There’s No Media Bias. Nothing to See Here.

The media bias around various shootings is almost ridiculous. The Media are all over some shootings and death, and completely ignore others. It’s almost as if not all deaths (or lives) are equal. Or maybe they just care more about trashing cops than anything else. Well, cops and the 2nd Amendment.

The First Story: These 57 people have been killed in police shootings in Pennsylvania since 2015

Horrible. Pictures of one kid in a graduation gown and mortarboard. Of course another guy is just shown in a mugshot, but that is down at the bottom of the story. Young and old we are told about a few of them. And then there’s an embedded spreadsheet. (Insert quote from Animal Farm here.)

All those figures and stories were compiled by the Washington Post.

Then there is the other kind of killing. In which the cops mostly show up after the fact and try (mostly unsuccessfully) to figure out who dun it. HeyJackass! Illustrating Chicago’s Values: October Wrap-up.

October 2017: 55 killed, 228 wounded
October 2016: 82 killed, 348 wounded
October 2015: 31 killed, 203 wounded
October 2014: 39 killed, 215 wounded

There were no police-related homicides in Chicago in October of 2017 – the last full month we have statistics for. 2017 was better than 2016, but then 2016 was the worst year in Chicago in DECADES. At least for murders. (Car jacking is a different story.)

There were 58 killed and 273 wounded in Chicago during September of 2017.

Year-to-date in Chicago, there have been 606 homicides. Of those, 562 have been gun-related. 10 were police shootings. 2674 people have been shot and wounded, which yields 3236 total shootings. Those numbers are sure to go up before year-end (except maybe the police-related shootings.)

Aside from the Chicago papers, HeyJackass! and a few bloggers like Second City Cop, all these statistics fall into an information black hole. The networks aren’t demanding to know how Mayor Rahm Emanuel is going to fix the problem. No delegation from the DoJ is in Chicago mapping out a strategy. No protests. No nothing. Mayor Emanuel says he will put a 1000 more cops on the streets, but that doesn’t address the fact that the prosecutors are not putting the bad guys in jail for very long. They certainly aren’t involving the feds in an Operation Exodus fashion. The gun-toting bad guys are getting a couple of years (if that), instead of the 10 or 15 years of federal time they could be getting. And so the cycle continues.

Mostly it continues in obscurity because the national media is interested in the 57 police-related murders in Pennsylvania over a few years, but apparently couldn’t care less about 606 people killed in Chicago this year. With maybe the exception of the 10 killed by police. Why is that exactly?


Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Remember when the Left – mostly the scolds from Hollywood – would make pilgrimages to Venezuela? They would parade down there to congratulate the dictators on how great socialism was. They haven’t been going much this year, now that it has become a country of starving children, dying women, and hyperinflation. 300,000 Venezuelan Children at Risk of Dying from Malnutrition, Catholic NGO Alerts

Around 300,000 children in Venezuela are at risk of death from malnutrition, according to Caritas, a humanitarian organization run by the Catholic Church. It estimated that between five and six children die from malnutrition in Nicolás Maduro’s country each week.

Pregnant women and new mothers are also at risk

Doctor Julio Castro reinforced the importance of Caritas’ figures. “Maternal mortality between 2006 and 2016 shows a year-by-year increase of 10 percent,” he said, “but in the last year, it shot up 65 percent due to hunger and a lack of medical care and (other) products.”

The world wants to send aid, but the government won’t allow any to enter the country. The problems are all the result of a “War on Socialism” waged by the US and EU.

In other news, the inflation rate (or maybe that should be the HYPERINFLATION rate) in Venezuela has come down off its all-time record-high. It is “only” 2875% in October. (And no, that is not a typo.) Hyperinflation: Much Talked About, Little Understood

Crime in the UK – 2017

Spin aside, the graphs tell a convincing picture. Wait… GUN CRIME has seen a marked increase in the Gun Free UK? “Inconceivable!” Statistical bulletin: Crime in England and Wales: year ending June 2017

The spin is, “reported crime isn’t all crime” and “the cops are better at getting crimes into their data.” The statisticians have a different take.

“Today’s figures suggest that the police are dealing with a growing volume of crime. While improvements made by police forces in recording crime are still a factor in the increase, we judge that there have been genuine increases in crime – particularly in some of the low incidence but more harmful categories.” [My emphasis, Z-Deb]

That statement is credited to John Flatley, Crime Statistics and Analysis, Office for National Statistics.

Those areas showing a sharp increase in the past 2 or 3 years? Gun crime. Knife crime. Sex crime. Violent crime in general. It is almost as though there has been a significant change in the population in the past few years. (The UK recently changed the dates on when stats are collected/published. Hence the gap)

Leftist Students Proclaim “dialogue is violence.”

We will not discuss things in a civil manner. You shall not think for yourself. You shall only think what we tell you to think. Students storm library, shut down College Republicans meeting.

Hardly surprising coming from the University of California, Santa Cruz. (The University at the Beach.)

They were bent out of shape over the fact that a meeting of College Republicans was underway in one of the Library’s meeting rooms.

A College Republicans meeting at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over by protesters screaming that the group’s existence is a threat to the safety of students.

Because nothing says violence like a peaceful meeting, and nothing says peace like a bunch of screaming, antifa-friendly radicals. (War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery. Everyday it feels more and more like 1984.) [Hat tip Insty]

This is the kind of thing I wish I had written: “Never Turn Your Back On A Community Organizer”

NFL team names. NFL Concussions. NFL protests. NFL who gives a damn? Zombie Pirates In Cheesehead Land: Part 1: Never Turn Your Back On A Community Organizer | Adaptive Curmudgeon

Ever feel like the news is talking about a bunch of stuff that Just Doesn’t Matter? In this case, the NFL.

They’ve been bitching about names and mascots for as long as I remember. I don’t know if it’s working. I personally don’t care if the “fighting libtards” with their mascot (a horned Prius) play against the “raving rednecks” and their mascot (a can of Budweiser duct taped to a shotgun) in the Starbucks Bowl at Walmart field so I easily ignore it. 2014 saw a new front that wormed its way into my truck via America’s Pravda. NPR, an organization that is allergic to both fun and testosterone but has a massive repeater network, went on a multi week exploratory journey of their own navel in the name of “stopping sports concussions in football”. I call bullshit. Nobody in NPR gives a flying fuck about the physical health of any player. Have you ever heard NPR hint they care about a millionaire Neanderthal who can bench press Terry Gross while taking a direct hit from a runaway truck? I haven’t. NPR only cares about football players as a gambit for controlling football itself. They’re just busybodies who would shut down any group that doesn’t involve them.

Go read the whole thing. Put down your coffee first.

Cops Refused Service, Burger-joint Employee Fired

Because they think it is OK to discriminate against the police. Whataburger worker fired for refusing to serve police officers | Fox News

She was mad. She said cops beat up her boyfriend when he got arrested. But the video tells a different story. She made a scene and refused to serve the cops.

[Denison Police Department’s Chief Jay Burch] added, “Now going somewhere else in Denison in the middle of the night is not easy because our officers don’t have many options. What really gets my goat with such an incident is that while most of us are sleeping – sleeping!, the officers are out there working hard to keep us safe and when trying to take a break to eat – they face this type of reception from an employee of a local business and management calls it ‘politics’?”

That “politics” reference is to the initial statement made by the Burger-joint’s manager.

The Burger place, Whataburger eventually fired the employee, but before that happened Denison Police confirmed that they WOULD respond to 911 calls at Whataburger, because they aren’t the jerks in this story.

I wanted to file this under “Stupid Criminals,” but the girl isn’t really a criminal, she is just criminally stupid.