Speaking of Not Treating Violent Crime Seriously

An armed home-invasion in Australia (where they have all that lovely gun control). Though this wasn’t the guy with the shotgun. Judge shows ‘no mercy’ to armed robber who terrorised a couple during a violent home invasion.

His victim had been bashed, robbed and left for dead

He could have been sentenced to 25 years (not counting stealing a vehicle). Instead the “no mercy” judge sentenced him to “five years and three months in jail, with a non-parole period of three years and two months.” Given the time he has been in jail waiting for trial, he will be eligible for parole in about 15 months. (Actually most of this was the result of a plea deal.)

This guy has been in trouble with the law for some time. Click thru and scroll down.

For contrast to how to handle violent crime, and how to get more of it see the posing at this link.


They Tried to Ruin This Kids Life Because They Don’t Like Him

Mean girls got him charged with sexual assault because they didn’t like him. Lawsuit accuses Seneca Valley ‘mean girls’ of targeting boy with false allegations.

In a tape-recorded interview with school officials in 2017, the lawsuit alleges K.S. said she made the sexual assault claim against T.F. because “I just don’t like him.”

She wanted him expelled, and #MeToo Nazis handed her the means.

Even though everyone now knows that the accusations were false, his record hasn’t been cleared, and the girls – multiple, all friends – have suffered no consequences.

The 26-page lawsuit — filed in Pittsburgh on the eve of Mean Girls Day — alleges that T.F. “was forced to endure multiple court appearances, detention in a juvenile facility, detention at home, the loss of his liberty and other damages until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false” this summer.

The lawsuit names the District Attorney – he hasn’t expunged the record – and the school – for taking no action.

“(T.F.) was basically being tortured in school by the other students and investigators, but the administration was only focused on protecting the girls who were lying,” Fishman said. “Once the allegations were proven false, they really didn’t care one bit about T.F. and there has been absolutely no repercussions against the girls.”

Hat tip to Moonbattery.

Chicago and Revolving-door Justice

Or not so much justice, actually. More charges brought in robbery near Boystown (and the accused is on TRIPLE probation).

You read that correctly. He was on probation – concurrently – for 3 separate crimes.

It turns out that [Moshe] Nudelman was on triple probation at the time of the robbery, according to court records.

In November 2017, Judge Lauren Edidin sentenced Nudelman to one year’s probation for selling a stolen camera online. At the same hearing, Edidin sentenced Nudelman to a concurrent year of probation for stealing two watches worth $9,800 in Skokie.

Then, on August 1st, Judge Edidin again gave Nudelman another sentence of probation after he pleaded guilty to burglarizing a Skokie smoke shop just two months after he was given the previous probation sentences.

And despite all of that, he is being held in lieu of bail. Which I think might he might raise somehow.

When you make something less-expensive, you get more of it. You could also file this under, “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s gonna want a glass of milk.”

Lawyers Behaving Badly

JusticeYou could also file this under, “Women do lie about abuse.” Maine Man Receives $375,000 After False Rape Accusation.

Prosecutorial misconduct is rarely corrected. Putting the Criminal in The Criminal Justice System.

[Prosecutor Mary] Kellett admitted in 2013 that she violated rules by making an improper argument and withholding exculpatory evidence. She was suspended for one month, but vacated that and allowed her to go through six hours of legal education instead. She’s one of the few prosecutors – and the first in the state of Maine – to be sanctioned for prosecutorial misconduct.

Vladek was finally exonerated in 2015, and he filed a federal lawsuit against those that handled his case, after he discovered more evidence was withheld

And although her office had to pay out the $375,000 she is still an attorney, and still a prosecutor. Her punishment for trying to destroy a man’s life? She had to take 6 hours of legal education. Less than one day.

The guy who settled was only one of dozen defendants. Go read the whole thing.

“The System” is not interested in Justice. It is interested in winning. It is interested in promoting political agendas.

Citizens Must OBEY The Police Or Be Destroyed

The previous posting wasn’t the only instance of cops shooting law-abiding citizens. Battlefield America: The Ongoing War on the American People.

This is what a state of undeclared martial law looks like, when you can be arrested, tasered, shot, brutalized and in some cases killed merely for not complying with a government agent’s order or not complying fast enough.

The linked article has a litany of incidents involving police shooting/tasering/brutalizing people because they could not OBEY fast enough.

James Madison warned about the dangers of a standing army. The police have become that militarized force, in some cases terrorizing the citizens, in some cases killing them with immunity. (So-called limited immunity, which never seems to be too limited.)

You can see that previous post at this link.

Failures of the Criminal Justice System – International Edition

JusticeAnd you thought the Criminal Justice System in the USA was screwed up. Violent burglar dressed up as garda during raid on family.

It seems things aren’t much different in Ireland.

He has 130 previous convictions for burglary, theft, road traffic offences, criminal damage, possession of drugs, taking vehicles and public order matters.

If he was sentenced to 6-months for each of those 130 offenses, he wouldn’t be out causing more mayhem. But the Irish, like their European neighbors, are too civilized to actually put people in prison.

The Politically-motivated War Against Police

If you read this blog, you know that I am not a mindless supporter of the cops. But the war on policing in places like Baltimore and Chicago (and others) isn’t right. And it is political. Lawsuit: IPRA investigator told to lie to make police shooting look unjustified.

A former longtime police misconduct investigator claims in a new lawsuit he lost his job last year after he refused to give false testimony to make a shooting by an officer seem like it was not justified.

Because politically the Left has to continue to demonize all cops, and all police shootings MUST be unjustified because the political is more important than the truth. And it is political.

Also mentioned throughout the lawsuit, but not named as a defendant, is Lori Lightfoot, the former Police Board president now challenging Mayor Rahm Emanuel for his job. The complaint alleges that Lightfoot, in December 2015, told then-IPRA head Scott Ando she “wanted to fire that motherf—er Lett.”

Cops who break the law should be punished. But cops who do not break the law, should not be railroaded to further the political career of a politician.