Keeping Violent Criminals in Jail is Unfair

So says the Left. Released Early Due To Coronavirus: Former Weld County Inmate Now Accused Of Strangulation.

A former Weld County Jail inmate, who was released early from a two year sentence due to COVID-19 concerns, is now accused of attacking and strangling someone one month after his release. The Windsor Police Department is now searching for Christopher A. Vecchiarelli, 36, after they say he attacked a woman, leaving bruises in several places and fracturing her arm.

Someone will say his infraction didn’t mean he should be exposed to COVID-19. Should the woman he attacked have had her arm broken?

Because Keeping Criminals in Jail is Unfair

This might just be a record for least time to re-offend. California man allegedly proceeded to strangle a child just 10 minutes after being released from jail.

He was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and driving the wrong way. He was released from jail the next day.

“Not more than 10 minutes later Orozco forced a female out of her car in the parking lot of Natividad Medical Center. The female refused to give up the keys to her car so Orozco began to strangle the female’s 11 year old child,” the post continued.

According to police, the female then gave up her keys and pulled her child out of the car before Orozco sped off.

Cops caught up with him, and thru him back in jail. No word on if he will again be released under “zero bail.”

Cops Wouldn’t Lie to Get a Warrant. Would They?

Of course they would. ‘FALSE INFORMATION’ ‘No suspected drug packages to justify warrant’ to raid home of black hero nurse shot dead by police.

This is about the death of Breonna Taylor.

First up we should note that the guy they were looking for was arrested earlier in the day 10 miles away. He had been involved with Ms. Taylor – 2 years ago.

Then there is the evidence used to get the no-knock warrant.

The same detective said he had verified “through a US Postal Inspector” that Glover had been receiving packages at her address.

But a Louisville postal inspector, Tony Gooden, told a local news station that Louisville police did not check with his office about Breonna’s apartment.

He said another law enforcement agency had asked his office in January to investigate for suspicious mail arriving at her home, but they concluded there were none.

“There’s no packages of interest going there,” Gooden told WDRB News on Friday.

Oops. The cops have been in cover-up mode since they killed this innocent woman. Because Lies followed by death don’t look good. To anyone.

Perjury charges. Loss of pension. Jail time. I don’t expect anything to happen to these cops. The are fighting the War on (Some) Drugs™ and there are bound to be problems in war. Truth is the first casualty.

The Left’s Plan to Do Away With Bail

Because keeping dangerous criminals in jail is unfair. </sarcasm> Two charities have bailed scores of felony defendants out of Cook County Jail. Some were soon charged with new crimes..

The charities say that they are “charge agnostic” because that would be unfair. But even Jesse Jackson’s charity, which bailed out a lot of people over the years, had some boundaries.

Both civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson and businessman and political candidate Willie Wilson have been bailing out Cook County Jail detainees for years. But both said in Tribune interviews that they specifically exclude people charged with violent felonies or crimes with guns.

“Society would not appreciate that. That would not be acceptable,” Jackson said.

Still, if you don’t think that people should be in jail for the misdemeanors like “riding a bicycle on a public sidewalk” then you could always work to change the law. (That was an example from the story.)

I don’t know if that is a Chicago specific law, or an Illinois law, and I grew up and learned to ride a bicycle in Illinois. Of course there where no sidewalks in my neighborhood, and not many people walking on the sidewalks in the rest of town.

As for the effort to eliminate bail…

Starting in 2017, the courts have lowered or eliminated cash bail for many criminal defendants and dramatically lowered the jail population. The Tribune reported in February that a major study commissioned by Evans to support the reforms had flaws that minimized the number of defendants charged with murder and other violent crimes while out on bail.

Guess where the charities fall on the questions around these reforms.

Less Than $10,000 Per Year for a Life Stolen

JusticeThey covered up evidence that he didn’t commit the crime. Baltimore to pay $125,000 to man who spent 16 years wrongfully in jail.

A man who spent 16 years in jail for murder – before another man’s confession was uncovered in a Baltimore City police report – will be awarded $125,000 to settle his lawsuit.

The prosecutor said the confession was “not to be released” to the defense. Why? Because winning was more important than justice. Oh that lawyer, went on to become a judge. She died while this guy was in prison for a crime he did not commit.

The Criminal Justice System. Definitely criminal, and not interested in Justice.

Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

What’s the use of having tons of gun laws, if they never get applied? Man on House Arrest for Gun Offense Allegedly Shoots, Kills Teen.

A man on house arrest for carrying a gun without a license allegedly shot and killed a 15-year-old boy who lived across the street from his Lawndale home, Cook County prosecutors say.

Dequawn Little, 21, was allegedly close enough to his electronic monitoring box, located in the dining room of the house, that he didn’t trigger a violation.

I would guess that carrying a concealed weapon without a license is a felony in Illinois, but I could be wrong.

Prosecutors are at a loss to describe motive. How about, “A violent criminal being violent?”

So Did The System Know a Hit was Contracted?

What did they know, and what did they do about it? Pregnant Chicago teen was gunned down after $5,000 bounty was placed on her head for testifying in murder trial, prosecutors say.

Davis was recorded on phone calls from Cook County Jail talking about a female witness who testified in his trial, wanting to find out where she is and “discussing how, when he gets a new trial, she can’t be a witness against him,” Murphy said.

Prosecutors did not say when the calls took place or who Davis was calling.

So he was recorded. Did anyone listen to the recordings? Is it standard operating procedure to let criminals plan hits against witnesses?

They have arrested someone for the murder and he is being held. But it doesn’t seem like they did much to protect this witness. Even the defense attorney quoted for the article seems to think that the attack on witnesses will be a problem.

So how does this impact what passes for the Rule of Law in Chicago?

California’s Governor Sets Convicted Murderer Free

He said he was sorry. Or something. Gov. Newsom commutes sentence of man convicted in 1987 murder of Bakersfield gas station clerk.

Bradley was convicted for the 1987 murder of gas station attendant Claude Baker. He was sentenced in 1988 to a sentence of life without the possibility of parole and has served 32 years of his sentence.

So not only does California not have the death penalty, they also don’t have “life without the possibility of parole.”

Because that would be unfair. Or something.

Planting Drugs on People Not a Violation of NYPD Rules

JusticeBut then why did you expect it to be? NYPD cops caught on video planting drugs again.

Twice they were recorded by body camera planting evidence.

Erickson and Pastran repeatedly searched the vehicle and Serrano’s jacket for several minutes but were unable to find anything illicit. Caught on his own body cam video, Erickson clearly planted a nugget of marijuana on the cup holder before claiming to “find” it.

According to Pastran’s body camera, Erickson appeared to plant pot flakes inside one of pockets of Serrano’s jacket before giving his partner a fist bump. Serrano spent the next five days handcuffed to a hospital bed while recovering from his abdominal wound. Unaware of the existence of the body cam videos, Serrano later pleaded guilty to avoid jail time.

Both remain on patrol. Hey, they are making arrests. The arrests are bogus, but they don’t care and their bosses don’t care.

An internal investigation determined that Erickson and Pastran had committed no police misconduct during Kuyateh’s arrest. The newly released footage of Serrano’s arrest clearly depicts the same officers planting drugs while sharing nearly the exact same dialogue between each other.

Justice? What’s that?

Jussie Smollett Isn’t The Only One To Get a Pass in Cook County

JusticeJustice? Kim Foxx isn’t interested in Justice. Politically-connected email to Kim Foxx got results for teen murderer.

It turns out that Smollett isn’t the only person to have extraordinarily good luck in court after a private appeal was sent to Foxx’s personal email address.

It is a bit complicated to summarize here. Suffice it to say that the case of Dionte Johnson, who was 14 when he participated in brutal murder, got what looks to be special consideration from Foxx’s office for a crime committed when he was an adult. After a email was sent on his behalf.

I don’t expect this to impact her reelection.

Leniency Leads to Crime Spree

JusticeSix deaths in six days. He should have been in prison. Police: Suspect in multiple Detroit-area killings dies after shooting himself. So what is social justice quotient in 6 deaths?

Brown’s case has triggered controversy and finger-pointing as he allegedly carried out these crimes weeks after a federal judge released him back into society following a probation violation, rather than locking him back up.

But keeping violent criminals in prison is unfair.

He shot himself as police were closing in.

Six people would be alive if that judge had exercised some judgement. But instead, I’m sure he was worried about his social-justice standing.

Affordable Bail Leads to More Crime

Because keeping criminals in jail is unfair. Man charged with armed carjacking less than a month after being released on “affordable bail”.

Cops caught him driving a stolen car. He was released on his own recognizance.

Edward Fleming is now charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm, felony armed robbery, felony possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in connection with the latest crime.

So social justice or regular justice? You pick. It’s beginning to look like you can’t have both.

Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

By not treating criminals appropriately, they get more crime. More carjackings reported as police promise crackdown: “The criminal justice system has to get serious about how they deal with some of these juveniles.”.

“The criminal justice system has to get serious about how they deal with some of these juveniles,” CPD Dep. Supt. Anthony Riccio said on Friday. “A lot of what we see are the same crews doing it over and over again. So, we’re gonna have to definitely address the problem of juveniles and the crime that they’re committing.”

Riccio made the remarks as he announced the reconstitution of a multi-agency carjacking task force. He said 117 vehicular hijackings had been reported in 2020 as of earlier this week, up from 67 during the same time in 2019.

But that quip about the Criminal Justice System is aimed at the courts, who keep releasing juveniles, because “they’re just kids” and besides keeping violent criminals in jail is unfair.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes…

If you reward bad behavior (and non punishment is a reward of sorts) you get more of it….lots more of it.

SCC has more insights into what is happening to Justice in Chicago.

Bail Reform Costs Another Life

JusticeSo how much social justice, or regular justice, did his victims receive? Man accused of killing security officer, had been free on attempted rape.

The 25-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing a library security officer to death had been released without bail after being accused of trying to rape a woman at Montefiore Nyack Hospital in November, authorities and court documents confirmed Thursday.

Because turning violent criminals loose on the streets to commit more violent acts is the right thing to do. At least according to the SJWs running New York.

Hat tip to The Other McCain, who notes…

“Social justice” is a threat to public safety, but this is just another case of violence against women feminists won’t notice, for some reason . . .

Bail Reform Claims Another Life

This death will be explained away. Prosecutors: Boy fatally shot by man who was on “affordable bail” for gun charge.

An Englewood man is charged with fatally shooting a 15-year-old boy while free on a recognizance bond and electronic monitoring as he awaited trial for allegedly possessing a stolen handgun.

And police say he was carrying another handgun when they arrested him last week.

I’m shocked that criminals don’t obey the law. I’m shocked that he didn’t bother to fail a background check. Actually I’m not that shocked. It is shocking that people with more than 2 brain cells to rub together thought that this “affordable bail” idea would have no bad outcomes.

He was charged in July with unlawful use of a weapon. The judge let him go on his own recognizance. He was charged in October with another gun crime, and ordered held without bail, but the charge (violating parole agreement) was dropped in November and he was turned loose.

Witness the result.

Don’t expect a dead, black teenager to change anything. I mean, he wasn’t killed by cops, or a Trump supporter, so the media will ignore it. Accept for Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown. And Social Justice Warriors will never admit that their ideas are insane, even in the face of statistics.

Seven Years for a Double Murder

Justice7 years and 4 months. What does that work out to per life? And I bet he gets out early for “Good Behavior.” Man connected to Planada double homicide sentenced to 7 years in prison.

So was the case that weak? He was in possession of a firearm. (And isn’t a felon in possession of a firearm more time than that?) Was it the firearm used in the murder?

However, prosecutors dropped the murder charge against Ceja-Prado in December of 2019, and on the same day he pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm and violating his probation.

File this under “California’s recipe for more crime.”

The families of the 2 guys who were killed don’t seem to think that Justice prevailed. I have to agree.

[One of the families] still blame Ceja-Prado for the death of their loved one, who authorities said was an innocent bystander.

So you’re walking along, minding your own business, and a felon in possession of a gun (shouldn’t there be a law? Oh, wait…) kills you, and the prosecutor decides, because he really can’t be bothered, that your life isn’t worth very much. Welcome to the United States of Insanity.

More Social Justice, Less Actual Justice

So how long before the people of the big cities get tired of this BS? Man charged with killing 2 men in botched Chinatown robbery is on *probation* for two Boystown muggings.

A South Shore man who received just two years probation for committing a pair of 2018 robberies in Boystown has been charged with the cold-blooded slayings of two men during a botched robbery in Chinatown this weekend.

Boystown, in Chicago, is the ‘traditionally gay’ neighborhoods, at least since the 1980s. Though it has begun to diversify for some time now, and the presence of a large number of clubs and eateries and a few theaters means it is a draw from all over the city, for entertainment. And since Wriggly Field is just to the west of Boystown, there are a few of the sports bars associated with baseball.

So they gave him a deal on robbery, aggravated battery, and unlawful restraint. And now 2 people are dead. So what did they think would happen when they went easy on this guy?

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes.

Who in their right mind offers probation for TWO robberies?

Not only that, but a little birdie whispers to us that this jagoff was (thisclose) to being released because Felony Review demanded more video than what already existed – the offender trying to carjack other vehicles on the expressway ramp, fleeing the scene immediately after the shootings and being covered in the victims’ blood. That’s not good enough for Crimesha’s social justice warriors.

Because Keeping Violent Offenders in Prison is Unfair

I thought that the point of the Criminal Justice System was supposed to be the protection of Society. It is starting to look like a jobs program for lawyers. Ex-boyfriend out on bond for shooting woman 6 times returned to home and killed her, prosecutors say. Hammond mayor says justice system failed her..

In November he shot her 6 times and was arrested for attempted murder. Later in November he was released on bail.

Last Thursday, he came back and shot her 5 times, killing her.

How’s that bail reform working out? How long before you blame the gun? No blame for the criminal? No blame for the judge? If it was anyone but a .gov bureaucrat making these awful decisions you could charge them with depraved indifference. This outcome was completely predictable, and so “The System” has to have some responsibility. There will be no accountability. (They work for the government.)

On Facebook, [Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr.] on Friday criticized Goforth’s release in the November case, saying the justice system “failed” Williams. Lake Superior Magistrate Natalie Bokota, assigned to the case, approved a request on Dec. 11, allowing him to continue living in Missouri, records show.

And this judge doesn’t appear to have a good record vis a vie recidivism.

In an unrelated case, Bokota accepted a plea agreement in 2018 for James McGhee, charged with beating his pregnant girlfriend, killing two of four fetuses. He later kidnapped her for about a month, records allege. He received three years probation.

McGhee was later charged with killing another girlfriend.

I understand no wanting to keep people in jail ahead of a trial just because they are poor. But violent criminals being free is not a good thing.

What’s The Opposite of “Witness Protection?”

This never made sense to anyone. Man who was supposed to testify against MS-13 gang members found dead.

Long Island authorities on Wednesday implied that a man set to testify against MS-13 gang members was killed as a result of criminal-justice reforms requiring prosecutors share witnesses’ identities with defendants.

No, really? I’m shocked that you could insinuate that a reform pushed by Democrats could have bad consequences. Impossible.

Who thought this would be a good idea, or “fair” or whatever they thought it was? No one will ever agree to testify against any violent criminal, especially against a violent gang like MS-13, ever again in New York. Would you? (Hat tip to 90 Miles from Tyranny.)

The Violence Against Women Ignored By the Left

Out on bond, committing rapes. Violence Against Women Update.

Out on bond facing a charge of rape, when he commits a rape. (Allegedly?) There is DNA evidence in at least one case, so what is the hold up? Speedy trial and all that? Are we going to wait until he kills someone, before we get around to incarcerating him? And then there is the case of the ex-girlfriend, who drowned. How hard do you think cops chased that one?

Two women raped, and the suspect’s ex-girlfriend “accidentally” drowned last year. But feminists don’t care, for some reason . . .

So how is that bail reform working out?