Endless War

Within Temptation is a Dutch Symphonic Metal band. They released an album in 2018, Resist, that I like quite a bit. While I knew of them before 2018, they didn’t occupy a large part of my playlists. But I really like Sharon den Adel’s singing on this album.

This song is “Endless War” by Within Temptation. It was the 2nd track on the 2018 album Resist, which was re-released in 2019 as an “Extended Deluxe” edition that included some additional mixes and instrumental versions. If YouTube trips over browser privacy settings, use the link provided.

Whatever type of music you enjoy, remember to occasionally do something to support the artists you like. If you want them to keep making music, they need to make a living, either selling music or performing live concerts or something.


Put Your Lights On

Santana’s album Supernatural was released on June 15th, 1999. So in honor of that anniversary…

Supernatural tied the record at the 2000 Grammy Awards for the most awards in a single night. It was number 1 in 12 countries and was certified as 6-times platinum. The critics still don’t like it.

This song is “Put Your Lights on” by Santana from the 1999 album Supernatural. (Use the link when YouTube trips over the privacy extensions in your browser.)

Expresso Love

Dire Straits has been a group I’ve liked since they released “Sultans of Swing.” I don’t like everything they do, but then I don’t like all of any group.

This is “Expresso Love” by Dire Straits from their 1980 album Making Movies. This is an odd song, because it was released as a single in 1992 (it was Side B).

Eric Clapton Is Holding a 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival

The last I heard (after a festival in Chicago), he had said he had no plans to hold another. Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival.

“In aid of the Crossroads Center in Antigua.”

Tickets are on sale, which probably means they’re gone. Or nearly so.

SEPTEMBER 20 & 21, 2019


The video is from the 2010 Crossroad’s festival in Chicago. Eric Clapton, BB King, et al doing “The Thrill Is Gone.” (When YouTube trips on the privacy settings in your browser, use the link.)

As The Silence Becomes Me

What’s the difference between Heavy Metal and 1970s Rock & Roll? It isn’t the 1970s anymore. Or that is mostly my take, unless you are talking about Symphonic or Power Metal, or Melodeath etc.

Tremonti is 1970s Rock & Roll produced today, so it is Heavy Metal. Are we surprised that they had to go to Austria to find a record label? Suits running the American Music Industry are completely insane.

This is “As The Silence Becomes Me” by Tremonti from the 2018 album A Dying Machine. Some of the songs on that album are harder than this one, but this is still hard rock. (YouTube. Browser Privacy Extensions. “Unavailable.” Use link above.)

Dixie Chicken

Listening to all the Dr. John songs after his passing reminded my of this song by Little Feat. And I was shocked to see I haven’t featured a Little Feat song in a very long time. (Not since I switched from Blogger to WordPress.)

This is “Dixie Chicken” by Little Feat, from the live album Waiting for Columbus. It was recorded in 1977 and released the following year. Backed by The Tower of Power horn section, it is a great album. The piano and, to a lesser extent, the singing remind me of Dr. John’s performance of “Such a Night.” Not sure that makes sense really. (If YT trips over the privacy settings in your browser, use the link.)

YouTube doesn’t handle it very well, but this song flows right into “Triple Face Boogie,” which is also good.

Dr. John: November 20, 1941 – June 6, 2019

Do the kids today even know who Dr. John was? Dr John dies aged 77: Ringo Starr leads tributes to Grammy-winning New Orleans singer.

The New Orleans-born musician, whose real name was Malcolm John Rebennack and who was a six-time Grammy winner, died on Thursday, a message posted to his official Twitter account said.

Here is Dr. John performing “Such a Night”