We’re Mad as Hell, and We’re not going to take it any more.

The Oberlin College suit and judgement is only the most recent example of people not taking it anymore. From Public Shame to the Courtroom.

Last year, I reported on a lawsuit that a man accused of rape on the “Shitty Media Men” spreadsheet filed against the woman who had created and circulated the document.

Then of course there is Nick Sandman who was trashed – wrongly – by just about every media organization in America.

Natasha Tynes posted a photo of a NY City transit worker violating regulations by eating on a train. She lost a book contract.

Now Tynes is suing her publisher, Rare Bird Lit, for more than $13 million, USA Today reports, “alleging the company defamed her and breached a publishing contract amid a social media shaming.”


The Ethics Are Settled. Because They Said So

Difference of opinion is not allowed. Leftists Declare Fundamental Moral Questions Beyond Debate.

And of course everything is decided in their favor.

Contemplate the arrogance of asserting that society has reached moral clarity in saying that it is wrong to change laws that deny women reproductive freedom. Polls show that Americans are equally divided on the abortion question, so who does Gillibrand have in mind when she says “society”?

Or “Shut up and bake the cake.” Or “Shut up and perform an abortion.” Have a difference of opinion? You will be banned from F*c*book, and Twitter. Your channel on YouTube will have no revenue. Not because you did anything illegal, not because you advocated for violence, but only because you dared to disagree with the Left.

What would happen if every doctor decided that abortion was wrong? Would the rights the Left see mean they would put a gun to a doctor’s head and say that second statement?

Authoritarians never want to debate. Silence those that disagree.

The following showed up in the search results for this site recently. Чистка партийных рядов (Cleansing of the party ranks – 21st Century Edition) I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same. Hat tip to Pirate’s Cove.

Sharia Law in Berlin and Beyond

Yes it is in German. Use Google translate. (or see the Breibart link below.) Islamist moralists terrorize Berlin (Original: Islamistische Moralwächter terrorisieren Berliner).

A group of Islamist thugs threatened and assaulted Chechens living in Berlin , especially women and their contacts, for alleged violations of their archaic morality . Some victims were said to have been seriously injured.

No comment from police. No comment from the Bundeskanzler (Angela Merkel) Hat tip to Breitbart.

In a related story, Swedish police had to walk-back comments that said Christian Extremism was just as much a problem in that country as Islamic extremism. The police take back claims of Christian extremism in vulnerable areas. And yes, this one is in Swedish. See my comment about Google translate.

In a radio interview, a police chief had the following to say (as translated).

The SR reporter then asked if it was also about Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

– Yes exactly. Together with the security police, we see that different forms of recruitment, different forms of bringing young people towards extremist views are stronger in vulnerable areas than generally in society, Löfving replied.

But when a Christian publication asked for more details, they were told there is no Christian extremism to speak of.

The IRS Loses to True The Vote

The IRS was used – under the Obama Administration – to target conservative groups. True the Vote Wins Stunning Court Ruling Against IRS in Lois Lerner Scandal.

The IRS was sued by True The Vote for discrimination based on their political viewpoint. (They weren’t crazy liberals, the folks running the IRS couldn’t stand that.)

The judge awarded True The Vote an enhanced attorneys’ fees payment from the IRS.

Judge Walton also ruled that True the Vote is entitled to a “bad faith enhancement” to its requested attorney’s fees. Judge Walton’s opinion held there is “clear and convincing evidence necessary for a finding of bad faith on the part of [the IRS]” in their discrimination against True the Vote. While the exact amount to be awarded is still pending, True the Vote’s application under the Equal Access to Justice Act requested the recovery of $1.9 million in attorneys’ fees.

“This ruling is a victory for all Americans,” says Engelbrecht. “Government cannot be allowed to run roughshod over the Constitutional rights of American citizens.”

The other interesting thing is that there is absolutely NO MENTION of this story in the Mainstream American Media. Media bias? What media bias?

SJWs Hate Mel Brooks

And in particular they hate Blazing Saddles. Now, They’re Coming for Mel Brooks.

You knew it was bound to happen.

Now, four decades after it was released, the film has come under fire by social justice warriors because of its portrayal of white racism as comedy. Indeed, it’s hysterically funny.

Time to buy a copy while you still can. (Hat tip to Pirate’s Cove.)

The Left Wants to Destroy the Constitution

Rule of Law? Rights of the accused? Not for people they don’t like! So what other conclusion can you draw? When Did the Left Stop Believing in the Right to Counsel?.

In a shocking development, the school announced last weekend that their first African-American faculty deans would be terminated. Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. and his wife, Stephanie Robinson, may continue to teach at Harvard Law. But they lost their jobs as deans because of their decision to join the defense team of former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who faces charges of sexual misconduct.

Weinstein is guilty with no presumption of innocence. Why bother with a trial?

The whole “guilt by association” thing, so popular in places like the old Soviet Union, and East Germany, is apparently a thing as well. Or is this more like the McCarthy blacklist? Do something the Left doesn’t like and you will be severely punished.

If you click thru to the article, you will be treated to a history lesson on The Boston Massacre, John Adams and Crispus Attucks, and the right of the accused to have counsel. I’m always in favor of history lessons. (History. Ignorance. Rinse. Repeat.)

San Francisco Is Becoming a 3rd-world City in More Ways Than One

Nothing says “third-world-shithole” like a police state. LIBERAL FASCISM: San Francisco police raid home of journalist to find who leaked Adachi report. (All the human excrement around the city doesn’t make things better.)

If Bill Barr were sending FBI agents to raid journalists’ homes in search of leakers, we’d be told that the Fourth Reich had descended on America. (Updated because there are statutory protections in California.)

But this is the Liberal Fantasy Land of San Francisco.

Welcome to the Police State. (Hat tip to The Other McCain.)