The Resistance (Musical Edition)

2Cellos is a Croatian group consisting of classically trained Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser. Their work has become surprisingly well known, considering most people don’t pay attention to stuff like cello duets.

This is 2Cellos cover of “The Resistance,” which was originally by the British group Muse. It was on their 2011 debut album 2Cellos.


Eisbrecher vs. Roberto Vitacca

“Gothkiller” is in English. That is unusual, because Eisbrecher (Icebreaker) is a German hard rock band, that usually sings in German. (I know how much most Americans hate foreign languages.) They are part of a musical genre in Germany called Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness).

This is “Gothkiller” from their 2010 album Eiszeit. (Ice Age, in English) It features vocals by Rob Vitacca, a singer in a German Gothic Metal band, Lacrimas Profundere. (Lyrics are at this link. It may be in English, but it is still Metal.)

How Many Pop Songs Include a Solo for Penny Whistle?

“Send Me on My Way” by Rusted Root does. (Actually there are several that do, but that is another story.) This song was released as a single in 1995, and it did quite well on the charts. It was originally recorded (in rough form) for the 1992 album, Cruel Sun, but it was rerecorded in its current form and released in 1994 on the album When I Woke.

One of Us

This is perhaps the only song by Joan Osborne that I can recognize as being by her. Not sure why that is. Her voice is pretty nice, and the music is mostly low-key.

“One of Us” is from Joan Osborne’s 1995 album Relish. It was nominated for “Album of the Year” and “Best Album” and earned Osborne nominations for both “Best New Artist” and “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.” This song was also nominated for “Best Record,” but apparently she didn’t win any of them.

Ghost Opera (Part 2)

Continuing an idea from last Monday, we have more Kamelot. Kamelot is Tampa-Bay-Area power metal band. Their music often surprises people who are not familiar with the the current state of Heavy Metal. The extensive use of violins throws people off.

Last week we had the 2 opening songs to the 2007 album Ghost Opera, “Solitude” and “Rule the World.” Today we have the 3rd song on the album, “Ghost Opera.” (It came out in 2007.)

Living In The Past

Songs in 5/4 time. A flute, front and center. I miss the days of progressive rock.

Jethro Tull is the subject, of course. “Living In The Past” was released as a single in 1969, but it wasn’t part of an album (I think) until the album Living In The Past was released in 1972. It collected a number of previous singles, b-sides, and other miscellany. Some people will tell you it was included on the album Stand Up. But that didn’t happen until the 2010 collector’s edition CD eliminated the 45 minute time constraint. (Or whatever it was on vinyl.)

“Sometimes I Find It’s Better to Be Somebody Else”

“So Much to Say” is from the Dave Matthews Band. It appeared on their April 1996 album Crash. (This is the album mix, not the shorter single.) More people are probably familiar with the song “Crash Into Me” from that album, but I always liked this song. It is a bit more complex than your average pop song.