Wishful Thinking in Chicago

So one of the neighborhoods in Chicago was going for a “Homicide Free” Weekend over the July 4th Holiday… Or as they put it in the Sun Times Stakeholders aim to keep Englewood ‘homicide-free’ over Fourth of July weekend. Englewood is one of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. It is one of the more dangerous parts of the city.

Anti-violence groups, security firms, business owners, faith leaders and elected officials gathered in Englewood Thursday, announcing plans to deploy hundreds of people to keep an eye on the neighborhood in an effort to tamp down shootings over the historically violent Fourth of July weekend.

That is a sentiment I can understand. I think the way that they went about it was doomed to failure. “Watching” a neighborhood means that if someone does something wrong there is a witness, and that witness can cause consequences to be visited on the evildoer. But there are no consequences in Chicago or Cook County. The DA and the judges have seen to that. No bail. No prosecutions. No consequences at all. So who cares if they are seen by all those people “keeping an eye” on things?

So how did it work out? Not too well. Again, according to the Sun Times – 79 shot, 15 fatally, over Fourth of July weekend in Chicago. But of course those weren’t all in Englewood.

Second City Cop has the numbers for the police district, which probably doesn’t match up exactly with the neighborhood… We’re going to go and label this one as a “Fail” (SCC also gets the Hat Tip on all of this.)

These are preliminary numbers and will undoubtedly change, but it’s looking like 007 racked up at least a dozen shot, seven of those being fatal.

You want law and order, you have to have penalties for bad behavior. It is not rocket science.

Residents of Chicago Want to Be Safe

Chicago is not safe, and it’s getting worse. 2 kids slain among 79 shot in July 4th weekend gun violence; 3rd weekend straight of children dying.

Chicago is in the grip of a wave of violence the likes of which hasn’t been seen for decades.

On Saturday night, 7-year-old Natalia Wallace died after being shot while visiting her grandmother at a party in Austin. [That’s a neighborhood in Chicago on the far west side of the city.]

In each of the past 3 weekends, at least one child has been murdered.

And the national narrative isn’t really playing all that well in the city.

“Defunding police is the stupidest thing to say,” [activist Jacqueline] Baez said. “We need police. We need to feel safe in our communities … I don’t feel safe letting my kids play outside.”

And people are putting the blame where it belongs.

In a news conference in Little Village, Raul Montes Jr. called the weekend gun violence a “carbon copy” of the last few weeks and blamed [Mayor] Lightfoot for allowing protests to devolve into looting while “giving a nod to Antifa,” a far-left anti-fascist group. [Actually, they may claim to be anti-fascist, but they remind me a lot of Blackshirts in Italy]

The criminals have been told there will be no consequences. No bail. No prosecution in some cases. Charges reduced via plea, and now the powers-that-be seemed shocked that crime is skyrocketing.

I don’t expect the name Natalia Wallace to become known nationally, because it doesn’t forward the agenda of anyone on the Left or in the media. (But I repeat myself.) Just like I don’t expect Secoriea Turner to become nationally known.

Did Secoriea Turner Matter?

This is what happens when you let the Rule of Law breakdown. Police identify 8-year-old girl killed after shots fired into car near burned Wendy’s.

The person driving the car had tried to turn into a parking lot that the protestors rioters had blocked off. That was an UNFORGIVABLE sin, and worthy of a death-penalty (you disrespected their authority! What does that sound like?) and they opened fire into the car.

The location of the shooting was in a parking lot across the street from the now burned-out Wendy’s, which has been occupied by demonstrators since Brooks’ death at the hands of an Atlanta police officer.

She will be just be another statistic, because there is no way to blame her death on anyone but the 2 people reported to have opened fire on the car. No one will have seen anything. No one will name names. No one will testify. There will be no national protest. Because there isn’t a way to advance anyone’s agenda.

She Miscalculated The Impact of Her Threats

Because Cancel Culture is NOT supposed to apply to the Woke! From The Other McCain – Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

Having a high SAT score doesn’t mean you’re smarter than everybody else, at least not in terms of basic common sense. Like, maybe it’s not a genius idea to post videos to social media of yourself making threats of violence against people you disagree with?

Claira Janover isn’t exactly a Karen, but she’s pissed because there are repercussions from being an asshole.

Claira Janover said in a new video posted Wednesday afternoon. “The job that I’d worked really hard to get and meant a lot to me has called me and fired me because of everything.”

Go figure. Oh, and of course, Orange Man Bad. But really, Karma is a bitch.

Defund the Cops? Chicago Adds More OT

Because Chicago is in the grip of a crime catastrophe. CPD to put 1,200 extra officers on street starting Thursday.

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown announced Monday that 1,200 additional officers will hit the streets for the historically violent Fourth of July weekend.

Starting Thursday, the surge in officers will be deployed in “hot spots” for violence, according to Brown. Acknowledging “tired cops make mistakes,” he said every officer on duty over the weekend will get a day off.

Does that sound like Defunding?

Hat tip to Second City Cop – “Extra” Cops.

Meaning canceling at least one of everyone’s days off for yet another failure of the political set to keep criminals behind bars where they belong:

He also has the Over/Under on the weekend numbers for the upcoming holiday weekend. Which I think that according to HeyJackass! will run from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning. Happy 4th of July.

Chicago’s Financial Problems Are NOT From COVID-19

Chicago and Cook County have been ignoring problems for so long, they don’t know what actually paying the bills would look like. Maybe it is just Standard Operating Procedure at this point. In any event they want the federal .gov to solve their problems.

Meep at STUMP continues on the review of states/cities in trouble with Polities Under Fiscal Pressure: Chicago and Cook County.

I wanted to quote one of Meep’s titles for the title of this post, but there are so many choices picking one is hard. “Deep in the Suck” or “A Big Ball of Bad Ideas” were contenders, but I also appreciated the reference to the Stevie Smith poem “Not Waving But Drowning.”

As you can guess by the list of past posts on the fiscal state of Chicago, below, or the few I’ve mentioned already, things are not good in Chicago. Things are not a lot better in Cook County.

They both want bailouts. They are both trying to blame the pandemic.

There are snippets from interviews with Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, and even a few words form Ammar Rizki, Cook County’s Chief Financial Officer. But really all you have to do is look at the litany of woe of past posts by Meep, which she has thoughtfully collected for us.

It’s much, much worse.

Now, that may seem like a lot of posts, but more are here in my Chicago post compilation [which stops around 2017… I really should go back sometime.]

The compilation post is truly massive. And to think people accuse me of picking on Chicago, but they make it so damn easy.

Chicago is in for a bumpy ride, but it really doesn’t have much to do with COVID-19. You should definitely review the link at the top of this post. There is a lot of material. But the most important is that Chicago and Cook County expect you to pay for their insanity from the past decades.

The Tolerant Left – Death Threats for Teen Supporting Law Enforcement

Because nothing tells you about how tolerant the Left is, but how they treat people with different points of view. Teen who makes teddy bears for children of fallen officers out of their uniforms getting death threats for supporting law enforcement.

She’s just a kid trying to help make peoples’ lives a little easier. A little less painful. And now she’s under attack for it – and her family is facing death threats.

You’ve probably heard of Megan. Her non-profit is called Blue Line Bears. She, with the help of her family, takes the uniforms of fallen police officers and turns them into teddy bears for the surviving family members.

That is the unforgivable crime. Not toeing the line of the hard Left. She’s lost friends – though I wonder if they were friends – because they can’t think for themselves. Go read it, it isn’t long. (Hat tip to Wirecutter.)

Defund the Police Descends on St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri is not a happy place. Crazy People Are Dangerous.

“Defund the police” is their demand, because the protesters are Democrats and Democrats hate police.

The mayor of St. Louis is a Democrat named Lyda Krewson, who apparently didn’t get the memo. She doesn’t hate police enough:

So the protesters decided to march on the mayor’s home. In the process they passed the Busch-Faust mansion, owned by Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey decided that they should stand guard and they did.

If you’re a rich white guy living in a mansion in a Democrat-run city like St. Louis, better keep your AR-15 handy, because . . . Well, you can finish that sentence.

Chicago’s Mayor is “Outraged”

Too bad she isn’t competent. 1-year-old dead, mother wounded in Englewood shooting .

As she did last Saturday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot expressed outrage at the shooting, as well as another hours earlier Saturday when a 17-year-old was killed in Humboldt Park.

“The pain of losing a child never goes away. Today, we lost more young people to the gun violence epidemic: a 17-year-old in Humboldt Park and a 1-year-old in Englewood. As a mother, I am tired of the funerals. I am tired of burying our children,” Lightfoot said on Twitter.

And another child is killed, about 5 blocks from where the Mayor lives. 10-year-old girl killed after bullet goes through Logan Square apartment window.

A 10-year-old girl was killed Saturday night in Logan Square after she was struck in the head by a stray bullet that came through a second-floor apartment window, according to Chicago police.

The girl and her 8-year-old cousin were sitting in the front room of an apartment in the 3500 block of West Dickens Avenue when a man fired multiple shots in the alley across the street, police said, citing preliminary information.

So what will she do besides express “outrage?” Is there a plan? She hired a new Superintendent of Police, but I don’t think Brown will last, since he doesn’t share the Liberal ethos on “guns are the root of all crime.” Crime is bad in Chicago, and getting much worse.

The final weekend tally in Chicago stood at 18 killed, and 48 wounded, and given that the Pride festival was officially canceled, it isn’t going to be a good summer. (The Pride festival was declared a “protest” and went on as per usual.)

We Should Outlaw Fire Hoses

Heh. Saturday’s Outrage from Second City Cop.

Fire hoses were used to inflict horrible suffering on black citizens peacefully protesting throughout the south in the 50’s and 60’s. To avoid Crimesha [Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx] “believing” that this “might” be something triggering to her delicate sensibilities, we are calling on the CFD to return to bucket-lines and enlisting citizens to assist them when manpower runs short.

Politicians hate sarcasm, but I think that is partly because they don’t understand it.

First History, Now Religion

It won’t stop until they tear down all of Western Civilization. BLM Leader: Statues and Stained Glass of Jesus Are ‘White Supremacy,’ Must Be Torn Down.

On Monday, Black Lives Matter leader and former Bernie Sanders surrogate Shaun King called for the demolition or removal of all statues, murals, and stained glass windows of “white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends,” i.e. the Twelve Apostles. He said religious imagery was a symbol of “white supremacy” and oppression.

But then the Marxist playbook hasn’t changed in 100 years or more. (Hat tip to Doug Ross)

The Statement That Will Get Brown Fired from Chicago PD

Well, and Police Superintendent Brown will be the scapegoat for the horrible crime numbers in Chicago.

So Chicago had a bad weekend. After 110 Shot In Chicago, The Top Cop Blames Gangs, Guns, Drugs And ‘Not Enough Time Spent In Jail’. And actually, Brown doesn’t blame guns, which is why Chicago will fire him. Differences of opinion are NOT allowed!

During his news conference, Brown also rejected a notion popular with University of Chicago criminologists who work closely with the police department. He said the violence cannot be blamed on easy access to guns.

“I’m from Texas,” Brown said, noting that state’s high number of firearms. “Houston, San Antonio and Dallas have lower murder rates.”

The guns don’t exert mind control. They don’t act of their own accord. People have to pick them up and act, and those people are responsible. But that is not cannon in the City of Chicago.

For the complete weekend insanity, see HeyJackass! – Father’s Day Weekend.

What Happens When You Kick the Police Out of an Area?

Nothing good happens, that’s what. Captain Capitalism – “All the Cool, Intellectual Kids Hang Out in Uptown”.

Aside for the rare restaurant that I liked, Minneapolis’s “uptown” was a pretentious, arrogant place for trust fund kids to spend their money and party, yet still act like they were self-supporting intellectuals as they sup upon $7 lattes and attended art fairs.

Well, not so much anymore.

What does he mean? Well, all is not well in Uptown. Minneapolis shooting: 1 dead, 11 injured.

“Something needs to be done to protect us,” Hwang said. “Normally the bars on Saturday night, we all have off-duty police officers as extra security parked in front of our businesses. But no one has that right now because police are a liability for us.”

Well, you could hire other security, but that would probably mean more money for less security. Or the same money even, for less security. Either way, they had no security.

And so bad things happen. Is anyone shocked? The last Republican to by mayor of that city left office in 1961. Well, there was a guy who served for 1 day in 1973, but I don’t think he enacted too many reforms, since that day was New Year’s Eve.

Back to Captain C.

Whatever true intellectuals that existed in Minneapolis have long ago left for the burbs or warm tax free states and rarely-if-ever concern themselves about being “intellectuals” hanging out in the effete parts of major metros. And now you have the leftist eloi and their K-12-conditioned morlock creatures who are feeding upon them.

Fighting the Culture War

Some words, and maybe even words of wisdom. How to Fight the Woke…and Win.

As he says, we are in a culture war.

In a list of things, I usually have a favorite.

7. Starve the Woke while feeding your allies. Stop giving money or time to any Woke-supporting group. Stop supporting Woke universities or businesses. Stop watching Netflix and the NFL. Just stop.

Yes, I know, you have your favorite NFL team. What would they have to do, before you stop watching or stop cheering? If they defecate on the flag at halftime, are you still going to cheer for them? Because they aren’t far away from that now.

Stop using Google, or as much as possible. (Yes I still have a gmail email address, but I am using it for less and less.) Google is not the only search engine available, just the most annoying.

F*c*book and the rest are actively trying to destroy this country as we know it. The media are walking hand-in-hand with them, reporting on the “mostly peaceful” protest will standing in front of a building set ablaze by arsonists/rioters.

Anyway, it is not that long, so go read it for yourself.

PG & E Pleads Guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter

So who will be held accountable? No one. PG&E pleads guilty to 84 deaths in 2018 Camp Fire.

PG&E CEO Bill Johnson made the roughly 170-mile journey from the company’s San Francisco headquarters to a Butte County courthouse to plead guilty to 84 felony counts of involuntary manslaughter stemming from a November 2018 wildfire ignited by the utility’s crumbling electrical grid. The blaze nearly wiped out the entire town of Paradise and drove PG&E into bankruptcy early last year.

It’s all a sham, meant to “shame” the company. No one will be imprisoned. (Hat tip to Wirecutter.)

Life in a Cop-free Zone

Burglaries? Arson? Calling the cops is a sign of privilege, or something.

First up… Seattle man living in CHOP sounds alarms over safety: ‘We’re sitting ducks in here’.

“We are just sitting ducks all day,” Matthew Ploszaj told Seattle-based KIRO 7. “Now every criminal in the city knows they can come into this area, and they can do anything they want, as long as it isn’t life-threatening. And the police won’t come in to do anything about it.”

Ploszaj said he called 911 after witnessing a burglar break into his courtyard and steal a bike, the outlet reported. Then he said the dispatcher told him there was “nothing we can do” unless someone’s life is in danger.

Then there is arson. “Nobody showed up”: 911 calls bring no response after break in at auto shop near Capitol Hill protest zone.

They caught a guy who tried to burn down their business. They managed to put the fire out, but they are inside CHOP.

“At some point he tried to cut me with a box cutter,” Mason said. He pointed to a large rip on his jeans from where the knife cut just his pants.

McDermott said he kept trying to call 911

“I’m told 19 times,” he said. “They alluded they were sending someone… finally said they weren’t going to send somebody,” McDermott said.

“I don’t know what to expect next. If you can’t call the police department, you can’t call the fire department to respond, what do you have?” McDermott said.

Cops wouldn’t come. The mob descended and they had to let the guy go. Justice? What’s that? (Hat tip to Wirecutter.)

The people who live in CHAZ CHOP (when did they change the name?) didn’t get a vote on being in a cop-free zone. They just have to live with the conditions that prevail. Which is pretty much being left on your own. (see the quote from Hobbes’ The Leviathan after the break.) And CHOP does refer to the The Reign of Terror in France in 1793, in which 17,000 people were guillotined.

Continue reading

World War III?

Could be. China opens another front, steps up cyberattacks that target India: Intel.

China has opened another front against India with sustained DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks on Indian information websites and the country’s financial payments system. DDOS attacks are malicious attempts to overwhelm a network by flooding it with artificially created internet traffic. A variety of targets were zeroed in on, including government websites and the banking system including ATMs.

The 21st Century was supposed to be the Asian Century. I don’t think this is quite what people expected.

This is on top of the border clash. Fists, stones and clubs: China and India’s brutal high altitude, low-tech battle.

India and China’s militaries have some of the world’s most sophisticated modern weaponry, but their deadliest scrap in over 50 years was fought using fists, rocks wrapped in barbed wire and clubs studded with nails.

There is an understanding between the nuclear-armed neighbours that despite their decades-old failure to demarcate their huge border, their troops in the disputed and inhospitable region will not use firearms.

My guess is that agreement will last until someone gets a decided advantage in some part of the conflict, and then all bets will be off.

Democrat Candidate – “So What? Burn It To The Ground”

Scorched Earth? Dem Candidate On Looting: ‘So What? Burn It To The Ground If That’s What It Takes’.

A Democratic congressional candidate downplayed looting and arson during a digital campaign event on Tuesday.

Her campaign is, of course, saying that she was quoted out of context. In exactly what context would “burn it to the ground” be not an endorsement of arson? (Hat tip to Wirecutter.)

The Law Is Complicated, and Riots Are Bad for Business

Oh, and minority-owned firms have it worse on both counts. Business is picking up in Chicago, but for some minority-owned shops and restaurants, ‘it’s still not enough.’

First there was COVID-19, and Illinois and Chicago have been crazier than most about the lockdown. Then there was a loan program to help small businesses. And then there were riots. I’m expecting either an alien invasion, or Sweet Meteor of Death before the end of the month.

Let’s start with the law… Loans were made available for businesses impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns. But if you didn’t understand banking…

As of June 6, the SBA approved more than 4.5 million PPP loans worth $511 billion. In Illinois, there have been 186,337 PPP loans approved for more than $22 billion, according to Rob Scott, administrator for the SBA’s Great Lakes Region.

The SBA currently does not have data on the ethnic or racial demographics of borrowers. But getting information on PPP loans has been a challenge for some small-business owners of color, experts say.

Unnamed, anonymous “experts.” And in the age of the internet, getting information is “a challenge.” Okay.

To be forgiven the bulk of the loan needs to be spent on payroll. Not something a restaurant will always be able to do.

For nearly two weeks, Santoyo conducted her own research to see if her business qualified. Santoyo said there wasn’t enough outreach in Latino communities, and the language barrier kept some of her friends in the business community from applying.

I’m shocked to discover that not speaking English in a predominately English-speaking country is a disadvantage. If only there was some way to learn a foreign language! OK, not really shocked.

So how many “community organizing” groups call Chicago home? Jesse Jackson is there, but for all his “rainbow” talk, I doubt he has much outreach in the Latino community. So, do none of the community organizers have contacts in banking? Do any of the community organizers have outreach to restaurant owners? It looks like the answer to both questions is, “Hell no!” (Maybe someone can tell me what they actually do someday.)

Then there are the riots.

Gomez was getting ready to open for outdoor dining after months of relying on sales from carryout orders when widespread unrest hit the city over the death of George Floyd, a black man killed last month at the hands of Minneapolis police. Several businesses on the South and West Side were hit by looting. The response scared a lot of diners, and Gomez closed early three days, causing sales to drop to 10% of normal pandemic levels.

As I said before, I’m also shocked to discover that rioting is bad for the businesses in the affected neighborhoods, or in the city as a whole. Okay, I’m not that shocked about this either.

But it is really all the fault of the EEEEEVIL bankers. Banks “apparently” helped their established customers first. The horror! (“Hey Fred, this is Tom at First Evil Bank of Chicago. Have you seen the stuff about this new COVID loan program? I think you might qualify.”) That should be a capital offense. Pun intended.

“By having large financial institutions distribute these loans, you are placing these businesses at a disadvantage,” [Ashley Harrington, a federal advocacy director for the Center for Responsible Lending, a Durham, North Carolina-based nonprofit that advocates for fair and inclusive lending] said.

Most business owners of color typically don’t have a prior relationship with a larger bank, she said. Owners had a lot of questions and didn’t know what documents they needed to receive a loan, which held them back as banks were swamped with applications, Harrington said.

Repeat the two questions about community organizers and bankers and restaurateurs here. You get the same answer.

Let me take a guess that Ashley Harrington is the one of (the only?) expert cited above in the anonymous section. And in a story about Chicago restaurants, is the best source you can find in North Carolina? Okay then.