Whoever Mailed the Threatening Letter to Smollett…

They made a serious mistake. Smollett threat letter called “enormous mistake”; Purported attack location identified; Federal charges “certain”.

Since being created by Benjamin Franklin—yes, that Benjamin Franklin—the [United States Postal Inspection Service] has learned a few things about tracing mail-based crimes. Figuring out who mailed a letter has been made easier because, while most criminals know to wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, most criminals also forget to leave their cellphones at home when they go to the mailbox.

According to CWBChicago [Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown] there has already been stuff taken to a federal grand jury. The letter was mailed on January 18th.

Meanwhile, the FBI and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service has been quietly working on the origins of Smollett’s letter for nearly a month. Giving it far more “attention” than he knew.

Late Monday, CWBChicago received confirmation that the letter case has been before a federal grand jury and multiple subpoenas have been generated over the course of the investigation.

Possible charges, if it turns out to be a false flag, include “terroristic hoax” and federal obstruction charges.


And Just Like That, The Smollett Story Begins to Unravel

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. Smollett, two others in “active interviews” with Chicago police; Evidence of police “slow play” emerging.

That story about 2 MAGA-hat-wearing Hillbillies in Streeterville (perhaps the most expensive neighborhood, in one of the Bluest cities in American) never rang true. (Even before the cops said they couldn’t find them on any security camera.) Streeterville is the very definition of the Limousine Liberal Set.

The two “persons of interest” that have been talked about turn out to be African American and known to Smollett. One is an actor he has worked with in the past.

TMZ also reported that police used “rideshare and/or taxicab records” to identify the “persons of interest” and to track their movements on the night of the purported attack.

And if “rideshare” records from Lyft weren’t enough, there is apparently a receipt for the purchase of clothesline at ACE Hardware. (The “rope” in question, apparently.) What? Nobody who is cool uses CASH!

Nothing says “Bonehead” like leaving an electronic trail behind you while on your super-secret, covert operation to discredit people you don’t like.

Smollett this week turned over “heavily redacted” phone records from the night of the alleged attack. Guglielmi said the submitted documents did not meet the burden of a criminal investigation. Investigators already received Smollett’s complete phone records via a subpoena served on his service provider, according to a source close quoted by CWBChicago on Feb. 4.

A source familiar with the records provided by the Empire star states that Smollett downloaded his phone activity into a spreadsheet and then deleted certain phone calls before handing over the records. “He did the [detectives’] job for them because then they only had to focus on the numbers he deleted.”

That last sentence makes me smile. In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”

In other news, Smollett hired the PR firm that handled stuff for Harvey Weinstein. Info on the PR firm being hired via Second City Cop – Paging Mr. Weinstein , and Second City Cop’s original take on the situation is at this link.

There should be a nice hot cup of Schadenfreude ready soon, with a hint of liberal tears added for sweetness.

Crime Doesn’t Pay

How do you get that message across? Conway teen’s robbery attempt netted him $20, 6 gunshots and a prison sentence.

He would have made more in 1 shift working at a fast food restaurant, and it wouldn’t have cost him any prison time.

Seth Oskin, the assistant solicitor who prosecuted the case, said: ““(Collier) robbed the victim of $20 at gunpoint, demanded more money and when he did not receive it, fired the gun into the victim’s vehicle door. The victim returned gunfire and shot Collier six times.”

He was sentenced to 11 years in prison, of which he must serve 85% before he will be eligible for parole.

No MAGA Hats in Streeterville

The real story from Second City Cop on the Jussie Smollett attack: “Making Gains” or not.

Well, that’s just bullshit. Would you like to know what detectives are telling us?

  • It never happened. CPD is wasting hundreds of man hours to solve a Grindr date gone bad. The “victim” is refusing all forms of cooperation, his “ear witness” isn’t cooperating, the Hollywood press is running with a non-existent narrative. The “persons of interest” are all but unidentifiable and left the area 20 minutes before the “attack,” not to mention the anonymous witness who saw a “hillbilly looking” character that not a single camera in a one mile radius has a picture of.

And that’s just from a couple of people working the case.

Streeterville is one of the most expensive areas in Chicago.

Home to some of the Downtown area’s most iconic landmarks, Streeterville offers a quiet respite from the bustle of the Loop without compromising convenience or character. Luxury high-rise buildings, major destinations like Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile, and Museum of Contemporary Art, make Streeterville one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city– especially for those with an affinity for views of Lake Michigan and Chicago’s characteristic skyline.

If you have ever visited Chicago, you will probably spend at least 1 evening in Streeterville. You might go shopping at Water Tower Place, or visit Navy Pier, or one of the many restaurants, or bars.

Florida Man Strikes Again

Peak Florida. At least for today.Barefoot Bay man who shot FPL solar farm arrested again for setting house on fire.

Set fire to his home (manufactured home) and shot some bullets into it. Neighbors said it appeared he was on drugs.

Raglan was also arrested in March for shooting at the FPL solar farm in Barefoot Bay. Officials say Raglan was seen shooting up the FPL sign 38 times. He then returned later and was seen shooting the security cameras and a nearby light. Authorities report $10,000 in damages in the FPL incident.

Maybe it’s something in the water.

If You’re Going to Break Into Homes, You Shouldn’t Take a Nap on the Couch

Just sayin’. Talmage homeowner shoots suspected burglar after assault with book.

A Talmage resident shot a suspected burglar early Wednesday morning after returning home from work to find his windows broken and front door open, possessions strewn about his yard, and a man he didn’t know asleep on his living room couch.

The sleeping bandit hit the guy with a large book, and ended up being shot several times with a “small caliber” handgun. The would-be bad-guy was taken to a local hospital, and then to the county jail.

Self-defense is a human-right. Even in the People’s Republic of California.

He Literally Shot Himself in the Foot

Though he had a little help. Police: Columbus man shoots himself in the foot after allegedly assaulting employee.

The store clerk told police that Curtis Thompson, 51, became upset with an employee and punched him two times. Thompson allegedly reached into his waistband to retrieve a handgun when a store employee tried to stop him from getting the weapon.

Thompson fired one shot, which struck him in his own foot.

Cops took him to the hospital and then to lockup.

In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon.”