If You Break Into Homes, You Will Eventually Find an Armed Homeowner

No one will be surprised at the result. UPDATE: Authorities identify man shot to death by Carrollton ho – WDRB 41 Louisville News

First he pulled a knife on some sanitation workers collecting trash. When that fight was broken up, he went to a home and kicked in the door.

Wilhoite says Corley kicked in the door of the home, and the homeowner shot him.

Corley was pronounced dead at about 6:40 a.m. The cause of death is listed as a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Neighbors aren’t shocked, so much as scared to discover that they live in the Real World™ where crime can and does happen.

Self-defense is a human-right.


Neighbors are Shocked to Learn They Live in the Real World™

Bad things happened in THEIR neighborhood. That isn’t supposed to happen. Neighbors react after man killed in home invasion

Neighbors at Creek Meadow Estates tell WAAY 31 they’re still in shock that someone broke into a home in their usually quiet neighborhood.

It is the usual litany of “It’s so quiet here,” or “Couldn’t believe it.” Believe it.

Here’s a clue. If you can read this, then you live in the Real World™ where crime can and does happen. You might see less of it depending on where you live, but you are not immune. And if you live in the boondocks, then you might consider that when something bad does happen, the cops can be a long way off. You should plan accordingly.

The British Are Shocked

Shocked to discover that they live in the Real World™, and not a fantasy land. Arrest after car shot at from motorbike in Stockton – BBC News

OK so there are shootings and stabbings and acid attacks in London, but this isn’t London. This Stockton-on-Tees, which is half-way (well…) across the country from London.

One resident said: “It’s scary because you think with everything that is happening in London, with the shootings and the acid attacks, you start thinking ‘Is it going to start happening round here?’.

Sorry to disappoint you, but you are not halfway around the world from London, you are 350 kilometers from London. Did you think you were going to be immune from the insanity that is in London? Sorry to disillusion you, but all those problems will be there eventually.

Residents of Chicago’s Gold Coast Are Learning They Aren’t Immune to Crime

A lot of the crime in Chicago is concentrated in some neighborhoods, but no part of the city is immune. 2 shot, including elderly man, during Gold Coast-area carjackings; 12 others shot within 15 hours – Chicago Tribune

The story is long, and includes some info an a lot of shootings and several carjackings. But the part that caught my attention was the fact that some residents of the Gold Coast were shocked to discover that crime can happen in their neighborhood.

Steve Brown, an attorney who lives a block away, was walking home from getting groceries when he saw paramedics helping a man with a gunshot wound to the arm out of the driver’s seat of the Nissan. He was placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance, Brown said.

Brown, like others in the city, has heard of shootings taking place on the city’s South and West side but thought this was abnormal.

“It’s troubling. This is right in the middle of the most affluent part of Chicago. But it’s crazy because they know they are going to get caught.’’

Passersby snapped pictures and live-streamed the scene on social media.

“And this is supposed to be the good side of town,” one man said before leaving.

Even the Gold Coast is part of the Real World™ and is not immune to crime. And given the epidemic of carjacking in Chicago that is hardly to be expected. If you are going to steal cars, you might consider going to those places where they keep the nice ones.

Crime isn’t something that happens only in “other kinds of places” even if that is a comforting illusion. (Hat tip to Second City Cop)

Epic Fail of the Victim-selection Process

And neighbors are shocked, but we’ll get to that. Gun-toting ex-Georgia cop foils attempted home ambush | Fox News

So he thought it would be a good idea to ambush a homeowner.

The armed suspect, who was still being sought Monday by police, was chased off a driveway in Newton County on Tuesday after being confronted by Carlos Wicker, a former police officer.

“I pulled my gun, I shot at him and he took off running,” Wicker, the homeowner, told FOX5 Atlanta.

The press has to play up “former police officer,” but that just means “current non-police-officer citizen.” With a gun.

As for the neighbors…

The incident, which happened just after midnight, has left homeowners in the Riverwalk Farms community on edge.

“I want to find out what’s happened because we have young children here,” one of Wicker’s neighbors told FOX5 Atlanta. “It’s not normal.”

Sorry to let you know, but if you are reading this (and everyone in that neighborhood) live in the Real World™ where crime can and sometimes does happen. Crime isn’t something that only happens to “other kinds of people” in “other kinds of places.” It can happen to you.

Crime Doesn’t Just Happen in “Other Kinds of Places”

This is a story from small town America. They don’t like to believe that bad things can happen. krem.com | ‘It doesn’t even make sense’ | Hope, Idaho searches for answers in murder of local 78-year-old woman

At house, 2 miles up a rural road from the closest state highway, a woman was murdered a year ago. A few things were stolen, but the cops haven’t said what.

There may (or may not) have been a similar incident in the area a few months before this murder. There are no suspects in either case.

“Some of us still cannot get our heads around this whole situation, because it doesn’t even make sense,” said Keith.

This is surely a tragedy. But it points up something that I continually see. People believe that crime cannot happen to them, because they are careful, or good people or whatever. They don’t believe it will impact their neighbors because of where they live. (I know, because I live in a low crime area, and deal with these people all the time.) Sure, there are areas that suffer more from crime, but crime can happen anywhere. Are you prepared?

Neighbors Were Shocked

This is an update to a story from yesterday, with interviews of the neighbors. Cooper Mountain residents on edge after man breaks into home in.

It’s a little frightening thinking about the safety of your house and your property and your family, you know. Something happening in the middle of the day when we’re not home.”

It may be frightening, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. You can “feel safe” if you delude yourself, but that doesn’t mean you will actually be safe. And yes, you should think about it. You should think about security systems, and alarm contracts. You should also think about what you are going to do if they break in while you are at home with you family. (It is one thing to steal your stuff, it is another to hurt your loved ones.)

If you can read this, then you live in the Real World™ where crime can and often does happen. If doesn’t only happen in other kinds of places; it can happen in your neighborhood.

Police were able to arrest a suspect based on a tip.

The story from yesterday can be found at this link.