A Story of Self-defense That Makes Me Hate the Media

Even more than I already do. Which is a lot.

You can file this under, “So why do we care?” Slain attempted burglary suspect identified as former Cocoa High linebacker.

They make it sound like he graduated last year. He graduated from high school in 2011.

Wallace is a former Cocoa High School linebacker who was involved in the school’s 2009 Class 2A state championship

In the world of the news business, isn’t 2011, let alone 2009, ancient history?

And of course family and friends are shocked to discover that he might have been involved in anything nefarious.

Unexpectedly, Car Sales Are “Epic”

US auto sales were epic in November, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about an expensive ‘transformation’ of the car business.

  • November US auto sales came it at a near-record pace of 17.5 million units.
  • Average sales prices were also extremely high by historical standards. The US market is on track to notch another robust year of new-car sales — the fifth in a row.

And despite the hype…

The alleged “transformation” of the car business has been underway for a decade now. What we’ve gotten is electric cars making up only about 2% of global sales, while putative disruptors, such as Uber and Lyft, have revealed significant challenges for profitability.

You mean the Lamestream Media has gotten it wrong? Color me shocked.

Fake News Gets You Fired?

I thought fake news got you a promotion. She must not have gotten the memo on “keep it believable.” ‘Journalist’ Who Wrote Trump Thanksgiving Lie Fired.

“President Donald Trump has been spending his Thanksgiving holidays at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, which he calls the ‘winter White House,’ and this year is no exception,” [Jessica] Kwong [a self-described political reporter] originally wrote.

Kwong asserted that Trump would be golfing, tweeting and more during Thanksgiving.

Except, that isn’t what he was doing. He was in Afghanistan having Thanksgiving with the troops. Oops. President Trump surprises US troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving, marking his 1st trip to that country. That was apparently too much, even for Newsweek.

Kwong claims that her abject failure at reporting the truth behind Trump’s Thanksgiving activities was simply “an honest mistake.”

More like a “dishonest mistake.” But then the Left can’t help tripping over themselves to bash Trump. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. Unfortunately now that she’s out of work, Jessica Kwong won’t have access to mental health services to help her deal with it. Well, there is always Obamacare.

Media Bias: Dutch Edition

So the media doesn’t seem to interested in reporting the details of this attack. Migrant gang attack on white teenager shocks the Netherlands.

And this isn’t just a story of media bias, it the story of a vicious hate crime.

This past week, the Netherlands watched in horror as a group of migrants in Gorinchem, chased a young white teenager and seriously assaulted him. Videos of the extremely violent scenes were circulating on social media and Twitter exploded with indignation. The term “Gorinchem” trended on Thursday as did “Moroccans”.

If you click thru, most of the original stories are from the Dutch press and in Dutch. And while Google will translate for you, it doesn’t do an especially good job with Dutch. Still, it will translate enough so that you can make out what they are writing about.

It seems that a while back, a Moroccan was attacked by a gang of whites. The media was all over the race of the victim and perpetrators, and even blamed Geert Wilders for the attack. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, “youth” versus “youth” is as detailed as they seem to be able to get. All or nothing. If you want to live with color-blindness, that’s fine, as long as you are consistent. But that is not the media’s modus opererandi. Race is important if you can attack the right people/groups.

Media Bias? What Media Bias?

And there’s no UN bias either. Or something. Retractions issued after media cites UN expert who accredited statistic to Trump admin.

The statistics in question were of migrant-child detention numbers. A U.N. expert for the Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty claimed the Trump administration detained nearly 100,000 migrant children. However, the following day, Nowak, issued a correction to his statement saying the 100,000 figure was from 2015, during the Obama administration.

Because they couldn’t wait to jump on the Trump administration… But it’s funny how when these detentions were actually going on (in 2015) it wasn’t a news item. I guess Democrats get a pass on everything.

And as usual, the Babylon Bee has an interesting take on the, “Sorry, this was 2015” kerfuffle.

Journalists Are Distraught That Newspapers Are a Business

And it hasn’t been a very good business for a very long time. Tribune stock sale leaves company vulnerable to hedge fund known for ‘cutting costs to the bone’.

Alden Global Capital, which controls Media News Group, and owns about 100 publications, just bought a 25.2% stake in Tribune Publishing.

While that company no longer owns Tribune Tower (a classic bit of real estate that anchors one end of the Magnificent Mile, at the Chicago River), it does have some control over The Freedom Center. The plant where both the Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times are printed. It was actually part of the site included in Chicago’s bid for Amazon HQ 2.0 (or whatever it was being called.)

In written testimony for the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services, NewsGuild [a labor union] President Bernie Lunzer said Alden has slashed employment by 71% at the unionized papers since 2012. Lunzer said Alden “has slashed staff and sold real estate to extract cash from the news organizations without regard to the role news organizations play in communities.”

In other words, “We know newspapers are running out of money, but that doesn’t mean we should stop doing things exactly the way we’ve always done them.”

And some papers are changing. The Chicago weekly The Chicago Reader (which was about 99 percent classified ads when I was in college), and the Salt Lake Tribune are reorganizing as “non-profits.” Which may be a recognition of reality and not a strategy.

“Basically, being nonprofit is a tax status and not a business model,” [Joshua Benton, director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University] said.

Classified ads (of the print variety) were killed off by Craigslist and Ebay. Other ads were killed off by the internet in general. If you want new tires for your vehicle, would you search out today’s edition of your local paper to see who had what prices, and if there were any sales? When was the last time you read a newspaper? I’m guessing that the kids today would think getting ink on your fingers is gross.

Media Bias – Australian Edition

Because a legal-adult should always be described as a teenager. Teenager Dead After Being Shot By NT Police During Arrest.

So a legal-adult, out on parole, violates a warrant, and was apparently armed when approached by police. He gets shot. Aside from his mother, and this reporter, is anyone shocked?

The man, named by local media as Arnold Walker, lunged at a police officer as the pair attempted to arrest him, the deputy commissioner said.

“My understanding is he was armed with a weapon,” he said.

The 19-year-old was on parole, which he had breached and a warrant had been issued for his arrest,

Now this is Australia we’re talking about, so I suppose that could color the tone of the article.

But The Left Tells Me I Can’t Use an AR-15 for Self-defense

I guess she should have let them continue to beat up her husband or partner. Sheriff: Pregnant woman uses AR-15 to fatally shoot home invader.

A Hillsborough County Sheriff spokesperson told NBC News, when one of the intruders began pistol whipping the male homeowner, the pregnant woman retrieved her legally owned AR-15 and fired one round. She struck one of the men.

This story is from Friday, though the media was apparently sitting on the fact that it was an AR-15.

And self-defense is a human-right.

Two Criminals Charged After Shooting at Homeowner

That’s how this headline should read, but the media hates gun owners so much that they can’t say the 15-yr-old was engaged in a crime when he was shot. Boy, 15, shot at Lancaster city homeowner after attempted burglary, 18 year old also charged: police.

Jaquan Denell Marentez, 15, and Alexis Dariel Colon-Rodriguez, 18, both of Lancaster, tried to break into a home in the 100 block of North Broad Street on Oct. 1, police said in charging documents filed Tuesday.

Marentez is being charged as an adult.

So there’s that.

TL;DR version – when the criminals shot at the homeowner, he returned fire. The 15-yr-old-being-charged-as-an-adult was hit. Cops were still searching for the other guy. Apparently there were finger-prints on the homeowner’s car.

Self-defense is a human-right, and apparently they haven’t managed to turn Pennsylvania into New Jersey. Yet.

The Washington Post Is Having Trouble Distinguishing Who Is a Terrorist

As one comment asks, “has the Post lost its damn mind?” I think that is clear. WaPo Obit Headline Describes al Baghdadi as “austere religious scholar”.

To review, al Baghdadi was leader of ISIS.

That headline didn’t last long, but the internet remembers things.

The Washington Post promptly posted its obituary for al-Baghdadi under an accurate headline: “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Islamic State’s ‘terrorist-in-Chief,’ dies at 48.”

Then, for some unknown reason, the obit suddenly had the following jaw-dropping headline: “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48.”

I guess that “unknown reason” was that some social justice warrior got their knickers in a twist over the word “terrorist.” Currently they describe al Baghdadi as an “extremist.” Thousands of Yazidis could not be reached for comment.

So of course there is a Twitter hashtag, #WaPoObits which is hysterical.

It’s Different When the Democrats Do It

NY Slimes. I include a link for completeness. Justice Dept. Is Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Its Own Russia Investigation.

The move is likely to open the attorney general to accusations that he is trying to deliver a political victory for President Trump.

So this criminal investigation is politically motivated. That criminal investigation – which was based on lie, paid for by various Democrats, and expounded on by the Deep State – was not politically motivated.

Does anyone even take the NYT seriously anymore?

How Much Does the Left Hate Self-defense?

A lot. Answers sought to whether killing of 3 Rockdale teens was justified.

This story is from several days ago. The three “kids” who were shot, approached a home with their faces covered. They opened fire on people who were in the front yard of the residence. That’s when the homeowner’s son returned fire with his “semiautomatic rifle.” The fact that he was defending his mother seems to be lost on the gun-hating Left when it comes to matters of self-defense. What was he supposed to do? Watch her die? And if the bad guys were swinging swords, or trying to stab innocent people with steak knives, what then? As far as I can see, that son protected his mother.

But the Left hates self-defense so much, that they can’t let it go. (And if they want to beat a dead horse, I am perfectly willing to continue to highlight the use of the so-called “assault weapon” as a “defense weapon.”)

Neither the homeowner nor the people who lived at the home were injured. But all three teenagers violent criminals died from their injuries. One of the teens miscreants died at the scene and the other two died at a local hospital, [Deputy Lee] Thomas said. [My edit. Z-deb. (I fixed it for them!)]

The timeline of events is not in question.

One of the suspects had a handgun and fired shots at the residents before the homeowner returned fire, Thomas said. The homeowner’s name has not been released.

The only thing not clear, is how long the gun-hating Left and the media (but I repeat myself) will bitch and moan over what appears to be a textbook case of legal self-defense. Or how do “fired shots at the residents” and “fear of death or grave bodily injury” stack up against one another?

A New York City Media Outlet Looks at Country Music

So Ken Burns has a new multi-hour, PBS special, and The Daily Beast believed they were honor bound to review it. What Ken Burns’ 16-Hour ‘Country Music’ Epic Leaves Out. Malcolm Jones has a review you would expect out of a New York Media outlet. In a word, condescending.

Country Music and PBS in the same mental space is almost enough to give me a headache, but then throw in the Daily Beast… Actually, aside from New Yorkers tendency to look down on everyone who doesn’t love all things New York, the review isn’t bad. It isn’t great, but since I haven’t seen Burns’ new effort, I will give Jones some leeway.

First up however, we have Jones looking down on Country Music and its fans. (Even though it comes much later in the piece.)

You find hardly anything weird in country anymore—no recitations, no Bill Monroe psychotic falsetto, no corny humor, none of the qualities or eccentricities that made country unique, even if it alienated respectable middle-class listeners.

Old time country was weird, beneath the tastes of the middle class, and generally restricted to the idiots in the, well, country. I honestly can’t tell if he liked any of the music he references, or just knows it because it showed up in the PBS special. (Any bets?) The fact that a lot of early country music had at least some religious overtones, probably didn’t endear it to Mr. Jones, or maybe I’m projecting.

But his main beef with the Country Music genre seems to be that it was the music genre “created by radio.” (Well there’s another, and I bet you can guess what it is.)

More than any other genre, country is the creation of radio and the record business. Of course, chart success determines who gets sold and promoted in any genre. But nearly every genre, from blues to jazz to rock and roll, existed as musical styles before being gobbled up by the music industry.

I’m not sure you can make that statement with a straight face, when the 1960s and 1970s Rock and Roll radio stations (and record companies) were dominated by “Top 40” stations, and the worst insult was to be a “one hit wonder.” If your records were not on the Billboard Chart, no one heard them. At least until FM came along, and every community and small college suddenly had a radio station, and they could play stuff that wasn’t Top 40. Like Progressive Rock, and Jazz, Fusion, even weird comedy recordings from Firesign Theater.

The other dart thrown at country, was race. As if the country as a whole wasn’t segregated in “that serendipitous August in 1927,” (the month and year cited by Jones) when radio was just getting started. And he claims, mostly by omitting any details to the contrary, that when rock started in the 1950s, it was immediately integrated. Do I really need to bring up the career of Pat Boone? He had several hits that were covers of Rock and Roll songs done originally by black artists, but the record executives didn’t think that such artists were appropriate for the tender sensibilities of Middle America. Or white, urban America either. But somehow, that all falls on the County Music artists, and not the record company executives at the various labels of the day. (Didn’t anyone see the original Hairspray movie?)

Jones goes on at length with a continuation of the complaint I referenced first. That is about how modern Country has become homogenized under the music industry. But from where I sit most music in America has been homogenized. So much so that I’ve mostly given up on new American music in favor of European labels. That is at least as much because of the tiny minds running the American music industry, as the American public. As I’ve discovered with Musical Interludes, people become comfortable with a certain kind of music in their youth, and then refuse to listen to anything else, because reasons. They say “I don’t like X” and I often wonder if they’ve ever actually listened to anything aside from Top 40, or whatever.

Still, I will give Malcolm Jones and The Daily Beast this much credit; I am mildly interested in seeing the newest effort by Ken Burns, though maybe I will just re-watch The Civil War.

‡ By the standards of 2019, The Firesign Theater is NOT politically correct. That isn’t a complaint, just a warning. SJW heads will explode.

“Unexpectedly” the Economy is Doing Fine

The media keeps talking about recession, hoping that one will materialize. So far, no one seems to be paying attention. US retail sales rise more than expected in August as auto sales surged.

The Commerce Department said on Friday that retail sales climbed by 0.4 percent in August, well above analyst expectations of 0.2 percent, on the heels of blowout data in July, when households boosted purchases of cars and clothing.

“Healthy consumer spending is being driven by the good jobs market and increasing wage growth, two powerful factors that can overwhelm anxiety-generating events that can curtail spending,” said Robert Frick, corporate economist at Navy Federal Credit Union.

Hat tip to Sundance at The Last Refuge. Best “Recession” Ever – Retail Sales Show “Unexpected” Growth in August -AND- Despite Tariffs Import Prices Drop…

Not only are most Americans not listening to the insanity being spewed by the talking heads…

Additionally, remember all those MSM hours and newspaper column inches where the professional financial pundits were claiming Trump’s tariffs were going to cause massive increases in prices of consumer goods?

Well, exactly the opposite is happening [BLS report] Import prices continue to drop:

Click thru for the graphic.

How Much Does the Left Hate Felony Murder?

A lot. Convicted of murder, but a police officer pulled the trigger.

This case is similar to the one from Illinois recently where a bunch of kids (and one adult) from Chicago went to Lake County, to steal cars, and one was shot and killed. In the 2015 Alabama case, the kid who died was involved in burglary, and was shot by a deputy. The other kids with him were charged with first degree murder.

Alabama is one of the 42 states that have felony murder. But PBS still manages to call it a “little-known legal doctrine.” (Is that projection, or wishful-thinking?) Because the idea that you should be called to account for your actions, and the completely foreseeable consequences of those actions, is foreign to the Left. Responsibility, or rather individual responsibility, must be eliminated.

He didn’t pull the trigger. He didn’t kill anybody. So how can he possibly be charged with murder?

CJ Robinson:
I think that’s a great question. And, you know, to answer that question, you really have to look at Alabama law.

Let’s see what CJ Robinson has to say. He is the chief deputy district attorney for Alabama’s 19th circuit.

When you’re engaging in a series of the most dangerous behavior that’s out there, the question for us was: Is it foreseeable that someone could die based off these five young men’s conduct? Our answer was, “Absolutely.”

So why is felony murder such a “little known” thing? Why haven’t the folks at PBS and NPR and wherever been trying to educate the public of its existence? I think the Left and the Media (but I repeat myself) is hoping it goes away. Good luck with that.

New York Times and Its “Airplanes took aim” Insanity

Facepalm X 2Media bias? What media bias? New York Times deletes Sept. 11 ‘planes took aim’ tweet.

The tweet in question…

18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center. Today, families will once again gather and grieve at the site where more than 2000 people died.

Because actually admitting who did what on 9/11 would be against all the rules of Political Correctness. Or something.

The tweet was deleted. The story was edited. Because reasons.

Times spokesperson Danielle Rhoades-Ha told iMediaEthics by e-mail, “We have no comment beyond the follow up tweet and acknowledgement,” and pointed to its tweets.

And yes, I realize this is yesterday’s news, but I just love having a record of the NY Slimes and their continuing efforts to rewrite any bit of history that they don’t like.

They Don’t Like This Judge. They Went Back 40 Years to Find Dirt

Because “How dare he try to hold protestors on the Left to account for their actions?” And because there is nothing like personal attacks when you don’t have any facts on your side. The Straight Pride Judge Shot Someone at City Hall Back in the Day.

40 years ago, he shot someone in self-defense, when he was an investigator for the DA. It obviously didn’t stop him from becoming a judge, but since they don’t like him, they have to smear him in some way.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are pretty bizarre. Five men, including Hulme, were allegedly “kicking the tires” of an F15 fighter jet that was on display in the Plaza. When Sinnott walked past, an altercation began. According to a statement made later by the assistant DA, the men attacked Sinnott unprovoked, and he drew a revolver and shot Hulme in self-defense.

Oh, and those protestors, who were so “peaceful” that charges were going to be dropped by the DA? Most (all?) are charged with assault and battery on a police officer.

So, 40 years ago, someone that the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) don’t like did something that apparently was completely legal at the time, and would be probably be completely legal today. Exactly what conclusions are we supposed to draw from this, aside from the fact that media hate this guy?

Why Don’t They Say What Actually Killed Local Newspapers?

It was never about print ads on the editorial page, and it certainly wasn’t about the content of the editorials. And if they admit that, then they have to admit that Craigslist and the baseball box-scores are more important to readers than the editorial board at every newspaper in financial trouble. NY Post: Gannett Considered Buying Tribune Publishing.

So Gatehouse Media is buying (or trying to) Gannet Publishing. The Left is going crazy because as much as the hate Gannet, Gatehouse Media scares them more. And so reporters are unionizing ahead of the merger, and wringing their hands, and complaining about how unfair it all is. There are 100s of stories on this merger, and the one I’ve linked here is not the best, but I have to stop reading and start typing at some point in time.

While they mention the internet, and the evil Google and F*c*book, they ignore what really cut the support from under local print news.

The newspaper industry has been in a downward spiral for years as the internet has upended its business model. Readers have moved online and get their news from social media, eroding print advertising sales. Much of the online ad market, meanwhile, is being gobbled up by Facebook and Google. And many newspapers have eroded their quality by ordering deep cuts to their newsrooms, making it increasingly difficult to persuade readers to pay for online subscriptions.

What was the death-knell? Craigslist. Well, and Monster, et al. Newspaper reporters don’t like to dwell on the fact that what supported most newspapers during the Golden Age was the classified ads section. You needed a job? Classifieds. You needed to know where garage sales were going to be this weekend? Same. Wanted a new puppy? Ditto. When was the last time you looked at the classified ads in a print paper, as opposed to an online source?

Well, that and the sports page. (Which was why, back in the day, you could always find the ads for sales on car tires on the sports page.)

And what about other ads. (Newspapers were always a business after all.) How many businesses do the reporters (and their friends) patronize? Or do they just order everything off of Amazon, and then complain about porch pirates? I’m sorry but I don’t think that Amazon is going to be purchasing ads in local papers. Or any papers. And neither FedEx nor UPS will be buying ads as well. So how exactly do they think the newspaper business works?

But back the to state of journalism.

Newspaper executives see few options other than consolidation to cut even more costs, from sharing printing operations to eliminating local copy editors and designers. The number of newspaper newsroom employees dropped by 47% between 2008 and 2018, from about 71,000 workers to 38,000, according to Pew Research Center.

Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, believes that print media is a dinosaur. Warren Buffett Sees Most Newspapers as ‘Toast’ After Ad Decline. And he’s not just shouting advice from the cheap seats; Berkshire Hathaway OWNS local media outlets in 30 markets, including the newspaper in Omaha.

By 2016, the newspaper industry’s ad revenue was nearly a third of what it was a decade before, falling to $18 billion from $49 billion, according to Pew Research Center.

“It upsets the people in the newsroom to talk that way, but the ads were the most important editorial content from the standpoint of the reader,” Buffett said.

Overall journalist positions (including print and other media) are down by 25% since 2008. (See the Pew Research report linked above.) Which is why the “Learn to Code” meme from January was so effective at driving journalists crazy. They were happy to push lean-to-code in Kentucky, after the Obama Administration cut the legs out from under the coal industry. But now the shoe is on the other foot, as they say, and they don’t like it at all.

“Someone get this man a double espresso, stat.”

It seems the Left and the Media (and the anti-Trump Republicans) are suffering. Or something. The Political Class Is ‘Exhausted’.

[Trump] had commandeered too many of my thoughts, run roughshod over too many of my emotions, made me question too many articles of faith,” [New York Times columnist Frank Bruni] explained. “I was sapped—if not quite of the will to live, then of the will to tweet, to Google and to surf the cable channels, where his furious mien and curious mane are ubiquitous. What I was feeling was beyond Trump fatigue and bigger than Trump exhaustion. It was Trump enervation. Trump enfeeblement.”

So would “inability to tweet” qualify as “Workman’s Comp” or is it just a standard mental-health issue (now covered by his Obamacare-compliant insurance)? Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again.

MSNBC Hits Bottom. Starts Digging.

Because running a story based on a single anonymous source with no other basis in reality, is what passes for Mainstream Media Journalism today. ‘Sources Say’.

You could justify reporting almost anything by the nonexistent “journalism ethics” of Lawrence O’Donnell. On live TV Tuesday night, the MSNBC host told his audience that Donald Trump had obtained loans from Deutsche Bank co-signed by “Russian billionaires with ties to Vladimir Putin.” The basis for this claim, according to O’Donnell, was “a single source close to Deutsche Bank.” O’Donnell then added an interesting caveat: “If true … ”

He couldn’t even get Rachel Maddow to jump on that particular bandwagon. (When you lose Rachel Maddow in an attack piece on President Trump, you are so far around the bend you can’t even see it in the rear-view mirror.)

And you should click the link at the top, to see the “rumors” being “reported” about O’Donnell’s secret, double life. “Well, has O’Donnell ever denied it?”

Hat tip to the other place you can find the writing of Robert Stacy McCain. (Where you can find an image of the President’s tweet responding to the insanity.)

This whole incident brings to mind the January kerfuffle over a Buzzfeed “bombshell” story. (After the break)

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