The Tale of Two Cities – OR – What is Wrong With Chicago?

The 2 cities being Chicago (2.7 million residents) and New York City (8.5 million residents).

The comparison is on the number of homicides. First up: Chicago – Chicago marks 500th homicide of the year: ‘It’s never over’ – Chicago Tribune, which actually reflects about an 11% DECREASE from 2016. Then there is New York City. NYC May Have Historically Low Murder Rate This Year.

At least Chicago is not in danger of setting a record – in a bad way. Even last year was “only” the worst year in decades. The records were set in the early 1990s.

As for New York…

John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor Eugene O’Donnell, a former police officer, said economic growth may be fueling the drop in crime rather than any police action, the New York Daily News reported.

Is the economy in New York that much better than Chicago? Of course Chicago is doing everything possible to trash the economy – with high taxes that have to go up. (Because they can’t kick the pensions can down the road any farther.)

I hope someone can come with a solution for Chicago; it used to be a wonderful city.


Meanwhile, in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Human rights? We don’t need no stinkin’ human rights! UN rips Venezuelan human rights abuses, as government orders opposition leader’s wife to court | Fox News

A hard-hitting United Nations report on Venezuela released this week said the human rights situation in the socialist country is “increasingly critical” for anti-government protesters, who are facing “mounting levels of repression” from that country’s national security forces.

The report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), released Wednesday, noted that the security forces subjected those detained, including children, to “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.”

I wonder where all the Hollywood celebs, who used to run down to Venezuela at the drop of a hat, to congratulate them on their Socialist government are. They must all be working with the deplorables in the Cajun Navy in Houston. Or something. (Just as soon as they get that Instagram problem straightened out, for sure.)

Violent weekend in Chicago

Something is really wrong in Chicago. Violent weekend worst since July Fourth: ‘It’s so bad out here’ – Chicago Tribune

At least 63 people were shot and eight of them were killed, police said. More than half were wounded over 13 hours from Saturday to early Sunday. At least 16 more were shot through the day Sunday, including the four on Madison in South Austin.

The best take seems to be via Second City Cop

Someone sent us this mathematical formula. We updated it with the latest numbers from

  • Out of the 2,437 people (and folks), shot/killed this year, the police are responsible for 0.007796 of the total.

Percentage wise, that’s just over three-quarters of 1%.

We don’t know about you, but this pretty much proves that police are the problem.

Let’s go tear down a statue or something.

While the shooting count is slightly lower than it was last year, it is way above the where it was 2013 or 2014. And the Chicago police have seen their closure rate on homicides drop to 13 percent.

Something needs to change in Chicago. But nothing of merit will change. Lawmakers are trying to change the sentencing guidelines for repeat gun criminals, but the DAs will continue to boot the gun charges. Nothing will change.

Stop-and-Frisk: The Danish Model Expands

Because they don’t want to have the kinds of problems with gangs over there that exist in our cities. Copenhagen Police set up second stop-and-search zone – The Local

Police in Copenhagen have established a new stop-and-search zone in the Amager island district after shootings and violence spread to the area.

The violence is gang related but the authorities won’t name names at this point.

So is this a good thing, or not?

Venezuela: A Dictatorship That Can’t Keep the Military Happy Won’t Last

So far the military has been sticking by the government. I can’t see them doing that if they are starving. Armed Venezuelan soldiers caught in Guyana begging for food | Miami Herald

Food is a crisis in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela™.

Guyanese Police Inspector Christopher Humphrey said he’d gone to the border along the Amacuro river, which divides the two nations, to investigate reports that the Venezuelan military was stealing food from locals. But the three soldiers he encountered — two carrying military assault rifles — said they had come to beg for meals and hadn’t harmed anyone.

The Inspector said the men seemed to be very hungry – he didn’t use the word starving.

Young Teens and Violent Crimes

JusticeWhile this story is interesting in its own right it makes a point relative to my previous post. Police seeing spate of violent crimes from young teens | Deseret News

In my previous post, I mentioned that the UK is trying to fight crime, without giving much thought to the criminals perpetrating that crime.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said his office is also seeing more cases of violent juvenile crimes, some of which are being considered for adult certification. In light of the incidents, Gill said it’s probably time to re-examine the juvenile justice system and examine if the current system “is proportionately responsive to deter criminal behavior.

“When you have truly violent behavior being addressed with no or minimal consequences, then accountability becomes a joke and public safety a failed promise. For example, when a youth who stabs someone multiple times is given probation and closing out the case in six months, then what you are communicating is that violence has no consequences and victims no worth,” he said.

“This is not a balance between compassion and accountability. I completely support juvenile justice reform but we cannot also ignore that violence requires a structured response that victims can rely upon to deter future behavior.”

There has to be some measure in place to deter crime, otherwise you will get more of it. There is much being written these days about how America is “too tough on crime.” NYC is abandoning the “broken windows” strategy, etc. Because it seems we have forgotten what the past was like before those “get tough on crime” policies were put in place. When crime was much higher than it is today (with some exceptions like Baltimore and Chicago).

Baltimore Tried a Ceasefire – Too Bad It Didn’t Work

They needed to try something, since they’ve basically decided to do without police enforcing the law. Baltimore Chaos – Ceasefire In “Violence-Plagued” City Starts Today | Zero Hedge

Zerohedge didn’t think the gangs would give up their profits and revenge for 72 hours, and they didn’t

The ceasefire did last 24 hours, but not 48. Second deadly shooting in Baltimore’s ‘Nobody kill anybody’ weekend |

Some 40 hours into the grassroots ceasefire, a 24-year-old man was fatally shot. Within a few hours, a 37-year-old was also killed by gunshots.

As you can see from the chart at the top of the post, Baltimore is on course to have a record-setting year in terms of homicides. Not a record they want to set, but that kind of thing basically happens when you tell police to “back off” under pain of every kind of sanction city hall can dish out.

Now to be fair, the cops in Baltimore have brought some of this on themselves. Corruption scandals. The death of Freddie Gray. The video of the officer planting drugs before a “search” could find them. In short, the Baltimore Police Department has shown they have a way to go before most people will consider them “professional.” But in the meantime, Baltimore is tearing itself apart.

With the 2 deaths on Saturday, the 2017 total for Baltimore is up to 210. The complete yearly total for 2016 was 318. The all time record for Baltimore was in 1993 when 353 people were killed. (Baltimore was a larger city in ’93.)

The conclusion that Zerohedge reached:

Baltimore is a chaotic war zone and it’s time we start treating it like one.

I’m not sure it is quite that bad, but there are a lot of things that need to change. Hat tip to HeyJackass! and their Shootapalooza coverage.