Prosecutors Really Hate Self-defense

JusticeAnd some judges don’t like it either. Kansas Supreme Court again overturns Shawnee County murder conviction.

First up, the prosecutor.

The Kansas Attorney General’s office argued that Qualls only needed to fire one shot if he were acting in self-defense, a suggestion panned by justices during a December hearing. As Qualls emptied his gun, Rosen said in Friday’s ruling, he didn’t know if he even hit Beier.

Then the judge

During the 2014 retrial, Rios refused to tell the jury that self-defense was an option because there was no indication at the time of the shooting that there were any weapons in the bar.

If you twitch the wrong way during a traffic stop, a cop will shoot you – even if you are unarmed – and they will be all over self-defense. This guy was already injured, and he and his wife fled the scene they were fired on. But the State HATES self-defense.


The Obama Administration’s Efforts to Destroy Schools

Most of my family worked as educators, so this topic has always been close to my heart. Education: Restoring Discipline–Slowly.

Under the banor of Social Justice, the Obama Administration pressured schools to turn a blind eye to minority students who were criminally disruptive to education. This was to “short-circuit the school-to-prison pipeline.” It left violent criminals in the schools. Teachers and students were harassed and attacked. Learning was completely disrupted. But apparently that qualifies as social justice.

This was a signature policy of the Obamites, often running under the banner of “restorative justice.” It relied on a surface reading of statistics: Black kids are suspended far more often than white kids. Of course, white kids are suspended far more often than Asian kids, and males are suspended far more often than females, but Obamites didn’t bother to look into why Black kids are suspended more often. The mere fact they were—and are—told them schools are irredeemably racist–facts didn’t matter–and the only remedy was to make it impossible for Black, and other favored minority victims groups of, kids to be disciplined or suspended.

The Parkland shooter “benefited” from this insanity. How’d that work out?

As they say, go read the whole thing.

Prosecutors Hate Self-defense So Much They Will Send Innocent Men to Prison

JusticeEspecially if racism comes into the mix. John McNeil recounts legal battles after self-defense shooting.

He was in his own yard. Both he and his son were threatened with a knife. He fired a warning shot, but the guy with the knife lunged at him. Cops said it was self-defense, but the DA decided to prosecute. Cops testified for the defense. He was convicted. This was in Georgia. All this in a state that had a Stand Your Ground law in place at the time.

The homeowner who defended himself was black. The guy with the knife was white.

John McNeil spent 6 years in prison for defending himself while black in the State of Georgia.

McNeil was sentenced to life in prison in Georgia after he fatally shot a man who had trespassed on his property and threatened both him and his son with a knife in his own backyard in 2005. McNeil was released from a Georgia prison in 2013 after serving more than six years of that life sentence thanks to a grassroots campaign led by his late wife, Anita, who died of cancer 10 days prior to his release, the NAACP and leaders in Wilson. McNeil had cited the Georgia stand-your ground law.

That DA should be prosecuted from being an asshole racist, but nothing will happen to him.

Have They Ever Heard of Swatting?

They must be a bit behind the times in Milwaukee. And I thought they were backwards in Cincinnati. No-Knock Warrant Can Have Value But May Be Dangerous. No Shit.

“A no-knock warrant immediately escalates the situation to force because it starts with force. A forcible entry. There’s no steps taken prior to that forcible entry that is less than forceful. There’s no knock, there’s no announcement, there’s no attempt to gain voluntary submission to a search warrant,” [Criminal Defense Attorney] Mastantuono says.

They interview a cop who says no-knock warrants aren’t too big a deal. What else did you think he would say?

Houston PD Screw-up Still Having Impacts

JusticeThe number of things the PD did wrong is stellar. Fallout From A Botched Houston Drug Raid Continues.

Two people are dead, and five officers were wounded. Mostly they were wounded by other officers.

There were supposed to be heroin sales out of the house. No Heroin. Now the PD internal affairs office is having strange difficulty tracking down the confidential informant who provided all the info for the search warrant. The description of the couple – who apparently were killed by the Houston PD for no real reason, except that no-knock warrants don’t work as well as they are advertised to work – as dangerous drug dealers isn’t matching up with reality. And then, when all these things were pointed out, the president of the police union, doubled down and call the dead couple “dirt bags.”

So the internal affairs division of Houston PD is investigating, and the DA’s office is also investigating. And now the FBI is getting into the act, with their investigation.

Now the FBI is investigating after it came out that an officer may have lied on an affidavit to get a search warrant, and the Houston Police Department has announced sweeping changes.

No-knock warrants are not quite stopped, but not moving forward at full speed either. This insanity has got to stop, and the only way it stops is if the cop or cops who lied to get the search warrant are hung out to dry. Manslaughter at least. Felony murder? Something besides 2 months of non-paid vacation, also know as administrative leave or whatever.

Putting Your Finger on The Scales of Justice

Because the rules don’t apply to EVERYONE. Report: DOJ Told FBI To Ignore ‘Gross Negligence’ As Reason To Charge Clinton Over Emails.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) reportedly instructed the FBI to ignore “gross negligence” as a reason for charging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server to conduct classified government business.

Because she was the DOJ’s special candidate. Or something.

The Failure of House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring

Bureaucrats never admit they’re wrong. County prosecutor: How many ‘have to die’ to end house arrest in violent crimes?.

Court officials, judges say ankle monitors are safe, less expensive.

Cheaper? Sure. Safe? Not so much.

Travion Montgomery cut off his ankle bracelet while under house arrest on a robbery charge. Montgomery had prior convictions for aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and kidnappng.

The court monitors issued a warrant, but didn’t notify law-enforcement. And so when he was picked up by police he was released. Then another warrant with the wrong SSN. And then…

Montgomery was arrested Sept. 10 after allegedly choking a woman and leaving her on life support. He is now in jail on a $500,000 bond.

Yeah, that sounds like a safe system to me. At least I’m sure it’s cheap.