There’s No Media Bias. Nothing to See Here.

The media bias around various shootings is almost ridiculous. The Media are all over some shootings and death, and completely ignore others. It’s almost as if not all deaths (or lives) are equal. Or maybe they just care more about trashing cops than anything else. Well, cops and the 2nd Amendment.

The First Story: These 57 people have been killed in police shootings in Pennsylvania since 2015

Horrible. Pictures of one kid in a graduation gown and mortarboard. Of course another guy is just shown in a mugshot, but that is down at the bottom of the story. Young and old we are told about a few of them. And then there’s an embedded spreadsheet. (Insert quote from Animal Farm here.)

All those figures and stories were compiled by the Washington Post.

Then there is the other kind of killing. In which the cops mostly show up after the fact and try (mostly unsuccessfully) to figure out who dun it. HeyJackass! Illustrating Chicago’s Values: October Wrap-up.

October 2017: 55 killed, 228 wounded
October 2016: 82 killed, 348 wounded
October 2015: 31 killed, 203 wounded
October 2014: 39 killed, 215 wounded

There were no police-related homicides in Chicago in October of 2017 – the last full month we have statistics for. 2017 was better than 2016, but then 2016 was the worst year in Chicago in DECADES. At least for murders. (Car jacking is a different story.)

There were 58 killed and 273 wounded in Chicago during September of 2017.

Year-to-date in Chicago, there have been 606 homicides. Of those, 562 have been gun-related. 10 were police shootings. 2674 people have been shot and wounded, which yields 3236 total shootings. Those numbers are sure to go up before year-end (except maybe the police-related shootings.)

Aside from the Chicago papers, HeyJackass! and a few bloggers like Second City Cop, all these statistics fall into an information black hole. The networks aren’t demanding to know how Mayor Rahm Emanuel is going to fix the problem. No delegation from the DoJ is in Chicago mapping out a strategy. No protests. No nothing. Mayor Emanuel says he will put a 1000 more cops on the streets, but that doesn’t address the fact that the prosecutors are not putting the bad guys in jail for very long. They certainly aren’t involving the feds in an Operation Exodus fashion. The gun-toting bad guys are getting a couple of years (if that), instead of the 10 or 15 years of federal time they could be getting. And so the cycle continues.

Mostly it continues in obscurity because the national media is interested in the 57 police-related murders in Pennsylvania over a few years, but apparently couldn’t care less about 606 people killed in Chicago this year. With maybe the exception of the 10 killed by police. Why is that exactly?


Kenn Blanchard on Media Interviews After a Tragedy

OK, I admit it. I’m am falling behind on all my podcasts. This one is a few weeks old, but it is worth listening to. The Black Man With A Gun Show : 541 – Ten Steps For 2A Folks To Win On Anti-rights Interviews

If you are going to give media interview (under any circumstances) you need to be prepared. Kenn Blanchard tells you how to prepare for these things.

The list of 10 things to do is the first portion of the podcast. The 2nd section of the podcast is on hunting.

This is the kind of thing I wish I had written: “Never Turn Your Back On A Community Organizer”

NFL team names. NFL Concussions. NFL protests. NFL who gives a damn? Zombie Pirates In Cheesehead Land: Part 1: Never Turn Your Back On A Community Organizer | Adaptive Curmudgeon

Ever feel like the news is talking about a bunch of stuff that Just Doesn’t Matter? In this case, the NFL.

They’ve been bitching about names and mascots for as long as I remember. I don’t know if it’s working. I personally don’t care if the “fighting libtards” with their mascot (a horned Prius) play against the “raving rednecks” and their mascot (a can of Budweiser duct taped to a shotgun) in the Starbucks Bowl at Walmart field so I easily ignore it. 2014 saw a new front that wormed its way into my truck via America’s Pravda. NPR, an organization that is allergic to both fun and testosterone but has a massive repeater network, went on a multi week exploratory journey of their own navel in the name of “stopping sports concussions in football”. I call bullshit. Nobody in NPR gives a flying fuck about the physical health of any player. Have you ever heard NPR hint they care about a millionaire Neanderthal who can bench press Terry Gross while taking a direct hit from a runaway truck? I haven’t. NPR only cares about football players as a gambit for controlling football itself. They’re just busybodies who would shut down any group that doesn’t involve them.

Go read the whole thing. Put down your coffee first.

“We’ve seen this bad fucking movie so many times —”

I confess, I am mesmerized by slow-motion train-wreck now taking place in Hollywood. ‘Sons Of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter Weighs In On Harvey Weinstein Scandal’

As for how the movie will play out…

Act 1: The quick mea culpa, surrounded by grieving family and a well-gifted
Act 2: The corporation protects its assets and publicly purges the shark, letting
folks know that their waters are once again, safe to swim.
Act 3: The predator slips away, licks his wounds, writes a redemption memoir,
and in a year, maybe two, maybe less, he rises like a reformed Phoenix, with a
new company, a new project, and a refined set of stealthier hunting tactics.

Not sure where the “time in rehab” fits in, probably at the start of Act 3, because that is where we are. The Weinstein Company has renamed itself – or is in the process of doing so. Act 2: Distance. Mr. Weinstein has checked himself into rehab.

But the real story is how many people in Hollywood knew what was going on and either did nothing or actively aided in the cover up.

The London Telegraph has a short video that captures a lot of the damning evidence, showing that Hollywood knew what was going on and looked the other way.

There are other questions to be answered. Who did what to kill this story in 2004. (Matt Damon is accused and he is denying), and why Ben Affleck thought he could grope a woman on video and face no consequences – of course he has faced no consequences aside from having to give the standard non-apology-apology. That apology came more than a decade late.

Do I expect anything to change in Hollywood? No. They gave an Oscar award to a convicted child-rapist who had to flee the country to avoid prison time. (The video of that award, it is interesting for A. who gives Roman Polanski a standing ovation, and B. Harrison Ford’s reaction. Not that I really like Mike Dice, you understand…)

UPDATE: Looks like Twitter deleted the reference to the video. So I fixed the link to point to the story at the Telegraph.

YouTube Censors Mike Rowe

Mike RoweWhy? Because he calls for hard work over being a layabout gadfly, apparently. Thomas Gallatin: YouTube Restricts… Mike Rowe? — The Patriot Post

Mike Rowe recorded a 5 minute video for the graduation “ceremony” of the on-line university, PragerU. The video is entitled “Don’t Follow Your Passion.” You can see the video for yourself at this link. (It isn’t objectionable in anyway. Unless you’re a snowflake liberal who can’t abide dissenting opinions, I guess.)

So if it isn’t objectionable, why suddenly was YouTube having a problem with Mike Rowe’s entire YouTube channel?

Rowe explains that he was shocked at the news as he had not run afoul of YouTube’s appropriate content policies, or so he thought. Rowe said that he then reread YouTube’s policy fine print and found the following sentence: “Some videos don’t violate our policies, but may not be appropriate for all audiences. In these cases, our review team may place an age restriction when we’re notified of the content.” In other words, YouTube’s censors are essentially saying they will restrict you if they don’t like your message.

The video is full of words like “hard work” and “opportunity” and it dares to poke fun at folks in Hollywood. It says you should consider opportunity, not just your wild imagination (or dreams as they are called) because there are a lot folks with college degrees working at Starbucks, but there are 6 million jobs going wanting that no one is trained for. Oh, and there are 3 trillion dollars in student debt. So it must be “inappropriate” to make available to high school students.

The “Occupy Wherever” movement was full of people who had “followed their passion” to a degree in something meaningless, and they were cheesed off because they had a mountain of student debt, and no job, and no prospects. The refrain was “we did everything we were told to do.” Well you got bad advice.

Now Mike Rowe has a big enough following on YouTube and Facebook to get that censorship “reviewed” and eliminated. But that doesn’t mean that YouTube isn’t restricting everyone they believe to be conservative on a wholesale basis.

Changing the Narrative on Gun Ownership

The media will of course resist anything that threatens their world-view. More Black Women Than Ever Are Getting Concealed Carry Permits In Chicago & It’s Changing How Women Think About Self-Defense

Black women are getting concealed carry permits at an astounding (at least to the media) rate.

In [Chicago] where violence against women and girls of color has been overlooked for far too long, more than 1,300 Black women received a concealed carry license in 2017, a 67 percent increase since 2014, according to a report from the Chicago Tribune.

I almost hate to give a link to the article in the Tribune, because while it is mostly unbiased they have to give their favored narrative – about how more guns equals more violence (John Lott, call your office) even in the face of statistics that show otherwise. That is, legally owned guns don’t cause crime and are not the problem.

Because they are likely to be the victims of crime, and they know from experience that when seconds count, police are at least minutes away. And that police investigate crime much more than they prevent crime.

But that narrative. You know the one, where all gun owners are uneducated white men from the south. The one the media loves, even when they know it isn’t true. The media won’t give that narrative up without a fight. Still, the facts are changing.

And what’s perhaps even more important than all of this is for Americans in general, and American gun culture specifically, to witness how women like Tigner are changing the way our society talks about Black Americans and gun ownership. As Tigner recently put it for WBUR: “Every story you see with a Black person and a firearm is a negative story. It’s about someone, you know, getting shot, or someone robbing someone, so I wanted to change that narrative and make it normal,” Tigner said. “We can exercise our Second Amendment rights just like everyone else can, and it’s not just a bad thing or making you a criminal. And I think education is key to changing that narrative.”

The media hates it when their point of view is challenged.

Family member of Dead Home-invader Doesn’t Like Self-defense

Because you know he should have been permitted to carry one with his home invasion. Family member of teen burglary suspect killed in Wagoner County break-in speaks out | KTUL

The grandfather of one of the dead home invaders has a lot to say. He gets one thing right. (Oh, and the media doesn’t like armed self-defense either.)

“What these three boys did was stupid,” said Leroy Schumacher.

He doesn’t think that home invaders should be met by armed folks defending themselves. I mean he was “only” armed with brass knuckles. It’s not like a blow to the head could kill you are anything, could it?

Oh, and his dead grandson never got into trouble. (Or is it just that he never got caught?)

And then he goes for the “I believe in the 2nd amendment but…” line of prevarication.

It would be hard to have a more anti-gun article that didn’t sound like an editorial. Media bias against gun owners and self-defense? The Left doesn’t see it.

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed resident. The results are likely to be lethal. If you don’t like this, then don’t break into homes.