Lies, Damn Lies and Media Bias

Because being held responsible for the foreseeable consequences of your actions is not fair. At least not to the Liberal mindset. Column: Five Chicago teenagers are charged with a murder police know they did not commit. In Illinois, it’s legal.

The lie is right up front.

A 14-year-old boy was shot and killed for allegedly trying to steal a car from a driveway.

The homeowner didn’t shoot because they were stealing his car. The homeowner opened fire because two of the “teens” were approaching him, one of whom was armed with a knife. Hence the self-defense part of the story. The original posting on this incident can be found at the following link. Felony Murder in Illinois.

And the fact that The Left HATES Felony Murder, because why should you be responsible for the consequences of your actions? That would be just plain crazy. (At least the way the politicians in Chicago see things.)

the five teenagers who were with him were charged with a murder they did not commit.

The 2 quotes I have above are actually 2 clauses from 1 sentence in the first paragraph of this article. The 2nd paragraph contains another lie.

That’s because of an obscure Illinois law that allows authorities to charge people with murder if someone dies during the commission of a serious crime, whether they personally inflicted the injury or not. In this case, the crime was burglary.

Felony Murder is NOT an obscure law. Not even though The Left would love to consign it to that status. (See the tag at the bottom of this post.)

Now this is a column, not a news article even though it tries to come across as one. So some opinion is expected.

Without question, these kids deserve to be held accountable if this is true. But charging them with murder? That’s ridiculous.

What’s ridiculous is expecting the rest of the country to follow Chicago down the “no consequences” path to destruction. And lack of consequences is exactly what the Tribune is pushing for.

It is wrong to charge teenagers with a murder they clearly did not intend to happen and likely never even considered might happen.

Both the teenagers (who are being charged as adults) and the legal adult should have thought about consequences, but of course in Cook County, there aren’t any. And the columnist needs to grow up a little as well. Those “teens” were armed with a knife, and threaten the homeowner. I doubt she would be crying crocodile tears if they had stabbed the homeowner in Lake County.

Oh, and the Sun-Times doesn’t want to be left out. EDITORIAL: Charge of murder against five teens in Gurnee shooting is a stretch .

That said, we believe the Lake County state’s attorney’s office went too far — following a state law that goes too far — in charging five of the teenagers with murder after the alleged auto theft went awry and the sixth teenager was shot and killed.

Because being responsible for the foreseeable consequences of your actions is unfair. Or something.


A Politician Telling Lies?

I’m shocked… From Power Line – Warren’s Ferguson lie.

Tremoglie recalls: “Michael Brown was not murdered. Michael Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson in an act of self-defense. This is why the grand jury declined to indict Wilson for murder or manslaughter, and it was also the conclusion of the Obama administration’s Department of Justice.”

So can she be sued for libel or slander or whatever?

People Don’t Trust the Story Regarding Epstein

Not that everyone believes one version of events, just that no one is buying the official line. Via Moonbattery – Epstein and Public Trust.

Maybe the best thing about the demise of Jeffrey Epstein is that the story is too lurid to escape widespread attention and too fishy not to erode public gullibility regarding the trustworthiness of Big Government and Big Media.

A video from Black Pidgeon Speaks at the link.

They Can’t Even Put “Fight” in the Headline

That’s how much they hate the idea that anyone might stand up for themselves. In the Event of an Active Shooter “Run, Escape and Hide”.

They can’t keep it out of the story.

Sgt. James Coughlin says he wants people to remember three points:

  1. Run as far away as you can if you hear gun shots.
  2. If you are able to escape, find cover and hide.
  3. Defend yourself at all costs.

And Sgt Coughlin actually says “fight” as a last resort.

But according to the Left, all violence is bad. Even if it saves your life.

Twitter Doesn’t Like the Truth

Especially when the truth contradicts what the WaPo, NYSlimes, et al are writing about. Punished for tweeting the truth.

In March, I tweeted that the perpetrator of the New Zealand mosque shooting was “a socialist, environmentalist, who hates capitalists & free trade.” I also wrote that the killer believed his attack would “lead to more gun control” in New Zealand and the United States.

What I tweeted was entirely accurate, and Twitter hasn’t bothered to provide me with an explanation for why they locked my account, but they have made clear that it was this tweet that supposedly violated their terms.

I’ve come to the conclusion that continuing to use Twitter is to agree to all this insanity.

Self-defense Caught on Video Doorbell System

And this wins the “Most Misleading Headline of the Month” award, since he wasn’t shot until AFTER he broke in. Man shouted profanity, shot by homeowner in Woodbine incident.

Upon review of the footage, police said Espinoza can be heard shouting, saying at one time “I’m going to f— you up,” and, “you want a piece of this s—.” Espinoza was wearing no shirt or shoes at the time, and that he may have been drinking. Police said he had been staying with friends at a house in the neighborhood.

When he pushes the door open, he gets shot. He died of his injuries

The investigation is ongoing, but no charges so far.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Panic: That’s What they Want – OR – OMG!!! No Radiation!

This article seems designed to generate “PANIC,” so at least their being honest. Nuclear reactor PANIC: Russia shuts down three reactors in a WEEK following malfunction.

You could also say, that nothing happened and no radiation was released. But that won’t generate “PANIC!”

A short circuit cause 3 reactors to trip and shut down. In other words, the safety protocols worked exactly as intended.

The statement read: “The radiation level at the station and adjacent territory remains unchanged and is in line with natural background levels.” According to a source the reactors should be back up and running again within a day

But they use this non-event as an excuse to go on at length about Chernobyl, because that is all reporters know about nuclear power. (The last time they took a science class was in high school, and they got a C.) That the reactors in question where built in the 21st Century, to modern design, is beside the point. They just want PANIC! I’m sure they’ll get it.