Attempted Robbery At a Cop’s Retirement Party

Stupid criminals doesn’t even begin to cover it. Baltimore men accused of robbing bar during police retirement party |

The Baltimore Sun reports the men allegedly demanded cash from the register at a Woodlawn bar Tuesday evening while a group of officers gathered for a longtime sergeant’s retirement. The officers chased and arrested them.

The owner of the bar said that robberies were unusual because there is a precinct across the street from the bar.

These 2 are definitely not the sharpest tools in the shed.


Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

Except for leaving the 9mm pistol in his car, I’d say that the homeowner did everything right. The bad guys seem to have done everything wrong. Deputies: burglar shot by homeowner Sunday morning

They were robbing vehicles when a loud sound woke the homeowners. The husband armed himself with a rifle and investigated.

The suspects were confronted by the homeowner, who was armed with an AK-47, and began to flee to their vehicle. During this time, a suspect, later identified as Tristen Wilson, 19, of Panama City Beach, turned toward the homeowner in a manner that made him fear he was about to be shot and the homeowner began to fire his rifle.

Cops caught up with the 3 shortly thereafter. When one of the geniuses was getting out of the car, he dropped a bag of marijuana. One of the 3 had been shot in the leg, though it doesn’t say if that was by the homeowner, or if that is what the “loud noise” was that woke the homeowners.

They found one gun in the vehicle, and the homeowner’s gun was found nearby.

All 3 are charged “with grand theft of a firearm, two counts of burglary of a dwelling, structure or conveyance, obstructing justice/tampering in felony 1st degree proceeding.” The one guy is also charged with possession of marijuana.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Stupid Criminal – Shoots Himself after robbing convenience store

Sometimes there is justice in this world. 18-year-old shoots himself after robbing convenience store, CMPD says | WSOC-TV

He robs a convenience store, and gets away with a bag of cash. But shortly after leaving the store he shoots himself. A witness reported seeing him “limp away.”

Patterson went to the hospital claiming he was the victim of a robbery and shooting, but police said he still had the bag of money stolen from this store with him.

He is out of the hospital and in the jail charged with several things including robbery.

In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon.”

Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed

So this guy goes to commit a crime with shoes that have his name written on the sole. And he loses one at the scene of the crime. Suspect leaves shoes with name on it at scene of break-in after being shot | WLOS

So he breaks into an occupied home and finds (you guessed it) an armed homeowner. He gets shot in the leg and jumps out the window he broke in through. In the process, he loses one shoe. At the hospital, he claims he shot himself.

Lewis was charged after deputies found a shoe at the scene with “Jon Lewis” written on the bottom.

He Got Shot Twice During an Attempted Break-in, But Pleaded “Not Guilty”

I think he will face an up-hill battle to prove that contention. Man shot attempting to break into Dayton home pleads not guilty

He is facing an aggravated burglary charge. And surprise, he is well known to the cops.

“He’s got a pretty lengthy criminal history,” said Sgt. Matt Beavers of the Dayton Police Department.

Police were dispatched to the home around 4:40 a.m.

“When crews arrived on the scene, the individual that was shot was found on the porch laying there unconscious,” Beavers said.

After being treated in a local hospital, he has been transferred to the county jail.

If you are going to break into homes, you should probably avoid homes of police officers

Especially if they are home when you try to break in. MANVILLE: Local man shot by off-duty cop during attempted home robbery.

Details on what happened next are currently under investigation, but officials said Cook was quickly engaged in a physical altercation with the homeowner, who happened to be an off-duty police officer.

During the ensuing struggle, police said the officer shot Cook in the chest.

The officer then proceeded to save the would-be bad-guy’s life. He was taken to a local hospital and is in critical condition.

The wounded guy is a suspect in several burglaries in the area. He will be charged accordingly.

Self-defense is a human-right. In New Jersey, they may try to deny that, but I doubt anyone is going to fault the officer in this case.

A Shotgun Blast to the Torso Will Ruin Your Day

He entered a home and refused to leave, even after one of the residents got a shotgun. Intruder killed in Wyoming home invasion

The woman’s boyfriend attempted to get the intruder to leave peacefully.

When the intruder refused, the homeowner armed himself with a shotgun.

The intruder again refused to leave the home. “The male resident felt threatened after exhausting efforts to talk the man into leaving the residence,” police stated in the press release.

The man shot the intruder once in the chest.

That’s just plain crazy. If you get shot with a handgun, or rifle, there is at least a chance you will survive. You get hit square on with a shotgun blast – with bird or buckshot – it is likely you are done.