How to Rat Trap the Media on the 2nd Amendment

So it seem that Colion Noir had a 4 minute video, that the 24-hr media couldn’t WAIT to pounce on. There is just one problem. They couldn’t be bothered to watch a 4 minute video, before they attacked him.

This is set to start at the last 2 minutes or so, which the media didn’t see. Now clearly you SHOULD watch the whole thing, if you haven’t seen it.


Media Bias? Double Standard? What Are You Talking About?

This sums up nicely how the NY Times feels about everything, I’d say. Fringe Extremist Hate-Monger @SarahJeong Hired by New York Times.

Sarah Jeong is a Harvard Law School graduate who hates men, heterosexuality and white people, not necessarily in that order:

I’m Almost Disappointed That I’m Not #Shadowbaned

You can check your #ShadowBan status at

I guess I need to step up my game some.

There was a list in 2016. Anybody who said anything nice about the Republican candidate, or disparaging about the Democratic candidate was placed on that list, and then a bunch of folks on the Left – who hate open debate (not to mention freedom of speech) – would block everyone on the List. I guess that isn’t enough for the shawdoban threshold.

For all the details on Twitter’s Shadowban see Big League Politics.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Everything is starting to fail. Video: Maracaibo, the story of Venezuela’s collapse.

Are we surprised that very little of this is in the mainstream press? (Florida newspapers have an opinion piece, about trying to get the Democrats to wake up. I think it is mostly wasted.)

Maracaibo is the second-largest city in Venezuela. Its residents face soaring inflation, widespread poverty and shortages. Under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela based its economy on oil exports. But the fall in oil prices led to a crippling economic crisis. Most people can no longer afford to buy food and the fishermen of Lake Maracaibo resort to smuggling to sell their meagre catch in neighbouring Colombia

Don’t expect the kids protesting in Washington, or Bernie Sanders or the new Democratic candidate in NYC to mention Venezuela anytime. And if anyone is brash enough to bring it up, they will tell you that isn’t Socialism.

About that shooting in Chicago

Chicago PD has released the bodycam footage of the shooting. Body camera footage of police involved shooting on the 2000 block of East 71st street. The Tribune has listed a graphic content warning.

The video at the link above does show him getting shot.

Second City Cop – who gets the hat tip – has the 2 screen grabs that are of interest. One shows the gun, and maybe even a spare mag. The second shows his hand on the grip in preparation for drawing.

USA Today says that there is also security camera video showing he was armed.

Protests continued Sunday evening. A few dozen demonstrators who gathered near the scene of the shooting were unmoved by the police video.

You can’t please some people.

Early screaming (calmness? rationality? So 20th Century!) was that he was unarmed. The video proves otherwise, but why clutter the issue with facts.

Even today, there are stories that seem to be ignoring the video. Facts are so 20th Century.

Facebook Flags The Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech

This was just in time for the 4th of July. (Where would we be without algorithms?) Facebook’s program thinks Declaration of Independence is hate speech

After The Vindicator published this article, Facebook realized they had a PR mess on their hands, and reinstated the post that got deleted.

The interesting thing is that the editor – after FB had deleted the post automatically – tried to find a way to appeal.

The editor has searched for a means of contacting Facebook for an explanation or a opportunity to appeal the post’s removal, but it does not appear the folks at Facebook want anyone contacting them. Or, at least, they do not make it easy. The Vindicator has sent Facebook a feedback message. That being the only way found so far to contact the company.

But don’t worry. I’m sure the algorithms that handle things like self-driving cars are much better. Or maybe not. (Hat tip to Old NFO)

#WalkAway is a Thing on Twitter

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Viral ‘Walk Away’ Videos Highlight Growing Movement of Democrats Leaving the Party. And just when I was getting ready to ditch Twitter.

Some 5 million people on Facebook and YouTube have seen the video by now. A very handsome gay man, who you just assume is about to scold you on progressive talking points, instead says this:

“Once upon a time, I was a liberal. Well, to be honest, less than a year ago, I was still a liberal.

“I reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives, and apathetically steamroll over the truth.”

Once upon a time, I voted for Bill Clinton. Gave (relatively) large amounts of money to NPR, and Emily’s list. But after 8 years of William Jefferson Clinton, like James Woods (Who started it all on June 25), I was done. Though I got to the far side of the political spectrum faster than he did. I probably started sooner. I noticed that the Dems and NPR et al really didn’t want me to be able to defend myself. They were rabid about it.

Anyway, I haven’t watched the videos – too many other things in the queue right now. But the hashtag has been fairly amusing. (Though I started this post last night, and haven’t revisited the hashtag this morning.)