Newsflash: NPR Doesn’t Like Armed Self-defense

I’m shocked – Shocked! – to discover that a Leftist “news” organization doesn’t like guns and gun owners. How Often Do People Use Guns In Self-Defense? : NPR. OK, I’m not that shocked.

They bemoan the fact that there are not good statistics, and they ignore – or gloss over – one of the largest groups of armed self-defense categories. The one that never makes the news, because no one got shot. The case where the would-be bad guy ran like a rabbit when he realized he had suffered a breakdown of the victim-selection process.

The category the do manage to COMPLETELY ignore, is the change in behavior caused by the knowledge that some of their would-be targets could be armed.

I could point to the way burglars in the UK don’t bother to check to see if anyone is home, because they know no one will be armed. I could point to the shift seen in Florida after the institution of SHALL ISSUE concealed carry where robbery decreased and property crime (stealing cars, stealing from cars, stealing for unoccupied dwellings, etc.) increased. Because the bad guys got the message that some robbery victims would be armed.

But these kinds of issues are not of interest to the “journalists” at NPR, because they are not really interested in anything but promoting the anti-gun agenda.

There was a time when I gave large amounts of cash to NPR every year. But that is decades ago now. They are so far to the Left they can’t see the center from where they are.


Media Bias? What Media Bias?

GayPatriot notes that They Hate Us.

NBC News celebrated Easter by publishing an editorial saying Christians are responsible for “white supremacy” and the KKK.

Wanna bet NBC News will not celebrate Ramadan with an editorial blaming Mohammedans for terrorism and ISIS.

Is It Racist for Police to Pursue a Robbery Suspect?

You have to read a lot of the coverage, before the real story comes out. Man Engaged In Crime Shot By Police For Refusing To Cooperate, Raising Object At Police » Pirate’s Cove

The headlines – and not just from the usual suspects like The Washington Post – all paint it as another racist killing. But the truth is a bit harder to pin down, if all you have to go on is headlines.

Anyway, go see what Pirate’s Cove has to say.

Teen Stabs People Because of Islam

He felt insulted. Or something. Juvenile arrested in fatal Palm Beach Gardens stabbing

Johnson, who police said recently withdrew from William T. Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, told authorities he woke up at about 4 a.m. Monday at his friend Kyle Bancroft’s home. He decided to kill Kyle’s mother, Elaine Simon; Kyle’s brother, Dane, 13; and Dane’s friend, Jovanni Sierra, 13, while they slept, he said.

News Busters doesn’t hide behind clean language. Teen Radicalized by Islam Goes on Fatal Stabbing Spree; Nets Silent.

And Ace of Spades notes that the media is mostly silent. Teen Radicalized By Islam Goes on Stabbing Spree, Murdering One Boy and Wounding Two Others; Networks Embargo Story Completely

The spree attack featured the Wrong Weapon and the Wrong Religion, and did not support the Right Narrative.

So it’s a non-story, an unfact.

Fake News – Canadian Edition

What happens when a state-run media organization decides to push an agenda instead of reporting the facts? CBC pushes fake news to spur a racial divide. [CBC=Canadian Broadcasting Corporation]

It isn’t just the US media that is being run by the SJWs pushing an agenda. In this case to promote hate.

This story, which aired on CBC’s The National – Canada’s third most watched national newscast – and was aired on the much more listened to World at Six radio program was so riddled with holes that it had to be be corrected multiple times on the web and now the state broadcaster will air brief corrections. The full excuse, including blaming the Mounties for shoddy journalism, is down at the bottom of this article.

Journalism has stopped being about reporting facts, and is all about pushing a Leftist agenda and narrative. In the case of Gerald Stanley, who was acquitted of defending himself on his own land, the Left would like this to be all about racism, but the details of the case didn’t support that. Instead of reporting facts the CBC ignored the details and broadcast a load of crap. (Hat tip to Small Dead Animals.)

The Media Still Has a Problem Distinguishing Criminals from Victims

It could just be their hatred of law-abiding gun-owners showing through. Confrontation between homeowner, suspected thief ends in deadly El Cajon shooting

The homeowner told police he found a man breaking into his truck. A confrontation between the two occurred and the homeowner shot the man, police said.

If that is what really happened, then to the uninitiated like myself, that sounds like justifiable self-defense.

The police found the guy a short distance away where he had crashed his vehicle. The homeowner is cooperating with the investigation.

If I shoot you because you are attacking me, you are not the victim. Try to explain that to the media.

Self-defense is a human-right.

The US Media is “Mystified” By the Vienna Attacks

An Afghan national goes on a rampage in a part of Vienna known to have “much of the city’s Jewish community,” but the media can’t figure out why. Four hurt in Viennese mystery stabbings

“According to witnesses a man attacked three people. All three were seriously injured and are in a life-threatening condition.

“Half an hour later, there was another attack and here a person was also seriously injured and their life is in danger.

The new head of the Austrian government, and his vice-chancellor are a bit less confused. Regierungsspitze entsetzt nach Wiener Blutnacht > Nachrichten > Österreich OR Head of government horrified after Vienna’s night of blood. Google translate does a fair job with German.

„Es ist furchtbar, dass sich mitten in Wien derartige Szenen abspielen.“ Gleichzeitig gratulierte der Vizekanzler der Exekutive zu ihrem raschen Fahndungserfolg. Solche Attacken seien leider auch eine der Folgen des unkontrollierten Zustroms von Migranten nach Österreich in den Jahren 2015/2016. „Genau deswegen arbeiten wir für eine restriktive Asyl- und Fremdenpolitik. Denn wer glaubt, er kann sich bei uns Asyl erschleichen, er kann das Asylrecht missbrauchen, er kann kriminell werden, Menschen nach Belieben verletzten oder gar töten, täuscht sich gewaltig“, betonte [Vizekanzler Heinz-Christian] Strache.


“It’s terrible that such scenes take place in the middle of Vienna.” At the same time, the vice-chancellor congratulated the executive for their swift and successful search. Unfortunately, such attacks are also one of the consequences of the uncontrolled influx of migrants to Austria in 2015/2016. “That’s why we work for a restrictive asylum and foreign policy. For anyone who believes he can seek asylum with us, he can abuse the asylum law, he can become criminal, injure people at will or even kill, is deceiving himself tremendously, “stressed [Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian] Strache.

You should note that the Left HATES Kronen Zeitung. It is the largest paper in Austria, and they refuse to fall in line with the Leftists’ agenda.