It Was Off-campus Student Housing. Bet There Was a Gun-ban

Oh, and neighbors/students are shocked. “It was scary,” Nerves rattled for residents at Langston University apartment complex after double shooting.

Langston University police and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are investigating a double shooting that sent two people to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

It happened around 1 a.m. Thursday at an apartment complex owned by Langston University just off the campus.

Police think there were 4 suspects. 2 people had to be flown to a trauma center with multiple gunshot wounds. This riled up the campus because they didn’t know they live in The Real World™.

“I can’t believe this. I’m totally in shock,” Letina Mcleod, who also lives at the complex, said.

There is more of that.

The Austin Bomber: One Year Later

Austin was convinced they were an oasis. They were always part of The Real World™ they just didn’t know it at the time. ‘I still want to know why’ | One year later, how the Austin bomber was stopped.

This is a fairly long read, but it covers everything. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley, Homicide Detective Rolando Ramirez, the involvement of the ATF, the decent in force of the FBI. Blind alleys the investigation went down. The random nature of the victims. The clues that finally identified the suspect. And more. It’s all here, and pretty engaging.

And of course the shock that Austin suffered when the people of that city discovered that they were not immune to bad things happening.

“I was angry because he made us go through all of this, the community, he took the peace away from Austin,” Det. Ramirez said. “It was senseless.”

Chief Manley hoped that Austin could “feel safe” again. And maybe they can, but they were never safe, no matter how they felt about it. They weren’t safe 2 years ago, and they aren’t safe today. No one is; that is just a part of being human, though we don’t like to think about it much.

Neighbors Were Shocked – By a Swatting Call

At least no one was shot by police. SFPD investigating possible ‘swatting’ incident involving tech leader.

A “Facebook cybersecurity executive” was targeted.

“The male caller stated that he had just shot his wife in their home, he had the kids tied up, there were pipe bombs everywhere, and if police responded that he would harm the police if they came to help,” said Janine De La Vega, Public Affairs Manager Palo Alto Police Department.

Not a prank, as the death last year proves.


Neighbors were surprised to learn of the incident.

“Horrible, definitely. I’ve been living here for six years it’s always been really, really quiet. So I’m surprised to hear that for sure,” said Manuela Zavattaro, neighbor.

Swatting is a crime. And if you can read this, then you live in The Real World™ where crime can and all to often, does happen.

It’s Bad Enough When “Neighbors Are Shocked”

When police are shocked – because they too are living in dreamland – you’re in a bad situation. State College shootings: 5 shot in rampage near Penn State campus. (State College is the name of the town.)

“Quite frankly it’s shocking and disturbing. We like to think of this place as Happy Valley. We like to think these things can’t happen here. But one of the things that it makes you realize is that it can happen here and does happen here,” said State College Police Chief John Gardner.

What are the chances that he has a plan, or has tested a plan, for how to deal with an active shooter, for a guy who attacks a grade-school, say. If the police are this clueless, what are the chances that the school districts have any plans about lockdown, or shelter-in-place? My guess – exactly zero.

If you can read this, then you do not live in Pleasantville or Mayberry; you live in The Real World™ where crime can, and all to often does, happen. You should plan accordingly. And if you are police chief, you should plan, drill, encourage the schools/others to plan, etc. Get your head out of the sand. (Or wherever you have your head buried.)

“Hope is not a strategy.”

This is the strategy that is inherently followed by all the “shocked neighbors” whenever they find out that crime can happen in their town. LOCK THE DOORS!. If you won’t listen to me – and evidence is that you won’t – maybe Massad Ayoob can convince you.

“It won’t happen to me because I live in a nice place” is not a strong defense. That thinking comes under “hope is not a strategy.” Criminals with functional IQs realize the nicest homes have the nicest stuff to steal. And criminals realize that in the sparsely populated hinterlands, there are fewer witnesses and the thin blue line of police is stretched particularly thin.

Some good advice about what to do, and what to tell ALL the members of your household, especially the trusting ones. (Bad guys don’t exist in my neighborhood!)

Why Do They Want to “Feel safe” as Opposed to Actually “Being Safe?”

Or at least be working to improve their level of safety. (The world is not a safe place, and you can’t make it one by wishing or doing.) After Jayme Closs returns, northwest Wisconsin wonders how to feel safe again.

The randomness of a meticulously planned crime has shaken residents of Barron, Wis.

Double murder of the parents. Kidnapping of the girl. Escape, followed by arrest of the bad guy. The story has been all over the news.

But one thing caught my attention. Or actually, it made me want to scream.

People are uncertain. They’re frightened,” said local newspaper editor Bob Zientara, who has the ear of a town that, in an instant last week, became overwhelmed with joy at Jayme’s return. “It’s tempered joy because now [people] realize that things like this can happen here.”

Really?!! They believed that bad things couldn’t happen in their neighborhood/town/county/state? Really? Crime only takes place in “Other kinds of places.” Crime only impacts “Other kinds of people.” That is one crazy attitude.

The article goes on to say that the only alternative to the head-in-the-sand denial of reality, is to “live in fear.” That comes up several times. I don’t agree. You can acknowledge the reality of where you live – it isn’t Mayberry or Pleasantville. You can do some preparation. You can stop living inside your head, and pay attention to your surroundings and take some action. Now a gun may not have saved this couple. “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.” But a head in the sand attitude wouldn’t help. Opening your front door to any knock without looking, or having some preparation.

I don’t know, maybe the sheep are always in fear, and can only live in their fantasy world of zip-code-induced-safety. If so, it is a pretty poor commentary on the state of society.

Neighbors Were Shocked

Your Zip Code does not protect you. Not a normal day: Public saw work of law enforcement firsthand while officers searched for shooting suspect that may not have existed.

There was a shooting on the Mississippi University for Women (MUW) and the cops spent the afternoon looking for the shooter – but they later issued a statement saying the gunshot may have been self-inflicted.

This is a long article, and the bit that really caught my attention is almost an afterthought.

Another woman, who worked in a separate office near MUW Police Department and who did not want to be named in The Dispatch, spent the lockdown sitting in her own car parked just off campus, texting a co-worker locked in their office.

“I never thought in this little town it would happen right here on our campus,” she told a Dispatch reporter at the scene.

You are not immune from crime because of where you live. Crime can – and does – happen anywhere. Crime is not something that happens in “other kinds of areas” to “other kinds of people.” You can be a victim. You should plan accordingly.

Neighbors Were Shocked

Because they thought their zip-code protected them. Neighbors in shock after suspect kidnaps, shoots teen babysitter Wednesday afternoon.

He kidnapped the babysitter, and he tried to rob her. Then he shot her as she ran away from him.

“You don’t see this type of behavior happen around here,” [Alena] Moran [a resident of Boscobel St. for five years] said.

If you can read this, then you do actually live in The Real World™ where crime can, and sometimes does, happen.

Good thing the teenager was disarmed, for her own protection, or someone might have been hurt. Oh, wait a minute…

Sounds Like a Parent Defending Kids

Which is exactly what parents are supposed to do. Police: Intruder shot, killed by homeowner in Tigard.

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. That’s what happened here. The result is one dead home invader.

According to police, multiple kids were inside the home at the time, but they are safe.

Neighbors aren’t quite shocked.

This incident certainly has neighbors on edge.

“It’s very friendly, very family oriented – and yeah, this is unusual for here,” said Cheryl Lawhead.

A reminder that they do, in fact, live in the Real World™ where crime can, and sometimes does, happen.

While the investigation continues, Self-defense remains a Human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Residents Were Shocked

Reality is true, even when you don’t want it to be. Union Temple Beefs Up Security After Vandalism.

So the antisemitic graffiti and arson attacks on various synagogues in New York City have pushed (some) people out of their delusions. And they aren’t happy.

“Of course I know anti-Semitism is real, but I guess that in the back of my mind I was telling myself ‘but not here,’” [One member of the temple] said. “Now that it’s in Brooklyn, in my own super-progressive neighborhood, inside my baby’s preschool, I have to come to terms with it on a whole different level.”

Crime – even hate crime – isn’t something that only happens in “other kinds of places,” to “other kinds of people.” It is strange to me to think that the Jewish community in New York – even if only the extremely liberal portion of it – could really believe that somehow their zip-code would protect them.

If you can read this, you are not a resident of some fantasy locale where crime never happens. You live in the Real World™ where crime – even hate crime – can and sometime does happen. You should plan accordingly.

So as a show of force, there will be some private security, and – at least for a short time – some NYPD cops at this school. But in the long run what are these people going to do?

[That same mother] had recently volunteered to canvass her neighborhood ahead of the midterm elections, a decision that she said she’s now feeling conflicted about, “because of how much this incident makes me want to go out and buy a gun.”

What’s that old saying? “A Conservative is a Liberal Who’s been mugged.”

I’m sure she will get over the desire to exert individual action. Because she’s in her “own super-progressive neighborhood.”

A side note: The articles I’ve read seem to be doing everything they can to avoid mentioning that the person who has been arrested in relation to several attacks (James Polite) was Democratic intern, because narrative, I assume. (That’s another “uncomfortable reality.”)

Crime Doesn’t Just Happen in Other Kinds of Places

People think they are immune to crime because of where they live. They are wrong. Bossier’s Safest Neighborhoods Are Being Targeted by Criminals.

Many Bossier City residents may have been lulled into a false sense of security living inside our safest neighborhoods. Greenacres Place is certainly viewed as a secure and friendly place to live. But now we know we can all be at risk.

To the point where they are leaving keys in unlocked vehicles.

When my uncle and my cousin went hunting for elk, they didn’t stay in Illinois. They went to where there were elk. Why do you think criminals won’t be active in your neighborhood? It is too far? Unless you live in a gated community with serious security you are subject to crime. This is the Real World™ not some fantasy-land.

I’m putting this in the “Neighbors Were Shocked” category, because I’m sure they are surprised to find they can’t leave their keys in their cars.

Neighbors Were Shocked. Well a Guy Who Worked There Was Shocked

Because you see, College Hill is a nice neighborhood in Cincinnati. (Or maybe it is North College Hill that is supposed to be “nice.”) Police: 17-year-old robbed, shot outside College Hill gas station.

Except 2 people were shot and killed just across the street from this incident 2 days prior to this shooting.

“I was over there behind the cooler, when I heard the shot, so I go outside and look. The person, he’s laying on the floor and I see the blood in the back,” Mandeep Singh [the clerk] said.

Crime can happen to anyone anywhere. It doesn’t just happen in “other kinds of places.” You should plan accordingly.

The kid who got shot was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center with “non-life-threatening injuries.”

What If 911 Put You on Hold For 4 Minutes

Oh, and neighbors were shocked. Shooting in Toronto’s east end leaves neighbourhood on edge.

What has been troubling for people in the area was how long it took to get through to 911 in the first place. Several neighbours said they called 911 as soon as they heard the shots. But in each case, they were put on hold.

Long wait times at Toronto 911 have been an issue. More positions have been approved, but it doesn’t sound like they have been filled.

A lot of really bad things can happen in 4 minutes, and at that point you haven’t even communicated with a 911 operator. So what are you going to do while you wait?

And the neighbors?

One woman, still reeling from the incident, spoke to Global News anonymously. She’s lived in the area for years and now fears for her safety.

While she may be less-safe than she was years ago, she isn’t less safe than she was last week. She just thought she was safe.

And Canada has all that lovely gun control. How is it that criminals just ignore those laws?

Neighbors Were Shocked

First, it is a story of armed self-defense. BAPD: Homeowner Fires At Woman Attempting To Break In.

She decided that she was entitled to break into another person’s home to retrieve property she believed was hers. She miscalculated.

Police said a woman was home when she heard a loud noise. She immediately called 911, picked up her gun and walked toward a broken window.

“[She]noticed that a window had been broken and saw a white female trying to get into the house, trying to gain entry into the house,” said Officer Koch. “[The] homeowner fired shot in the direction of the suspect, its unknown whether the suspect was injured.

Cops apparently went on at length about how this is not a random event.

The neighbors? They were shocked to discover that they live in the Real World™ and not in some crime-free paradise.

Rick Plantin is one of several people living in the neighborhood who was shocked to hear the sound of a police chopper.

“It’s scary, it really is,” said Plantin.

He did eventually arrive at the point were he realized that crime can happen “in any neighborhood.”

Self-defense is a human-right.

Neighbors Were Shocked

Shocked to learn they live in the Real World™ where crime can – and often does – occur. Police investigating a fatal shooting during a home invasion.

Bad-guy breaks into home. Bad-guy meets armed homeowner. Homeowner shoots bad-guy. Neighbors are shocked!

Residents of Remsen Street say they were surprised to wake up to the news because it’s a quiet neighborhood.

They never worry when they’re out and about and usually feel safe.

“I can walk down the street, be comfortable, and not have that worry if I’m going to lose the money that’s in my pocket from somebody,” said Ken Zeoli, who lives on Remsen.

He apparently thinks that crime happens in “other kinds of places” to “other kinds of people.” Or he did think that anyway. Maybe now he will wake up to reality.

The guy who got shot died at a local hospital. Cops are investigating because New York hates self-defense.

But despite how New York feels, Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Why Are the Neighbors Always Shocked?

Oh my. There is crime-scene tape in my neighborhood. Neighbors react to ex-boyfriend shooting in midtown

It’s as though they think that crime only happens in “other kinds of places.”

“I was driving by and looked over to my wife and said, ‘Was that crime scene tape?'” said neighbor Nic Hutchinson. “What’s going on? This is such a nice, quiet neighborhood.

That isn’t the only quote.

Surprising? Perhaps. But crime can happen anywhere. If you are reading this then you live in the Real World™ and not in Fantasy Land. You should plan accordingly, because you (and your neighborhood) are not immune to crime.

The details on the original story can be found here.

If You Break Into Homes, You Will Eventually Find an Armed Homeowner

No one will be surprised at the result. UPDATE: Authorities identify man shot to death by Carrollton ho – WDRB 41 Louisville News

First he pulled a knife on some sanitation workers collecting trash. When that fight was broken up, he went to a home and kicked in the door.

Wilhoite says Corley kicked in the door of the home, and the homeowner shot him.

Corley was pronounced dead at about 6:40 a.m. The cause of death is listed as a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Neighbors aren’t shocked, so much as scared to discover that they live in the Real World™ where crime can and does happen.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Neighbors are Shocked to Learn They Live in the Real World™

Bad things happened in THEIR neighborhood. That isn’t supposed to happen. Neighbors react after man killed in home invasion

Neighbors at Creek Meadow Estates tell WAAY 31 they’re still in shock that someone broke into a home in their usually quiet neighborhood.

It is the usual litany of “It’s so quiet here,” or “Couldn’t believe it.” Believe it.

Here’s a clue. If you can read this, then you live in the Real World™ where crime can and does happen. You might see less of it depending on where you live, but you are not immune. And if you live in the boondocks, then you might consider that when something bad does happen, the cops can be a long way off. You should plan accordingly.

The British Are Shocked

Shocked to discover that they live in the Real World™, and not a fantasy land. Arrest after car shot at from motorbike in Stockton – BBC News

OK so there are shootings and stabbings and acid attacks in London, but this isn’t London. This Stockton-on-Tees, which is half-way (well…) across the country from London.

One resident said: “It’s scary because you think with everything that is happening in London, with the shootings and the acid attacks, you start thinking ‘Is it going to start happening round here?’.

Sorry to disappoint you, but you are not halfway around the world from London, you are 350 kilometers from London. Did you think you were going to be immune from the insanity that is in London? Sorry to disillusion you, but all those problems will be there eventually.

Residents of Chicago’s Gold Coast Are Learning They Aren’t Immune to Crime

A lot of the crime in Chicago is concentrated in some neighborhoods, but no part of the city is immune. 2 shot, including elderly man, during Gold Coast-area carjackings; 12 others shot within 15 hours – Chicago Tribune

The story is long, and includes some info on a lot of shootings and several carjackings. But the part that caught my attention was the fact that some residents of the Gold Coast were shocked to discover that crime can happen in their neighborhood.

Steve Brown, an attorney who lives a block away, was walking home from getting groceries when he saw paramedics helping a man with a gunshot wound to the arm out of the driver’s seat of the Nissan. He was placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance, Brown said.

Brown, like others in the city, has heard of shootings taking place on the city’s South and West side but thought this was abnormal.

“It’s troubling. This is right in the middle of the most affluent part of Chicago. But it’s crazy because they know they are going to get caught.’’

Passersby snapped pictures and live-streamed the scene on social media.

“And this is supposed to be the good side of town,” one man said before leaving.

Even the Gold Coast is part of the Real World™ and is not immune to crime. And given the epidemic of carjacking in Chicago that is hardly unexpected. If you are going to steal cars, you might consider going to those places where they keep the nice ones.

Crime isn’t something that happens only in “other kinds of places” even if that is a comforting illusion. (Hat tip to Second City Cop)