It’s Almost Like Putin Didn’t Expect To Be Held Accountable By the Obama Administration

Since Russia has been violating the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty since at least 2014, and maybe as early as 2008. Russia’s controversial 9M729 missile system: A not-so-secret secret.

First, while the US Media is having a fit about what Trump is doing, NATO has determined that the Trump administration is correct.

Tuesday, the military alliance came out on Washington’s side and also accused Russia of breaching the INF treaty. The US has given Russia a 60-day ultimatum to comply with the treaty. Otherwise, the US will abandon the INF agreement for good.

The violation? The Novator 9M729 missile system (NATO designation = SSC-8).

In late July 2014, The New York Times first broke the news that Washington had a suspicion Russia might be violating the INF treaty. It said that the then president, Barack Obama, had sent a letter to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on the matter. The paper claims Russia began testing the new missile system as early as 2008. The New York Times also reported the Obama administration had hoped to reach a compromise with the Russians by not publicly accusing them of violating the INF agreement. On Tuesday, the US State Department said five confidential talks between arms experts had been held since 2014 over the missile system. Yet it claims Russia had denied, concealed and spread lies about the new missile.

So by not confronting Russia in 2014, or earlier when the missile started testing, did the Obama administration advance the cause of peace, or just keep an inconvenient story out of the news as much as possible.

Russia has kept pretty tight security in place. An analyst with the Brookings Institution estimated the range at 2000 kilometers.


Everyone – Outside of Ukraine – Is Still Calling It a “Conflict With Russia”

At what point due the leaders (and reporters) of the world admit that it is a war? Russia Tries to Strangle Ukraine with New Maritime Strategy.

Russia is adopting a new tactic in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine by cutting off the latter’s access to its important ports in the Sea of Azov.

Spiegel is slightly to the Left of the BBC, so I don’t really expect much from them, but they do translate some of their stories into English.

The new Crimean Bridge, it turns out, not only connects people, but can also be used by Moscow to close off access to the Kerch Strait. That Sunday, Russia declared the Sea of Azov, which is located northeast of the strait and whose coastline it shares with Ukraine, semi-officially to be its own. There’s not really anything Ukraine can do to oppose it.

California’s Forest Management and The New York Times Selective Memory

It seems back in January there were indications that what California has been doing – for decades – isn’t working when it comes to forest management. California [in January, 2018]: 100 Million Dead Trees Prompt Fears of Giant Wildfires.

This week a group of scientists warned in the journal BioScience that the dead trees could produce wildfires on a scale and of an intensity that California has never seen.

And it is about the management.

In their natural state, forests were regularly thinned by fire but the billions of dollars that the state spends aggressively fighting wildfires and restrictions on logging have allowed forests to accumulate an overload of vegetation.

Except the NYT seems to not read its own stories, because today, it is all a myth that management practices have anything to do with this disaster. Trump’s Misleading Claims About California’s Fire ‘Mismanagement’.

Hat tip to SiGraybeard, who has a few interesting things to say about the Climate Report that has been getting so much attention this past week. (You should really take a look.)

In case the New York Slimes decides to eliminate the January story, here’s a link the Wayback Machine. (And they could use a few bucks if you can spare some.)

The New Rules for Men in the Age of #MeToo

The rules are simple enough. Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Cost.

So is this what the feminists behind #MeToo wanted?

No more dinners with female colleagues. Don’t sit next to them on flights. Book hotel rooms on different floors. Avoid one-on-one meetings.

In fact, as a wealth adviser put it, just hiring a woman these days is “an unknown risk.” What if she took something he said the wrong way?

Across Wall Street, men are adopting controversial strategies for the #MeToo era and, in the process, making life even harder for women.

So congrats to the radical feminists who hate “rules of evidence” and “due process.” Men are not going to just lie down and disappear. They are going to adapt. That adaptation is going to cost you. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be retired right now!

Hat tip to The Other McCain, who summed it up nicely.

If you are male in the #MeToo era, every woman in the workplace is your enemy. Feminism’s goal is to destroy the careers of all men. There is only only one way for a man to be safe from this danger:

Headlines From Europe

I read the European press, because they have better coverage of what’s going on in America – some of it anyway – than 90% of the US press. (I guess they can be a BIT more objective, though they are still mostly a bunch of Leftist shills.) Though the 1st story is from the Washington Post…

The Left’s talking points around Germany have been – for 2 years now – that they are placed to become the “new world power.” Since all the “right-thinking” folks in the media hate America. (No, not just Trump, America.) Merkel missing the first day of G-20 is a metaphor for why you shouldn’t believe all the myths about Germany. But when you lose the WaPo…

The Bundeswehr itself isn’t in great shape, either. To the amusement of the world, Germany’s military made headlines a few years ago for replacing machine guns with broomsticks during a NATO exercise because of a lack of equipment. The headlines weren’t exaggerated. Earlier this year, an internal watchdog described the German military as virtually “not deployable for collective defense.” Only a few of the country’s tanks, helicopters and planes are combat-ready, and pilots have at times had to resort to private automobile clubs’ choppers to practice. Germany approved a boosted defense budget this year, but any trend reversal will take a lot longer.

No mention of Trump and his call for Europe to do a better job with their defense.

Italy stops a terrorist. (Granted this is 2 days old, so maybe you heard about it…) Italian police arrest Lebanese man suspected of planning poison attack.

“He was planning an attack with ricin and anthrax,” chief anti-terrorism prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho told reporters, naming the man as Alhaj Ahmad Amin.

Amin, 38, who is a legal immigrant and married with three children, was arrested in Macomer earlier in the day by hooded police who forced him from his car as he left home.

The French are STILL unhappy about paying more for fuel. And now so are folks in Belgium. Brussels protesters attack PM’s office as Paris braces for more ‘yellow vest’ unrest.

Over in Paris, builders were busy boarding up flagship banks and stores along the Champs-Elysées as “the world’s most beautiful avenue” braced for its third straight Saturday of violence.

In what President Emmanuel Macron called “war scenes”, a peaceful protest descended into riots and tear gas, leaving many of the avenue’s windows smashed by cobblestones and other objects.

Two stories from Britain. The first, how NHS (THE Sacred Cow of UK politics) is failing the elderly. Pensioners left in pain amid NHS cuts to hip and knee operations.

The Royal College of Surgeons said patients were being unfairly denied operations by arbitrary policies, including those which restrict them to those in most pain.

And in the 2nd story, folks in the UK still have bad teeth. Soaring numbers of children forced to have teeth taken out in hospital.

The number of children having teeth removed in hospital has risen almost a fifth in six years, new figures show.

Dentists said it was a “scandal” that so many teeth were being left to rot, amid a diet of too much sugar and too little toothbrushing.

Can we blame this on the NHS? No, it isn’t the .gov who is responsible for making sure kids brush their teeth.

“An honest man gets to call a liar a liar to his lying face.”

Ace of Spades has an interest smack-down of the #NeverTrump crowd in general and Ben Shapiro in particular. It isn’t in any specific post, it is in the sidebar, and so in every post.

You know how it goes — it’s hard for someone to brand himself as The World’s Most Super-Pure Conservative when he supported Hillary Clinton, though Ben Shapiro and a couple of thousand other Twitter-Based Life Forms do so every day.

I’m a little bit tired of this fucking lie and I wish the people pushing it — again, they push it for their pecuniary interests and branding purposes, not for any noble reason — would stop pushing it. They’re liars. And lies, though useful, have one big drawback: An honest man gets to call a liar a liar to his lying face.

Them’s the breaks. Them’s the risks. Anyway, sorry for the pointless shit-stirring.
Your Fake Internet Pal,


PS, you’re welcome for the Supreme Court Justices. And the economy. I know I went “crazy” when I helped bring that about, but I guess I’m comfortable with the trade.

It is much longer than that, and worth a look.

Like Ace, I think that Trump can be a jackass, but I also agree that he is not Hilary Clinton. (So who do you think would be on the Supreme Court today if Hilary had been elected? Do you think the 2nd Amendment would last out until the next election?)

Hat tip to The Other McCain and Ace vs. ‘Non-Binary Ben’. Where a bit of nostalgia originally caught my eye.

Back around 2005, when the blogosphere was The New Hotness — and my Old School editors at The Washington Times totally didn’t get it — I started reading Ace habitually, laughing out loud in the newsroom and wishing I could have fun like the Moron crew did. Now that I think about it, 2005 was The Last Good Year, before the Iraq War went completely sideways, before Democrats took over Congress in 2006, before the Bush administration disintegrated into incoherence. Man, what fun it was in 2005, to laugh at the pathetic helplessness of libtards and moonbats, wallowing in their misery after “RatherGate” and the defeat of John Kerry, when every boy wanted a G.I. Joe for Christmas. But don’t look back, you can never look back . . .

The Good Old Days. And they could be again, if conservatives would wake up to the fact that Twitter and Facebook are not a good way to get any message out, that isn’t approved in advance by the DNC.

Social Media Hates Conservatives

This is not exactly news. So find alternatives. Gab. Mastodon (though this is mostly Leftist, it is federated, and open source..). Codias. TrumpTown Conservatism’s Reliance Upon Silicon Valley Is a Major Weakness.

Or I don’t know, create a website. (If you can find a host that won’t delete you!)

I have a user ID on Facebook. I log in twice a year to change the password and then deactivate the account. (Keeps people from impersonating me.) I use Twitter to promote this blog, but it really adds about zero to the network traffic. And that’s it. I have a presence on Gab, and on Mastodon, for the same reason as Facebook. And that’s it

And then there is the fact that Social Media is making you sick.