You Can’t Please Everyone

Are the Social Justice Warriors ever satisfied? (No. Their reason for existence is to be not satisfied.) Ruby Rose: Not Lesbian Enough for SJWs.

Australian lesbian actress/model Ruby Rose will be cast as the title character in Batwoman. You’d think the Left would be happy, but there’s no pleasing the Internet mobs of Social Justice Warriors:

But her bona fides are apparently not good enough for the whiners on the Left. She is apparently not lesbian enough. At this point, who the hell cares?

Some of the shows from the CW were fun when they started, but I haven’t seen any of them in some time. But then I haven’t seen any television in sometime. (I waste more than enough time on the internet!)


National Lampoon’s Animal House

Hard to believe Animal House is 40 years old. (July 28, 1978)

Did Bruce McGill really play the character of Daniel Simpson Day? Was he ever really that young? Stephen Furst, who played Kent Dorfman (or Flounder), passed away last year. (Though I will always remember him as Vir Cotto from Babylon 5.)

While some of the scenes from this movie are pure comedy gold, (one is below) I’m never really sure if I like this movie as a whole. I am certain it couldn’t be made today; it is too politically incorrect. But then I’m not sure it was meant to last.

And Because it is Saturday, song from the movie. (Though I never thought any of the soundtrack was that good.)

Canadian TV versus American TV: A side-by-side comparison

So I’ve been watching the 2017 redux of S.W.A.T. I’m not sure it is an improvement over the 1970s version, but then I haven’t seen that since the 1970s. (My dad loved it, and we had 1 TV.) I have also seen the entire Canadian program Flashpoint. Ostensibly these shows are both about the same thing. The Strategic Response Unit of Flashpoint is a bit more complicated than S.W.A.T. even though they do have snipers, and cool gadgets. (Though they don’t have a tank.) They are both the groups that cops call when the regular cops get in trouble, or who are sent in to deal with hostage rescue, fortified locations, etc.

As is typical the American production has a much higher budget. So they can blow up more cars, and buildings. The Canadian production, with its lower budget has to rely on better story-telling and complex character development. Guess which program I find the more compelling, in the long run. I’m not sure if Los Angeles versus Toronto makes a difference, except that SRU has to deal with snow and cold occasionally, and it is nice to see something besides LA (or LA passing itself off as some other city) on television. (Maybe that’s why Blue Bloods is so successful.)

The characters in the American production feel 2-dimensional to me. Or even one dimensional. This is even though there are some good actors (Shermar Moore from Criminal Minds and Kenny Johnson from Saving Grace – both excellent shows) on the program. And this is in spite of the fact that Flashpoint has some questionable casting. (Amy Jo Johnson is not believable as a Strategic Response Unit door-kicker, even though that isn’t all they do.) I find Enrico Colantoni (in the role of the sergeant leading the group on Flashpoint) is a wonderful actor. He isn’t trying to be an action hero; he is thinking and negotiating and leading.

I suppose it is too much to ask that an American TV production in 2017 would lay off the social justice, but they can’t seem to help themselves. It is laid down with a trowel. Or maybe it is poured in place and then leveled with a trowel. Everything from the white-guy who is pissed at being passed over for promotion by women to the lone female in S.W.A.T. (who is bisexual – Yeah! Team Queer!) fighting to get more women through S.W.A.T. academy. (And the episode where she has to “prove herself” to the old white guy who has doubts.) It is surprising to me that one of the cops is portrayed as being Catholic, given how Hollywood hates any and all white, male Christians. One cliche after another lined up like dominoes, and knocked down in a completely predictable order. And I think at least some of the story-line was stolen directly from NCIS – Los Angeles, but maybe I am remembering it incorrectly.

I forget where Flashpoint is streaming, because I dumped both Amazon Prime and Netflix. (They both are annoying in their own way.) But I’m pretty sure it is out there somewhere if you want to take a look. As with all shows, not every episode is good, but I enjoyed it. If all you want to see is a bunch of car crashes, and things exploding, and dialogue between people you really don’t care about, then check out S.W.A.T. (It was on CBS, and will be again – if you have a DVR. Though I’m sure it is streaming somewhere by now as well, or will be soon.)

The men are in crazy-good shape and and the women are hot, so there’s that.

What Do You Mean You’ve Never Heard of Svengoolie?

Imagine my shock to learn over the 4th of July that people (who didn’t spend time in Chicago) don’t know who the hell is Svengoolie. We may or may not have been drinking beer when the conversation drifted to really bad horror films. (I always thought the rubber chickens were a nice touch.)

The bits surrounding the movie were often more entertaining than the movies themselves, though occasionally they would show a real horror film (like Nightmare on Elm Street). But usually it was stuff like this.

Quote of the Day: Your Enemy’s Enemy Edition

Was watching Babylon 5, when a quote came up. It reminded me of The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries | Schlock Mercenary

My favorite Babylon 5 villian, Psi Cop Alfred Bester (played by Walter Koenig, usually known for playing the character of Pavel Chekov on the original Star Trek) gave the usual quote of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This is from the Sanskrit treatise on Statecraft, Arthashastra.

I prefer the more pragmatic statement, from The Seventy Maxims.

29. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less.

Try not to get confused over the issue. One common goal, does not make an alliance.

And I love the fact that Commander Susan Ivanova (played by Claudia Christian) voices that position near the end of episode. (Season 3, episode 14, “Ship of Tears.”)

I’m never sure if Babylon 5 is great TV or not, even by the standards of the late 1980s. Given the fact that Star Trek: The Next Generation was sucking all the oxygen out of the universe, and that TV executives are clearly insane – they hated Star Trek when it was new, but since they had seen it before they believed in it – it is pretty amazing story-telling. That and the fact that it is more like something you would see produced on Netflix today, in that they didn’t hit reset at the end of every episode. I only like the 1st 4 seasons, because those seasons tell a unified story.

I Really Wanted the Death Wish Remake to Be Good

I mean, they moved the action to Chicago. (Not exactly my home town, but I did love that city a long time ago.) But one of the most honest movie reviewers out there, panned it. Going to the Show With a Regular Guy from Chicago’s WXRT.

The original Death Wish was a Charles Bronson classic, and though they eventually made 5 of them, they weren’t all classics. Not that calling it a “Bronson classic” means it was exactly good. And it’s too bad because I thought the Jody Foster take on Death Wish (The Brave One from 2007) was pretty good.


Black Lightning is (in my opinion) certainly the best DC comic story on television right now. It is more in line with the quality of the Marvel stories on Netflix, than Supergirl or The Flash.

Tuesday’s show finally let us see Thunder’s official outfit. (Every superhero starts with the 1st iteration of the outfit.)

Thunder was one of the first lesbian superheros, so she has a special place in my heart. And the fact that Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce is especially hot doesn’t hurt matters.

Grace Choi showed up in a previous episode, but she had an Outsiders comic in her back pocket. (Both Anissa and Grace were members of The Outsiders.) I still haven’t figured out what that means.

One of the things that is most enjoyable about the show is the soundtrack. This is “The Ghetto” by Donny Hathaway from his first album Everything is Everything released in 1973. Hathaway in on Rolling Stone’s list of greatest singers of all time. This song is playing in the final fight between Black Lightning and Thunder, and the bad guys protecting the “green light” lab.