The Pink Panther

Henry Mancini is a bit unique, because he is known for the work he did in movies and TV. Most movie composers struggle in obscurity, unless they are known for something else. But this is the song that most people know, and a fair number realize who composed it and performed it.

This is “The theme from The Pink Panther by the Henry Mancini Orchestra. It was the theme song for the 1963 movie of the same name.

Blake Edwards is probably best known for The Pink Panther movies, but some of his other comedies (such as Operation Petticoat, and Victor Victoria) are worth seeing. Though you should pass on 10.

More Anti-police BS from Hollywood

A new “Police Procedural” called Red Line will focus on white cops shooting unarmed blacks in Chicago. Very in tune with The Narrative™ but not 100% in line with reality.

Take Easter Weekend, for example. 4 killed, 25 hurt in Easter weekend gun violence.

HeyJackass! has the complete stats. Right now, those stats list the Year to Date numbers as Shot & Killed: 118, Shot & Wounded: 504, Total Shot: 622, Total Homicides: 129. (To be fair, those stats are probably as of his weekend summary, which ends Monday morning at 6 AM.)

Given that Chicago’s Homicide clearance rate is just above 12 percent, there isn’t a lot of hard data on who is doing all that shooting. There is some, and there is data on the victims. Head over to HeyJackass! for that info.

Chicago cops, while all that shooting was going on, shot and wounded one person, and shot and killed a second person. Three CPD officers have been shot in 2019. None of that fits with the narrative, so no TV show.


I love red-band trailers. This is the red-band version of the 2nd trailer for the reboot of Hellboy. It looks like it might actually be worth seeing. While I really loved the 2004 adaptation by Guillermo del Toro (if you haven’t seen it, it is both very funny, and has a decent amount of action) this actually looks like a reboot that would be worth the time.

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Bureau 13. The Laundry Files. The Dresden Files. Grimm. I love them all.

A Live Action Cowboy Bebop Could Be Good

Anime can be interesting, but often isn’t. Cowboy Bebop was one of the better efforts. Cowboy Bebop: John Cho to Lead Netflix’s Live-Action Adaptation. Netflix has done well with the other live-action stuff they’ve tackled, so there is hope this will be good.

TechCruch – who got the name Spiegel wrong – is going on and on about whitewashing Asian characters, and how this casting is an improvement. Though I never got the idea that Spiegel was an Asian name. Who knew?

While the movie wasn’t great, this scene is a pretty good intro to 2 of the main characters, Spike Spiegel and Jet Black. Though it can be hard to see, the firearm Spike is using is an Israeli Military Industries Jericho 941. (Imported to the USA by Magnum Research as the Baby Eagle.) 941 because it originally came with everything for both 9mm and .41 Action Express.

In some ways, the intro song to the movie – which has absolutely nothing to do with the story – is the best part of the movie.

“Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat”

Being almost completely unplugged from popular culture of the day, I missed the fact that John Wick 3 is coming out this summer.

I guess I knew that the made a sequel to the original, but I haven’t seen it. I guess I will make time.

The original, John Wick, is perhaps the best revenge movie made in the past 20 years. And it is a great action movie, in the style of the John Woo films. No fancy special effects. No jumpy, jump-cuts. (I thought I was getting seasick in one of the Jason Borne films.) The fight scenes have to be thought out. And an anti-hero is always an interesting look at the world. Plus the world-building they did, with the hotel, and the services available was superb.

So, I guess I will have to find time re-watch 1, see 2 for the 1st time, and be ready for 3. Maybe that will the summer movie I see, because the Marvel cinematic universe is pissing me off.

The title of this post? It comes from one of John Wick’s tattoos. It’s Latin for “Fortune favors the brave.”

V for Vendetta

March 17, 2005 was a strange day to release V for Vendetta. It should have probably been released on The Fifth of November, since “Remember, remember the fifth of November…” figures prominently in the movie.

But on whatever day it was released, it was a good movie. (Use this link when YouTube trips over the privacy extensions in your browser.)

My favorite scene is probably the speech given by V. The final fight scene is good too. That speech can be found at this link.