical treatment. Don’t waste her time asking for medical treatment! Woman dies after yelling judge ignores pleas for medical help – FOX29 Lake Charles

This prime example of our black-robed overlords is named Judge Merrilee Ehrlich of Florida. A defendant in her court was coughing, and she offered water. Sounds nice, except what that person needed was medical attention.

When Sandra Twiggs tried explaining, the judge yelled, “Ma’am, I’m not here to talk to you!”

“I need a breathing treatment,” Sandra Twiggs said.

“Ma’am, I’m not here to talk to you about your breathing treatment,” Ehrlich said.

Sandra Twiggs was dead the next day

The judge will “step down.” That’s bureaucratic weasel-wording for “retire or resign and otherwise face no repercussions for treating a sick woman like a dog.” You and I would go to jail for treating a dog like that, but not a judge.

You can tell you live in a police state when there are 2 sets of rules. One for the folks in charge. One for the rest of us. Sneeze at cop, and he can shoot you and claim “he feared for his life,” and he will get off Scott free. They can bust down your door at 3 AM with no ID and for no reason, and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

I Guess Illinois Doesn’t Have a “Three Strikes and You’re Out” Law

A violent felon, out on parole, is accused of acting like a violent felon. CWB Chicago: Now Charged With Robbing Boystown Resident, Lifelong Felon Is On Parole For Beating Man With A Brick

Barners is charged with one count of felony robbery and has been ordered held without bail by Judge Stephanie Miller.

On May 20, 2014, Barners was arrested and charged with aggravated battery after he beat a man in the head with a brick in the 900 block of West School Street. Barners pleaded guilty, received a six-year sentence, and was paroled in May 2017.

His history of violent crime dates back to the Reagan Administration. He has done time for multiple instances of aggravated battery, home invasion, narcotics, and other crimes. Do you think he will reform? I don’t.

When people tell me how bad the “tough on crime” laws are, and how “three strikes and you’re out” is unfair, I love to cite cases like this. What is fair to the guy who got hit in the hear with a brick? What is fair to the guy who got robbed this time around? And what will he do to his next victim, and is that fair?