Anti-tank Missile Used to Attack Office Building in Amsterdam

This doesn’t appear to be getting much coverage from the mainstream media. Anywhere. Leider motorclub opgepakt voor beschieten kantoorpand met antitankwapen – OR – Leader of a motorcycle club arrested for shooting office building with antitank weapon. Could it be this story doesn’t fit the narrative?

The up-and-coming (apparently) motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh (a 1 percent group) used an anti-tank weapon to attack the building housing (among other things) the Amsterdam offices of Playboy. Seems to be some indication that the magazine Panorama was actually the target. Police have not confirmed that, but a quote from the editor of Panorama seems to support that. (Google translate doesn’t do a great job with Dutch, just so you know.)

The articles I looked at are all caught up with “Why?” But I want to know how frequently anti-tank weapons are used in crimes in The Netherlands. Or in Europe generally. RPGs were common all over Europe after the end of the Bosnian/Serbian war, but that was 10 years and more ago.

Bruning calls it very worrying that such resources are used to intimidate crime journalists. “It seems that the threats are taking on more solid forms lately.” For example, crime reporters Paul Vugts ( Het Parool ) and John van den Heuvel ( De Telegraaf ) had to go into hiding and get personal security. In the case of Van den Heuvel, the judicial authorities suspect that motor club No Surrender had put a price on his head. Vugts was transferred to a secret location in October last year on ‘very urgent advice’ from the authorities.

Given how the MSM covers journalist intimidation in other countries, why is this not blaring from the 24-hour-news cycle?

No one was hurt, and the president of Caloh Wagoh is in custody.


You Can’t Really Call the Status Quo With Canada “Free Trade”

Unless you think a 270 percent tariff is “free.” This article is from last year, and from Canada. A guide to understanding the dairy dispute between the U.S. and Canada

The problem with saying Trump is attacking “free trade between Canada and the USA” is the dairy tariff Canada imposes.

Why are U.S. dairy farmers mad at Canada?

Canada has long maintained a high tariff wall on most dairy products. The duty on milk is 270 per cent. That keeps most imports from the United States and elsewhere out of Canada, while helping to prop up higher domestic prices. One notable exception is ultrafiltered milk and other protein-rich dairy ingredients used to make dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. North American free-trade rules do not cover these ingredients, so they enter Canada duty-free. And in recent years, U.S. dairies have developed a booming business selling these low-cost products to dairies in Canada ($133-million last year). That all changed about a year ago, when Canadian dairy farmers and producers moved to close the breach in the tariff wall with a new “ingredients strategy.” They persuaded regulators to create a new lower-priced class of industrial milk as an incentive to get dairies to produce protein substances in Canada, using Canadian milk. The result was predictable: U.S. imports fell in 2016, and are declining sharply so far this year. [2017]

Doesn’t sound too much like free trade to me, no matter how the chattering classes try to spin it.

The Ethics of the Modern Jounalist

Or lack thereof. NY Times Reporter and Senate Staffer Caught in Sex-for-Leaks Scandal : The Other McCain

The former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee has been arrested after lying to the FBI about illegally leaking classified information to a young reporter he dated for three years. The arrest exposed James A. Wolfe as the source of multiple leaks of sensitive national security information — including details of the investigation of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page — to New York Times reporter Ali Watkins. Wolfe, 57, had been in a sexual relationship with Watkins, a 2014 Temple University graduate who previously worked for BuzzFeed and Politico before joining the Times late last year.

Go read the whole thing. It is worth your time.

Even in Deep Blue Massachusetts, Self-defense Works

But it is no surprise that the media in MA has trouble distinguishing victims and criminals. Man shot by clerk after attempted armed robbery in Worcester | Boston 25 News

The “victim” was shot 3 times. Except, he was no victim.

Police were told the man was shot after attempting to rob the No Name grocery store, and officers observed a large knife on the store counter.

Police confiscated the weapons (normal) and the clerk’s permit to carry. That last is definitely NOT normal. Why would they do that? Is there 0% chance that the guy who got shot has friends who might take a dim view ot these proceedings? But it is the land of the Big State, where they hate the idea that you might be able to take some individual action.

The clerk and 2 customers in the store were not injured.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

What Happens When You Make Something Less Expensive? – Criminal Justice Edition

JusticeWhat happens? You get more of it. CWB Chicago: Prosecutors: Gun Offender Was Free On Recognizance Bond When He Got Another Gun And Killed A Man

The Left hates everything that came out of the late 1980’s Get Tough on Crime initiatives. But violent crime peaked in this country around 1991 or so, and even with the increase we’ve seen in the past 3 years or so it is still near historic lows, at least in most of the country. (Chicago, Baltimore and a few other places are notable exceptions to that statement.)

In an effort to turn back some of that tough on crime stuff, Cook County (home to Chicago) is trying to go easy on defendants who might have a hard time affording bail. In some case releasing criminals on their own recognizance. Which brings us to the case in point.

A guy bought an illegal gun, that was originally stolen from Spokane. He fired a couple of shots to “be sure it worked.” He got busted for illegal possession of a firearm. Released – no bond, no electronic monitoring. He was just left to walk out the door. He skipped his hearing. (Color me shocked!) While out awaiting that hearing, he bought another gun. He used that gun to shoot a man in the back of the head.

So while I firmly believe that the guy is responsible for his own actions, I also think the judge (Judge Stephanie Miller) should be called to account. Chicago is in the grip of a crime epidemic. (Go to HeyJackass! for the details.) If you are not going to hold people in jail for gun crimes, what are you going to hold them for?

We get an answer to that question in this case, because the bad-guy in question was brought before the SAME judge, this time on the murder charge. (The universe, it seems, has sense of irony.) Judge Miller ordered him held without bond this time.

A final note: The Sun-Times had a reporter in court for Williams’ appearance on Wednesday. For some reason, the paper’s story makes no mention of the fact that Williams was free on a recognizance bond for a handgun violation when he allegedly committed the murder.

Media Bias? What Media Bias? Nothing to see here! Move along. (Hat tip to Second City Cop).

If You Aren’t Paying Attention, Maybe You Shouldn’t Be in the News Business

The New York Times has noticed that nuclear weapons exist. (Well golly, a Republican is in the White House.)

Even for the NY Times, this is one-sided. It’s as if the media has just woken up to the reality of nuclear weapons – but don’t quite understand that reality. ‘This Is Not a Drill’: The Growing Threat of Nuclear Annihilation – The New York Times

Let’s start with the easy stuff. They do mention Iran as a nuclear threat (possibly). But they don’t mention Obama. And while North Korea is on their minds, they don’t mention the deal that William Jefferson Clinton (and Co.) negotiated with NK, even though a primary source is William J. Perry, onetime Secretary of Defense under William J Clinton.

It’s odd really, because I could have SWORN that the NYT covered every word uttered by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and their Doomsday Clock. At least when a Republican was in office.

Then they take the canonical cheap shot at “Duck and Cover.” But you see duck and cover was never intended to protect you from “an atomic bomb landing nearby.” If you are close enough to see the flash (don’t look at it) the next thing that will happen is that every piece of glass from every window will be turned into hundreds of bits of shrapnel and hurled through the air. If you are far enough away to survive the shock-wave, you might want to avoid being cut to shreds. Just sayin.’

But then by the 70s the US had decided that it didn’t want to try to survive a nuclear war. The Russians never came to that conclusion and they have blast and fallout shelters for a large part of their population. They are still building them. The Swiss added shelters to their building code, and so have shelters for 100% of their population. Or nearly so.

When the Cold War ended nearly three decades ago, “we believed that the danger of nuclear annihilation had gone away,” William J. Perry told Retro Report. … “We’ve never been able to re-grasp that it’s come back,” he said of the risk, adding ominously that, if anything, “the danger of some kind of a nuclear catastrophe today is actually greater than it was during the Cold War.”

Who is this “we” that he’s talking about? Does he have a mouse in his pocket?

The Swiss voted sometime in the past 15 years or so to KEEP fallout (and other) shelters in their building code. Why do you think they did that? The Russians, as I’ve said, never stopped building shelters – well maybe for a few years, but they have been building them in the past few years.

When India and Pakistan were making faces at each other, and Pakistan demonstrated that they are in fact a nuclear power, no one should have thought, the danger of nuclear weapons was passed. And I think – I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong – that the Obama administration stopped Israel from bombing Iran’s main nuclear research site, so clearly the Israelis don’t think the problem has gone away. And have the reporters (and this professor) just been completely IGNORING everything that has been going on in North Korea the past few years? If Missile tests and Nuclear Explosions don’t paint a picture for you, maybe you shouldn’t be in the news business.

The Science and Security Board of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved its Doomsday Clock 4 times since 2010, and each time it has moved closer to Midnight. (It currently stands at 2 minutes to midnight.)

But hey look, a Republican is in Office and suddenly they are awake the possibility of nuclear war.

Here’s a collection of my posts on Cold War 2.0, and then some basic information on thermonuclear weapons, it includes a video for those threatened by big words.