Border Camps in Hungary

Someone is doing something about illegal immigration. It just isn’t us. Hungary to detain all migrants in border camps, despite UN warnings of ‘terrible physical and psychological impact’</p

>Prime Minister Viktor Orban sought to justify the move, saying Hungary had to act to defend itself and describing the influx of migrants – many of them fleeing conflict in the Middle East and Africa – as a “Trojan horse for terrorism”.

Mr Orban’s chief of staff said last month that Hungary planned two or three camps along its southern border, where migrants will be kept while their applications for asylum are processed.

The UN is already screaming.

European Hand-wringing Over Trump and the State of European Defense

Zeit is in many ways an annoying organization, but it is one of the few German publications/media companies that translates some of their stuff into English. And even though they are annoying, it is still worth reading some of what they have to say. Transatlantic relations: Yankee Goes Home | ZEIT ONLINE

Europe has benefited from the relationship with America, mostly – though not completely – through our defense of them during the Cold War. At first there was no choice, but later, it was more habit. That, and they found it nice to let us pay for the defense while they spent their money on more profitable things.

Behind all Trump’s attacks against NATO, the European Union and free trade lurks the suspicion that for a long time the United States profited less from these arrangements than the freeloaders on the other side of the ocean.

And unfortunately there’s something to that. It’s been clear to European governments for some time that they have to spend more on defense.

The NATO Alliance calls on member states to spend a minimum of 2 percent of their GDP on defense. Germany – probably the strongest European country economically speaking – spends about 1.2 percent. Less, proportionally, than Albania. The result isn’t hard to predict: A military that could not defend its country if called upon to do so. Germany forced to resort to run-down and outdated military that experts say couldn’t win World War I let alone a modern war

He cites many examples, including the Saxony-based 371st tank battalion – a so-called “spearhead” unit of Nato’s Response Force.

In recent years it has had to beg and borrow 15,000 pieces of equipment from 56 other army units just to stay up to speed.

Meanwhile the 345th artillery training battalion is officially supposed to have 24 armoured artillery vehicles at its disposal.

But the reality is it has just seven, and all are on standby for Nato, meaning the unit has not carried out a single training exercise for three years.

A build up won’t happen overnight, especially not with Angela Merkel’s government still in power. They are hoping this issue goes away, and that America could just go back to footing the bill. No questions asked.

Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in The Netherlands

It seems that there is actually some chance that Marine Le Pen will win the May election in France. Marine Le Pen: Blind Spot | ZEIT ONLINE

Like Brexit and the election of Trump, the election of Le Pen would upset the ruling classes in Europe.

Marine Le Pen has left no doubts about her goals. “It is time to do away the E.U.,” she reiterated only a few days ago. People close to her stress that the project with the highest priority during the first months of her presidency will be France’s exit from the euro.

She is leading the poll and looks to win the 1st round, but the way French elections work, the 2 front-runners face off in 2nd round. (That’s where it becomes harder for her.)

Meanwhile in The Netherlands, the Dutch are staging their own political upheaval… Geert Wilders Rides Populism Wave

Mr Wilders has been a long-time critic of the influence of Islam on culture in Holland, and he wants to put an end to it. And get out of the EU.

Currently, Wilders is in a neck-and-neck race with Prime Minister Mark Rutte for first place. Should the anti-EU, anti-Islam, xenophobic populist emerge as the strongest political power, it would be nothing short of a political earthquake — the third after Brexit in Britain and the election of Donald Trump in the United States.

It will be interesting to see what happens in Europe in the next few months.

Oh, and Greece is still trying to work out details for another bailout. (Maybe they will decide to get out of the Euro as well.

Moms Demand: They Keep Asking for the Same Old Thing.

Despite the fact that Zimmerman was acquitted, and the extreme left Obama DOJ couldn’t find an excuse to charge him under federal law, they still call him a vigilante. Moms Demand: Honor Memory of Trayvon Martin by Demanding Gun Control – Breitbart

Just to be clear, a vigilante is someone who takes the law into his own hands. It is illegal to do that. It is NOT illegal to defend yourself.

Anyway what can you say about an organization that continues to do the same thing, but expects a different outcome? (definition. insanity.)

Russia’s New Cruise Missile

So the Russians under Vladimir Putin have just deployed a new cruise missile, which is bad, because it violates an end-of-the-Cold-War arms treaty. Russia secretly deploys cruise missile, violating arms treaty

But they didn’t develop this missile in the last month. It has been in testing since 2014. And unless there is something wrong with my math, Obama was president during most of the time since 2014 to today. But the press seems to think that this is something Trump let happen.

You could make the argument that since the system hadn’t been deployed, it was not in violation of the agreement, but that is probably a bit short-sighted.

The US concluded in 2014 that Russia had violated the 1987 treaty banning ground-launched intermediate-range missiles by testing the experimental new cruise missile, Reuters reported.

So what did the Obama Administration do in the face of this treaty violation? The same thing the Obama Administration did when Russia invaded the Crimean Peninsula, which was nothing. (The same thing they did when Syria crossed the “red line in the sand” and used chemical weapons, which was also nothing. I’m sure there are other examples.)

I don’t particularly like Trump, but blaming this situation on him is a bit disingenuous, even for the mainstream media.

A Real Look at Populism in Europe – Not the Caricatures Painted by the Left

Populism in Europe didn’t start with Brexit, or end there. And what it is really, is the people of Europe becoming less enthralled by the political establishment. (Sounds kind of familiar somehow.) European mix of hope and despair transcends populism

First the definition of populism.

Populism is a term that anti-­populists use to describe people they don’t like. I have not yet come across a card-carrying populist. Populism is not a form of self-­designation and people do not knowingly refer to themselves as populist. Hungary is often described as the centre of European populism. When I ask people in Budapest about their populism, they look bemused. One history undergraduate student explains to me that when “you guys in the West call us populist, what you ­really mean is that we are a bunch of provincial hicks”.

The folks of Europe are getting tired with the political establishment, from France, to The Netherlands, they are “kicking the establishment in the face.”

The first sign of revolt against the old order was the rejection of the proposed EU constitution by the French and Dutch electorates in June 2005. Since then the authority of the EU has further diminished and many western ­European parties of government are fighting for their survival.

And is isn’t a bunch of wild-eyed folks rejecting the establishment.

The Dutch Eurosceptic activists and their supporters bore no resemblance to the media caricature of the illiterate racist populist who despises all things foreign. Like their Italian peers in the Five Star Movement they are young, idealistic and looking for a new way of doing politics.

The established media in Europe as in the US is in bed with the political establishment. They don’t want to see the establishment overturned, because it impacts them as well as the people they “report” on. (Mostly it seems like reporters are just publishing talking points of the folks they like, and ignoring opposing points of view.)

News Flash: Trump’s Immigration Policies Look More Like Bush’s than Obama’s

OK, exactly how does this qualify as shocking, they way it is being portrayed in the media? Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states

Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a pro-immigrant advocacy group, said that the wave of detentions harks back to the George W. Bush administration, when workplace raids to sweep up all undocumented workers were common.

So in other words, after the hiatus in law enforcement that was characterized by the Obama administration, it is more-or-less business as usual.

And if you are in this country in violation of immigration laws, you are not “law abiding;” you are breaking at least one law, and probably a slew of immigration laws.