A Shotgun Blast to the Torso Will Ruin Your Day

He entered a home and refused to leave, even after one of the residents got a shotgun. Intruder killed in Wyoming home invasion

The woman’s boyfriend attempted to get the intruder to leave peacefully.

When the intruder refused, the homeowner armed himself with a shotgun.

The intruder again refused to leave the home. “The male resident felt threatened after exhausting efforts to talk the man into leaving the residence,” police stated in the press release.

The man shot the intruder once in the chest.

That’s just plain crazy. If you get shot with a handgun, or rifle, there is at least a chance you will survive. You get hit square on with a shotgun blast – with bird or buckshot – it is likely you are done.

Armed Homeowner Stops What I Can Only Call a Career Criminal.

It has been a bad year for this guy. Burglar shot by homeowner sent to prison | WNCN

He got arrested after he got shot by a homeowner who found him in the home stealing stuff. When the police caught up to him, he had loot from another burglary in his vehicle. He was sentenced on both burglaries.

But here is the thing…

He was out on bail for previous aggravated burglary. AND…

He has six prior convictions for aggravated burglary and burglary.

His parole sentence and the sentence for both new crimes will run consecutively. It all ads up to more than 20 years in prison.

I want to say that I am surprised he was not in jail, but I’m not. Not really. Not given the state of our criminal justice system.

Homeowner Shoots at Clowns. He Missed

I’m a bit surprised that he didn’t shoot them. Police: Clowns flee after homeowner fires warning shot

On my land. Not leaving when told. Wearing masks. “Advancing” toward my house.

Mozambique drills. (I’m just sayin’)

Texans are heavily armed. Running around “scaring people” is a good way to nominate yourself for the Darwin Award.

Cop Shoots & Kills Bad Guy: No National Outcry

No riots. No nothing. Sheriff’s office identifies man fatally shot by deputy outside Little Rock

In a news release, Capt. Carl Minden, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said White was holding a 20-gauge shotgun when he was shot. The unnamed deputy shot him twice in the upper torso.

The was wandering around a neighborhood with a gun, scaring the good citizens. He was shot on the porch of a house of people unknown to him.

He was not a good guy in the sense that he had been threatening his ex-wife earlier in the year, and had been arrested for “first-degree terroristic threatening” in April.

Don’t Expect to See This Story Plastered on Cable News 24/7

When a cop gets shot, it just isn’t as interesting. Chicago police officer shot in Little Village | abc7chicago.com

They thought they saw a weapon, so they approached the group. One of the people standing around took off running and the cops gave chase.

The officers were giving chase when the suspect turned around and fired.

In a feat of superhuman restraint, this guy’s partner shot the miscreant with a Taser. (He is now in custody.) Somewhere along the line that partner got stabbed. (No word on how seriously.)

So where are the pundits and politicians? A cop gets shot and it isn’t news? The restraint shown isn’t worthy of praise?

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

This guy could have gone his own way, but he had to attack the guy with the gun. MPD: Customer shoots, kills man after being attacked at Mandeville gas station

He made a purchase, and then he started calling the clerk names. (Racial slurs is the term the media are using.) He left came back, and was throwing potato chips at the clerk. The clerk threatened to call police, and a customer, who was open-carrying, told the guy he should leave. As he was leaving, that customer was getting his license plate number. So of course, he decides to fight with the guy who has a visible gun on his hip.

The customer retreated into a corner of the store while he was being attacked. Officials said with nowhere left to retreat, he shot Breland once. Breland did not stop attacking the customer, who fired another two rounds until Breland fell to the ground, the Police Department said.

Drugs or just bad judgement? The autopsy will tell.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Ex-con  sentenced to 15 years for gun photo

Not acting in his own best interests. Ex-con posts gun photo to Facebook, gets another 15 years

There is so such a thing as oversharing, just ask Malik First Born Allah Farrad (formerly Marvin Buckles). He was convicted of federal gun and drug charges in 2000. In 2013, the FBI began investigating him over suspicions of “illicit conduct” and subsequently began looking through his social media accounts. That’s when the feds found a picture of three handguns arrayed upon his apartment’s toilet, they also discovered the selfie above. Farrad had unfortunately forgotten that felons are not allowed to possess firearms of any kind.

The really amazing thing about this story is that he was prosecuted under federal gun laws.

What isn’t so surprising is that he thought his “social media accounts” were private.

Chief U.S. District Judge Tom Varlan convicted him on the single charge of being a felon in possession of a gun, sentencing him to 188 months. And that’s why you should never post anything on the internet. Like, ever.[my emphasis]