He – Literally – Shot Himself in the Foot

Two storied of stupid criminals. The first one is a runner up for the Darwin Award. Burglar Caught Napping | New Haven Independent

At 2:13 a.m. the police went to an Ellsworth Avenue apartment where a 54-year-old man said he’d shot himself after striking a shotgun shell with a hammer. He went to the hospital, where he told Detective Daniel Conklin that “he’d been paranoid after smoking crack cocaine, retrieved the weapon, and that while walking with it, shot himself.”

He is a convicted felon, so possession of a firearm is illegal. And a sawed-off shotgun is illegal on its own (unless you jump through a bunch of hoops and get it legal under the National Firearms Act).

The 2nd guy isn’t much better, but at least he didn’t shoot himself.

Police went to the scene of a reported break-in on Eastern Street — and found the alleged burglar, a 27-year-old Ansonia man, asleep on the living-room sofa.

He had some story about a woman letting him in, but the homeowner had watched him break into the home on a surveillance system that connected to her smartphone. Think about that – he broke in, and decided the logical thing to do was to take a nap.

Criminals aren’t usually the sharpest tools in the shed, but these two are amazing in their insanity.


There are so many things wrong with this story it is giving me a headache

Well, that’s not true, I already had a headache, but this is just insane. Man escapes hours-long standoff to shop at Walmart, killed by police after returning home | abc11.com

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

So police have a guy “surrounded” in his house following a “domestic situation.” Except they didn’t have him surrounded.

A western Indiana shooting suspect involved in a two-day standoff slipped away undetected from a home surrounded by police and went shopping

Because apparently what you need after a 2-day standoff with police is a quick trip to Walmart. (He didn’t buy ammunition.)

Then he goes back to the area where all the cops are, and he gets fatally shot.

What kind of Keystone Cops have a building surrounded, but can’t manage to keep the object of their wrath from escaping? Was he Houdini? Somehow I doubt it. Was it just “mostly surrounded?” Who knows.

Walmart also gives me a headache, but at 3AM you don’t have a lot of choices of where to go shopping.

Then why go back to where all the cops are hoping to shoot you?

It’s too early for April Fools, and too late for The Feast of Fools…

The police chief is taking steps to ensure he doesn’t look like the head Keystone Cop in the future. That is, making sure no one escapes from a standoff.

Go to the Cops to Make a Complaint About Harassment, Get Harassed

Do they say, “Only in the UK?” They probably need to start. Cop ‘kissed and groped’ domestic abuse victim and ‘messaged three others’ while he was assisting them with their complaints – Mirror Online

Ihsan Ali, 40, used his work mobile phone to message four women who he had been assisting in their complaints to police, a jury was told.

Ali exchanged hundreds of texts with the women and even went to one of their houses to exchange kisses, Preston Crown Court heard.

In that place where Great Britain used to be.

He REALLY Picked the Wrong House

He broke into a cop’s house, while the cop was home with his family. Can I have 2 posts titled, “He suffered a failure of the victim selection process” in a row? Cop justified in shooting man who broke into his home, authorities find | NJ.com

So the cop and his wife wake up to the noise of a break-in. He goes downstairs to investigate, and she calls 911. He encounters the burglar in the dining room. When the officer identifies himself, by screaming, “Stop! Police!” the miscreant runs for the front door. The problem with that is he is also headed for the staircase that leads to the 2nd floor, where the cop’s wife and child are.

Things didn’t end-well for the would-be bad-guy. He is in a local hospital, with a gunshot wound to the chest. All over a video-game system, an iPad and a few other things.

The cop (who was never identified) was authorized as both a cop, and as a private citizen, to defend himself, and his family.

“The off-duty officer was authorized to use deadly force as a police officer who was making an arrest for a burglary of a dwelling and reasonably believed that deadly force was immediately necessary to protect himself or his wife/child from imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm,” the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office said. “Additionally, the off-duty officer was authorized to use deadly force as a private citizen who encountered a burglar within his home.”

That is even in New Jersey, self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

“Y’all picked the wrong one.”

They suffered a breakdown of the victim-selection process. Watch Security Guard Shoot Two Thieves Point Blank [VIDEO]

These geniuses tried to rob a 7-Eleven with armed security. It didn’t work out the way they had planned it. They also had fake, but realistic-looking guns. When they told the guard that (after he shot both of them) he said that his was real.

There is video at the link above.

This Guy Should Have Learned Crime Doesn’t Pay

But he didn’t get that memo. Cleveland man killed in home invasion was released from prison three days earlier

Love was released from prison after serving a 21-month sentence for being part of a group that robbed two people at gunpoint in Cleveland in one day in December 2015.

He was on probation. For three days he was on probation and he goes right back to crime.

21 months for armed robbery? That doesn’t seem right. What he didn’t learn from that crime, he didn’t have the chance to learn from this one.

Cornelius Love was shot and killed by a homeowner during a home-invasion robbery on Wednesday.

This Guy Was a Slow Learner

He got lucky a few weeks ago, but his luck ran out. Robber killed by citizen shooter was shot at weeks earlier

The guy who got shot and killed while threatening a man’s children was shot at weeks ago during another robbery.

Around 8:30 p.m. on a Tuesday two weeks prior, Manion said, he was at a Dollar General on W.W. White Road “and stopped a robbery by firing at the very same guy.”

Manion missed. A San Antonio Police Department spokesman, Officer Doug Greene, confirmed that detectives believe the suspect who fled the Dollar General that night was Andres Herrera, 19, who was killed a week later at Popeyes.

This is a perfect example of a very old saying. Live by the sword; die by the sword. The near miss a couple of weeks ago could have (should have?) been a wake-up call. Some people just can’t take a hint.

The original story is at this link.