Insurance Doesn’t Mean That You Have Health Care

If you can’t see a doctor, do you have health care? In the United Kingdom, the government pays for virtually all health care. It just isn’t always the best health care. Two in five GPs in England intend to quit within five years – survey

Now the Guardian can be a bit sensational, but they didn’t run the survey. General Practitioners in the UK are not a happy bunch. They are overseen by a bunch of .gov bean counters, they are overworked and spend a lot of time filling in forms.

Two out of every five GPs intend to quit within the next five years – the largest proportion on record, government-funded research shows.

A survey of 2,195 GPs in England undertaken in late 2017 found that 39% were likely to leave “direct patient care” by 2022. That compares to 19.4% in 2005 and 35.3% in 2015

It would be interesting to know of the GPs in those previous surveys quit when they said they would.

I know in the past, UK’s National Health Service has had trouble filling positions, both in general practice and in Accident and Emergency Wards. (There was a doctors’ strike in 2016.) The number of foreign-language workers (from doctors to nurses to cleaners) has caused problems. If you are smart enough to be a doctor, then you are probably smart enough to realize you don’t want to work for one of the largest .gov bureaucracies in the world.

Failings of the NHS can be found on this blog, and in the archives blog.


I Can’t Wait Until We Have Socialized Medicine Like Canada

Because it sounds so great. Paramedics held hostage by hospitals: 37,000 hours spent waiting to transfer patients to ER | Ottawa Citizen

If an ambulance arrives at an Emergency Room, and the staff is overwhelmed, the ambulance crew have to continue to care for the injured party. And since there is a shortage of nurses and hospital beds in Ottawa, that can take a while.

Ottawa paramedics collectively spent more than 37,000 hours last year waiting to be released from various emergency rooms. That’s the equivalent to more than 1,500 days. The number is also up from 27,445 hours spent waiting in 2014.

That’s in 1 city. 1,500 days of ambulance/EMS worker time.

When there’s no nurse or bed available at hospitals, paramedics are left to take care of the patients they’ve picked up. “That’s not our responsibility,” Di Monte said. “What about the 65-year-old lady that slipped in her home and fractured her hip? She’s now waiting.”

Or the business exec who is having a heart attack…. He may be dying. In Ottawa’s case, it may be a government bureaucrat who is dying. (No tax-collector jokes, please.)

Various parts of the .gov are pointing fingers at each other. The Canadian federal .gov is helping out because apparently Ottawa (Canada’s Capital City) can’t manage to build or staff enough hospitals without help from the rest of the country. (One hospital was near 120% of capacity on several occasions, while 2 more were near 100%.

So why not build more to meet demand? More hospitals, or expand existing? Because the .gov has to decide! The Market cannot be allowed in this sensitive area of your life!

Death By Socialized Medicine (Not the Case You are Thinking of)

Do you think anyone will be held accountable? Of course not. Staff’s poor English on ward where patient died after drinking cleaning fluid | Daily Mail Online

Deadly cleaning solution was put into her water bottle. No one knows by who.

Police have interviewed 100 medical and cleaning staff to ascertain if a crime has been committed. Officers know who gave her the jug, but said last week they had no plans to charge anyone. A jury will determine what happened at a full inquest later in the year – but further details emerged during a preliminary hearing at Brighton Coroner’s court.

Because level of service means nothing in the socialized world of the NHS. And you can’t fight city hall – or in this case the UK government.

Part of the problem is that folks from the UK no longer want to work in medicine. After a generation (or more) of government control, it just isn’t worth it. As a result, very few people at the hospital in question speak English. The coroner speculates that might have something to do with what happened, and since no one can explain how it happened, she is worried that it might happen again. (Hat tip to Moonbattery.)

Ace of Spades’ Roundup

I usually only feel this way on Monday, but the photo is from Ace, not me. Ace of Spades HQ: Weird News Dump.

Several stories of interest, but anything and everything about socialized medicine, and any comment on the place where Great Britain used to be is interesting to me.

Europe is too f*cking dumb to survive.

NHS to pay out a million pounds because they didn’t tell some refugee family that human infants need to eat.

There is so much more in the weird news.

Socialized Medicine – Failing to Deliver Cancer Treatment in the UK

The Left loves to tell everyone what the benefits of socialized medicine are. The downside (like rationing via wait-times) is ignored. Thousands of Scots wait over target time for NHS cancer treatment – The Scotsman

The goal is to have 95 per cent of all people urgently referred starting treatment within 62 days. That target has not been achieved for the past five years.

The study tracked 10 different kinds of cancer, and none of them met the goal of a 62 day wait time.

It is hard to figure out what the underlying cause is, but it seems to be a lack of facilities to perform diagnostics as much as anything. Some information is behind paywalls and some of it may just be lack of specificity in the report exposing the problems.

Two months seems like a long time to wait for cancer treatment, especially if it is an aggressive form of the disease. It is hard to determine what the wait times are in the US. (Most of the data I found relates to surgery, not “start of treatment” – some surgery will follow a round of chemotherapy.) I do know that in the not too distant past, it was common for Canadians to have some surgery in Florida because the wait times up north were too long.

UK Government ministers are doing what politicians in every county do. Trying to spin the narrative to make the politicians look better.

Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Tuberculosis is making a big-time comeback. ‘We’re Losing the Fight’: Tuberculosis Batters a Venezuela in Crisis – The New York Times

His family thought he just had a bad cold, nothing serious.

But Victor Martínez kept getting worse. By mid-January, he lay in a hospital ward, wasting away from tuberculosis. A month later, at his wake, stunned relatives tried to reckon with the resurgence of a disease that many Venezuelans thought had been mostly confined to the history books.

A Century of medical advances wiped out, because the government knows best. Or at least they think they do.

Is Socialized Medicine Stuck in the Past?

Because people don’t have a choice, why should they do anything differently? Million patients a year needlessly enduring major surgery as NHS hospitals are not adopting modern practices, research finds

A million patients a year could be needlessly enduring major surgery because NHS hospitals are not adopting modern practices, research has found.

Up to three quarters of patients who could have keyhole procedures are forced to undergo open surgery, putting them at higher risk of blood loss, pain and infection.

The adoption of new methods would seem to be a result of competition. Because without an outside force, or without patients who have the ability to choose, doctors and hospitals will keep doing things the traditional ways. An then there are the bureaucrats who need to approve the purchase of new equipment for the new procedures. Even when it is clear that the new ways of doing things (keyhole surgery) are a huge benefit to the patients.

But experts raised concerns hospitals were failing to offer keyhole surgery to patients because of a combination of cost pressures, a lack of trained surgeons and a reluctance to change, with traditional surgeons “set in their ways”.