Update on the Amsterdam Stabbing Story

They’ve confirmed what most suspected. Amsterdam: ‘Terrorist motive’ alleged in attack on Americans.

A 19-year-old Afghan citizen had a “terrorist motive” for allegedly stabbing two Americans at the main train station in Amsterdam, city authorities in the Dutch capital said Saturday.

Not too surprising given the events in Europe over the past few years.


Amsterdam Knife Attack

This seems to be largely absent from the news. Or if not absent, certainly not being shouted. US ambassador: Victims in Amsterdam stabbing are Americans.

Two people wounded in a knife attack at the Dutch capital’s busy main railway station on Friday are both American citizens who were visiting the Netherlands, the U.S. ambassador said Saturday as police investigated possible motives, including the possibility it was an extremist act.

Police shot and wounded a 19-year-old Afghan man immediately after the attack and are questioning him as a suspect.

The investigation is still underway.

Mostly, this story is absent from Google news, Bing, CNN’s main page, etc. Yahoo does have it on their news page, and you can find it if you search, but I guess it is less interesting than Kaepernick’s lawsuit. At least according to a lot of media outlets.

I’m going to jump to a conclusion, and say that this falls under the Terror category. You can’t sue me, because that is only my opinion. And if you don’t like my opinions…

Ricin Plot Stopped in Germany

This could have been very bad. Islamist extremist ricin plot foiled by German police

Sief Allah Hammami, a 29-year-old Tunisian, was held on Wednesday along with his German wife after police found large quantities of the deadly toxin his apartment.

It is believed to be the first time Islamic extremists in Europe have succeeded in manufacturing ricin, which is one of deadliest biological agents known to man.

The LD50 dose for ricin is 500 micrograms. “A 500 microgram dose of ricin would be about the size of the head of a pin.” It can be inhaled, ingested or injected.

This is only one of several attempts by terrorists to get their hands on ricin. There is no antidote. If you are dosed, you will die.

The Family That Commits Suicide Together is a Collection of Nut-job Terrorists

At least this is getting some coverage in the US press. (I look first at Europe and the UK for news, even about America.) ‘Family of Isil terrorists’ behind Indonesia suicide church attack

A family of suicide bombers including children and teenagers were responsible for a series of deadly church attacks in Indonesia on Sunday, the country’s national police chief said.

At least the media in acknowledging the fact that churches are under attack, since they tend to ignore this kind of thing.

Oh, and ISIS claims responsibility.

Where Would We Be Without Watch Lists?

He was a known threat, and they were watching him. Paris knife attack: Suspect ‘French citizen born in Russia’s Chechnya’ – BBC News

Named by media as Khamzat Asimov, he was on a French watch list of people who could pose a threat to national security, the sources said.

Police shot dead the attacker in the busy Opéra district after he killed a man and injured four other people.

ISIS has claimed responsibility.

He shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) during the attack, witnesses said.

The man tried to enter several bars and restaurants but was blocked by people inside.

He was known as a high-threat individual to French Law Enforcement. (Fiche “S”) That didn’t mean they were able to do anything about him.

That he tried to enter several bars and restaurants but was prevented in doing so by people inside, indicates that at least the French are aware of the need to take individual action to ensure their safety. You shouldn’t expect them to take up armed self-defense.

Truck Attack in Toronto

Will we blame the machine or the man operating it? Van plows into crowd in Toronto, injuring several, driver in custody, cops say | Fox News

Police confirmed to Fox News the arrest of the suspect, which came just minutes after news of the incident broke. “The van involved in multiple pedestrians stuck in the Yonge and Finch area of Toronto has been located and the driver arrested,” Toronto police tweeted.

Witnesses said the drive appeared to be in control of the vehicle. He knew what he was doing. (Hat tip to Chicks on the Right.)

Another Terror Attack. No Guns Needed

Where is the outcry against delivery trucks? Vehicles as weapons: Muenster crash part of a deadly trend – CNN

This time, it was in Muenster, Germany, where police said several people were killed and at least a dozen seriously injured Saturday after a delivery truck slammed into people.
Authorities are treating the incident as a deliberate attack, according to a police spokeswoman.

Since they have few details about the attack in Muenster, Germany, they provide a list of all the vehicle attacks over the past few years.