Politicians Releasing Rapists and Murderers in the Name of Social Justice

So how’s that working out? ‘Her Death Is On YOU’: Police Union Blames NYC Mayor de Blasio’s Sanctuary Policy For Homicide.

  • The Sergeants Benevolent Association on Sunday blamed NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for the death of a 92-year-old woman, who was allegedly killed by an illegal alien.
  • The illegal alien, Reeaz Khan, had been previously arrested by the NYPD, and ICE had issued a detainer request for him, but the request was ignored and he was released back into the public.

Because not even public safety is more important than their views of Social Justice.

State Control of The Economy Never Works

But that’s what they want in California. The Silicon Graybeard: California – Killing Jobs Since Forever – Freelance Writers Hardest Hit.

But naturally, the wonderful state thinks they’ve made these peoples lives better by making them unemployed. The reality is the law was written without the slightest care for writers like these two women. It was written to protect cab drivers from Uber and Lyft, and wreck any other choice of working arrangements people might like.

Of course lawyers wrote the law, so they exempted themselves. What a shock.

Supervised Release? How’s That Working Out?

Two months into a supervised release, he is charged with committing murder. Suspect in Holyoke homicide was ‘validated La Familia street gang member’ serving probation for drug crimes.

“The January 9, 2020 homicide of 21-year-old Holyoke resident Jesus Otero-Marrero might have been prevented if a federal judge in Springfield had just imposed even the lower end of the minimum sentence time available within the federal sentencing guidelines,” [Police Chief Manuel] Febo said in a written statement released Tuesday night.

But hey, keeping violent gang members in prison would be unfair.

When he was released on the federal drug charges, “investigators were stunned.” Me not so much. The Left is determined to empty prisons, and not incarcerate anyone, consequences be damned. So how unfair is this situation to the guy who died, or his family?

Bail Reform – Because Keeping Criminals In Jail Is Wong

JusticeOr so the Democrats keep telling me. Soros-Funded Crime Spree Continues.

After 13-year-old Sienna Carter vanished in downtown San Francisco a week ago, a frantic search ensued. The girl was found, a suspect was arrested but now has been set free to prey on other children. Why? In recent years, progressives funded by billionaire George Soros have pursued an agenda of targeting elections for state attorneys general and local district attorneys, while simultaneously promoting so-called “bail reform” initiatives.

See Chicago’s Recipe for more crime, and New York’s getting in on the act.

New York’s Recipe for More Crime

Taking a page out of Chicago’s book? No, just the way Democrats want to do things. Thief who robbed four banks is FREED on New York’s no-bail policy – then knocks over another bank 24 hours after shouting ‘I can’t believe they let me out’

The headline kinda sums up the whole story.

Woodberry was then alleged to have robbed a fifth bank on Friday in Downtown Brooklyn, and the police have asked the public’s help in finding him

Hat tip to Wirecutter at Knuckledraggin’ My Life Away, who notes – Persistent fucker, ain’t he?

Putting the “Criminal” in Criminal Justice System

JusticeCook County State’s Attorney, and Jussie Smollet – Just when you thought it was over. Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx hires outside legal help in Jussie Smollett probe, won’t say how much it’s costing taxpayers.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and her office have retained some high-powered legal assistance in the ongoing probe of Foxx’s controversial handling of the Jussie Smollett case.

Hat tip to Second City Cop – Crimesha Lawyers Up: At taxpayer expense no less. Maybe you can tell, but SCC, and most of Chicago PD, doesn’t care too much for the Cook County State’s Attorney and her lax attitude toward crime and criminals.

Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

JusticeBecause keeping violent criminals in jail would be unfair. Man with long history of trouble along Red Line is charged with violent robbery on Jackson platform.

Roderrick K. Sims racked up eight separate arrests near the Red Line downtown last year. And he was supposed to be on electronic monitoring while awaiting trial for one of those incidents when he allegedly skipped bail and brutally attacked a 37-year-old man with four other offenders around 10:50 p.m. on Nov. 29.

So how do you get more crime. Ignore crime when it happens (or after the fact).

Between July 5 and Nov. 26, Sims was arrested and charged with new crimes three separate times. And judges released him on his own recognizance each time.

On July 17, he was charged with battering people at the Starbucks, 42 East Chicago. The charges were later dropped.

The Deep State Will Destroy This Country

American Greatness writes about The FBI’s Darkest Hour.

Our Constitution won’t protect us unless our own cops with guns respect it. After 2016, one wonders whether the FBI looks upon the most famous alumnus of its Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, with fear—or envy.

But then elected officials don’t respect their oaths to “defend the Constitution” so why should their lackeys?

It’s the greatest scandal in U.S. legal history. Most chilling of all is that the current FBI chief, Christopher Wray, recently shrugged-off FBI agents lying to the FISA court. He said of the damning Horowitz report that, in his mind, what was “important that the inspector general found that, in this particular instance, the investigation was opened with appropriate predication and authorization.”

If that’s what he believes and thinks is important, then the FBI is truly constitutionally bankrupt.

The article includes footnotes to the Inspector General’s report. (Hat tip to Small Dead Animals: When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal.)

Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

Don’t prosecute crime. Video: Shoplifters walk out of Lincoln Park store with armloads of winter coats.

If you make something cheaper, you will see more of it.

Suburban retailers have blamed the increase on a decision by Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to take a softer approach to shoplifting cases. Foxx has instructed her attorneys to reject felony-level retail theft charges unless a person is accused of stealing more than $1,000 in merchandise at a single event. An exception may be made if the accused thief has more than 10 felony convictions in their past, Foxx instructed.

So far this year, Foxx’s office has rejected 69% of Chicago police officers’ requests for felony retail theft charges, according to data released by her office.

That will improve things in the city and the county!

Justice? What’s that?

Prosecutors want to “win.” They don’t care about Justice. ‘Innocent Man’ inmate to walk free, but for how long?.

U.S. District Judge James Payne in August ordered Karl Fontenot, 55, to be released by Thursday, writing in his nearly 200-page decision that newly discovered evidence provides “solid proof of Mr. Fontenot’s probable innocence.” The judge cited numerous problems with his conviction including: new evidence establishing an alibi and other suspects; sloppy police work; bungled crime scenes; and the prosecutor’s withholding of evidence and knowing use of false testimony, among other things.

“This pattern and practice resulted in a systemic due process violation of Mr. Fontenot’s constitutional rights,” the judge wrote of the case that John Grisham featured in a bestselling book and Netflix documentary.

Nevertheless, Oklahoma’s attorney general is appealing the decision, and local prosecutors are mulling whether to retry Fontenot.

Cops were “desperate” to close a high-profile case, even if that meant sending an innocent man to prison for 35 years. What do they care?

Lawyers Are Pissed They Don’t Rate Special Treatment

Lawyers behaving badly doesn’t cover this. Three die as marauding Pakistan lawyers rampage through cardiac hospital.

Oh, this happened in Pakistan? I’m shocked to discover violence in Pakistan.

Lahore government official Kamran Ali told Reuters the lawyers were enraged by an earlier incident where doctors allegedly beat a lawyer at the hospital over his refusal to get in a queue of patients.

Ask a lawyer to get in line? Sacrilege! Lawyers are better than everyone else, just ask them and they will tell you! <sarcasm/>.

Three people died including an elderly woman in intensive care because the doctors were hiding from the lawyers. (Hat tip to Ann Althouse.)

So Why Did It the DA Take So Long?

The real headline could be “DA drags feet on admitting officer justified in defending himself” No Charges for Wisconsin Cop Who Killed Man Wielding Cleaver.

And he wasn’t just brandishing the meat cleaver.

[Caledonia Police Officer David] Baird needed 23 stitches to his head.

I think that qualifies under the heading of “a reasonable fear of death or grave bodily harm.” I mean, what did they expect the officer to do at that point? So what was the prosecutor considering while deciding if this action was justified or not? OR – Why the F@#^ did it take from August 18th of this year until the first week in December to come to the “justified” conclusion? Because DAs HATE self-defense. And besides, DAs are elected, so they have to pander, because no matter how cut and dried a situation is, someone will be screaming about brutality.

Self-defense Is Legal in Arizona

But the DAs hate that. Jury finds repairman not guilty in shooting death of customer in Surprise. That’s Surprise, Arizona.

Robert Moore, a 27-year-old who has been behind bars since his arrest in July 2018, says the customer attacked him, and he shot him in self-defense. Now, he is exonerated.

He was repairing an air-conditioning unit, but it was taking longer than the homeowner liked. They ended up in a physical altercation, and the repairman shot one shot.

As firefighters arrive and begin to work on Pineda, another officer finds Moore down the street, still inside his repair van. He had left the home and called 911.

DAs hate self-defense. And cops didn’t believe it either in this case. Oh, and relatives of dead criminals also hate self-defense. Which is a human-right.

You Would Think a Prosecutor Would Fight Government Corruption

In a perfect world anyway, but Chicago is in a different area code from that perfect world. Where is States Attorney Foxx on this most recent episode of Cook County corruption?.

I know, I know. Chicago politicians engaging in corruption is about as much a news story as the sun coming up in the east.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported on the insider deal involving the Cook County Land Bank Authority and a building that Austin’s [34th Ward Ald. Carrie Austin] chief of staff Chester Wilson Jr. owned at 103rd Street and Corliss Avenue.

And the State’s Attorney for Cook County, Kim Foxx, affectionately (or maybe not) known to Second City Cop (See the blogroll) as Crimeshea? She appears to be AWOL on the subject.

Kim Foxx is our chief law enforcement officer and absolutely has a duty to be looking into this. It’s been 3 days since the story broke and she remains silent.

If she is not up to the job, she should resign.

Lie and Cheat to Send a Man to Prison for 20 Years

JusticeThat is how much prosecutors HATE self-defense. Man suing attorneys over wrongful murder conviction.

The suit for Terrence Haynes, 42, was filed Thursday in Urbana. His suit accuses two Kankakee County assistant state’s attorneys of encouraging an 11-year-old witness, Marcus Hammond, a first cousin of one of the prosecutors, to lie about Cezaire Murrell being unarmed when Haynes fatally shot the 18-year-old in 1999.

Hammond was the only eyewitness called by prosecutors, even though three adults at the scene told police that Haynes acted in self-defense after Murrell reached for a gun in his waistband. But none of those adults testified at Haynes’ trial, which resulted in his conviction and a 45-year prison sentence.

He wasn’t freed, but awarded a new trial. That witness has recanted his testimony, BTW, which is strictly separate from the suit.

Justice? Truth? A Jedi Prosecutor cares not for these things. Winning at all costs. Winning by lying. Winning by concealing evidence.

That new trial was cancelled when the charges were dismissed.

And actually, Jim Rowe, the current State’s Attorney for Kankakee County, sounds like a stand-up guy.

“I am not able to comment on pending civil litigation,” Rowe said. “I have, however, taken the rarest of actions as a state’s attorney by joining in Mr. Haynes’ petition for a certificate of innocence (COI), which remains pending. I believe he is entitled to that COI and that is why I joined in the petition.”

That would expunge his record and entitle him to restitution.

Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

Otherwise known as bail reform. And there is more than one story. Prosecutors: Man shot teen while AWOL on robbery charge (and he was on electronic monitoring at the time of the robbery, too.).

Electronic monitoring failed multiple times. While out on electronic monitoring, he was arrested for robbery and various gun charges. Eventually he was sentenced to 2½ years for the first two offenses.

On Sept. 17, a month after Wilson went to prison, prosecutors charged him with five counts of attempted murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm. They say he shot a 17-year-old boy on the 4100 block of South Prairie around 1:40 a.m. on March 9 — two days before he skipped bail.

And there is more. Round & round & round it goes: Courthouse revolving door keeps spinning in Chicago

How about the man who prosecutors say shot another man five times on Saturday — about two weeks after they dropped a weapons charge against him?

One guy on electronic monitoring was arrested multiple times for gun crimes. Another guy was arrested 3 times for narcotics manufacturing. The last 2 times he was on electronic monitoring for the previous arrest. At some point the good people of Chicago are going to have to decide if they want criminals off the street or not. So far, the State’s Attorney for Cook County seems to be coming down on the side of “Not.”

Do Prosecutors Have to Follow the Rules?

JusticeIt can be hard to tell the good guys, from the bad guys. Arizona appeals court to consider how alleged prosecutor misconduct affected Jodi Arias murder trial.

Apparently this guy didn’t think rules applied to him.

Martinez faces a slew of allegations in connection with Arias’ case, including that he began a sexual relationship with a blogger writing about the trial and then used her to dig up information on the juror, according to the Phoenix New Times.

The Maricopa County prosecutor allegedly wanted “information that might disqualify her from continuing the deliberation.”

Also in the list of charges… He was in a relationship with a juror, and lied about it. He is accused of making “sexual remarks” about a county employee. (Is that harassment, or creating a hostile work environment?) And there are ethics complaint going back almost to the start of his career. Putting the “Criminal” in Criminal Justice System.

The Fix Is In

In Chicago, “You can’t fight City Hall” apparently reaches to the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Crimeshea Kim Foxx. Court Documents Reveal Dan Webb, Special Prosecutor In Jussie Smollett Case, Once Donated $1,000 To State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

So after Jussie Smollet (allegedly) invented a hate crime, and cops spent a boatload of taxpayer money investigating it, and then investigating him for making a false report, et cetera, Kim Foxx decided that all those felonies could just go away. After a call from the Obama’s attorney, or a friend who’s also an attorney, or whatever. The ethics officer for State’s Attorney’s office quit the next day. (Or 2.) So eventually a “special prosecutor” was appointed to decide if any laws were broken. In Cook County they don’t worry about ethics. They don’t even worry about laws all that much, unless they really, really get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

But it turns out that this prosecutor is in fact “special,” but not in a good way.

The donation came from a fundraiser in October 2016 at the law firm Winston & Strawn, where Webb serves as a co-executive chairman.

As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, Webb said he does not remember writing the check and thus did not tell the judge who appointed him. It is a potential problem for the recently-selected special prosecutor.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who calls the whole thing Business as Usual.

Those Unintended Consequences

Be careful what you wish for. You can also file this under, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” Police body cameras are capturing so much footage it’s driving some defense attorneys to quit.

It wasn’t that long ago that every SJW and defense attorney wanted every cop, at least in places big enough to sue, like NYC, Chicago, etc. to wear body cameras. Now they don’t like it.

Public defender’s offices have long struggled with high turnover. But lately, one time-consuming part of the job is driving lawyers out even faster.

Attorneys are quitting at least partly because they’re swamped by the amount of video footage they have to review from police body-worn cameras.

And in localities without public defender’s offices, court-appointed attorneys are struggling to maintain their own law practices and keep up with the body camera footage.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who doesn’t have much sympathy. Lawyers demanded this – they can live with it:

You made our job too hard! We were just supposed to Monday morning quarterback you into a quick settlement, not actually have to defend our clients based on facts recorded by you evil police!

Lying Witnesses, Concealing Evidence, Innocent Men Condemned to Death

JusticeProsecutors love to win at all costs, even if that means putting innocent men on death row. ‘Jailhouse snitch’ helped send four men to prison, but her false testimony might help get two of them out.

Holland was known for her ability to overhear incriminating statements, and, Payne wrote, had “strategically” been placed by the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office in a cell across from Fontenot for nine days.

According to testimony given by Holland, she said she struck up a conversation with Fontentot, who told her that he, Ward, and a man named Odell Titsworth, took part in Haraway’s killing. She said Fontenot confessed to raping Haraway after Titsworth had stabbed her to death. The trio then poured gasoline on the body and burned it, Holland testified Fontenot told her.

But that never happened. When Haraway’s body was found in 1986, evidence showed she had been shot in the head, not stabbed.

Not that the prosecutor cared. He was rewarding that testimony by getting a reduced charge and sentence for her husband. (That was 7 years vs 40 years.) That was not disclosed to defense, and when asked on the stand about any benefits, she said there were none.

In another case there was DNA evidence that eventually cleared 2 people.

You think The Criminal Justice System cares about Justice? Think again. It cares about winning, and is willing to embrace the “criminal” part of that description if that means more winning.