Quote of the Day: Your Enemy’s Enemy Edition

Was watching Babylon 5, when a quote came up. It reminded me of The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries | Schlock Mercenary

My favorite Babylon 5 villian, Psi Cop Alfred Bester (played by Walter Koenig, usually known for playing the character of Pavel Chekov on the original Star Trek) gave the usual quote of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This is from the Sanskrit treatise on Statecraft, Arthashastra.

I prefer the more pragmatic statement, from The Seventy Maxims.

29. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less.

Try not to get confused over the issue. One common goal, does not make an alliance.

And I love the fact that Commander Susan Ivanova (played by Claudia Christian) voices that position near the end of episode. (Season 3, episode 14, “Ship of Tears.”)

I’m never sure if Babylon 5 is great TV or not, even by the standards of the late 1980s. Given the fact that Star Trek: The Next Generation was sucking all the oxygen out of the universe, and that TV executives are clearly insane – they hated Star Trek when it was new, but since they had seen it before they believed in it – it is pretty amazing story-telling. That and the fact that it is more like something you would see produced on Netflix today, in that they didn’t hit reset at the end of every episode. I only like the 1st 4 seasons, because those seasons tell a unified story.


I Really Wanted the Death Wish Remake to Be Good

I mean, they moved the action to Chicago. (Not exactly my home town, but I did love that city a long time ago.) But one of the most honest movie reviewers out there, panned it. Going to the Show With a Regular Guy from Chicago’s WXRT.

The original Death Wish was a Charles Bronson classic, and though they eventually made 5 of them, they weren’t all classics. Not that calling it a “Bronson classic” means it was exactly good. And it’s too bad because I thought the Jody Foster take on Death Wish (The Brave One from 2007) was pretty good.


Black Lightning is (in my opinion) certainly the best DC comic story on television right now. It is more in line with the quality of the Marvel stories on Netflix, than Supergirl or The Flash.

Tuesday’s show finally let us see Thunder’s official outfit. (Every superhero starts with the 1st iteration of the outfit.)

Thunder was one of the first lesbian superheros, so she has a special place in my heart. And the fact that Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce is especially hot doesn’t hurt matters.

Grace Choi showed up in a previous episode, but she had an Outsiders comic in her back pocket. (Both Anissa and Grace were members of The Outsiders.) I still haven’t figured out what that means.

One of the things that is most enjoyable about the show is the soundtrack. This is “The Ghetto” by Donny Hathaway from his first album Everything is Everything released in 1973. Hathaway in on Rolling Stone’s list of greatest singers of all time. This song is playing in the final fight between Black Lightning and Thunder, and the bad guys protecting the “green light” lab.

The Defenders

Marvel’s The Defenders may be the best thing Netflix has done with the Marvel universe. And I thought Luke Cage was a home-run. The comedy is just right, the action is good, and the story is compelling (for a comic-book-universe story). Granted, I haven’t seen all 8 episodes yet, but I am really enjoying it.

Daredevil (also known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Iron Fist.
Best. Team-up. Ever.

Lost Girl

Bo and Kensi from Lost GirlWhy are Canadian TV shows so obscure? Lost Girl seems to be incredible. (I haven’t quite finished the first season.)

(Click on the image for a larger view.)

The 2 lead actresses, Ksenia Solo (as Kensi Malikov) and the star, Anna Silk (as Bo Dennis) are gorgeous. And good actors. And Kris Holden-Ried (as Dyson) isn’t bad. (If you go in for that type.)

A supernatural crime drama. Seems like it would fit right in with the time – given everything else that is popular. Maybe it was just a few years too soon. But whatever the reason, American TV companies should consider more shows from Canada. (I mean the language is even “right” given how much Americans hate foreign languages.)

Lost Girl focuses on the gorgeous and charismatic Bo, a supernatural being called a succubus who feeds on the energy of humans, sometimes with fatal results. Refusing to embrace her supernatural clan system and its rigid hierarchy, Bo is a renegade who takes up the fight for the underdog while searching for the truth about her own mysterious origins.

I have to admit, I think Ksenia Solo is absolutely beautiful. (She’s in white in the photo.)

February 19, 1993: Army of Darkness

That was the day the movie got full release. 25 years ago.

I was going to include the “Boomstick” clip, (actually I thought Tam would have included that), but I decided to go with the 2nd best clip: “Buckle Up Bonehead.”

Some trivia: Fast Facts: ‘Army of Darkness’ and 25 Years Worth of Trivia – Bloody Disgusting.