Google is Finding New Ways to Screw with the Right. Or at Least with Me

I used to get a fair percentage of my monthly visitors to this blog, through web searches on “357 stopping power.” Early on, I got so many visitors looking for that information that I added the page they were looking for. 357 Magnum Ballistic Information. (OK, it isn’t the greatest.)

But lately, since Google/Alphabet along with Facebook and Twitter started their collective war against anyone they disagree with, those people are no longer getting sent to my site.

I’m sure they are finding what they need, but the information isn’t tied to a site that has information on the political insanity of the Left, a collection of posts on how guns are used every week in lawful self-defense, and random attacks on the idea of socialized medicine.

In a world where bakers are compelled to bake cakes they feel violate their religious convictions, why do the internet companies get to discriminate against political opinions they don’t like?


Gun Confiscations Begin

The beginning of the end. The Beginning of Totalitarian Gov’t – LewRockwell

Too many depressing things to write about. Many states are enacting draconian laws, and confiscating guns without due process. Go read it.

Adaptive Curmudgeon vs. Self-driving Cars

This is priceless. Self Driving Cars | Adaptive Curmudgeon

I haven’t put up with shit about where I drive or when I go there since I was living in my parent’s house and that was a long time ago. I can afford better beer now and better cars and I enjoy both. That’s the whole point isn’t it? What kind of free citizen will let an unholy collusion of Google and the DMV control them more than their parents could when they were in high school?

That is just a bit from the opening salvo of the on-going attempt to get Americans out of cars and herded into cities like good peons. Go read the whole thing.

Journalist Attacked in Italian No-go Zone

Italy has a problem with no-go zones, but the mainstream media doesn’t want to cover it. Tommy Robinson is a freelance journalist in the UK. He likes to tell the truth. Twitter, et al don’t like the truth, of course, so they have banned him intermittently for stating facts.

Oh, and he isn’t the only journalist attacked in a no-go zone.

Hat tip to Small Dead Animals.

You Must Affirmatively Invoke Your Right to Remain Silent

JusticeThis is one of those rulings that only make sense to lawyers. Right to Remain Silent | Cornered Cat

In 2013, the US Supreme Court ruled (in Salinas v. Texas) that in a police investigation a person must specifically invoke their Constitutional right to remain silent. Otherwise the very fact that they said nothing in response to questioning may be used against them later in court.

So what should you do? Go read the whole thing.

Truth Is Finally In the Light

After years of denial, the truth about the travesty that Germany (and the rest of Europe) is becoming comes to light. Angela Merkel admits that ‘no-go zones’ exist in Germany | Fox News

Conservatives and populists have long warned of the existence of such zones as the partial consequence of mass Muslim migration from the Middle East and Africa, particularly after Merkel opened Germany’s borders in 2015 as a response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Such areas are said to be dogged by high-levels of crime and are described as “no-go zones” because outsiders, including police and other authorities, are unable to enter.

Now that Merkel has won what is probably the last election of her life, the truth can’t hurt her too much. Before now, she has comfortably lied to Europe and the world about what is happening.

UChicago Might Be the Only College in America Where Free Speech Has Some Life

Not there aren’t a bunch of professors who would like to enforce conformity. 100 Chicago Professors “Propose To Exclude Viewpoints They Find Objectionable” | Zero Hedge

Even The Wall Street Journal’s op-ed pages have realized that American Universities, and their tenured ivory-tower-protagonists’ “free speech” arguments, have sent the Spinal Tap hypocrisy amplifier to 11..

Anyway, go take a look. Via Midweek Links.