Family member of Dead Home-invader Doesn’t Like Self-defense

Because you know he should have been permitted to carry one with his home invasion. Family member of teen burglary suspect killed in Wagoner County break-in speaks out | KTUL

The grandfather of one of the dead home invaders has a lot to say. He gets one thing right. (Oh, and the media doesn’t like armed self-defense either.)

“What these three boys did was stupid,” said Leroy Schumacher.

He doesn’t think that home invaders should be met by armed folks defending themselves. I mean he was “only” armed with brass knuckles. It’s not like a blow to the head could kill you are anything, could it?

Oh, and his dead grandson never got into trouble. (Or is it just that he never got caught?)

And then he goes for the “I believe in the 2nd amendment but…” line of prevarication.

It would be hard to have a more anti-gun article that didn’t sound like an editorial. Media bias against gun owners and self-defense? The Left doesn’t see it.

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed resident. The results are likely to be lethal. If you don’t like this, then don’t break into homes.

Would You Characterize as “a Teen” Someone Old Enough to be Charged as an Adult?

Technically I suppose an 18-year-old is a “teenager,” but in the eyes of the law they are usually treated like an adult. NC homeowner shoots 1 of 5 teens who broke into his house, sheriff says | WNCN

No media bias here. We aren’t trying to paint the wicked gun-owner as someone who would shoot a defenseless 13-year-old. Of course the youngest person involved was 17.

So how exactly would you respond to an invasion of your home perpetrated by 5 suspects? All 17 or 18 years old.

Nasym Harris, 17, Darryl Blount Jr., 17, Nyshiem Cantey, 17, Tzyire Cantey, 18, Corey Jones Jr., 17, were arrested and charged with felony breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, possession of stolen goods and felony conspiracy.

The fact that they were committing a felony is highlighted by the reporter, but whoever writes the headlines clearly doesn’t want to paint gun owners in a favorable light.

Good Guys 5, Bad Guys 0. Self-defense is a human-right.

News Flash: Trump’s Immigration Policies Look More Like Bush’s than Obama’s

OK, exactly how does this qualify as shocking, they way it is being portrayed in the media? Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states

Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a pro-immigrant advocacy group, said that the wave of detentions harks back to the George W. Bush administration, when workplace raids to sweep up all undocumented workers were common.

So in other words, after the hiatus in law enforcement that was characterized by the Obama administration, it is more-or-less business as usual.

And if you are in this country in violation of immigration laws, you are not “law abiding;” you are breaking at least one law, and probably a slew of immigration laws.

Terror Attack in Jerusalem isn’t Interesting Enough to Be Covered by MSM

The NYSlimes, the WaPo, et al seem to be ignoring this attack. Terrorist stabs two Border Policemen with screwdriver in Jerusalem – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post

I guess Palestinian Terrorists attacking Jewish Police doesn’t reach the level of interesting for them.

Two Border Police officers are in light condition after being stabbed in the head and upper body with a screwdriver by an Arab terrorist near Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday afternoon.

The terrorist has been ‘neutralized,’ (with extreme prejudice).

Is it just me, or do you think this “warehouse” fire is getting more attention than if it happened in Alabama?

I mean it is right around the corner from UC Berkley and a bunch of “young people” died. But I can’t help feeling that if it wasn’t so much in the middle of the Left Coast, that it would be ignored. (I mean it is right around the corner – practically – from WKQED.)

So I don’t have time to do a complete search, but I did find a couple of fires that were completely ignored.

There was a fire in a hospital in Odisha, India. 25 people died. (Granted it was in India, not Indiana.) The fire started in the intensive care unit, and spread. Several hospital administrators were charged. I have no idea if they have come to trial yet.

13 “youths” died in a fire that was started by birthday-cake candles in a bar in Rouen, France. This one really convinces me that the issue with the California fire is that it is in California, and not the horror at dead “young people.”

But I’m a cynic.

The Washington Post Defends Chip and Joanna Gaines (Amazing I Know)

Buzzfeed doesn’t like Evangelical Christians because they MIGHT not like same sex marriage. (They don’t know how the Gaines feel, but that didn’t stop the attack.) BuzzFeed’s hit piece on Chip and Joanna Gaines is dangerous – The Washington Post

So it seems that the Washington Post, at least has learned some of the lessons of the Trump campaign. You can’t just attack people for being conservative or religious out of hand.

A gay man is writing for the WaPo, on the subject of respecting other people’s religious convictions. And well.

A few years ago, gay activists decided the best way to win arguments in favor of same-sex marriage was to shut up their opponents. All they had to do was lob a charge of homophobia and the argument was won. Or they tweeted at the companies that employed the “homophobes” until they were fired. Conservatives were bullied on social media and mocked for being ass-backward (and indeed, some of them were and are). But they were never taken seriously.

Bullying is not the same as winning an argument. It is only bullying. And eventually it will stop working. Maybe it already has.

Trump stood up to the bullying. I hope HGTV and the Gaines can stand up to it as well.

Because it isn’t over. They are going to have to make a statement. And if it doesn’t meet the exact requirements of the liberal bullies, HGTV will be pressured to drop the show.

BuzzFeed is probably at the forefront of discussions surrounding diversity in entertainment. Do their reporters think diversity refers only to skin color? Does ideological diversity count for nothing, especially when it is representative of, again, a sizable chunk of the American public?

That chunk is at least 40% of the American public.

But the LEFT has never been into diversity of ideas, and it has gotten worse lately. Look at the way conservatives are shouted down on college campuses. Only Right Think will be allowed.