“The working hypothesis is terrorism”

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Gee, you think? Attacker shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ after beheading teacher in Paris

A knife-wielding teen beheaded a middle-school teacher on a street in Paris on Friday — after the educator showed students cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammad in the nude, according to reports.

Immediately after the beheading, the attacker claimed responsibility and posted an image of his victim’s severed head on Twitter, a police source told NBC News. The grisly image was removed by the social-media site.

The attacker then confronted responding cops with an air-gun rifle — and shouted “Allahu Akbar,”

Because you are not allowed to think non-approved thoughts, see non-approved art, speak non-approved words. It is the same with both Islamists and Antifa.

The French President Emmanuel Macron, is saying some interesting things. We’ll see if he means them. Macron speaks of ‘existential’ fight against terrorism after teacher killed in France


Jihad in Germany

Are we surprised? Knife Jihad in Stolberg

Yesterday, [Monday] in the German town of Stolberg, a young man was pulled from his car and stabbed by an unknown assailant who shouted “Allahu Akhbar!”

Police are baffled as to a motive, and are looking into it. Driver stabbed in German town, police probe motive. They aren’t “ruling out” terrorism, so that might be progress.

Because they don’t want to be called the “R” word, and I don’t mean Republican.

September 11th

I doubt the media will devote much time to the date. There are wild fires in California. Which lets them scream, “Climate Change!” Pay no attention to the 100 years of bad forest management. And then there is the whole Orange Man Bad insanity that they are stuck on, and the Mostly Peaceful arson and riots which are still going on.

But this is one of those days that we should not forget. Ever. The World Trade Center. The Pentagon. The heroes of United Airlines Flight 93.

The rest is Shamelessly stolen from myself. It is about a memorial to victims of the World Trade Center attacks that you probably haven’t heard of.

teardropOfficially it is To the Struggle Against World Terrorism, (In Russian, Для борьбы против международного терроризма) but is is usually known as The Teardrop Memorial. Sometimes, though less often, it is called the Tear of Grief. (Click the image for a better view.)

The names of the victims of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center as well as the names of those who died in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center are engraved around the plinth.

It was designed by a Russian artist, Zurab Tsereteli, and presented as an official gift from the government of Russia to the people of the USA. President Clinton had to make some remarks at the 2006 dedication. (I think the Bush Administration wasn’t too happy about the Russians at that time.) And for reasons I can’t uncover it seems to have a lot of people convinced it is an urban legend.

It stands at the end of the former Military Ocean Terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey. Jersey City turned down the memorial when a gaggle of local artists complained that they hadn’t been asked to design a memorial. (No one asked Tsereteli either, as far as I can tell.)

The art community hates it. The general public seems to like it.

As for NYC, here is what it used to look like.

Two Brooklyn Lawyers Turn to Terror

Because that is what passes for “protest” in the 21st Century. Pair of Brooklyn lawyers including Ivy League corporate attorney charged in Molotov cocktail attack on NYPD cruiser.

Two Brooklyn lawyers, including an Ivy League graduate corporate attorney, are facing federal charges over accusations they tossed a Molotov cocktail into an NYPD vehicle early Saturday morning during a protest over the police killing of George Floyd.

A law degree should tell you what is legal and what is not, but I guess it doesn’t cover right and wrong.

The Daily News seems to think it is a big deal Colinford Mattis attended an Ivy League school.

Mattis, who lives in East New York, graduated from Princeton University and New York University law school, according to his LinkedIn page.

They have less information on Urooj Rahman.

Rahman’s Facebook page showed her celebrating her graduation from Fordham but a neighbor said she struggled with financial problems after losing her job.

While innocent before being proved guilty, there is apparently video evidence. I usually write that cops haven’t figured out that there are always video cameras in a place like New York. Apparently the lawyers haven’t figured that out either.

Hat tip to The Other McCain – Ivy League Terrorist. Who also takes note of the Ivy League.

The annual cost of attending Princeton is $69,020, including room and board.

Though there is usually a lot of financial aid available to bring that number down, it is still a lot when you multiply by 4.

And it just points out that, as I have said before, the future is stupid. (Actually I pretty certain that I read that somewhere, but I’m not sure where.)

The Least Surprising News of the Week

Is anyone shocked? FBI: Shooter at Pensacola military base linked to al-Qaida.

The gunman in a deadly rampage late last year at a military base in Florida communicated with al-Qaida operatives about the attacks in the months leading up to it, U.S. officials said Monday as they laid out new details of a shooting that killed three American sailors.

The FBI learned of the contacts between Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani and operatives of al-Qaida after breaking the encryption on cellphones that had previously been locked and that the shooter, a Saudi Air Force officer, had tried to destroy before being killed by law enforcement.

Not exactly a surprise.

Rail Sabotage in Germany. Authorities Mystified as to Motive

Deutsche Welle reports. German police arrest man over rail ′sabotage′

A 51-year-old man in Germany was facing charges of attempted murder on Saturday after being “strongly suspected of having removed bolts on 80 meters (260 feet) of rail on a bridge between Cologne and Frankufrt,” prosecutors said in a statement.

Investigators are still trying to determine the suspect’s motives, while police on Friday said they could not rule out a “possible attack attempt.”

It could have resulted in a train derailing. Trains were canceled until the tracks could be inspected and “repairs” (made).

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the motive is Terrorism.

No, Bloomberg Was NOT Mayor of NY City on 9/11/2001

That honor fell to Rudy Giuliani. CNN and MSNBC Air Bloomberg Ad with 9/11 Lie, Don’t Bother Calling It Fake News.

During his term as mayor, however, Bloomberg didn’t follow his predecessor’s strong lead and dashed hope for justice for those involved in 9/11:

There once was a chance to bring 5 accused 9/11 conspirators to justice. It would have brought a closure, if only emotionally, to a war without any. And it would have forced a reckoning on torture.

It never happened. Largely because of Mike Bloomberg. https://t.co/qQLvF3xwID

— Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman) February 24, 2020

CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the Democratic-controlled corporate media is perfectly fine spreading lies for Bloomberg, because they like him and the don’t like Sanders. Objective? Truth? Don’t clutter the issue with facts! (Hat tip to MaddMedic.)

February 26, 1993: The Attack on the World Trade Center

This is the attack on the World Trade Center that is never remembered. World Trade Center is bombed.

At 12:18 p.m., a terrorist bomb explodes in a parking garage of the World Trade Center in New York City, leaving a crater 60 feet wide and causing the collapse of several steel-reinforced concrete floors in the vicinity of the blast.

Although the terrorist bomb failed to critically damage the main structure of the skyscrapers, six people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. The World Trade Center itself suffered more than $500 million in damage.

Safety concerns were raised in 1975. But convenience and cost won out over security. (I’m shocked!)

Meanwhile, authorities uncovered a related plot in which followers of Sheikh Abdel Rahman planned to blow up the George Washington Bridge, the United Nations headquarters and other New York City landmarks. In that case, the sheikh and nine co-defendants were found guilty of seditious conspiracy and other terrorism-related charges.

There was a fountain commemorating the 1993 attack. It was obliterated in the 2001 attack.

Defenseless Victim Zones

Doing the same thing, and expecting a different outcome, is one sign of insanity. A Pensacola Postscript | Power Line

President Trump has instructed military base commanders to rethink policies about allowing military personnel on bases to be armed. Like so many reforms of the Trump era, it is long overdue.

How many attacks on military bases have to be endured before “We’ve always done it that way” changes?

Pakistani-born Man Responsible for London Bridge Attack

The Other McCain has the info. Pakistani-Born Usman Khan Named as Killer in London Bridge Knife Attack.

Apparently the attack started at a Cambridge University conference before moving to the historic bridge. He stabbed delegates at the conference before running to the bridge.

Cambridge University geniuses: “Hey, let’s invite a violent Pakistani jihadist to our conference, because what could possibly go wrong?”

Reality is what is true, even if you don’t understand it, or believe it.

Terrorism in The Netherlands?

Color me shocked. Dutch Prosecutors: Turk Who Shot Tram Passengers Dead Had ‘Terrorist Motive’

In a written statement following a preliminary hearing at Utrecht District Court, prosecutors said 37-year-old suspect Gokmen Tanis left a handwritten letter in a getaway car that said in Dutch: “I’m doing this for my religion, you kill Muslims and you want to take our religion away from us, but you won’t succeed. Allah is great.”

In a related story, the Dutch State Secretary (Justice and Security) resigned after it was revealed that the government was sweeping serious crimes by immigrants under the rug. De Telegraaf: Harbers resigns. (And yes, it is in Dutch. Use a translation service.)

In a report from his ministry, serious crimes such as rape and (attempted) manslaughter and murder were hidden under the heading other crimes. As a result, it was not clear to the general public what was covered. Only after asking De Telegraaf did it become clear what serious matters were meant by this.

The report originally broke out misdemeanors, and lumped all felonies into “other.” Because rape and attempted murder and assault are just not that interesting to the .gov, or something.

Terrorist Stabs 16-year-old Boy in the Back

Don’t expect to see this covered in the US media. Doesn’t fit the narrative. Terrorist attacks two in Jerusalem’s Old City, gets shot by police- watch.

On Friday morning, a 19-year-old terrorist from the West Bank, who had allegedly come to the Temple Mount for Ramadan to pray, stabbed and critically wounded a 47-year-old man at Damascus Gate – which wasn’t captured in the video. Minutes later, while running through the Arab market, the terrorist stabbed the 16-year-old.

The Palestinian doing the stabbing was shot and killed by police.

Both stabbing victims are expected to survive.

Attacks on Christians in West Africa

Burkina Faso is a land-locked country in West Africa, northeast of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Burkina Faso church attack: Gunmen open fire at mass service – priest among six dead.

A group of gunmen broke into a Catholic church in Burkina Faso on Sunday morning during Mass and began shooting at the congregation, Radio France Internationale (RFI) reported. At least six people were killed, and a priest was among those who died.

20-30 gunmen were involved. When they were done with the church the set fire to shops, and attacked the health center.

Terrorist Camp in Alabama

No mention by the national media? FBI uncovers homegrown terror training camp in Alabama.

But this plot of land in Macon County, Alabama is described in an FBI search warrant as a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” belonging to a small group of terrorists led by Siraj Wahhaj who owned the property up a long dirt road but just a few miles from downtown Tuskegee.

Hat tip to Godfather Politics.

More Terror in Sri Lanka

More death and destruction in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka militants set off bombs during raid, killing 15.

Militants linked to Easter suicide bombings opened fire and set off explosives during a raid by Sri Lankan security forces on a house in the country’s east, leaving behind a grisly discovery Saturday: 15 bodies, including six children.

Sri Lanka Terror Attacks

Am a bit surprised that the WaPo and the rest of the media are covering this story. Sri Lanka blames local Islamist extremist group for Easter bombings that killed 290.

Sri Lanka on Monday accused a local Islamist extremist group, the National Thowheed Jamaath, of being behind a string of Easter bombings at churches and hotels that killed at least 290 people.

They’ve been studiously ignoring violence against Christians, at least since the Yazidis were being exterminated by ISIS.

Islamist Terrorists Arrested in Germany

The goal? “The aim was to kill as many people as possible.” German prosecutors arrest 10 suspects over Islamist attack plan.

According to the initial investigation, the accused were planning to use a vehicle and firearms to kill as many “unbelievers” as possible. They had rented a large vehicle and made contact with weapons’ dealers and started to raise funds.

There have been a number of plots stopped in recent months by German authorities.

I Missed This Story About a Terrorist in Italy

I don’t suppose it got a lot of coverage by the media. Italy: Bus driver takes 51 kids hostage, sets vehicle on fire.

A school bus driver on Wednesday allegedly held 51 children and their chaperones hostage on a bus in the northern Italian city San Donato Milanese before setting it on fire.

All of the children were rescued when the bus crashed following a police chase, allowing officers to force open the back door and help students off the bus, as the driver threatened suicide.

A story from today he says “It’s all the white people’s fault.”