In The Place Where Great Britain Used to Be

JusticeWhere photography is a crime that will get you 13 months in prison, but raping young girls will be ignored by the police as long as they can get away with it. Right-wing activist Tommy Robinson reportedly jailed after filming outside child grooming trial | Fox News

“Tommy’s lawyer said he will likely die in jail given his profile and previous credible threats, and the judge basically said he doesn’t care,” the source said. “He sentenced him to 13 months in prison.”

Oh, and Free Speech? The UK doesn’t need free speech – at least not according to the judge. And that’s a good thing because they clearly don’t have free speech.

The judge in the case on Friday slapped a reporting ban on the case. The order bans reporters from reporting on a case if there is reason to believe the reporting could prejudice a trial. The order prevents reporting until the conclusion of the trial Robinson was reporting on.

He was basically arrested and jailed for questioning the authority of the government, pointing out that they ignored crimes by Muslim men because they didn’t want to appear prejudiced, and for saying mean things about Islam.


The Cops Can Track You in Real Time

Through your smartphone of course. (Actually via any cellphone – doesn’t have to be smart.) The Silicon Graybeard: How a “location API” allows cops to figure out where we all are in real-time

The recommendation of Graybeard is to NOT go to the site and run the test. Doing so means you give up ALL future privacy rights.

In one place it says, “You agree to provide LocationSmart with true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself (the “User Information”) if requested, and maintain and update such information to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete at all times.” I added that bold format. That sounds like they’re going to keep anything I tell them.

Of course they are, because they don’t like being hemmed in by the 4th Amendment. Which is probably one of the reasons it is basically dead.

As they say, go read the whole thing.

Cops Go Into a House, Shoot Someone Who Has the Right to Be There

This is starting to happen so often, it is disgusting. ‘Burglar’ shot by Oregon police is homeowner’s son – CBS 17

A neighbor saw someone in the home. It was the owner’s son. He was staying there while a rental property was being renovated.

“They encountered a male suspect in the house. They attempted to take him into custody. The male pulled out a small, handheld, sharp tool similar to a pick and attempted to stab one of the officers with it, and the other officer shot him at that point,” Hillsboro police said.

That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

“I know for a fact my son was shot inside our own house,” the father told KOIN 6 News. “He had the authority to be here, every right to be in our home, not the officer who shot at him.”
His son has never been in trouble with the law is in a lot of pain at the hospital, the father said.

Because cops are afraid of everything and everyone, and that fear – thanks to the courts – gives them the green light to shoot and kill anyone and everyone.

Busybody Neighbors, Police Scared of Everything, and A Homeowner Shot in His Own Home

Cops are starting to look like the biggest bunch of idiots in the country. They shoot anything that moves, never considering anything. Crestview police officer shoots homeowner

A neighbor called after noticing the front door of the home was standing open, according to a news release from the Crestview Police Department. When two officers arrived, they saw that the front door was open and then knocked, rang the doorbell and asked if anyone was inside.

The homeowner was home, and like most people I know, armed himself before he went to answer the door. He got shot.

Nothing will happen to the cop. Violating the 4th Amendment? What 4th Amendment? That died out years ago.

Google is Finding New Ways to Screw with the Right. Or at Least with Me

I used to get a fair percentage of my monthly visitors to this blog, through web searches on “357 stopping power.” Early on, I got so many visitors looking for that information that I added the page they were looking for. 357 Magnum Ballistic Information. (OK, it isn’t the greatest.)

But lately, since Google/Alphabet along with Facebook and Twitter started their collective war against anyone they disagree with, those people are no longer getting sent to my site.

I’m sure they are finding what they need, but the information isn’t tied to a site that has information on the political insanity of the Left, a collection of posts on how guns are used every week in lawful self-defense, and random attacks on the idea of socialized medicine.

In a world where bakers are compelled to bake cakes they feel violate their religious convictions, why do the internet companies get to discriminate against political opinions they don’t like?

Adaptive Curmudgeon vs. Self-driving Cars

This is priceless. Self Driving Cars | Adaptive Curmudgeon

I haven’t put up with shit about where I drive or when I go there since I was living in my parent’s house and that was a long time ago. I can afford better beer now and better cars and I enjoy both. That’s the whole point isn’t it? What kind of free citizen will let an unholy collusion of Google and the DMV control them more than their parents could when they were in high school?

That is just a bit from the opening salvo of the on-going attempt to get Americans out of cars and herded into cities like good peons. Go read the whole thing.