The Crystal Method is an electronica group that usually is producing dance music or the soundtracks to action films. But every once in a while they throw me a curve ball, like this song.

This is “Grace” from the 2014 album The Crystal Method. The song features the vocals of country (or is that country and pop?) singer LeAnn Rimes. It could be played on your local pop radio station, but they never play The Crystal Method. (Give it a few seconds, as the intro is almost classic The Crystal Method.)

From the Wiki…

The Crystal Method is made up of two members, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. Before The Crystal Method was formed, Ken and Scott started working on music while working at a grocery store and while Ken was a local DJ in Las Vegas as well as the college radio program director at UNLV. Ken taught Scott how to DJ, and when Ken moved to L.A. to work for a producer, Scott took over his job DJing at the local club. Scott followed Ken out to L.A., and they formed The Crystal Method in 1993.

They have 9 studio albums, and have provided music to dozens of movie and television productions.

Us & Them

Someone was asking about “favorite keyboard players.” Last Wednesday there was Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. This week is Richard Wright of Pink Floyd.

“Us & Them” is a song by Pink Floyd, from their 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon. It was their 8th album.

First we have just the piano portion by Richard Wright.

After the break you will find the original (well, remastered) version in its entirety.

Sadly, Richard Wright passed away in September of 2008.
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Fanfare for the Common Man

“Fanfare for the Common Man” was written in 1942 by American composer Aaron Copland. Originally it was written for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

This version is from 1977 by the British group Emerson, Lake and Palmer, from their Works I album. This version was used as the theme song to CBS Sports Spectacular as well as used in other places and times.

If you’re interested in how the symphonic version sounds, you can find it after the break.

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Let Go

Frou Frou is a British Trip Hop* duo comprised of Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth. (Definitely NOT Hip Hop.) They only produced one album in 2002, titled Details. This is “Let Go” from that album.

* I’m not really sure why the “trip hop” moniker got assigned the way it did; I don’t think the genre has much in common with Hip Hop. But hey, I don’t make the rules.


After 8 years of piano lessons, I spent most of my life hating piano music, but lately that hate has faded, and I can appreciate some.

Granted, this doesn’t have much in common with the drek I was forced to learn all those years ago.

This is “Trilogy” by Michele McLaughlin from her album Breathing in the Moment.

My One Musical Interlude Per Week Rule

I have musical interludes (usually scheduled for Saturday morning) scheduled out through September of this year. So I will probably relax my rule.

There is a lot of new music (new to me anyway) coming my way these days. Well that, and Saturday Morning Flashback courtesy of WXRT in Chicago letting me relive some of the glory days.

And if you don’t like the free ice cream…